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  1. Interesting the 12 mile figure as that is the same distance as our nearest McDonalds. It must be the time taken to consume a Big Mac and supersize coke at an average of 40 mph! A lot of people know that it is wrong to dump rubbish and our lane is the first turning on the twelve mile mark. My wife and I find that there is usually a pile right by the turn off then nothing until the first corner when they know they are out of sight of the main road. There is a further pile just over the ridge for those really concerned not to be seen Perhaps I should hide a trail cam in the hot spots, but for all the effort I doubt that the police would bother.
  2. Or ban supermarkets and build on the sites. This would solve the housing problem, the obesity problem and subsequent strain on NHS win win win!
  3. Did you manage to have any French lessons over the three years???
  4. Best to make marriage compulsory on the birth of a child and divorce illegal. This may concentrate the mind somewhat!
  5. There seem to be a lot of folk on the coast here and elsewhere who are dwelling in them
  6. When I built my log cabin down in the woods, in an AONB I thought that I had better ask the planners. This was in 2000, and things may have changed but the officer said that as it was standing on six great lumps of sandstone and had no foundations or services, It was out of anybody's view and it was not deemed to be a permanent structure, then it did not need planning. Really these house above are just glorified mobile homes
  7. Just wonder if it would be possible to have a tractor and low trailer with a warden at either end with stop/go signs, so that kids could be taken out of class every now and then to do a bit of litter picking so that when Mum/ Dad chucks something out they could say "Oi Dad, if you chuck that out I gotta pick it up" Response i admit could be "Shaddup you little runt and finish your coke and chips" Mail on Sunday has a new campaign I see today. How YOU can join the Daily Mail’s campaign to clean up litter from towns, countryside and the coast | Daily Mail Online WWW.DAILYMAIL.CO.UK It’s time for you to sign up and join The Great British Spring Clean, a nationwide plastic pick-up endorsed by a host of...
  8. I have only just found enough time to catch up with my reading material, and one of the articles in the NFU journal was about a farmer called Tom Martin, who was suggesting that McDonalds and other drive through fast food places print the car number on takeaway packaging. I gather that it made the headlines in Facebook and the Daily Telegraph took up the story. I have not seen the original story or heard any more of what seems like a good idea or at least a step in the right direction I have just spent some time picking up the remains of a package outside our house which looked as though a hand grenade had gone off. Bits of paper blown into the hedge, fizzy drink cups with plastic straws and lids strewn yards apart. This a daily chore for me on my morning bike ride The real problem with all of this is that you can catch someone red handed, even with a police witness but with overloaded courts and it seems now that petty burglary is even not being brought to court by the CPS, is there any hope?
  9. Billhook


    I know many of you have seen it before, but still worth a look in the overloaded section. No Caterpillars were harmed in making these videos
  10. Only one way to find out. Side by side test!
  11. Still leaves a load of stumps to be dealt with Price I would think is comparable to Marshall at about $15000 US


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