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  1. Not often seen on a white chalk background
  2. Thought someone had been seeding the area around the bench for a minute but it turns out it was hemp agrimony and not smoke able!
  3. Went down to the lake this evening an caught this busy little fellow youtube if you cannot see the video link IMG_3173.MOV
  4. How many carbon credits can I claim by greening my JCB 806C swing shovel??
  5. Thank you for those links It is almost like I did not need to see Hendrix live as he is so like the man. Reincarnation??? Certainly has the teeth to play with them! Back in 1995 Gregg Wright started a band called Gregg Wright's Left Hook and the bass player lived in our village. Gregg ended up staying with me for three months and it also was like having Hendrix in the house. He is left handed but plays with the strings strung right handed. At one point in his life he told me he was having trouble being asked to play Hendrix tributes that he began to question his own identity and many years earlier with Michael Jackson I am afraid not much of his great talent rubbed off on me!!
  6. Just found this thread on a 2014 forestryforum site https://forestryforum.com/board/index.php?topic=77707.0
  7. just had a closer look at the Are you experienced video and it is strung for a right hander
  8. I see also that Randy Hansen plays a left handed guitar right handed, though I am not sure which way it is strung
  9. I do not ride horses but we were in South Africa at a beach resort and they had these horse rides. Had a few beers so I thought what could possibly go wrong. Well for a start the horse made it clear that it was not going to let me mount from the right side! My wife and I followed the guide on his horse down the beach. The horses know the routine and walked very steadily behind the guide. But the kept stopping and wanted to turn back as I believe they had already done a morning stint and felt that two stints was unfair However the guide insisted that we reach the turning point at which my horse set off like Silver in the Lone Ranger. Nothing seemed the slow him down, pulled hard on the reins but no effect. We reached a steep sand dune by the farm and my horse bounded up and just as steep the other side I ended up with my legs either side of his ears! But I didn’t fall off. I am sure this was all a punishment for trying to mount from the wrong side!
  10. I think a lot is to do with how strongly your brain is wired at birth. I am totally left handed, left footed, left eyed which they say is right brained. I was never told which way to hold a guitar, I wanted a guitar one Christmas aged about ten (please mummy and daddy!) went off to a music shop and the owner told me I was holding the guitar the wrong way round, but I insisted to hold it left handed so they had to change the strings . At school there were no left handed instruments so violins, cellos, saxophones, trombones, oboes clarinets and many more were not for me although nowadays I think they are available. Don't start me off on chainsaws! I shoot left handed with left leading eye, bow and arrow the same, snooker, I mount a bike from the right side although ambidextrous with the fairer sex!
  11. As a leftie who plays leftie, also a chainsaw leftie, I do find the left right subject fascinating. I also play piano and enjoy boogie woogie where my dominant left hand provides a strong rhythm where my right hand does the fiddly bits. This is the same on my guitar, right hand doing the fiddly bits. Hendrix is a massive influence ever since I heard Purple Haze in 1967 when i was 13. I bitterly regret turning down an opportunity to see him and the Pink Floyd and Clapton near here at Spalding as it was harder to move around in those days at that age and just a bit too far to bicycle! 50 years on from day Hendrix, Clapton and Pink Floyd played Spalding in UK’s ‘first-ever’ rock festival – The Voice WWW.SPALDINGVOICE.CO.UK Colin Ward was – by his own admission – a rather naïve 17-year-old at the time of ...
  12. I am probably like you and a lot of the older generation who only will try to save up to buy equipment rather than having a lifetime of debt to repay. From the look of his equipment, there may be several lifetimes to repay!


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