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  1. Looks like my dog's dinner! But 10/10 for content, less marks for presentation!
  2. Very good guesses! Pine. 375.5 kg Sycamore. 1557.5 kg
  3. Ella Toone's goal was fabulous, yes there were scrappy moments but to be expected in that atmosphere. I think England deserved it when you look at their previous victories, particularly over Spain and Sweden
  4. England 4 Germany 0
  5. 99.99% of folk found the original uncut scene funny, but 0.01% shouty minority pretend to have hurt feelings
  6. Just have Crocodile Dundee check ‘em all!
  7. Been nice and sunny recently but I can see the dark clouds of a perfect storm brewing in the distance. And a full blown rail strike to hamper the supplies of fuel and food
  8. At the risk of being accused of being an old perverted voyeur, I must say that I have thoroughly enjoyed the England women’s performance recently. They have fantastic skills and teamwork without all the unpleasantness of a lot of the men’s football. The crowd seem to be full of a lot of young families and I wish them all the best against Germany tomorrow. They thoroughly deserve to win looking at their previous matches
  9. As a farmer and potential seller of firewood I have had a lifetime of people telling me what the price of wheat, barley, oilseed, potatoes, timber and many other things are. I’m looking forward to to the time when these things are in such short supply that I am able to name my price.
  10. Sounds cheap to me, I would want double that!
  11. You must keep sex out of this thread otherwise you will incur the wrath of the moderator Steve!
  12. Heck Mick! The Matbro only has a lifting power of 2.7 tons and that was over 12,000 hours and 26 years ago!
  13. Holy thread resurrection Batman! Just thought y’all might like another guess the weight and while you deliberate, I will consider the prize. By the way we are still waiting for Conor’s dissertation on “I learned about chainsawing from that” thread and the photo of himself drinking from the mug I sent! The video is of an eight foot length of Scots Pine 22 inch diameter The photos are a lump of Sycamore which is eleven feet long 28 inches diameter at small end and 39 inches at big end Separate prize for each winner IMG_3275.MOV
  14. From the Arborist site from a guy in Illinois USA complaining about the current price of firewood there
  15. I think squirrels should replace all politicians in the World as they obviously have more intelligence than all of them combined!
  16. My solar electric panels cost over 10 k ten years ago and even on the 42p tariff I still do not think it has paid for itself. However at the same time I went on a course in Wales with Navitron to learn how to fit solar tubes. I do not know what make they are but they have been fantastic at supplying hot water in the Summer months when the wood burner is given a rest. I would recommend them over the electric panels for saving money over time. Here are some similar to mine Efficient Solar Thermal Collectors (10 - 30 Tubes) SOLARSUPPLIESUK.CO.UK Our Solar Thermal Collectors are high efficiency double wall evacuated tubes measuring 1800x58. 5 Year warranty
  17. Making more from less. I think he is on the right track but making hard work of it. I was keen to do something similar with my Urban branch logger which has a bagging attachment to make life easier. We use the branch logging all the time for kindling and they work on BBQs as well. I have enough to be going on with so going out and finding a labelling company and marketing is not my thing but surely an idea for those starting off with a limited supply of firewood and equipment
  18. About ten months since I started this thread and a lot has changed. This Winter will soon be upon us and with our "Just in Time" society at risk of breaking down in a few days due to supply problems, preparation is everything.. While I am optimistic about the importance of firewood, I have my natural farmer's pessimism about food and water in the near future not forgetting fuel to power agriculture. Societies break down very quickly with shortages, look at Sri Lanka, Ghana and Holland with many others on the brink.
  19. Not often seen on a white chalk background
  20. Thought someone had been seeding the area around the bench for a minute but it turns out it was hemp agrimony and not smoke able!
  21. Went down to the lake this evening an caught this busy little fellow youtube if you cannot see the video link IMG_3173.MOV
  22. How many carbon credits can I claim by greening my JCB 806C swing shovel??


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