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  1. gdh

    You are God for a Day

    I think a two child rule would actually be a reasonable way of steadying and slightly reducing the population. This fun topic has taken a dark turn...
  2. gdh

    You are God for a Day

    I would like to say cure disease etc but in reality I think we need to help ourselves for the most part - if we worked together even a lot of natural disasters could be avoided so I would sit back and just say if you do good there's a place for you in the end. Then I'd sneak up on an atheist and scare them.
  3. gdh

    Stock Fencing

    Yes, probably average 6 stakes from a log. We tend to get 15 years out of them before we think of restaking/replacing.
  4. gdh

    Stock Fencing

    They cost us about £3 to make for split oak. Strainers I value at £20. Our last lot of cresote stakes we bought was either 3.20 or 3.40 I think. We don't do much fencing, just us and a few neighbours but it's the erecting I find the bigger variable. When you have to start rock spiking you can quickly lose time.
  5. gdh

    Stock Fencing

    £5+ for oak stakes, high tensile netting, single barb. Usually a lot of turns. Plenty of people cheaper with softwood stakes near us, Mid Wales.
  6. gdh

    Woodchip export

    I do wonder if this is still happening given recent prices. A lot has changed in the last few years.
  7. gdh

    DUNS Number?

    I had to do one once, didn't take any time and was confirmed within a day. Not sure of its purpose, I had forgotten we had one until now.
  8. gdh

    what logs have you been chopping today!

    Have you considered mounting a rack on the blade for carrying logs? I'm not sure how much weight the rams would take but I know a few fencers carry stakes like that.
  9. gdh

    Favourite softwood

    Larch, nice to process and dry and gives out plenty of heat. I'm happy with anything without too much sap.
  10. gdh

    Cordwood wanted mid Wales

    Yes, they have a very impressive workshop there. Always an interesting range of equipment with skylines and forwarders being worked on to.
  11. Biomass customers are a good choice as they're less fussy on size, although usually expect very dry. Campsites is another idea, thin logs are perfect for the little log baskets some have.
  12. gdh

    Cordwood wanted mid Wales

    No, we're on a farm a few miles out by Myddfai. I think you mean Rj Fukes, they sell and repair harvesters and machinery. We spend a lot of time there.
  13. I think 120cube is very optimistic, I would be going 80-90, but it's good idea, only downside over chipping is I would think it will take a lot of chainsaw work to cut out all the v's and that will still leave offcuts and thinner pieces. As you say though any product is a bonus and even if it only pays for itself you'll get rid of a lot of brash for free.
  14. gdh

    Bio hydraulic oil

    The oil tank is away from the hydraulics so it doesn't get warm. Chain oil shouldn't fly off anywhere near as much as hydraulic oil whichever type you use. If you're using normal chain oil try to avoid heavy chain oil as it's thicker and can cause flow issues.
  15. gdh

    Bio hydraulic oil

    Ah, I assumed it was a separate tank like our old hakki pilke, I wonder if gravity would be enough to oil it if you just diverted the saws pipe to a separate tank, probably not with chain oil but might work with hydraulic oil then you could leave standard oil in the machine. Just thinking out loud here.


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