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  1. gdh

    My New Mill

    I'm in llandovery, mid Wales, we're lucky to be in a rural area at the moment. It's not bolted to the floor but the stanchions it's on are heavy enough that it doesn't move and it's got slots for pallet forks if we need to move it anyway. The sheds one we've just rebuilt for storing firewood but we're doing a bit more milling recently so it's set up in the corner. I was tempted by the 130max but it was a lot cheaper to strengthen this one for now for the small amount we do.
  2. gdh

    My New Mill

    We put a metal frame under ours so if it does move it all stays level. It's a lot stronger now as well.
  3. It's best to wipe them off with a rag before using, we had a few jump off because of it.
  4. We only stack if they physically can't and usually charge £10-20. I hate stacking. 😉 We don't charge any extra for weekends, we do deliver seven days a week buts that's because we're always busy rather than customers asking so we can't really justify asking for extra from the few who do request it. Having said that, most of are customers are regulars who rely on wood for heating so they usually need it when they run out which is a very different market to those who just have an occasional fire because they enjoy it.
  5. gdh

    Go pro cameras

    GoPro hero 9 black is the latest and best. The number is the generation and black is the best in each generation. The main improvements are stability when moving so if you're not filming when in a vehicle or walking it doesn't matter what you get but either way anything from the 7 onwards will film easily in HD with a very stable image. I've got the 7 and it's amazing how still it looks even when riding a quad bike. If you want to make videos it takes a bit of time to learn but editing software like cyberlink power director can be bought as a one off for £80 and will do everything you need.
  6. Are you putting a tree shear or harvester head on? Takeuchi are good and there's a big stock in JDS which is less than an hour from ****************es
  7. Something else to mention is with hardwood you'll only be carrying about half the capacity of the trailer most the time. Our 14ton (Inc crane) only carries about 5-6 most the time.
  8. It is quicker but unless you spend 4k on full electric controls it would be a pain to put on each time and you would have to always have the window open normally to fit it. Also unless you have reverse drive it's very uncomfortable to sit backwards. It's a trade-off between speed and comfort.
  9. You'll be unlikely to find a 100hp tractor with air brakes but hydraulic will be fine, you should be able to lock the wheels with them. Are you looking new or second hand? It's hard to find decent second hand trailers at the moment.
  10. When our blade was coming off it was because we had tightened the bolt above the tensioning handle which you're supposed to leave slack. You could also try running it with less tension, we just hand tighten it, and check there's no oil on the new blades.
  11. The boys on Amazon is very good if you want something a bit different and don't mind violence.
  12. I think you need a tacho if you're over 100km from base and I'm not sure if you can still run it on red if you go further.
  13. I would say £10 an hour for casual labour in mid Wales but it's going to vary massively by area, age and experience.
  14. That's processor stuff. Usually 4-15 inch or 4-19 in our case.
  15. Roadside for firewood we're paying £40 for soft and 50-55 for hard. For milling you probably want to cut it longer than 2.5m


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