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  1. I think that the trouble with these kind of statistics is the lack of information about the condition of those who died. For instance we do not know the condition of the 23 in a million younger people who died and to take the example earlier from Kent Arboreal of a fit 37 year old with no health issues, we need to know how many of those died per million. I suspect the answer may be less than those who died from blood clots.
  2. Weather Sayings and Meanings “Red sky at night, sailors delight. ... “The higher the clouds, the finer the weather.” ... “Clear Moon, frost soon.” ... “When clouds appear like towers, the Earth is refreshed by frequent showers.” ... “Rainbow in the morning gives you fair warning.” ... “Ring around the moon? ... “Rain foretold, long last.
  3. Letter in the Torygraph today ”It is clear the Government gave no thought to the arrival of the Blackthorn Winter when allowing pubs to serve customers only outdoors. This cold snap comes every year and will be with us for at least another week” Michael Glover, Wiltshire Photo of our local bypass with an abundance of Blackthorn in flower.
  4. We had an ATV trac tracker fitted to our Kawasaki Mule. It cost about £380 but has several times warned us if the Mule has been moved when we have just pushed it out of the way without the key in., or when the dealer took it away to be serviced and forgot to put the key in the ignition. Recommended by the dealer. ATVTrac - Discreet ATV and asset tracking ATVTRAC.CO.UK Revolutionising ATV Tracking Security
  5. Oh where is Steve to moderate this thread!!!!
  6. Take a tip from me to get yourself out of a hole, you may have to crowd fund it otherwise you will end up in a scrape.
  7. No problem once you get your teeth into it!
  8. If I have any worry about a hung tree or rotten dangerous one I bring the Teleporter with a 6 metre boom, 3 tons of lift and a lot of pushing power as well as quite a bit of pulling power. 4 wheel drive ad the teleram to push the machine out of a muddy situation, it will tackle nearly anything that it can drive up to. Last job was a large Lime that had split about eight feet up and was leaning at about 30 degrees into a mass of Sycamore small branches. Too dangerous for me even to chainsaw, and a nightmare to rope up and winch so I just went in with the Teleporter and with a heavy weight on the forks rested it on top of the large limb which came crashing down safely to the ground moved the machine further up the limb and the weight brought the rest of it down to the ground. Ten minute job, solo with me 6 metres away in a safety cab. Ok not everyone has a teleporter, but it is worth thinking about speaking to a local farmer or contractor who may be happy to charge you but what price is safety?
  9. Well she was French and maybe used guilish words to lure me!
  10. I remember my first shag from years ago, but it could have been a guillemot!
  11. Always the favourite band of our bass player. Never really listened to them properly. Taste On the Boards album nearly worn out! I remember Dave Arbus playing this song at Lynn
  12. Here is my quote on here from 2018! Now you both have made me sad and nostalgic! I went to see Rory Gallagher at the Corn Exchange in King's Lynn in about 1970 and it was amazing how he filled that great room with the sound of his AC30. East of Eden were the support band. So I bought an old AC30 some time in the late 1970s and had some fun with it and the Strat. Unfortunately it was one of the many casualties of my massive 1991 burglary along with the 1968 left hand maple neck sunburst strat. I put my postcode in several hidden places on that guitar hoping that perhaps some guitar repair shop might just inform me. Alas no such identification on the Vox. Aaaaah the warmth of valves and the fullness of analogue! Quote


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