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  1. Billhook

    2018 Summer V 1976 Summer

    I learned to fly at good old Skeggy Aerodrome and I can assure you that the dark patches are probably not crude oil but more likely something much more unpleasant As we took off over Butlins and then the North sea there was a black slick heading out from the caravan sites in certain weather and tide conditions.. That was in 1978 and although the Golden Sands project did improve things, there are still problems down the whole East coast https://www.theargus.co.uk/news/15412592.Millions_of_litres_of_sewage_pumped_into_sea_by_Southern_Water/ https://www.theguardian.com/environment/2017/may/23/uk-bathing-water-ranks-next-from-last-eu-beach-table https://www.bbc.co.uk/news/10178020 A couple I met near Oxford back in the 1980s told me the sad story of their eight year old daughter swimming off Bognor Regis in about 1960. That evening when put to bed firstly it was "Daddy I can't feel my feet" An hour or so later it was "Daddy I can't feel my legs" It was a very virulent form of Polio caught from the sewage contaminated sea water and she was dead by the morning. They spent the rest of their lives inspecting all the sewage outflows of all coastal resorts and recording the "solids" and various other items in a book called Golden Sands. I think this may have sparked off the Blue Flag system but obviously things have become lax again with all the extra holiday makers. All that food has to go somewhere.........
  2. Billhook

    2018 Summer V 1976 Summer

    We make a special point of taking friend's children there to show them what will happen if you smoke and drink too much energy drink and coke, eat crap food and do not take any exercise. It must be the mobility scooter capital of the world. You have not made it in life unless you became pregnant at fourteen, followed by a free house and obesity fuelled by benefits. You then at about twenty five stone qualify for a mobility scooter before you are twenty five. I am not joking when I say that the danger of being hit by one when window shopping is a serious problem!
  3. Billhook

    2018 Summer V 1976 Summer

    Don't think there is much argument about the world becoming warmer as it has done many times in the past without Range Rover Sports and modern warfare. The big question which is up for debate is how much of it is man made. If we all cut out all fossil fuels now and other forms of pollution would it make any significant difference to global warming?. These things should be done anyway for a clean environment, but that is a different argument.
  4. Billhook

    2018 Summer V 1976 Summer

    It was that part of the East Coast that I was referring to. I remember also the wheat was full of ladybirds and the wheat on trailers going into store was orangy red! Still it probably raised the protein levels and made a higher price for milling!
  5. Billhook

    2018 Summer V 1976 Summer

    I am old enough to vividly remember 1976 , the hot Summer and the plague of greenfly which covered the ground like a green carpet. This was followed by a plague of ladybirds and again everything was covered with a red carpet and it was so bad on the beaches that people left in droves and complained about being bitten, although I have never been bitten by one. I do not think that they can bite a human. Compare that to this year and I do not think I have had to clean my windscreen once for bug splat, I have seen relatively few flies and moths, hardly any butterflies. Very few insects came into our bedroom in the evening with the window open and light on. Wasps and Hornets were doing ok though. The swallows left early without gathering on the wires Short of food? Was it the long wet Spring this year? Any other theories?
  6. Billhook

    Life’s small pleasures.

    Taking a jump with a good look(er)
  7. Seems to be the rule to go by. As an elderly farmer having never met Gary Prentice, I can see where he is coming from! We old farmers have had a lifetime of flak and are quite used to it. I was not aware that there were grandfather rights anymore with chainsaws. I seem to remember that in spite of the fact I do not employ anybody and my farm has only one footpath on the boundary. my insurance would not cover me as I was deemed to be working for the business (which is a partnership and not a company) unless I had a chainsaw certificate. So I duly went on a course and gained one. It cannot do any harm to do a course. I do not think it matters in the eyes of the law if someone is trespassing and happens to be under a tree you have just dropped, I suppose it may even be a child hiding in the bushes, you will be nailed in court without insurance. The strange thing is that I can use the chainsaw in my garden (last time I looked into it) without any certificate or insurance. An no Gary, my chain is never slack, always tight, just like my sixpack! And I do ride a bike!
  8. Billhook

    What are your biggest pet peeves?

    Long thread and I am sure this has been mentioned but walking into a parts department is where it usually takes place. You walk in and nobody is waiting to be served, go up to the counter, look the assistant in the eye and the phone goes and they immediately pick it up and proceed with an enquiry or order. Sorry mate, but I am standing here and they can wait and ring back!
  9. Billhook

    How Good is Your Memory?

    I bet he would remember a bowline and a hornbeam if you showed it to him once what is most remarkable is that he is very normal and confident with other people as most people with these abilities have autism and are social outcasts. I went to a wedding once where the groom was running a school for people with autism and they were unidentifiable amongst the other guests. One guy came up to me, smartly dressed, jacket and tie, and looking over my left should asked "What's your car number?" I looked back over my shoulder and there was nobody there, so I told him the number, JJL I think and he said that was too easy mid Lincolnshire. Gave him another off my tractor GGG Glasgow and he named the area. So I went through every vehicle I could remember and he could tell me where they all came from, but he was not much good at anything else away from that topic. What about the guy on the film Tim Peek who had the film Rain Man made about him. His father says he can read a page of a book which would take an average reader three minutes to read, in 8 to ten seconds and can read both pages of an open book, one with each eye at the same time.
  10. Billhook

    How Good is Your Memory?

    He memorised Pi to 22,000 digits and recited them in a five hour session and learned the Icelandic language (impossible for most) in a week
  11. Billhook

    Thats one lucky cyclist!

    Would it not have been better to take it down in small sections in the circumstances?
  12. Billhook

    Trailers help

    And amongst all these regulations, is there a rule regarding the correct loading of a trailer for its balance, especially if tail heavy and braking down a hill causing out of control snaking. This can happen even withing legal weight limits and I would argue is more important than the finer points of plates and licences
  13. Billhook

    Songs I Am Listening To


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