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  1. roys

    house renovation forum

    Bought a wrecked house at the end of last year, 1st thing I have done is put in a log burner to try and work in a bit of warmth as the electric, gas and plumbing are all knackered and isolated. At the stage I am at just now, I think I am treading mud, as the house just appears to be getting worse as I pull more and more of the stuffing out of the place.
  2. roys

    house renovation forum

    That made me smile,
  3. roys

    Makita HTB7600 not starting

    Cheers Spud, there certainaly was not as much resistance *on the pull” as my chainsaws, but it didn’t feel too bad. The compression tester is one my mate uses on scooters and says he usually gets about 110 to 130 psi on them, don’t have any other hedge trimmers to compare it against, it is the 1st one I’ve owned.
  4. roys

    Makita HTB7600 not starting

    Cheers for that, will check it out, once I work out how to do that 😀
  5. Bit help please, bought the hedge trimmer at an Industrial Auction House. Does not look like it has had a hard life, however it won’t start. I have changed the fuel for fresh stuff and did a partial strip down of carb, no gumming found. Took plug out, which looks new. Held against body weak spark visible, tried a different plug slightly stronger spark but still looks weak to me. Even warmed a plug up, still no joy. Tried Eazystart in plug hole then put plug back in, not even a splutter. Makes me think not a fuel prob. Did a compression test 75 psi. Is that good or bad? What do you think, ignition pack? Cheers and thanks for reading
  6. roys


    Well worth the read, good luck with your recovery.
  7. roys

    Wood working lathe and tools wanted

    Thank you for the reply gents. Lazurus, that lathe you linked to is very similar to my mates, I wouldn't mind a setup like that. Pity it is in deepest England😀 Keep em coming cheers
  8. Hi Folks Looking for a wood working lathe for myself and apparently my wife wants a shot as well. I do a bit of turning but it is metal on my Colchester Master lathe which was built in 1966 and is ace😀 I hate poor quality tools, so want a decent one and some tooling, but I am not familiar with wood turning lathes. If anybody hears of, or sees a decent one on the likes of eBay can you let me know please. Within 100 miles of Central Scotland would be ideal. Many Thanks
  9. roys


    Lots of good advice on this thread, 100% agree with getting rid of toxic people that In in your life, was told that where possible surround yourself with positive people, positively breeds positivity.
  10. roys

    Angle grinder blade

    Yes, but I did have safety glasses on. Put a field dressing on it, went to a&e, they said sorry can't stitch missing flesh, man up, made me laugh. That pic was after I took their dressing off it a week later.
  11. roys

    Angle grinder blade

    I like angle grinders, we have a close relationship, check out my avatar as evidence 😀
  12. roys

    Power Inverters and Electric Saws

    750/12 is about 63 amps, that is going to drain most batteries in quick time. With a lot of inverters they usually cut out after they sense a voltage drop in the battery of about 1.5V. Think it would cause that cut out fairly quickly ( one minute at a total guess) in all but good and big batteries. Also cables are going to have to be up at about 16 or 25mm to handle that sort of current.
  13. roys

    Big lime leaves

    Got a few Golden Virginia Baccy tins as well,
  14. roys

    In Desperate times...My Silky saves the day!

    Just out of interest are those anchors into the stone secured by resin?
  15. roys

    Cladding a container

    Have to agree with the above about using tec screws, I did once try using products like "grip like sh1t" to attach batons to a steel shipping container and it was shit, think the problem with trying to use adhesive is that the metal of the container shrinks and expands in the sunshine at a different rate to the wooden batons and breaks the bond. It gives you a laugh when you go out a week after completing the job to find the woodwork all down on the deck.


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