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  1. Plastic wood fence posts?

    Solway Recycling just outside Dumfries make alsorts of plastic products including fence posts and they are not too far away from you, I was talking to them at the Highland Show earlier on in the year.
  2. Peacock

    Even although I hate those messy noisy birds, that is a very nice piece of work, well done.
  3. Hi Paul, that would be great to get a set of pics. I did get the mower back together but there was a couple of parts missing, which I had to guess the design of, and I am not convinced I got it 100% right as it wants to drive in reverse once it warms up, something must be expanding and driving the reverse flat belt. I am back in the workshop at the start of next week so I will have a look at main belt replacement for you. Cheers
  4. Over thinking sling SWL

    Yes that's what I'm talking about
  5. Over thinking sling SWL

    Yip get that as well Gary. My head hurts, in my head head hypothetically (as I wouldn't do it) it would work if a knot was tied at the bottom of the U as then each leg as well as the exact bottom of U, or half way point is now independent. Dont think I am explaining myself very clearly, sorry gents.
  6. Over thinking sling SWL

    Yip I get it that each leg is taking 1/2 the load, but at the exact pivot, or half way point there isn't 2 legs, there is only the one point taking all the load.
  7. I am overthinking this, can someone please tell me where my thinking is flawed. I have the sling for example the one in my attached picture, where on a straight lift the SWL is 1 ton, but doubled over is 2 ton, so say we have a load of 2 ton, then surely if we take the exact part of the sling where it doubles back on itself, let's say the 6 o'clock position, at that exact point the fibre of the sling is in effect single and so is rated at 1 ton yet is still subjected to a 2 ton load. How can that be? Sorry if I have not explained it very well, perhaps I should not drink in the afternoon.:)
  8. bandsaw not working? whats wrong?

    Steve, I would just buy a new capacitor, it is the most likely cause of the fault, it is cheap probably about £10, and easy to replace. If it still doesn't work then we can look at other possible causes. If you are unsure about a suitable replacement post up a pic of the details on the capacitor that is fitted just now, or bring it up to Scotland and I will sort it for you
  9. Top summary Kev, thanks for thee update, very interesting.
  10. Goaty

    Get well soon Goaty.
  11. rodi management grants

    I have loads in my woods as well, spend lots of my time pulling / cutting the stuff and then burning it. Think I looked into grants a couple of years ago but wasn't motivated enough to draw up the management plans they were wanting. I hate paperwork!!! Might have changed now.
  12. A thought

    It is healthy to see that. I used to work abroad with many different nationalities and religions, we all took the piss out of each other's nationality and personality with no offence taken. I think the main thing was that no malice was ever intended and each person took his fair share of piss take as well as giving it. I certainaly said things out there that I wouldn't say here, think it would end badly, as people are a lot more sensitive, environment is different here. What's the answer? I kinda like the innocence of youth or environment where friendly banter and tormenting is part of life without malice to each other and without having to worry about getting a knife into you.
  13. Artificial grass:can it be repaired?

    Agreed, our local artificial football pitch had a flare thrown onto it last year, the crispy bit was cut out and a spare off cut from when it was first laid was fitted in, and as they say jobs a good un.
  14. Tiredness can cause accidents (as we all know).

    Also feel your pain. Hope your back fighting fit soon.
  15. Me little dog turned sickly

    Reading this with a tear in my eye Eggs, gutted for you, the wee blighters make themselves such part of the family. Think of the good times. Giving mine an extra cuddle just now.


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