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    The other thing which I do not think has been mentioned is the question of retribution. You may win the battle and send the attacker away with a sore head or even a permanent injury and feel victorious, but his mates may return in force and set your yard/ woodpile/ house on fire or worse. and this may continue after you have rebuilt everything. As Skyhuck says, why start the thread if you are not going to listen to good friendly advice?
  2. Billhook


    I think the legal phrase is something like "A person of sound mind has to be reasonably sure that he is in imminent danger of being seriously hurt or killed, or his immediate family and he can then use proportional force to prevent the attack. If the assailant had a gun and you managed to knock it out of his hand and pick it up and he still came at you then it would be reasonable to shoot him in the eyes of the law. Not if he was running away though I cannot seem to rid my mind of the image of Forestboy definitely doing something dodgy by shooting at an assailant's knees while eating a banana. Would it be impossible for the judge to find him guilty?
  3. Billhook


    Good advice, see what happened to Stokes just to demonstrate how a silly little confrontation can become a massive court case. You would just need to look at what happened to the Wisbech farmer Tony Martin who shot dead a thief running away. The real reason he was jailed, quite rightly, was because the thief was running away and he was not in immediate danger and it was premeditated in that he had cut halfway through the cellar steps and been bragging down the local about what he was going to do if he caught them. On the other hand, a week or two later in another incident a man was woken by a noise in the kitchen, went down to investigate leaving his wife and children upstairs. The burglar attacked him with a knife, he managed to grab another knife from the drawer and killed his attacker. He was deemed to be of sound mind and to have acted reasonably and with proportional force , the jury found him innocent and he was allowed to go free. By posting your intentions on this forum you have already shown premeditation, (and the police would find out if there was a serious incident) so the best advice is do as LeeGray said and also be well insured and enjoy the shopping trip with a load of fresh new tools.
  4. Billhook

    Whats the point of wasps?

    Just found this which is interesting https://www.pestpurge.co.uk/2012/03/21/wasps-and-bats-unlikely-bedfellows/
  5. Billhook

    Whats the point of wasps?

    But in this case they have to meet at the entrance. The wasps will be fanning to try and cool the nest. I was wondering if bats have a special method of tackling them by perhaps folding their wings forward as a shield and somehow biting their heads off. We saw a hornets nest being built next to a wasps nest in the rafters a couple of years ago and the hornets destroyed the wasps nest and ate the grubs.
  6. Billhook

    Whats the point of wasps?

    Unpopular they are when you have the misfortune to make them angry, they are very hard workers and do a lot to clean up the environment for most of the year. All they ask for is a little sweetness at the end of the year for all their toil. We have a nest at the log cabin just above the door in a hollow area above the lintel. We have been in and out many times and have not even been buzzed even though they have always has a couple of lookouts at the entrance fanning to keep the nest cool However there is hardly any activity recently although there are still some to be seen in the entrance, none flying in and out. This space is shared further along the poplar log with some Pipistrelle bats who live in the hollow under the log formed by the full scribe method of cabin building. I just wondered if the bats had had enough of the wasps but wondered if they would cope with a wasp, or would they be killed by the stings.
  7. Billhook

    Songs I Am Listening To

    Now Marla sings it like she really means it
  8. Billhook

    Top 10 most popular wood-burning and multifuel stoves

    Great minds think alike. We have a Pioneer400 in the office and use branch loggings which are perfect for a quick start and last long enough for me to do the normal book work and phone calls. We started with a Clearview 650 with twin doors which is great for the big logs but I prefer the single door stoves for a good seal. Aarrow Stratford boiler stove linked to Dunsley Neutraliser for the central heating. North Sea gas linked in but very rarely used, only when away. Very impressed with a Danish Aduro 9 air stove for efficiency. Similar I suspect to Morso Having a Danish wife of course had no influence at all! "Ten Best Stoves" articles seem to be everywhere https://www.independent.co.uk/extras/indybest/house-garden/best-log-wood-burners-burning-stove-a7456706.html
  9. Billhook

    Songs I Am Listening To

    Now this is the only King Bee I recognise!
  10. Billhook

    What's for lunch?

    Buy some quality sliced bread, I prefer brown wholemeal Buy some decent butter and. cover three slices. Slap, slap, slap Buy some Norwegian smoked salmon slices from Lidl, half the price of anywhere else Schlaop, schlaop, schlaop. Buy a jar of decent powerful horseradish sauce and some Creme Fraiche and mix the two according to taste. spleayed, spleayed, spleayed Put the three lids on to complete thunk thunk thunk and Robert's yer mother's brother
  11. Billhook

    Hot pants!

    Down with hot pants and up with mini skirts!
  12. Billhook

    Songs I Am Listening To

    Here''s one for all you stump grinders!
  13. Billhook

    Songs I Am Listening To

    Another version. I did like the country pickin at the start, not sure about the rest
  14. Billhook

    Songs I Am Listening To

    Better start eating those beefburgers Stubby!


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