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  1. No problem. I'm Glyn Hormann from Hormanns Firewood, we only do a bit of woodchip, we mostly concentrate on firewood but they do a lot of chip and chipping.
  2. I imagine you would have to have a file guide that stops the file from twisting or you would soon have the wrong angle. Interesting idea, nice to know there's still (possible) improvements to make with chains.
  3. Have you talked to Dyfed Powys woodfuels in Llangadog? They'll be able to quote you. We do a bit but for that amount they would be better value than us I would think.
  4. gdh

    Trailer towing

    It's refreshing to see regulations being reduced on something for once. As someone who's been putting off their trailer test for years (despite being able to drive one from experience with tractors) it's great news. Let's just hope everyone towing them shows the same common sense as the government...
  5. Never got on with Stihl so can't comment on those but our 572 has gone well. Plenty of power and fast revving to. Goes very well on a 24inch bar and not too heavy.
  6. I would consider a digger and knocker, you can get a lot more height with them when doing tall stakes. Is it your first bit of fencing or are you just looking for advice on deer fencing specifically?
  7. We're often out working until 8 so people ring us up to about 10. It's not really a problem, if we don't want to answer we just let it go to answer phone and ring back later. We try not to ring back after 9 or too early at weekends because not everyone's like us but it doesn't bother me when I'm phoned. It helps not giving out your mobile number then you only have to worry about work messages being on the house phone. Texts and emails I'll reply to any time if I'm awake. I much prefer them.
  8. Minimum top diameter.
  9. How high does your chipper reach? I think grain trailers are the way to go but you'll probably have to go to 8ft to go bigger I would think. Alternatively I was working with a really nice push off trailer last week. 😉
  10. https://youtu.be/C_a3zvf2dAw The raid 2 has some amazing fight scenes. I can't get videos to embed...
  11. I could talk Jackie Chan all day but this is one of my favourite. https://youtu.be/d-ltRBEu0IU
  12. Everything (including the stuff like depreciation, shed repairs, insurance, oil etc) on a reasonably big scale is around £25-30 a cube plus timber for us. That's assuming no major breakdowns, costing my own labour at £10 an hour and that interest rates stay low. Boxes included but kiln drying or space/cover to air dry is on top. It's not the best way to compare to other businesses though, it's going to depend on local labour costs and could be much higher if you're getting cheap arbwaste for example.
  13. There's a massive variation in standing prices from £30-110 a ton. A lot of it is luck. Is it hand felling or will you get a harvester in? Clearfell with a harvester will be a lot more than thinning with a chainsaw. Felling licence could easily take 6 months and you'll need to have a replanting plan if it's clearfell. Might be worth talking to pontrilas saw mills to get a bid (assuming you're in Wales).
  14. For tidy milling I would say £80-100 roadside and £45-50 for any chipwood. There's stuff selling for £100+ standing in mid Wales but I can't see that lasting. I would pay more for Douglas and Larch than spruce.
  15. I normally pay £15-20 less for oversize to cover the extra labour but it can occasionally be worth extra if it's suitable for milling.


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