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  1. Mine as done the wiggly tin as well, the 2 things that actually stalled it though were an old electric fence wire and a builders merchant bag both of which wrapped round the flail shaft.
  2. I use a Wessex 1.2 meter 4 wheel tow behind my quad mower, obviously not a pto job, has about 60 almost L shaped flails on a pivot. Does the job I ask it to do perfectly, which is cut about an acre of rough grass once a month. Just had all the flails off a couple of weeks ago and sharpened them and put them back on with new pivot bolts. Its about time to give it a try but I’m trying to hold off for no mow may.
  3. Was hoping a good dose of Danish oil wood protect it. Mmmmm
  4. Split my time between Central Scotland and SW Scotland
  5. I’m in the opposite situation, I have seat ends that need shot blasted and powder coated but I have loads of Iroko slats. If only you were closer we could swop.
  6. She is certainly game, I did cringe at a couple of bits, for example when she let the motor rotor smack down onto the stator laminates and then dragged the rotor out instead of lifting it out.
  7. I have a shed very similar. I built mine of the ground by postcreting in a load of 4x4 posts linked with timber to act as bearers and then built the shed from that. As above I put down a sarking floor first then a membrane then battens with insulation in between then fitted their supplied floor. Outside I didn’t add a gutter but I dug a trench round it put in a perforated drainage pipe and backfilled with pea gravel. Been up best part of 10 years now the only problem I can see is the t&g roofing boards are a bit wavy.
  8. Yip as feared it is the stud to crankcase that is at fault. Good shout, will need to look them up either that or rattle a couple up on the lathe.
  9. Saw this bench table last year and thought it looked a fairly simple but effective design so took a pic of it as I might have been asked to make one, turns out I didn’t get asked.
  10. Cheers Ratman, as soon as it lands on my bench I will post up a pic or two.
  11. Ta for the reply but not sure what you mean Dan. He says the saw runs sweet, just can’t tighten the bar down.
  12. Bit of advise please, trying to guess a solution before I see the chainsaw (Stihl MS250) my mate stopped me when I was walking my dog tonight and asked if I could look at his chainsaw, says he can’t tighten the bar nuts as it just slips. without looking at it I am guessing that maybe : the nuts are stripped the studs are stripped or the chassis nut inserts are stripped. If the chassis nut inserts are stripped what are my options, can the inserts be replaced, do the old ones need drilled out? Any thoughts gratefully received, cheers
  13. As much as I like whisky I find that Smidge works a treat to stop the midges from biting, I find they don’t stop landing on you but they don’t appear to bite.
  14. Had both my shoulders operated on 3 years apart, before the operations I had injections in both, one of the injections did offer temporary pain relief which was fab but the pain came back hence the op. The injection in the other shoulder made no difference hence op on that one. I had gone through the physio sessions before hand but they were never going to work n my case.
  15. roys

    ArbDogs? Pics!

    Aww J heart goes out to you, our little 4 legged family members have a special place in our life.


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