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  1. Yep, I was looking on Google images (for stool bus, just to see if I'm famous yet🙄) while I was waiting for said tanker to fill, when I came across this picture from 2013.
  2. ...it hauls logs, but not the ones you fellas are into😁
  3. Was trying to post a picture of the Stool Bus, it's still out and about sucking it up, it's my truck that I've run for the last 17 years. Poor old girl gets to pulla drag trailer too!
  4. 45 psi for road work (XM47's) down to 20 psi for field work, U1400 and trailer usually grossed up to 16500kg
  5. Have you been reading the Daily Express Mr Turnbull 🙄
  6. Now don't be joking about the fairy folk, they delayed building the M18 in Ireland for a good few years because of a "fairy tree" (I think they live in Hawthornes) Road was rerouted to avoid the tree, it'll be somewhere about Ennis, Co Galway
  7. Yep, you'll have a tanker full of political promises, you're going to need a bigger tanker💩💩💩💩
  8. Hi Conor, you might want to try Tim Ibbett at Arthur Ibbett &son. They're at At Neots in Cambridgeshire and on't interweb - Ibbett's unimog. Good luck
  9. Forgot to say, have a look YouTube, They're bloody amazing 👍
  10. The Autobahn Tractor is a Hovertrack Luctor 544 powered by a 450BHP Iveco truck engine with a Allinson automatic gearbox, They're fit for 100 kph, DVSA boys would think all there birthdays had come at once😄
  11. I think these Royal Weddings are great, all the Muppets have stayed at home to watch it, the roads are really quite. Excellent 😁
  12. It's already happening, as already mentioned, for tractors being used for commercial haulage. I think it comes into play on 20th May 2018. Where does it leave you if you are running Ag Tax and are more than 15 miles from your base with your Fastrac or unimog. That consultation document needs studying, it strikes me it could have far reaching implications.


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