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  1. The problem with softwood is with current prices it can't be sold much cheaper than hardwood and while it's fine to burn, and I love processing it, it's getting harder to recommend something that doesn't last as long when the price gap keeps closing.
  2. That's a reasonable price, especially for a single load and about what we're paying in mid Wales. The wood price has been increasing steadily for the past 10 years and demand means it's very unlikely to drop regardless of Brexit. I work on 1.8cube per ton but depending on species, log length etc it can be a bit either way. It's the equivalent of 2 90x90x90 builders bags.
  3. We usually have someone else operating it when the shears on to be honest but it's fine to use for most stuff, it's not very heavy for what it is, just the bigger trees you have to be careful with but a bigger machine would just cause more access issues so I think it's the right balance.
  4. It's a Geith quickhitch/tilt so it works with any attachment but can't be removed if you don't want it on for something like digging rock. We bought it with the digger so I'm not sure on cost or dealers. I think it's this one : Tilting Quick Coupler | Geith Excavator Attachments WWW.GEITH.COM Tilt your Excavator Bucket or any Excavator Attachment up to 180°...
  5. We've got a tmk 300 on our 8ton takeuchi with tilt which works well. I've got a friend with an omef on a 13tonner which he had a couple of issues with (due to heavy use) but all fixed and he's happy with it.
  6. Another vote for blademaster from me. He has a good range and decent prices and does sharpening to, although I haven't tried that yet.
  7. We never had it until recently when we bought some ripper37 blades and couldn't work out the problem. Just gave them a quick wipe with a rag and they were fine after. It's possible they just overdid the oil on that batch.
  8. Tracking takes a bit of getting used to but it's not too bad, just remember not to track the other side unless you talk to them first. We had a problem with blades coming off and it turned out to be oil /grease on the new ones we had to wipe off.
  9. Outright is the best way to buy unless you can get 0% interest which we try and get but usually only succeed on tractors. Finance is easier to manage with a monthly cost though and of course if you're like us you've spent all your money on wood and the bank can't stop you getting one a vehicle on finance. I've debated how often to change a lot and keeping longer/buying second is better value but I still prefer to keep things new as they're covered by warranty so there's less risk overall and more importantly you're less likely to have downtime which is where you can very quickly lose money and reputation. Also it won't apply to everyone but my personal view is I would rather spend more and have a newer and higher spec vehicle to be comfortable in at work than spend the money on going out on holiday etc because that's where I spend the majority of my time.
  10. Basically the same workings but I do it over 5 years minus 10k sale value and plus finance of a few thousand so slightly more per cube.
  11. Yes it is, it's got air suspension on the back end which you can adjust with a compressor according to the load the same as pumping a tyre. It also gains you a couple of hundred kilos of legal weight over the standard leaf springs. Not sure on the cost as we had it all as one price but it wasn't a massive increase from what I remember.
  12. Yeah, it's very close. I wouldn't want to weigh every load of Beech or Oak. ;) Most our loads are smaller anyway but a bigger back gives you the option and makes loading and sheeting easier. Never had any issues with the oil level on either pickup (80k miles and 19k so far) and I don't remember any other issues except one clutch and we change brake pads quite a lot. They've been very reliable and there's 5 year warranty anyway.
  13. That's exactly what we used to have. Now we've got 2 Izuzu pickup tippers, one with a 2cube back and we just replaced our ifor Williams trailer with a second one with a 4cube back (and air suspension for 1400kg).
  14. Not definite but we'll go up to £145-150 for 1.8cube delivered up to 20miles this winter so equivalent of £100 for you although realistically slightly more to cover delivery if I did it. That's kiln dried in mid Wales but I would charge the same for anything dry. We also do bigger loads cheaper.
  15. gdh

    How many logs?

    You're about right but your costs are out (unless they're examples). Hardwood logs here are £67-70 plus Vat delivered in, an artic is around 25tons and makes anywhere from 40-50cubic metres depending on species and how long you cut it etc. With a pretty efficient system I can sell it off the yard after drying at £68 per cube plus Vat but that's not in a bag.


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