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  1. Billhook

    Euro Vision

    What's he doing with his hands? Could definitely be more entertaining !
  2. In case you missed this video I put on the Lounge, people set on man made global warming need to answer this professor ‘s views
  3. Billhook

    Climate change anyone?

  4. Billhook

    Climate change anyone?

  5. Or as Khriss says put up a wooden fence with lap boards for privacy
  6. The science is settled on global warming, so says Obama, and anyone who questions it is equivalent to a holocaust denier. The thing about science is that it is never settled and is always open to question. The theory is only someone's interpretation and is not proven. Why does warming seem to appear BEFORE high CO2 concentration? https://www.newscientist.com/article/dn11659-climate-myths-ice-cores-show-co2-increases-lag-behind-temperature-rises-disproving-the-link-to-global-warming/ Why has there been no sea level rise in the low lying Seychelles in the last 60 years? http://natureseychelles.org/~naturese/component/content/38-news/commentary/391-no-sea-level-rise-around-seychelles-and-zanzibar?Itemid=106 They were predicting at the Millennium that they would be submerged by now, together with the Arctic having no ice at all. I am with you all on the conservation of energy and non renewables but the whole Man made global warming thing is distorted by politics and desire to scare people for control and to raise taxes. If you are a scientist who agrees with the man made global warming theory you have money thrown at you, but if you disagree funds are withdrawn so the other side is never heard. How did the Earth heat up in the past without industrial revolutions? They were growing grapes in Lincoln in the Roman warm period and there were no V8 chariots as far as I know. There are enough variables to make any theory as predictable as the weather. The Earths core is molten lava, there is a huge heat source there, our orbit around the sun is elliptical and influenced by constantly changing variable gravitational pull of the planets and their own different orbits The sun itself is not constant and energy ebbs and flows from it. The Earth also has a variable wobble. The state of the oceans could have a much greater effect on CO2 emissions than human activity let alone deforestation to make ethanol fuels which are meant to be green. Wood heat is renewable at my place anyway and has a minimal carbon footprint compared to other forms of heat so a lot of the questions I asked above need to be answered before i can be persuaded to change.
  7. Billhook

    how do you get stumps out?

    Just found some piccys!
  8. Billhook

    how do you get stumps out?

    We had a similar sized Ash stump to remove and it needed the JCB 15 ton digger to dig around it but even it could not lift it out as it could not cut the huge roots below the stump. In the end it was a combination of 15 ton JCB, 17 ton Caterpillar D7 with chain and chainsaw with knackered chain by the end! Respect for tree!! Good luck!
  9. Billhook

    Looking for used Lucas sawmill

    https://www.ebay.co.uk/itm/Powerwinch-Trailer-Mate-20-Electric-Boat-Winch-12-Volt-7-Pin-Round-Outlet/362635511490?epid=2253413748&hash=item546ec2c6c2:g:YHwAAOSwO8tcxf~t this is the winch I used but the prices from America are ridiculous. It was some time ago but I a sure it was not three figures
  10. Billhook

    Looking for used Lucas sawmill

    I had a small winch which I think is designed for winching boats onto their trailers out of the sea, so not very powerful. i think you would need to be careful with a stronger winch but you can hear it if it is pulling too hard Firstly I tried it with an idler pulley to give twice the power and half the speed A car battery mounted on the frame and I fitted an extra water bottle to lubricate the saw Next I tried a direct pull and this was the best one for me must keep knocking a wedge in so the board does not trap the saw A lot easier than the manual version although my French neighbour was very pretty which seemed to make the job easier!
  11. Billhook

    Looking for used Lucas sawmill

    Do not think that you can beat a Lucas if you have a huge log and need lots of floor boards i have a slabber and eventually made it easy to use with an electric winch, but I became so enthusiastic that I have ended up with a shed full of beautiful slabs which are far too many as there are only so many tables that I can deal with! The Lucas can also make lap boards but the main reason I like it is because it is so easy to keep sharp and because the centrifugal effect of the high speed blade keeps the cut very true. Much more so than you would think given the initial wappy feeling of the frame. I also like the fact that it will tackle or even prefer very hard and difficult logs that may cause a band Mill some problems, perhaps resulting in a wavy board. ( expecting a degree of flak from Woodmiser owners for that one!) Bought my 8 inch model and new in 1996 and it has been completely reliable.
  12. Billhook

    Tapping a Spring

    Good attempt Matthew! Where your black arrow is I would leave the botto of the 50 gallon drum intact and put it below where the Spring is coming out of the hill and cut a hole into the back of it the advantage of a screw top is that I can inspect as well as keeping out foreign materials. i might push some land drain tiles back into the Spring as far as I dare and fill in around them with more gravel Where do you go to have the water tested?
  13. Billhook

    Tapping a Spring

    Thanks for that i have looked at several YouTube films of doing the job A lot seem to use quick setting cement to prevent the water creeping around the sides of the main dam or pipe or whatever i was thinking of carefully digging out a chamber hopefully without disturbing the Spring and putting a 50 gallon screw top grapefruit container inside which I would seal in with clay. An inlet cut out at the Spring end, fill the container with gravel and have an outlet pipe on the other side feeding the cattle trough with an overflow pipe slightly above As for licences And regulations Stubby, I would not be surprised if some little nerd in an office with nothing better to so has already made up a series of forms to fill in and licences to be paid for before you are allowed to have a quiet pee behind a tree in the woods. Dangerous hazardous waste and all that, especially if you have been drinking some of those Southern beers!
  14. Billhook

    Tapping a Spring

    We have a couple of springs half way up a hillside which have never stopped running last year or even in 1976 drought Have any of you successfully and reliably tapped one? i was initially going to feed a cattle drinking trough in the field but if the water tested potable I would bottle it and drink it i assume that it would be a mass of regulations to go on to sell it.
  15. Billhook

    Billet cross cutter

    And no low power lines or overhanging branches or big ruts in the road!


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