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  1. So if somebody is lying unconscious around a blind bend, you should not be allowed to stop traffic because you are not authorised?????
  2. In a similar vein, a friend of mine, now sadly no longer with us, was out on a call with his reflective jacket BT gear on. He came to a level railway crossing where people had obviously been stuck for ages and had become frustrated and had started to cross the line, the barriers being half barriers so they could weave their way through. Fearing a dreadful accident, and not being able to stop the drivers from crossing, he decided to conduct the traffic from the centre of the crossing as he could then see a long way down the line either way to make sure it was clear When the police came eventually he of course received a major bollocking, but I think he had a strong argument and was not prosecuted. Which brings me to our line of work. How much authority does an individual have to put his hands up and stop the traffic if he is warning of imminent danger, say a tree fallen on a blind bend or an accident, and can people be prosecuted for ignoring such a warning.
  3. So you are sitting at a set of faulty lights with both ends stuck on red. You cannot reverse as there is a queue behind with a big artic. You phone the HA, how long do expect to sit there, an hour, four hours, all day and night?
  4. I would think that 90% of roadworks lights do not have this sensor and my argument is that it may be bad manners/ form to hold the traffic up for what , ten seconds, but it is in no way dangerous and does not compare with jumping the lights at a dangerous junction. Yet from what people are saying here it has exactly the same penalty.
  5. One other thought on the subject is something I bet that thousands do every day and everyone of us has done at some time, and that it to follow the last cars in a queue at a roadworks past a red light. There may be three or four cars in front and a couple behind doing it. There is generally such a delay in the lights changing over that when you reach the other end they are still on red so that you gave not even inconvenienced anybody. How can that receive the same punishment as somebody jumping the lights on a M25 roundabout or fast main road junction?
  6. https://www.rac.co.uk/discuss/forum/driving/driving-discussion-aa/motoring-discussion/7799-traffic-light-frozen-on-red Although the law seems clear that there are no circumstances when you can cross a red light, what about emergency vehicles and even civilian vehicles trying to make it to hospital for child birth or accidents.
  7. XC70 brilliant car and much more capable than it looks. Underside well protected and good entrance and departure angles We started with an early petrol with viscous couple which did 220k now on another petrol bought from Japan but this one is diesel and just used around the farm. It has done 259k is Haldex and failed its MOT because the instrument panel packed up. The panel cost more than the car was worth and the owner nearly gave it to me for scrap value. It has been fine and will remain fine when I find my collection of cable ties thank you Jack P
  8. Definitely a big wind up for me also. Outrageous the lights in your video but there are plenty of examples of a tiny hole in the side of the road that could easily be coned off with just warning signs. Cannot be more difficult than coming across a parked car or a cyclist, both without any warning. There are many where they have been working all day cutting the verge with no potholes where thay just cannot be bothered to take them down after work I have seen a pair of lights about ten yards apart protecting a tiny hole on the side of a very straight road where you can see for a mile in both directions. I presume that by crossing a red light in those circumstances you would have the same weight of law thrust at you as jumping a red light in the middle of London, unless anyone on here knows any better. Are they ever advisory?
  9. I drove forward into a clump of what I thought was nettles, felt a crunch and rather stupidly reversed without investigation!
  10. Just reversing and hit a hidden Ash stump...........ouch!
  11. That is the sort of thing. Keep 'em coming
  12. Brings a whole new meaning to the term "Having a woody!"
  13. Just been cruising both the local towns and the web for presents and find them all full of vacuous tat, probably made in China Trying to think of something I could make for my wife which would demonstrate love rather than expecting her to do chores. This rules out chopping boards, bread boards, cheese boards, wooden salad implements, gardening tools. I thought that I might find an interesting piece of yew with lots of little branches that I could mount on a plinth and call it a ring/ bracelet holder. The only trouble with that is she might expect me to decorate it! Little coffee table perhaps , Swedish candle is a bit too easy Most of us have a lot of wood around and i m sure loved ones appreciate the effort of making something unique, even if it is not grade one. I have looked through the woodcraft forum but could not find anything there. Anyone with any ideas?
  14. It is becoming a bit dark down there in the woods, but if I could find four candles and a bit of 'ose I might be able to go down there and put something together!


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