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  1. Top thread VI, enjoying the read. Thank you for the effort in writing this and doing the work of course. Downside is that it makes me feel like I am only playing at managing my woods, although my work mainly consists of cutting back acres of rhododendron and dealing with the wind fall trees for my wood burner.
  2. The first thing we had to make in our apprenticeship was a simple drill angle gauge, the 2nd thing we learnt in our apprenticeship was how to sharpen drills. A skill that is fairly easy to learn when shown and understood, usually I find that each side is usually only requires a couple of kisses with the grinder wheel done in a rolling action, it is usually that quick and light that very little heat is generated on the drill bit. Definetly a valuable skill to learn.
  3. Get two of them as they are so cheap with that special offer, wtf £807😂
  4. I can only see that one for £15 in Amazon
  5. 6kVA is a man size for a converter, I had to buy a 3kVA one for my lathe and that was pricey enough. Not a fan of generators when there is a mains supply available but it sounds like like a 3 phase genny is the answer here, and it is not that big for a 3 phase genny. None on eBay? I was lucky when I got an old Wadkin planer thickneser it was a rare single phase one, but I had to put in a 32A supply for it. I have only recently got it working as it was fairly gummed up so took a lot of cleaning and TLC to get it working right. Good luck
  6. I always (well most of the time) shout at people who drop litter, not had a doing yet, some people just ignore the shouts of take your rubbish home, etc. and idiot, but I do have some success with them picking it up and taking it to the bin. i just don’t understand the dropping litter mentality, surely they want to walk in the parks and streets without seeing litter so why drop it themselves. On the same vein, cigarette smokers leaving their non bio degrading butts about, fisherman leaving their unbreakable line about, I take that home and melt it now as my dog has been tangled in it before. Also we have a reservoir close to me, nice place for a walk, the litter including soiled nappies that get left is just incredible/ horrible. Does ma head in.
  7. Rhody, burning it makes me feel like I am getting back at this PITA plant. It does work well in my log burner though.
  8. Spray it on some weeds or rhododendrons 😀(I hate rhododendron)
  9. Hi Mark cheers for that, was under the impression that neon sign transformers were safer than microwave transformers as the neon ones were a lot more limiting on the current while still supplying loads of voltage causing the tracking on the wood. i am sure I saw Big Clive do a YouTube vid on this explaining the differences. Can’t comment on the oil burner transformers as I am not sure of their characteristics.
  10. roys


    Those skilsaws do look proper.
  11. Did you use a microwave transformer or a neon sign transformer? As a sparky in a former life just interested in the technical side of it. Nice looking piece.
  12. roys


    On Building Alaska, I saw them with a winch attachment onto the chainsaw, thought that looked handy.
  13. I have a Charnwood 16b, which heats up the water and 5 rads, well made stove. Just bought an additional Flavel stove mmmm appears to me to have a design flaw, there is a distinct ledge at the bottom of the glass on the inside, the ash gathers on this so as soon as you open the door to top up the wood the pile of ash falls out and due to the swing of the door about 2/3rds go onto the hearth and about 1/3rd onto the carpet, very annoying. Got in touch with installer, he came out, showed him and he agreed that the design is flawed, think I am getting a visit from the manufacturer next.


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