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  1. Split Dilemma

    Here is the splitter having a go at a large awkward round. Is this slow for this sort of work compared to others?
  2. Split Dilemma

    I am sixty five years old and it sounds as though you are nearer thirty five! " Just knock them down to size with a chainsaw" means bending down tilting them on edge, wedging them somehow so they do not move followed by more chainsawing whilst bending followed by humping the pieces into the Palax hopper. It is the bending and lifting all day long that is so hard as you age. I have the lifting and sawing machinery with the Teleporter and the Lucas Mill, neither requires any lifting. I have a few awkward logs in the yard which are not worth putting through the Lucas and I just borrowed this blacksmith built splitter to see how it performed. It was harder work than I thought and I will not be building on like it However I will have a go at building a horizontal splitter to fit on the Teleporter backplate like this one Of course he needs to split it over a box or crate!
  3. If you could arm a security bollard

    Hook up a cattle electric fencer to the vehicle.
  4. Is it just Me?

    Look, you lot may be into Miss Whiplash and Arbdungeon pain, but I have enough of that in a day's work! All I ask for at the end of the day is a lovely relaxing soak in a Radox bath with another chapter of a book to read. I do not need more pain!
  5. Split Dilemma

    That was not the problem as it stopped turning when it was on the ground. The cone went in to the log and then there was not enough power to drive it in further, or it started to bore a hole rather than go in further to split it. I lifted it up to spin it to try and and release the log by reversing the cone. Hoping to make the log hit another log to let it lose its grip! Either a more powerful hydraulic motor, a different cone, or I need to attack the log from one end or in a different way but I had other things to do at the time and I will experiment more when the weather improves. It did split a more even, knot free log about 10 inches diameter but I can easily put that through the Palax in no time at all. I need one to split large tree trunks
  6. Wife wants a Cordless Chainsaw

    There she is, armed and dangerous! Thought I would start her off on the small stuff!
  7. Is it just Me?

    Yep, that's me! So grumpy that I took this photo Go figure! No on/off, no red symbol and other markings so small that I could not read them without my glasses which of course I was not wearing
  8. Is it just Me?

    Stayed in a hotel last night and had a bath. The control identification for hot and cold were non existent and the direction for shower or bath the same. So I managed to have scalding hot water on my scalp instead of nice warm water in the bath. Venturing to the basin to clean my teeth there are no symbols on the single lever tap to identify hot and cold. You are meant to assume I suppose that all hot water is on the right side or right tap, but I stayed in Italy where it was the other way round. I see this everywhere now and in some places they have a red and blue dot. So you my turn the tap to the right in the direction of the red dot but now right in front of you is the blue dot and the red one out of vision to the side. You might think it is obvious to feel the water but in some hotels it takes ages for the hot to come through. It really is not too difficult surely to put a static line on the tap stem and a red or blue dot that lines up with the line when you move the lever. I have such a tap on my shower here at home. You would have thought with 'Elf an Safety everywhere this might be a priority. Rant over (I think!)
  9. Split Dilemma

    I'm still hurting!
  10. Split Dilemma

    I tried fitting a cone splitter on my posthole digger on the front of the Matbro but it was not successful. (I blame the driver¬) In reality I used an old track motor from another swing shovel and it may have seen better days Either the hydraulic motor was tired or the cone was not good enough. I do have a 15 ton 360 so it would still be an option as I was impressed with some youtube videos.
  11. Split Dilemma

    I did not know that until I tried it!
  12. Split Dilemma

    There will be messing around but if I can drop four 2 foot diameter logs twenty feet long with the teleporter and then load the 8x8 inch lengths again onto the teleporter to take to the Palax at least there will be no lifting on my part and I am betting it will be quicker. Yes the splitter is slow but some pieces are very knotty and even with that ex army ram powered by the Fastrac hydraulics, I can see the table bend with the strain. The Lucas would go through them like a knife through butter My Palax will only deal with 12 inch through the splitter and 10 inch through the circular saw. Again quite honestly I would not want to be loading 20 inch diameter logs into a processor hopper all day as they are bloody heavy.
  13. Split Dilemma

    Well I tried the first option and it took over two hours to fill a box 1. Cut the logs into rounds, new chain on the Stihl 340 2. Heave the weighty rounds into the teleporter bucket ( aargh! My back!) 3. Heave weighty rounds onto splitter platform. ( aaarrrgh! My back again) 4 Operate strong but slow splitter ram, bend down pick up pieces, put them on table again for second split, pick up all the pieces and chuck into teleporter bucket. ( now need painkiller) 5 tipbucket into box, two loads) the the pieces of wood are all different sizes due to the knotty nature of the wood. Fine for my Aarrow Stratford but generally unsaleable to the general public. Now looking forward to doing the remainder with the Lucas Mill and hopefully no lifting involved!
  14. Stihl MS340

    No I did mean the other one below and I thought that it was the cover release but when I undid it the cover seemed to be locked solid so I did not wish to break anything. It is probably just glued together with age. I am quite strong but by hell that saw sometimes gives me an arm wrenching kickback! I assume that it is nearly as new since I have never heard the neighbour using it. The compression seems all right anyway and it runs well. I gather that they were only made for a short time in the early 2000s so it must be about fifteen years old.
  15. Stihl MS340

    Does anybody know if the Stihl MS340 was fitted with a decompression device local dealer says not but elsewhere on the internet it does show some spare parts listing a 340 decompression valve I always assumed that the thing on top of the cylinder head in the photo was a valve with the plunger missing but it must be something else. I do not see this item on some other photos of 340s


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