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  1. roys


    Those skilsaws do look proper.
  2. Did you use a microwave transformer or a neon sign transformer? As a sparky in a former life just interested in the technical side of it. Nice looking piece.
  3. roys


    On Building Alaska, I saw them with a winch attachment onto the chainsaw, thought that looked handy.
  4. I have a Charnwood 16b, which heats up the water and 5 rads, well made stove. Just bought an additional Flavel stove mmmm appears to me to have a design flaw, there is a distinct ledge at the bottom of the glass on the inside, the ash gathers on this so as soon as you open the door to top up the wood the pile of ash falls out and due to the swing of the door about 2/3rds go onto the hearth and about 1/3rd onto the carpet, very annoying. Got in touch with installer, he came out, showed him and he agreed that the design is flawed, think I am getting a visit from the manufacturer next.
  5. Thanks again gents, just need to try and source a piston now, they appear to be a bit scarce.
  6. Is wet and dry ok to use to abrade it smooth?
  7. Thanks ratman, saw that but it is out of stock, bit pricey as well.
  8. Thank you for the replies. Dont mind spending a bit of time on as it seems to be a well engineered machine, just had a look on line and struggling to find a piston though. Spud please excuse my ignorance, what do you mean nipped up? Also what do you mean etching, how exactly do you clean up the cylinder, done a lot of mechanical things but not that, and got not a bad workshop. cheers gents
  9. Bit of an update and some more advice required please. So finally got it stripped and found the piston and cylinder looked quite badly scored to me. What should I do next, can anyone recommend good spares, or is it beyond economic repair, and just sell it for spares on eBay. Cheers all.
  10. Welcome Ross, just like to say that is one well constructed 1st post 😀 Good luck in your new venture.
  11. Yip I believe in karma, I would rather help someone than do a bad turn, and in return I tend to find people .are only too willing to help or drop me in “gifts” none of which I ask for or expect but are very gratefully received. Got an great wardrobe last week, because the guy was needing a hand getting it out of his house as his wife was wanting a new one, turns out his old one was better than my own so guess which one got kept. Bottle of whisky the week before for putting a bolt into my lathe to put a hole down the middle of it and a wee lip onto the start of it. Its good to help people out, makes everyone happy and the world go round.
  12. I did and got Doxycycline which is an AB


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