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  1. Hows the log sales going now

    Picked up to about 20 cube a week now which is good for the time of year although it is a bit awkward with other jobs to do. Local magazines is how we started, now it's mostly word of mouth but we also have a website and Facebook page which get a suprising amount of people.
  2. Hows the log sales going now

    We're near our limit in the winter because we still have farm work as well, we could do slightly more but the novelty of cutting every day soon wears off. :-) We could sell more wholesale by stockpiling in the summer when we have more time to cut but I'm happy where we are and don't really want to go down the root of having someone here full time cutting firewood.
  3. Hows the log sales going now

    We've had a decent summer and orders are picking up now, I'm just a bit behind with cutting because I've been rebuilding our drying shed. I think overall all years balance out with good and bad periods but the same overall. I would like to be around 2000 cube this year and I expect we'll hit that, be nice to get the odd day off in the winter though.
  4. Selling firewood, we're 60% cheques, 35 cash and the rest bank transfers. I think we've only ever twice been asked if we take card. I guess the cost and signal issues with card readers meant it never caught on in our area.
  5. It doesn't work when you dangle it.

    Has the filter/weight fallen off the end of the fuel pipe?
  6. Show us your Log deck set up

    It's on 410 hours now so if I'm right and it did around 300 hours in the first year it's been averaging 5-6. That matches up with what I would expect when we're cutting into boxes.
  7. Mixed presumably. I would be similar to William on wholesale prices but if someone can get more good for them, I know I wouldn't be complaining. :-)
  8. Have you tried our Rotatech chainsaw chains?

    As said, there's plenty of threads already. Personally I like them; they stay sharp, cut well and are half the price of others. Also it's nice to support a smaller company. Downsides are the initial stretch is too much and a few snapped teeth but we've still converted to them after a mix of oregon and stihl before.
  9. Show us your Log deck set up

    Realistically I change it about every 18 tons on 9inch, that's because we have a system of cutting 6 1ton boxes then swapping and I like to run it very sharp. Talking about amount done, the 480+ is the only processor I know that counts hours (and cubic metres if you set it up right). It's interesting to know I do 300 hours a year but probably not going to help the resale value.
  10. Show us your Log deck set up

    Yeah, there's no real way around bent logs, I tend to cut them up in pile then load them straight on. The tajfuns a really good machine, we've got the 480+ and I haven't seen a faster processor. Having 3 powered rollers is a bonus and there's a lot of extra space inside for bent logs. There's also 2 flaps inside to hold the last bit of log up and they've added some plates around the infeed that divert the logs in nicely. We had the 400 before and that was similar and did 3500tons with no major issues.
  11. Show us your Log deck set up

    That's a clever idea, especially if you're on your own. Saves the logs going sideways off the table. We always have 2 people on the machine so we just use an extension, I just load with pallet forks so I can give any bent logs a nudge into the processor. We had to make our own table because they only do massive towable ones for our machine.
  12. Log sales

    Turns out I spoke to soon. Phones been busy today, unfortunately I'm running low on cut wood because I've been rebuilding our shed.
  13. Log sales

    Nothing much here, although it has been ticking over nicely through the summer. Looks like a wet start to August so it probably pick up.
  14. Bsl fees don't match tonnage

    If I'm understanding right I think the cost is worked out with cubic metres so there could be a difference between their conversion rate and yours. Also it's a stupid system. ;-)
  15. Are old images showing for you?

    They work fine for me and as a bonus the new site has put all the upside-down pictures the right way up on old threads.


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