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  1. Billhook


    Too right (left). Cobber!
  2. Billhook


    The main point as Peds will agree, and not about measles is that left handers are dominant in the right hemisphere of the brain , so left handers are the only ones in their right mind!
  3. Billhook


    Blimey, is that the current price of wheat? I blame the Russians!
  4. Billhook


    In a huge generalisation if you are in a crowd and shout out “Everyone here, follow me out the door “ most right handed people will just follow whereas a lot of left handers will say “hang on a minute why?” All through history as soon as armies were formed you needed conformity of weapons, bows and swords and shields had to be right handed and you could not have an ordered line of troops standing to attention with Peds and Billhook poking our neighbours eyes out with our weapons. Same goes for muskets and rifles all right handed. The way we write from left to right, the way pens are made And so left handed children were forced to be right handed which caused a lot of stammering which I do not hear these days in more violent times people were put to death or burnt at the stake for being witches. Even today half the world condemn the left hand to wipe the bum and not bring food to the mouth or shake another’s hand So we are where we are because of war I think What has all this to do with measles!!!
  5. Billhook


    You leave us lefties out of it! when they studied flint tools they found it was nearly 50/50 left and right handed. Only when the Romans and other war like people started to call us sinister just because we would not obey orders or follow the crowd!
  6. Billhook


    Did not know that, perhaps more kids parties are the answer?
  7. Billhook


    Seems to be a lot of talk about it at the moment and the reluctance of people taking the jab I am three score years and ten now and when I was young instead of jabs we were sent to children’s parties and caught most diseases like mumps, German measles and chickenpox when we were about six or seven years old . Unfortunately I never caught measles at that age but succumbed at the age of twenty with a very high temperature and much discomfort. Luckily I was very strong and fit so no lasting effects but I would caution those with children to have the vaccinated. It is a shame but understandable that people have lost their trust in vaccines due to the Covid jab, but i would feel much more confident with a well tested vaccine My father took this photo of me!
  8. Just been testing my new MS251C with easy start to relieve my poor arthritic wrists. Game changer for me. 16 inch bar made light work of this Ash ready now to be split with the “Lockdown home built processor “ still going strong after several mods
  9. It would lift one this size but I only have a photo using forks
  10. I bought a clapped out Sanderson muck grab and fitted some cone adapters for the Matbro. It has been much abused and much welded on the grab but the tines are strong. It is really useful for picking up large heaps of brash by tilting it forwards and dropping it down vertically on the heap with the grab wide open before grabbing at ground level
  11. Anyone had the misfortune to sit on one of these? London on red fire ant alert after deadly species found in Europe WWW.TELEGRAPH.CO.UK Entomologists warn invasive species which has killed 80 people in US could enter UK through ports
  12. Just sitting here by the lake and there is another big black cloud heading this way……. I’m off!
  13. Just had the mother of all thunderstorms last evening in mid Lincolnshire. In all my seventy years I have not witnessed the like. First one came with usual black cloud and that feeling you have with the pressure change. It was quite severe then the skies cleared to reveal blue sky and powder puff clouds so I thought I would venture down to the lake with the Matbro to do a bit of brash clearing with the muck fork. As I went down the track there was a line of silvery cloud in the South with a lot of vertical lines, but since it was fine where I was I continue on…… big mistake! I thought for a moment Putin must have launched a new secret weapon and the thunder and lightning were continuous for about half an hour and I felt very vulnerable in the middle of the farm so I turned for home in the middle of a load of crash bangs. I thought that I am sure I am ok as I am in a Faraday cage but it did not feel very safe and then the torrential rain was so much the wipers couldn’t cope then the hail started! Made it to the barn and sat there until it dispersed. So into the car and back home and another black cloud on the horizon , surely there cannot be three but sure enough bang crash again. Anyway good test for leaks in the roof Just going round now to check for tree damage
  14. Never watched that film. Are there a lot of pigeons in it ? We walked along the High Line old railway today where they have done a fabulous job of both preserving the old line, creating a peaceful walk with great views and resting places as well as planting up the edges with interesting trees and plants that are not just plonked there but well tended In the Uk I would expect to see squirrels and pigeons and sparrows particularly hanging around places where people are eating but nothing today. Perhaps they are all following Tom Lehrer’s advice


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