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  1. Would certainly spice up chainsaw safety programmes because you could actually let the virtual chainsaw slip and kick back and actually see the blood and feel the pain which might be effective! Or fall a long way from a tree and feel what it is like to hit the ground
  2. Close affection, prick erection Close connection, prick injection Prick inspection, deep dejection!
  3. Me too! But I do find the foot to be useful on occasion for lifting a log off the ground to saw without grounding as shown in the second video
  4. Billhook

    Oak Butt

    That is on helluva saw but still not big enough to cut through the five foot butt in question in one go The Lucas slabber is five foot. If it was mine I would circular swing saw boards out of the top quarter until I could see what it was like and slab it if appropriate and maybe have the flexibility of going back to swing sawing as necessary on the next level as I worked my way down avoiding the crack. But I agree with Big J in that a five foot wide three inch thick slab is a hefty thing to deal with or make anything of without cutting it down a bit.
  5. I was worried about snatching but the more I think about it , the less likely it will happen Firstly I set the torque of the drill so that it is enough to turn the engine over, but not enough that it will twist my wrist before the clutch kicks in Secondly unless the engine kicks back, if the socket does grab then it will just spin the drill faster with no kickback Thirdly If it does kick back counter clockwise again the clutch will kick in Fourthly the socket has released immediately the engine starts every time so far Fifthly if it ever was whipped out of my hand then I would just switch off the engine Sixthly I could always fit the freewheel ratchet socket as belt and braces. The drill is on the slow speed, number 1 of the two speeds. Anyway, I am very happy with the result but will proceed with caution!
  6. Found that the ratchet device was unnecessary I feel sure that the engine cannot spin the drill as long as the trigger is not released There may be an issue over time taking the edges off the crank but but unlikely and better that than knackering my wrists or worse The fact that I managed to film this video one handed shows how little effort is needed to start the engine
  7. I put AK47 tool in the google search and have now been arrested......... But seriously Bob, many thanks in showing exactly what I have been searching for using every possible combination of words both on google, Amazon and EBay Such is the modern world that I have just ordered it from Amazon at £17 delivered before 8.00 pm tomorrow! This also demonstrates what a marvellous site arbtalk is for an immediate result on obscure questions. There is such a wealth of knowledge out there and another thank you to Steve Bullman for keeping us in order and keeping the site the best around It is a lot of hard work that needs to be appreciated more
  8. Had my Lucas model 8 now since 1998 and it has been a great machine. When I went to Australia in 1998 I went to Beechworth and then down a long track to where the Lucas Mills were being made and shook Geoff Lucas by the hand singing his praises. That seemed to work as he then sent me some updated parts to England free of charge! I have produced and put down several floors from the Ash and beech on the farm as well as fencing and general timber. Also some lovely slabs with the slabbing attachment. The grain pusher on the front of the teleporter has four pieces of 3" x 8" eight foot wide which are regularly broken on the steel H sections of the grain store by my bad driving, doing no harm to anything except the wood and my pride. However as I age I find the hand pull starting of the engine to be more challenging as it is awkward at the best of times and painful with my arthritic wrists, but on big logs I have to stand on the log to start it and sometimes the pull start mechanism does not engage with the tube and I nearly fall off the log. usually to the amusement of those watching but not to me! The Briggs and Stratton Vanguard still runs as sweetly as it did twenty years ago so I am reluctant to change it. I thought about a starter kit for the Briggs but could not find one that made sense mechanically or financially and a new engine with electric start was nearly as much as buying a new mill, then I saw a youtube of people starting engines with just a battery driver. I took of the pull starter and gave it a go with my Bosch 18volt with a large socket on the main crank bolt, fearing that the socket would stick to the engine and twist the gun from my hand, but it worked a treat. I think I might have chosen an AF socket as opposed to a metric one so it may be a slightly loose fit to make it come away quickly when the engine starts. I suppose a freewheeling joint would be the ideal thing if they make one for sockets spanners, working like the PTO freewheel joints. Anyway, back to joyful milling again!
  9. When I was a student at a sheep farm in Lincolnshire, I was working under the supervision of Harry the shepherd. They had a flabbogram down at the local pub and Harry was sitting in his usual place by the fire. Somebody went up to him and asked him what he thought of it so far. "Weall its all riaght, but would sum one tell me which weay round she's feacing!"
  10. Caesar ad sum iam forte, Brutus et erat, Caesar sic in omnibus, Brutus sic in at
  11. King Charles 1st walked and talked half an hour after his head was chopped off. Commas are important!
  12. Let us know how much you like it, Another thought is that although the Milwaukee is quoted as delivering 10,000 psi, the same as the G-Gun, how is it measured on the G-Gun? If I put my 15 stone on the pedal it must produce more pressure than my wife at 8 stone! I did have an air greaser of industrial quality some years ago which again operated from a large tub but it never had the pressure of a hand gun and I was quite glad when it was nicked in a burglary. I did buy a smaller Draper air greaser but it was next to useless. The G-gun is the first to break through a really tight (rusty) bush which I had been trying to grease for ages. The click noise as the grease goes through and splurges out is nearly pornographic!
  13. I had not thought about a non return valve . All I know is that normal grease guns are a pain to attach to a nipple and frequently become detached except when you want to detach them and then they sometimes break the nipple. i am not sure what happens inside this new greaser when you kick up the pedal, but you can see the hose relax when you do it and if you do not do it the nozzle will not release
  14. If you do not grease nipples regularly you are a right tit!


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