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  1. Husqvarna Combi Can question/ problem

    They're rubbish, I swapped to the oil spout for petrol but it only gained a few months
  2. what logs have you been chopping today!

    Nice set up, the third roller makes a big difference. How are you finding the grader at the end? I'm looking at fitting one but it's a bit cramped already where we cut.
  3. Usually by the ton as most our hauliers have weigh heads now and the sales are done in tons. Obviously inconsistent with species/density but that's reflected in the price. Cubic metres would be better and we do keep an eye on how far up the bolsters it is but that has its own issues with bent and shorter logs bulking out loads.
  4. Show your tractors

    Pretty sure that's a 4wd symbol unless you have another button for that. Plenty of mud about to test it.
  5. Potato boxes.

    Cheers. So how long would you leave them outside to dry before putting them in the shed? Do you off load them straight into you truck,trailer etc when ready to deliver? My idea is to keep them out for 6 months or so and then tip in shed when semi seasoned or is this just added unnecessary added work? The problem ive got is wood that molds when left in shed for 12months. Thanks Ah sorry, should have mentioned we've got a heated drying shed, similar to a kiln (not in the picture). We cut straight into the boxes, dry them, then tip into the pickup when we need them.
  6. Potato boxes.

    We use them and they work well, they get a few more breakages than ibcs but they're bigger, safer to stack (I've seen 10 high before) and easy to repair. You will need a fairly strong box rotator and loader if you want to flip them. We collected from spudbox for £69+vat with a double floor to avoid the bigger logs damaging it.
  7. Agreed with big j, everyone assumes because we sell firewood we burn the best quality pieces. We don't - we have a 20inch/18kW log burner and burn everything from the short bits to stubs of branches we cut off and massive wedges from pointing gateposts, as long as it's reasonably dry it all burns fine and we rarely sweep our chimney in the 20 years we've had it.
  8. As long as it's dry that's the important thing. Most people like ash or beech, I like oak but if you're buying it most will be a mixture of what's available.
  9. At least they were honest and gave you a reason, if harvesters can get on the land you'll struggle to do it cheaper and they can put that saving into the timber price. Hopefully you get some contracts where it's too awkward to get to usually so you'll be able to offer a needed service
  10. Only thing I've seen of it is a dealer emailing me and saying 'due to new regulations we need your permission to continue to contact you, please respond yes or no' (or something similar). I don't know anyone who's going to bother but with statements like fines up to 4% of global income I'm guessing they're targeting larger companies. It seems like a massive waste of time and (our) money like the BSL scheme, mtd and most farming regulations. Other than creating a few jobs I fail to see how these schemes benefit anyone when there's laws in place anyway.
  11. Which cordless impact gun?

    Just to add it's a milwaukee fuel (brushless) I have and if you're comparing batteries the only difference between 4ah and 5ah, and the 8 you can now get, is how long they last between charges.
  12. Which cordless impact gun?

    Impact wrench for nuts? I've got a milwaukee m18 and there's not much it won't shift, makes changing chipper blades much faster and it took nuts off a 12ton trailer that hadn't been touched for 5 years the other day.
  13. Show your tractors

    I carried our processor on the front once, it was alright until you a hit a bump. The problem is you need more weight on the back to keep it balanced. Do you run it on the front? I know the front pto is usually weaker if you have one.
  14. £15 a ton sounds fair as it looks like a nice site to work on and assuming you can leave the brash in the woods.
  15. Log Load Prices??

    I wish I had your customers. Out of curiosity is that with vat? it looks like £120 plus 20% is all and retail is usually 5.


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