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  1. Billhook

    "Clean Air Strategy" today we find out.

    When they start talking about 40,000 people dying because of air pollution I become very cynical. But even if there are large numbers of people affected by air pollution how do we know which source is the worst. I know it makes sense to try and burn dry wood at a high temperature but I feel sure that the impact of wood burning is negligible compared to fossil fuels from roads, sea, air and military let alone pollution from coal , woodchip, miscanthus fired power stations, factories producing all manner of things including chemicals also general dust whipped up by transport and the Earth's climate bringing stuff from places like the Sahara Desert. There is also acid rain to be added to the equation
  2. Billhook

    Hedge laying newcomer

    A local farmer here in Lincolnshire is organising a group session with a local "expert" so I shall probably shortly be coming back to you with some questions. Yes we do have hedges here in spite of the rumours!
  3. Billhook

    New branch logger in action

    Have you tried this???????
  4. Billhook

    Hedge laying newcomer

    Is hedge laying the same over the whole UK or does Dorset have a special method with a difference?
  5. Billhook

    New branch logger in action

    Thanks for that I shall save that experiment until I have enough to put under the Houses of Parliament!
  6. Billhook

    New branch logger in action

    What sizes of bags are available for charcoal and how much do they cost?
  7. Billhook

    New branch logger in action

    Just need to experiment to see if the paper bag has enough energy to light the loggings without the need for a fire lighter
  8. Billhook

    New branch logger in action

    I think you are right and the whole branches would take ages to dry anyway. I see that hand held bag stitchers are between £150 and£250 on ebay. so must have a good market to make it worthwhile How big do you think the bags should be and how much to ask for them. I suppose the bags themselves will cost about 25p so you would need to sell a pounds worth at least.
  9. Billhook

    The beauty of the Tax System

    Ok to take this further in another bit of Billhook lateral thinking. There are three things that are certain. Death, Taxes and Change. I propose a system that would have to rely on smart cards to automatically send say 1% to the government on every transaction and take cash out of the equation. Every transaction would be taxed but at this very low rate Hopefully people would find this so small that they would not try to avoid paying it and because of the large amounts of one per cent transactions taking place and the total collection without the need for checks and accounts people would be happier to pay and maybe more tax would be raised. If one per cent turned out not to be enough it could easily be pushed up but hopefully still kept at such a low level that people would not mind. A little and often drip drip effect. So the producer pays 1% on all his raw materials and then when he sells his product on up through the chain to the super market and final customer each pays 1% on each transaction. There would be no claiming back of tax to take out a raft of current bureaucracy which makes the current system so inefficient. Any perceived inequalities on poorer people would be rectified by the benefits system. Big flaw in my system is what to do with all the out of work VAT officers, tax collectors and accountants!
  10. Billhook

    "Clean Air Strategy" today we find out.

    As a farmer I have never liked the subsidies we receive as they are just bribes to keep us under their thumb. They make us unpopular with the public and do not reflect the real cost of food production. An alien looking down at this country and many others would be appalled at the obesity epidemic which is followed by a massive bill from the NHS for diabetes, new hips , new knees, stress and much else. Food is so cheap that nobody values it in the way they should.. A chicken should not cost £2.25 http://www.mysupermarket.co.uk/lidl-price-comparison/Fresh_Poultry/Sainsburys_British_Whole_Chicken_135Kg.html so just the breast meat is cut off and the rest thrown away. Bread should not be 35 pence a loaf as seen in our local Sainsbury, in fact they bake bread just to give the aroma to make people feel hungry so they buy more and then throw it away at the end of the day. Best before dates need to be stopped. All food needs the decimal point shifting one to the right, farmers would not need a subsidy, people would be more healthy and there would be less pressure on the NHS and food would be valued, Win win situation Except for the politicians who would be sacked if they dared increase the emotive issue of food price.
  11. Billhook

    "Clean Air Strategy" today we find out.

    Well you can mould statistics to back up whatever policy you want to pursue, and there are so many different pollutants here from particulates to NO2 to CO to CO2 all with different properties. My own scientific research comes from my parents sitting in front of uncontrolled open wood fires for about 90 years, not to mention my father's lifetime of stubble burning, farm bonfires and filthy black diesel engine smoke. Both parents died at nearly ninety years of age and it was not from lung problems. I am not saying that these matters do not need to be addressed, just a sense of proportion. Every time you they send a bombing mission to some far off land, how much pollution does that create compared to all the traffic pollution. How much pollution is created by all the military manoeuvres as a percentage of all pollution? They have done a good job so far with traffic in London in particular. Back in the 1970s the air there used to sting your eyes and pea soup fogs were common all over the country. I do not think I have seen such fogs for over twenty years, the kind where you have to ask a passenger to walk in front to find the kerb!
  12. Billhook

    "Clean Air Strategy" today we find out.

    There are lies, damned lies and then there are statistics! Conclusion PM10 and NOx emission analysis for London shows that the majority of emissions originate from road transport and other forms of transport. In urban centres like London, only 3-4% of air quality emissions stem from “other fuels”, and it is unclear how much of the “other fuels” related emissions can be attributed to wood heating. Measurement programmes show that the emissions related to wood burning mainly originate from garden waste burning, patio wood burners, and “decorative or secondary heating source”; and government data show that most of the decorative/secondary heating sources in London are open fires.
  13. Billhook

    "Clean Air Strategy" today we find out.

    Perfect, thanks for that. So transport 50% wood heat 3% about what I suspected
  14. Billhook

    "Clean Air Strategy" today we find out.

    Can someone find a chart which shows the percentage of each different particulate pollution in the uk. I just have this feeling that although it is a good direction to go, to try and filter diesel fumes and wood smoke, or burn the correct material at the correct temperature, there may be more pollution every time half a dozen Euro fighters take off from our local RAF airbase, with full afterburner, than all the wood stoves in this county put together


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