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  1. Sorry if I am being a bit thick , but if the seeds are sterile how do they grow like weeds?
  2. Could not see the video on the first reply but found this
  3. I suppose that we will have to wait for the beetle or the fungus to mutate instead of the Elms Our hedges and woodland sides are stuffed with English Elms that grow for about fifteen years until the bark starts to crack open and the beetles enter. They just have a long wait which may take decades or centuries but they have all the time in the world . Bit like us waiting for lockdown to end!
  4. The rats had a good time chewing the wiring harness of my Ford 8210 at one end of the old grain store where I store branch loggings in plastic net sacks which they also make holes and nest in. I rigged up and old electric fencer to the Ford with the live to the Ford and I was wondering where to put the earth wire when I thought that the old metal dresser would be good. Turned it on and there was a loud squeal from the tractor and a rat jumped out and every time it hit the floor it squealed and jumped in the air. It was funny to watch and there was squealing throughout the store which had metal ducts. I suppose that the metal reinforcement in the concrete was also working and every time the first rat landed the current moved more easily through the rats body than through the concrete. The other thing that I realised was that the tractor tyres do not insulate electricity as there is a certain amount of metal in them which is why they catch fire if you happen to hit a high voltage line with your hedge trimmer! Have not seen a rat in that building since!
  5. Read this then had a google search and found this growing elm from seed ERAZ-CONFERENCE.COM Started reading it and thought that there must be something wrong here. Anyone know any more?
  6. It's all about the bass, no rammel. (Rammel being Lincolnshire slang for rubbish)
  7. A friend brought round a copy of the smaller pickaroon, which looked identical but was completely different in weight and balance and crucially kept dropping logs. The Stihl ones are hand forged and the steel seems special as I have never sharpened mine in three years. I only use the big one when the Teleporter is not at hand, but I use the smaller one all the time and thoroughly recommend it.
  8. Call me old fashioned, but my ancestors have been cooking on open flames for several million years. I expect your induction steaks to keep inducting once they are inside you and will eventually induct your brain and fry it!
  9. Left it about 18 months on the ground to start it spalting a bit. Then milled it and seasoned for about 2.5 years I think. Did two trees. Stayed pretty flat but at the widest the biggest was only just over two foot. Yes, patience Billhook, patience!
  10. How long did you have to season it for and was there much warping? Looks great by the way!
  11. My parents and the family have sat by a large open log fire all our lives. Wood stoves only relatively recently My parents both died in their nineties and it was not from pollution. My lifetime of diesel machinery, stubble burning, petrol fumes, welding fumes, other people's cigarette smoke, firework displays, chainsawing, milling, bonfires. motor racing/ go kart circuits , spray painting, working inside grain stores and bins with all the dust, all mean that I should have been dead years ago according to experts.
  12. When I first installed my North Sea gas cooker, I could not believe the speed and controllability. I spent ages over a saucepan of boiling milk just raising and lowering the bubbles by turning the control knob.(little things please little minds!) impossible with my previous cookers, both Aga and electric.


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