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  1. Just found out that anyone on the biomass suppliers list (required to claim RHI or supply anyone who does) will require full woodsure accreditation, not just ready to burn. Looking at the paperwork now and it's a ridiculous amount...
  2. It looks bad from that angle but it's not really any more dangerous than pushing through a circular saw and I'm guessing he has a control to bring it down since it stopped when he finished the log.
  3. I think despite the issues cubic metres is the best way overall. You could charge per KW of heat produced but you would have to work it out for each customer. Someone with a biomass boiler is going to get a lot more energy from a load of logs than someone with a log burner or even an open fire.
  4. 2 cube won't be more than a ton of weight, whatever the wood. The logic is if you're buying that amount you'll probably have the space for seasoning (not that there's much common sense in these regulations). The rules apply to the delivery that's taken to the customer. Being in Wales I've been avoiding signing up, on principal as much as anything, but woodsure have taken over the RHI scheme and everyone on that will have to register from this April so no choice now unfortunately. All part of the fun of selling firewood. 😉
  5. You must register in England unless you sell more than 2cube in one go.
  6. We sell a mix, I averaged 1.8 over 150tons to check once. Probably 60% 9inch lengths, 20% 12inch and 20% 15 and 18inch.
  7. I work off 1.8 loose cube per ton. £55-60 plus vat roadside.
  8. Milwaukee do a 14inch battery one but it's £1500. I'm waiting for someone else to go first. 😉
  9. Tajfun 400 is a very good machine. 16inch cut with a chainsaw and plenty of splitting force. Kilworth might have some in stock.
  10. It's interesting to see but might be skewed if it's an average as I would think more people work part time now. Also depends if it includes lunch breaks etc. I work about 2300 not including breaks but I do more if you include late night work livestock and I expect like most of us self employed people spend hours in evenings doing paperwork and orders.
  11. There still seems to be plenty going in without RHI. If he already uses log burners I would definitely say yes as a biomass boiler will be a lot more efficient. Although it will need regularly topping up compared to woodchip, oil, etc.
  12. I would agree with a husqvarna 550. Great saw on a 15inch bar, comfortable to use and fast revving for snedding. If you were always cutting stuff with an 18 bar I would lean towards a 560.
  13. No problem, I've had a couple of people after it but they've been too far to cover haulage so no sales yet. I might sell some of the 3 year old beech seperately or mill it myself if it doesn't go soon but it's worth messaging because I'll probably get more. Looking for £100 roadside for this.
  14. No sorry, I'm looking for some myself but I was quoted £250-500 for small diameter stuff. I'm guessing that's too much for anyone... I would have to measure but I think they're 16inch-2ft minimum on the ash and the two bits of beech are 30inch. One 3-4ft ash but I'm not sure on the quality of that.


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