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  1. gdh

    Netting logs

    I've also seen 2 planks of wood, the width of bags apart, with nails sticking up to hang the bags on so you can do a few at once.
  2. gdh

    What saws you got ?

    572, 576, 560x2 and 550 for daily use (cutting firewood and a bit of felling). A top handle oleo Mac (I'll probably be told off for having one on the ground ;)) and a load of oleo mac saws in pieces and on a drill because they uses to be our go to saws. A couple of eighties stihls somewhere as well.
  3. gdh

    Remote control for pto chipper

    Fuelwood do one for the manual heizohacks. It's got a stop/start button, one for forwards and one you hold for reverse. Costs around £1400 I think.
  4. gdh

    Cordwood ready for processor

    That's the maximum, I've seen it offered at that but I've never seen anyone who has paid it.. yet. In some areas you can still get it for £60. Here in mid Wales is around £68 delivered going up to £70 now. Softwood isn't much cheaper anymore either.
  5. gdh

    572 users - experience

    I've also just got a 572 and it's good so far, seems to cut slightly faster than my 576 and feels more like a 560 with a bigger bar (24inch) than a big saw but in a good way. On a side note the new husqvarna chain seems to perform better when cutting with the grain than other chains but that might just be me.
  6. gdh

    nice set-up

    Looks well organised and reasonably fast, so many of the big processors actually look quite slow on normal timber but that looks alright. I would hope that wood is dry going in but maybe mold isn't an issue in those heaps when it's as cold as it looks there.
  7. gdh

    4x4 pick ups

    Yes it is. Haven't driven it much yet but it's no worse than the older one, if anything slightly better for towing because first seems lower.
  8. gdh

    4x4 pick ups

    We've just got the same for firewood deliveries, our last Isuzu did well for us but not enough capacity so we got this one with a bigger back and air suspension.
  9. gdh

    Drying Roundwood stacks before processing

    That's hardwood but only measured on the outside. Softwood like Douglas and larch is similar but dries quicker. I'm guessing the bark doesn't soak as much. I just put whole logs on top, try to put bent ones to match the top of the stack if possible but in general I keep it as quick to put up and take off as possible. Keeping the rain off the top seems to be key, anything that hits the side is balanced out by the wind.
  10. gdh

    Drying Roundwood stacks before processing

    Haha. I'm busy lambing actually but at least that's indoors. In all honesty everything has been different this year and we ended up not sheeting because we had such a good summer then ran out of time (and almost wood). I'm hoping to get back on top of it this year because I doubt we'll get lucky with weather twice. Most effective way I found was making sure it's on good bearers, and stacked out in the open in as much wind as possible. Avoid under trees, they make a huge difference. For the covers we use silage sheets for the best value, something like this (only an example not the best price or anything) https://www.allplas.co.uk/acatalog/4metre-wide-125mu--Heavy-duty-500gauge--Black--784.html#SID=547 I try to use 2 or 3 of us and have a morning to cover everything - 2 people holding the plastic and one on the log trailer putting a layer of logs dotted over top. I don't bother tying the sides, just leave them flapping about 2ft so you can unroll with the log crane when it comes to getting it in a hurry. We can get stuff down to 15-20% in a good summer, the issue is it goes back up 25+ by the time we're cutting it in the winter.
  11. No exact figures but our mf35x (probably around 40hp now) won't run our 40ton ryetec properly. I only tried it for half an hour and never again. It runs easily on our 120deutz though so I would think less would be fine. Weirdly the most fuel efficient is our deutz 6215 on tickover at 1000economy but that's expensive in other ways.
  12. gdh

    Standing trees for firewood

    Personally I would buy it all, leaving some can work but it's easy to fall out on amounts and who gets the tidy or rubbish bits. Supplying with logs is tempting but I wouldn't want to be stuck with a vague arrangement for years to come. You can get a tidy used log trailer for around 6k but if possible I would just hire one in for a couple of weeks. We hire our old 12ton for £200 a week but I have no idea what's normally charged.
  13. gdh

    Standing trees for firewood

    I would pay up to £20 a ton depending on access and ease of felling. I look at current prices as £20 standing, £35 extraction and £15 haulage. Hopefully saving on some areas but that's a rough division.
  14. gdh

    How much for a m3 load delivered?

    More than it cost you to make ;). We're £140 for 1.8 tipped loose ranging to £280 for 4. Mid Wales. I don't sell individual bags but locally they range (ignoring the cheap fresh stuff from tree surgery) from £80-120.
  15. gdh

    Show us your fencing!!

    Yes, both of ours are protech. We put in a lot of 12inch oak posts is why we went so heavy. I'm not sure about smaller ones, it's just a trade of between performance and reach with any size though.


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