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  1. Picked this from the Gov site 3.1 Wood Burning wet wood can result in at least twice the amount of smoke emissions than that produced when seasoned or dry wood is burned. When wet wood is burned, the heat output is significantly reduced, and chemicals build up on the inside of the stove and chimney, which increases the risk of chimney fires. We want to reduce the use of wet wood without preventing people seasoning wet wood at home. Wood sold in smaller quantities is more likely to be used immediately, ie without being dried at home. We proposed to limit the sales of wood sold in smaller sizes of packaging to dry wood only. There was a range of views on our proposals to restrict the sale of wet wood for domestic burning so that only dry wood can be purchased in smaller volumes. Many respondents felt that all wet wood should be banned from sale. Some respondents considered that the 2m³ cut-off point was too high, and the limit should be set at 1m³. There was some concern among small foresters that our proposals could result in buyouts by the bigger suppliers, leading to unnecessary transportation and kiln drying of wood We intend to take forward our proposal for a mandatory certification scheme demonstrating that wood sold in volumes under 2m³ is dry (less than 20% moisture). We intend that this will apply from one year from publication of the government response. From this time, sales of wet wood in volumes under 2m³ will be prohibited Feedback from small wood producers was that they may struggle to meet the 20% requirement straight away. We recognise the long term nature of forestry and woodland planting and management, and we fully support these activities. Given this, small suppliers will have an extra year to comply. The government is minded to consider small foresters to be those producing less than 600m³ a year, as those producing less than this volume may find it difficult to invest in the equipment necessary for seasoning. This is to give them time to season their wood down to the required level or consider changes to their business model. A proportionate approach to enforcement will be taken, with enforcement agencies working with and educating small foresters to support them in meeting the new requirements. We consider that the 2m³ threshold represents the right balance based on the range of opinions received. In line with the views of most respondents, we intend that the prohibition should be delayed for one year to allow existing stocks to be used up, seasoning instructions should accompany all sales of wet wood, and these should be accompanied with a warning advising that the wood is not suitable to be burnt without appropriate drying. Retailers will be required to store seasoned wood in such a way as to keep it dry. Further guidance will be provided in due course.
  2. Government to announce tomorrow Ban on the sale of wet wood from February 2021 Ban on Butimous house coal February 2021 Ban on high sulphur briquettes ( unbranded smokeless fuels) And a national campaign to discourage the public from burning fossil fuels
  3. It's a done deal , just seen Therese Coffey on Twitter video saying the goverment is going to phase out the sale of high polluting fuels which includes house coal , high sulphur smokeless briquettes and Wet wood . So were supposed to be in a period of consultation and yet their putting videos online. Hetas, the stove industry alliance, CPL, fuel express ,certainly wood ,Whitehorse are all pushing for this . The ready to burn scheme will become an industry standard and with that additional costs to small businesses ,annual subscription- audit and maybe a tonnage levy . Personally I only sell kiln dried imported hardwood logs and will meet the criteria if necessary i will join the ready to burn scheme to safeguard my business. What they are proposing in the consultation paper is wrong it is not possible to air dry logs consistently to 20% and that needs challenging so I urge you all to complete the consultation paper online and have your say . Defra will recommend to government and it will become law.
  4. Can everyone who sells firewood please complete the yuo gov survey online and have an input because defra is going to recommend to government restrictions on small volume sales of firewood including dumpy bag deliveries this will impact on all small businesses. Don't be complacent on this because - CPL , Whitehorse energy, fuel express ,certainly wood ,wholesale wood etc will have their way
  5. https://www.gov.uk/government/news/plans-to-cut-harmful-pollution-from-domestic-burning-set-out
  6. Can everyone who sells firewood please complete the yuogov survey online and have an imput because defra is going to recommend to government restrictions on small volume sales of firewood including dumpy bag deliveries this will impact on all small businesses. Don't be complacent on this because - CPL , Whitehorse energy, fuel express ,certainley wood ,wholesale wood etc will have their way .
  7. Don't get me wrong I'm not against it , but what they are proposing is badly thought out . The consultation paper closes in October and there is a yougov online survey that you can complete , it's important that all interested parties contribute to this as the final proposals will be finalised later this year and then become law.
  8. This has come about from bad press stories about high emissions from burning wood that is not dry enough.The thought process is that if they can regulate the sale of logs in smaller volumes under 2m3( loose or hand stacked ???)it would reduce the amount of poorly seasoned Wood being burnt straight away . Here's the wording used in the consultation paper " Goverment intends to build upon the existing industry led Ready to Burn certification scheme. What this means is that ANYONE wishing to sell firewood in volumes under the specified cut-off will need to apply to the industry's certification agency or equivalent (currently Woodsure). Enforcement will be carried out through the certification agency's audit process complimented by Local authority enforcement through trading standards " There you go I'm a member of the BSL scheme which when launched was free now 2 years later we pay £120 +vat a year plus a tonnage fee for every tonne of pellets sold and are subject to audits Not sure how this will work out, but times they are a changing. SOUND
  9. https://www.gov.uk/government/news/plans-to-cut-harmful-pollution-from-domestic-burning-set-out
  10. Sorry forgot to say mention they are going to extent smoke control orders through out the whole of England. Devolved governments of Wales Scotland and northern Ireland will legislate separately
  11. The conceltation document can be seen on Defra's web site and you can complete a questionnaire online . The closing date is Friday 12 October 2018 . This is not bullshit they are going to legislate and this will cost suppliers a fortune for instance you will have to package the products and label them with the ready to burn logo and moisture content. In the document they state that they expect 100% Compliance from the coal industry in year one and 40% compliance from firewood producers year one rising to 60% further down the line
  12. I haven't posted on here for some time but thought you all should know about the consultation process that has now been opened by Defra regarding the government's proposals for the clean air strategy and policy from 2019/20 . So in a nutshell the preferred option is to ban the sale of smokey house coal and high sulphur smokeless briquettes and introduce new rules on the supply of firewood . My understanding is that they will ban the sale of firewood with a moisture content higher than 20% this would be applcable to nets of logs, bulk bags and loose loads under 2m3. They will legislate to make the new laws enforceable by local authorities and trading standards .Firewood businesses will need to join the ready to burn scheme @ £300 per annum and make available there purchase invoice and sales invoices for audit inspections, similar to the BSL bullshit scheme . Further investment in kilns will be required if you wish to carry on selling wet firewood. Happy days just thought I'd cheer up your Sunday morning.
  13. :001_smile:Hi David Do you have any of that dry H/wood left if so pm me a price can take 8m3 per load Thanks Matt


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