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  1. Bag supplies are good quality and reasonably priced. They do a load of sizes on request. 45x60cm Leno Woven Net x1000 - Green | Bag Supplies WWW.BAGSUPPLIES.COM Internal Dimensions: 45x60cm Net type: Leno Woven Construction:...
  2. gdh

    462 or 572xp

    If you like your 560 I would get a 572. We've got both and the 572 feels like a bigger 560 to use. Ours runs nicely with a 24inch bar and and is light enough that I can use it for general work as well as stumping the big stuff that we bought it for.
  3. I would just sell the rest roadside for firewood assuming you have lorry access. You'll get £50-60 a ton depending on location. Might be the picture but they look a bit short. If you're selling for firewood you want to be 8-12ft, all the same length where possible. If you've already made a deal with the landowner I wouldn't bother numbering the trees. Just cut low for maximum wood and get as much as you can. Locally we've got someone who will chip brash for free then take the chip but I don't think that's a common thing.
  4. It might take more energy to chip it instead of leaving it to rot but if that chip is used to make heat or electric that should save more fossil fuels than you use.
  5. I'm not sure how big the processor is but that's not a huge amount I wouldn't say. If I have someone loading I aim to do 5-10cube an hour (with a large processor) depending on the wood and cut length. Obviously you lose a bit of time to issues but after you get used to a processing you shouldn't have many blockages and a chain should last half a day.
  6. I think he means with a processor.
  7. It's also going to depend on species - a ton of oak is physically smaller than a ton of ash, and how dry it is when buying in and weighing.
  8. If the original poster has straight logs I would definitely hire a processor in, there's another thread here about costs but as an example I recently cut 175 bags for someone in four days. That would have taken a lot of time and effort by hand. I think a processor is best long term and there are cheap processors out there but having more debts is never nice and then you have the worry of repairs etc so I can see where you're coming from. Maybe look at making/buying a sawbench and table at waist height so you can slide the logs through like a mini production line. If you can raise the splitter to the same height and have a bucket underneath it that will be one less job straight away.
  9. They seem like reasonable prices, it's probably a bit high for commercial rates in all honesty but I'm guessing that's not your target and for small jobs I can't see many arguing - it's got to be cheaper than buying in firewood for the customer. For what it's worth our 480 with tractor and labour is £50 plus VAT an hour. Transport included for a reasonable distance and we can supply a loader to speed things up.
  10. The difference between contract and home cutting, did 175 bags for someone and it wasn't fun.
  11. £30 an hour is what I used to pay before we got one and sounds about right. I would just put transport on top so it doesn't matter how many hours you do and obviously charge for blades that get damaged.
  12. Look like anthills to me, we've had them on ungrazed land between saplings, they normally crush easily. Put your hands in and find out.
  13. Husqvarna 550xp sounds good for you - cuts 15inch nicely, light to handle and revs up fast. They can be hard to start occasionally but are usually fine. They're £5-600 including VAT depending where you buy.
  14. gdh


    As above, if they're cleaned up and tidy stumps they can be worth a bit. Usually by driveways in big gardens.
  15. gdh

    Husqvarna saw

    560 on a 15inch bar is a good all rounder, it's usually the first one I pick up.


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