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  1. Our aarow, I think it's 18kW, has done 20 years with only a few glass clips and bits of rope replaced. We tend to run it all the time in the winter so it's done a lot of hours but I see no reason to replace it anytime soon.
  2. gdh

    Selling poplar as firewood

    I would have to take a look at costs, we used to have a kindla machine but could never sell any.
  3. gdh

    Selling poplar as firewood

    Nice idea. Might take a while turning 100tons of this into kindling though
  4. gdh

    How much wood do I have??

    Yes, 1.8 went to 1.7, maybe slightly less. That's about the worst I've ever had so had to top some up again, it's normally only a very slight drop.
  5. gdh

    How much wood do I have??

    Just for reference here's some fresh cut and some at 15% moisture. The ash in the second picture hadn't been down more than 6 months when we cut it which makes it worse and the first picture is beech just to show how much we fill the boxes before anyone says.;)
  6. gdh

    How much wood do I have??

    Is this a trick question? It should be the same but in reality you can get up to 10% shrinkage although 6000kgs on that amount wouldn't be a massive difference I wouldn't think.
  7. gdh

    Selling poplar as firewood

    I meant softwood prices rather than literally, that's what's putting me off is saying to every customer that I've got poplar available at softwood prices which makes it sound bad whereas I don't want to put it in with hardwood. Absorption shouldn't be a huge issue as all our logs are stored undercover - for what that's worth with our winters... It's a shame no one wants to mill it either as there's some decent pieces. I assume the central heating system was low on water as well? Not just from poplar
  8. gdh

    Selling poplar as firewood

    Thanks, we don't sell much softwood, despite my efforts it's still only 5% of sales. The problem is although poplar's technically hardwood most people wouldn't be happy to see it in a load so I'm either going to have to take a hit and sell it as softwood or try it as chip which should work out better as we charge per kW but seems a waste of 2ft plus logs. Or try and convince people it's a good hardwood but we haven't tried any ourselves yet.
  9. Does anyone sell poplar as firewood? I've got a lot of oversized stuff so either way I'm going to have to billet it first, just wondering whether to chip it or process it. I can't see it selling as hardwood or softwood and I don't want to have to explain to 100tons worth of customers.
  10. gdh

    what logs have you been chopping today!

    Mixed feelings, a lot of good features and much cheaper than a farma but a few drawbacks. The electric controls are really nice and being an 8.5m there's plenty of reach. In all honesty I don't think the build quality is the same as a farmi though (or at least our old one) - there's a lot of flex/bounce in the crane and chassis. The extendable rear bolster is useful but realistically it's for long logs as you can't double stack anything over 10ft. It's also surprisingly narrow, that's obviously good on smaller tractors but personally I would rather load wider than higher. Or both and get more on. That's come across a bit negative, I would still recommend it as a decent mid range trailer, especially given some other makes are 45k plus for the equivalent which I couldn't justify.
  11. gdh

    what logs have you been chopping today!

    Almost at the end of our nice straight beech, it might blunt chains fast but I'm going to miss it when we get back on bendy oak and alder.
  12. gdh

    What to do with all the sawdust ?

    We just started bagging ours to sell as animal bedding, it's not big money and has to be stored because sales are inconsistent but it saves dumping it and every little helps.
  13. gdh

    Considering increasing our Firewood prices

    That's true, like us, it's probably cheaper to gather round a fire in one room than have oil heating everything.
  14. gdh

    Considering increasing our Firewood prices

    Just doing a few sums out of interest and heating oil is around 5p a kwh at the moment, that's the same as we charge for woodchip for boilers. Firewood is less efficient so would be considerably more expensive so although we have a lot of customers who rely on fires I can't see many others switching away from oil soon.
  15. gdh

    Roundwood availability in the S. West

    I think it's the same everywhere, it's slightly better now but it's been a struggle to buy wood this year unless you were willing to pay very high prices which were being charged for a while.


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