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  1. Nice one, what converter did you end up getting.
  2. Looks great, I prefer them when they retain the fresh cut colour, same with larch clad houses I prefer them new looking. Your table doesn’t look like it will be tipped over accidentally, I like the substantial look of it.
  3. Well if you need some practice just to get back up to speed on it I am going to have a late season bash this year instead of my usual spring bash😀
  4. Every year except for this the Covid year I get the lads together for a rhody bash weekend, I have a big rhody problem (SW Scotland) and I can’t get machinery in, so I am on the Chainsaw, two or three others are clearing behind me and one stacking. Tis a hard 3 or 4 days and wouldn’t want to do it every week. Same weekend I GP the fresh cuts and previous years regrowth. I then let the cuttings dry to about August then spend a day burning them. i have posted pics on here before I will see if I can find them.
  5. Ooooh a metal turning lathe, I did metal turning as part of my apprenticeship 40 years ago, never touched a lathe again until about 10 years ago when I bought an old Colchester master dated from the mid 60’s, needed a bit of a clean and a 3 phase converter fitted to it, but it is going well.
  6. Floor at new location was uneven.😀 Fab looking table
  7. @Khriss I don’t get it, why did your mate get that fine figure of a man in to do the cutting for £400 when you would have done it as a favour? Not saying you haven’t got a fine figure Khriss.
  8. Lots of good offers on here, don’t waste your time with the painted wood, help take the shed down and get it disposed of at the local tip. I would not put painted wood in my stove it is not good for the stove, chimney and your health. Well done on being keen to learn, that goes a long way, as we don’t tend to see it thar often. I received an axe recently as a Thankyou, (posted about it on here) I gave the the bloke a coin as per custom to show no ill will, is that just a local / old custom or do other people still so it when they receive a knife or axe as pressie?
  9. roys


    And as converters go 25kVA is a beast, not that common and if you do find one I bet it will be pricey. Plus that is roughly 100A which is BIG for a single phase supply. This has got a 30 kVA genny required written all over it and they are fairly common.
  10. roys


    Remind us Mark, was it a 10kW unit you were after?
  11. roys


    Good answer @Nopedigree, Think that one has been tampered with.😀
  12. Spit hoods on either driver, passengers or both.🤧


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