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  1. The science behind forced log drying

    I think nearly all firewood businesses are started by tree surgeons or farmers because they both have access to free/cheap wood to start out. I don't know any local firewood sellers who purely rely on firewood as income, there's a few farmers who wanted to make use of their woodland machinery in the winter (including us although we've now split the business) and a lot of tree surgeons and gardeners who sell cheap but tend to run out. Back on the original topic, we kiln dry our wood because of lack of space and the weather here but we also season first to try and cut down on drying time and improve the logs.
  2. Japa 370 processor premature bar wear

    Is it definitely the right width chain for the bar? It's easy to pick up one that's slightly too narrow so moves about.
  3. Best chainsaw chain?

    From what we've used Stihl chains are just about the best performing but at a price, Oregon and Husqvarna are decent and reliable and rotatech are the best for day to day because they're cheap for similar performance.
  4. Stupid mistakes you've made doing tree work

    About 5 years ago I was felling what looked like a straight ash in a dingle (didn't realise the bigger branches were one side) and it barber chaired 10-15ft up then sat there with the top end balanced on some thorn bushes. It was one of those horrible moments where you don't know which way to move. Only way I could safely get it down in the end was with a winch, I wish I had taken a photo because I doubt (and hope) I'll ever repeat it.
  5. How are your stocks holding up?

    We've completely run out and ironically the cold weather also slows down our drying. I've got a couple of hundred tons cut ready but it's just sitting there damp waiting to dry. I've also noticed prices going up for buying in, especially softwood and it's getting harder and harder to find ash.
  6. About 25-30% if I can get it covered but it's the wet layer trapped by the bark that puts it up.
  7. What happened to comedy on the telly?

    Haha, my mistake. I read my post and realised it made no sense if you didn't know which parts were series and thought you meant that. And, yes, the first few series of Not going out were really good. Taskmaster is celebrities doing stupid challenges but better than it sounds and Angie Tribeca is like a hot shots, naked gun etc.
  8. What happened to comedy on the telly?

    I'm tired and missed out the capitals. Taskmaster, Brooklyn 99, Angie Tribeca and Not going out are all comedies. Unless you're French then yes it is in a foreign language.
  9. What happened to comedy on the telly?

    I think there's plenty of good panel shows but you don't get many sitcoms now, let alone good ones. Taskmaster is the last thing that really made me laugh, brooklyn 99 and angie tribeca are good American comedies but other than not going out which isn't as good as the earlier series I can't think of anything else I watch. Father Ted and scrubs are still my favourites.
  10. I have had the odd stack in the round get there for a couple of days in the summer but only on the surface. I can't see it's possible to do consistently and we used to struggle to get firewood to that, let alone logs. Only way I can think of doing it to buy a splitter (but that's minimum 15k) and quarter them then restack them alternating directions to let the wind through then sheet the top. If you had time and space to do that though you would be better processing them first I think and trying to dry them like that. Short answer no.
  11. How do they cope being so close

    Same with our labrador, it did singe it's hair as a puppy when it pushes past but only once...
  12. Licence??

    You can take out anything that could be dangerous. Also small trees (less than 8cm diameter at 4ft) can be felled. There's a few other exemptions to but in most cases you'll need a licence.
  13. Licence??

    As said, everyone needs a felling licence, they're not to hard to get and they're pretty sensible in what you can cut. The 5cube is just so you don't need one if you're felling for personal use. There are too many regulations (I'm sure someone will ironically complain yet again about a farmer complaining now ;)) but in this case it's a fairly simple one that stops people buying up large areas of land and clear felling them without consideration.
  14. Firewood is too time consuming?

    I don't know anyone locally unfortunately, I'm not sure if bowcetts/border firewood go your way much but they would have to come a long way first unless we got lucky with a back load. If you don't find someone closer give me a message and we can see who's about if you want.
  15. Firewood is too time consuming?

    I think we're a little far (sa20 0qb) but would be interested. What sort of quantifies are you after? Would it have to be a regular thing or could you take the majority in the summer?


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