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  1. I suppose the bar could be used for some interesting chainsaw carving project.
  2. Chainsaw argument with grass topper. The chainsaw bounced out of the bucket on the front loader of a tractor that was topping the grassland.......... The topper won!
  3. Just been rained off as the squalls were soaking me even in an open fronted shed Managed to cut three nice 8x 8” beans 12 feet long out of a lovely piece of Ash. The beams will take the place of rotten ones above some double doors in an old shed we are restoring I enjoyed this video on the Lucas family. Geoff was the one I met on my trip down under twenty one years ago
  4. Billhook


    Slightly more sophisticated log pile making up my poplar log cabin by the lake. Built with full scribe method in 2000 but due to foot and mouth the team could not come up from Devon to help build it until the Winter when it had to be built in a Dutch barn. Because of the time lapse between taking the logs from the barn to the site, they had moved a fraction which resulted in a small gap between the top layer. Dozens of Pipistrelle bats have taken up residence as can be seen by their mouse like droppings, I put a 20p coin there for scale
  5. I presume that even if I restored it as a timber tractor, since the cab has been fabricated by a blacksmith with no plates or certificates, it would not pass H & S anyway. I would think that there are roll over frames for cabless County tractors available which are certified
  6. My thoughts exactly Do you have to have a roll bar if you have no employees, driving it yourself and are using it as a piece of classic machinery? Another thought is that if I mount the crane on the trailer, and power it with the tractor hydraulics, with the controls mounted also on the trailer operated from the ground, are you meant to have a roll cage on the trailer by the controls?
  7. What were you thinking, that I should be hung from the crane and driven over by the County? Or transplanted with the tree spade!
  8. Anyway, back to my main topic. Am I allowed to take the crane off and put it on the trailer and then restore the 1124 or will I be blackballed on the forum!
  9. That last paragraph is what I also concluded, but did you ever try to put the spades in a year before lifting? Did you discover which trees took to transplanting and which did not I transplanted a small ornamental maple in the garden which is doing well and a couple of possibly disease resistant elms, also doing well. The other vital thing would be to constantly monitor the watering which would probably be neglected in my case with other things taking priority
  10. This one has been converted to use the tractor hydraulics, the tractor being far more appropriate to manoeuvre and transport a tree with a good lump of soil attached across arable land i bought it to transfer some young oaks, about four inches in diameter. The machine worked well but the oaks did not like it as they had developed a large tap root i should have perhaps inserted the spades a year before and withdrawn them to let the trees recover before moving What was your experience with the spade and have you any advice for me?
  11. Correct! So a couple of plate photos for all you anoraks plus one of the County with puncture repaired plus mystery object in the background, arb related
  12. What???!! When you have all those gorgeous River Dance girls to play with. I think you need to get out a bit more!!
  13. So it still starts on the button and all the hydraulics work, but it is very tired and I have no use for it as the Teleporter has far more capacity and is much more stable even though the County has water filled wheels I would love to restore it just as a plain 1124 and fit the crane on the trailer where it was before or would this be a sacrilegious act in the eyes of you lot. It would be used far more as plain 1124
  14. Not just for emission reduction, but also for conservation both of natural resources and species, stopping pollution and wars


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