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  1. gdh

    Anyone used thunderbolts?

    We clad most of our shed with insulation using them and they're strong enough to hang off once they're in.
  2. gdh

    Are air dried logs to be made illegal?

    That's why we started, it was either massively increase storage space and still struggle to dry below 20% or adapt a shed into a kiln. It cost a fair bit in insulation and piping but luckily RHI will pay off the boiler installation as opposed to going for oil or diesel. The strange thing is that they're encouraging kiln drying with legislation on dry logs but they've also removed RHI on log drying. As usual it's knee jerk reactions rather than a long term plan.
  3. gdh

    Are air dried logs to be made illegal?

    The UK system is different to Northern Ireland in that they had the common sense to put a limit on the heat you get paid the full amount for. There's still people taking advantage of the system by heating huge open sheds/factories but it's not limitless.
  4. gdh

    Are air dried logs to be made illegal?

    We use around 150tons of softwood to dry 1500 of mostly hardwood from 40 to 15% moisture. That's very rough and includes drying some woodchip.
  5. Got some poplar here in mid Wales (Llandovery), probably a bit far but there's plenty of it.
  6. Just to add, LED lights should cause less issues with fuses to as they only use a fraction of the power. That also means you could technically replace a 50w halogen with a 300w+ Led https://www.malpasonline.co.uk/oem/04425599.4/Deutz-Fahr
  7. LEDs are better in pretty much every way now - brightness, power use and reliability - so I would definitely go with them. Only issue is they can be too bright /dazzling if you look at them but that's fine for work lights if you're in the cab. We've got the optional LED package on our tractor and while it's overkill (ex demo) it will easily light an entire field.
  8. gdh

    Thinking of investing in ibcs

    If anyone is worried about stacking then potato boxes are a good option. We stack up to 5 high but I've seen them double that.
  9. gdh

    what logs have you been chopping today!

    Not a bad couple of weeks cutting, had to get through a lot of small stuff but we're on nice ash now and it's flying through.
  10. gdh

    Chainsaw chain in bulk

    Only after the first use, I don't think they're as well pre stretched as they could be but it's that one time tighten.
  11. gdh

    Chainsaw chain in bulk

    Another vote for rotatech from me, I actually prefer them to oregon after trying a few side by side recently and they're much cheaper.
  12. gdh

    Decent DIY level battery drill?

    Another vote from me for Milwaukee, expensive but well worth it long term and once you have the batteries and charger you can get the bare tools much cheaper. If you do alot of screws an impact driver is worth considering.
  13. gdh

    Box rotator wanted

    I expect you've looked into it but if you've got a smaller loader be aware that the rotator will weigh a lot on it's own and shift the weight forwards. I'll try and see what make ours is later, it's pretty old, around 1990 I guess, but we paid 2k for it 5 years ago and no issues yet
  14. gdh

    Chainsaw chain

    If you know the chainsaw model it's for just go to chainsawbars.co.uk or rotatech and you can select bar size etc You can also use a custom selector but it's slightly cheaper to buy by saw model. https://www.northernarbsupplies.co.uk/chainsaw-chains/2964-custom-chain-maker-select-your-options-1.html#/2174-number_of_drive_links-102/2100-gauge-1_5mm_058/2096-pitch-3_8
  15. The chipper course I did involved how to operate and replace blades but also more general stuff like where to stand and how to feed it. I'm still of the opinion all these certificates are a waste of time unless you need them for a job though. @NatSabin if you live in Wales take a look at farming connect, it covers forestry and offers big discounts on training.


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