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  1. You are a wasted talent with firewood, you need to become a stone wall mason!
  2. Squirrel vendetta today . He came back with a mate and chewed away the inverted plastic plate which I had put under the cage to thwart them Sat up in the tree going ha bloody ha! So the question now is “Has Billhook more intelligence than a Squirrel?” I already know the answer to that from some of you! I am working on the next stage
  3. Don't, don't you want me (to make any more comments)
  4. We bought a second hand Trekkasaw back in the 1990s but I think it had been abused and never seemed to cut without a wave so sold it and bought a Lucas 8 inch I believe the team at Trekka saw went on to make the auto trek as it looks familiar on the video
  5. Also I see that although it is meant to be illegal to release a squirrel caught in a trap, it is not illegal to release a rat in the same way. Quote Forr example, the view of the Department for the Environment, Food and Rural Affairs (Defra) is that the release of brown/common rats (Rattus norvegicus) into the wild is not unlawful under the Wildlife and Countryside Act 1981 because, despite their non-native origins, they could be classed as 'ordinarily resident' in ... wonder who makes these laws
  6. I did not capture it in a trap, it became stuck and I released it in a humane way
  7. We do have a no kill policy around the home and garden so with a rescue there is a bit of planning. Need to find a pair of thick leather gloves. This squirrel could whip round and bite quicker than I can react. Where to grab takes a bit of luck so that I am not bitten or scratched and then to gently ease the thing through the bars was not easy but I am happy to say it did not appear to suffer any harm. It has happened before with another squirrel and the culprit returned the same day. Banging on the head in is not acceptable when you have not a stable object to hit and of course you have to go and look for something suitable to hit it with if you are going to dispatch it humanely The thing had probably been stuck there for over an hour, forty seconds of film was not going to make a lot of difference and five minutes of finding gloves . I assume that you would have been a real man and just have grabbed it with your bare hands and strangled it You amaze me.
  8. What machine do you mill with?
  9. And you are now so big that you cannot go out the way you came in!
  10. I can assure everyone on Arbtalk that I have never worked as a waitress in a cocktail bar
  11. Quite a big thread bump and very welcome. Very well done TF, we need a lot more of this around the country What is your main line of work and are you doing anything similar at the moment?
  12. Could have been the Green Chartreuse I suppose!
  13. Looks like Tina Turner after a few cocktails!
  14. Nature has this way of confounding my posts here Having been bleating on about the lack of rabbits, foxes, squirrels, rats etc and not having seen a Song Thrush out in the middle of the lawn listening for worms it all happened in one day! In the morning a young rat dived out under the swing shovel and into a hole under the workshop, right by the bait feeder, then I saw several rabbits around the farm, a squirrel crossed the road in front of me then we last night saw a Vixen with one cub stroll across the lawn and another this morning, and to cap it all a Song Thrush seen on two different lawns. Full zoom on my phone is not too good but you can expand to see it better IMG_1303.MOV IMG_1300.MOV
  15. Sorry to keep oversteering away from the caravan topic but I do have a soft spot for the Allegro. I bought a 1750 model failed MOT, took out the engine and gearbox, welded up a frame, fitted the engine lengthways and sent the driveshafts to a Land Rover front axle at either end to make a four wheel steer, four wheeel drive sprayer/fertiliser spreader. What to call it though? We took the two signs "Allegro" and "LandRover", cut the "Ro" off Allegro and the "Over" off LandRover and ended up with "Allegover" It was registered and I had a call from a young lady in the local licensing office who had obviously been put up to it by her colleagues. "I am ringing about this vehicle, A leg, Alleg oh Christ it's a bloody Legover!" much background laughter.


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