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  1. Hi Pete, In order to get good staff you need to draw from industry, in order to draw from industry, you need to be able to offer an equivalent (or very near) salary. Once you find good staff, you need to be able to retain them, we all know, on the whole, it's an enjoyable industry, it's all too easy for staff to leave and re-join.
  2. Yes, 31k and above was the max, thanks for your input
  3. Hello all! I’m carrying out a survey of typical salaries paid to UK Arborists at different levels (1 – 5). The survey is for a research paper I’m doing as part of a teaching qualification. As many of you know I hung up my chainsaw boot in favour of teaching would-be Arbs of the future. It’s becoming more evident that Colleges are struggling to recruit teaching and technical staff because the salaries have not kept up with industry, in short, I can earn more money feeding brash through a chipper than teaching students at levels 2, 3 and foundation degree. Could I ask business owners to complete the following survey and comment where prompted? Your help would be greatly appreciated! The survey can be found by clicking the following link - https://www.surveymonkey.co.uk/r/FQW9XQB
  4. Sometimes I wonder what this Oak is screaming.....any suggestions?
  5. Not one from today, or yesterday but thought it worthy of sharing....hope you all know the species ;-)
  6. Update – After contacting Wychavon District Council it turns out that the house builders were Bovis, contacted Bovis who said the trees will be replaced in the autumn and will then be looked after by a ‘contractor’. Money well spent then!
  7. On that budget I'd go for a Discovery TD5, great workhorse plus you can get a hell of a lot in the back if you fold the seats down for a trip to the tip!
  8. I've just messaged the local authority, should have an answer by tomorrow...
  9. There is clearly one for mowing the lawn - Priorities eh!?
  10. This new housing development was built and completed recently opposite where I live and is a great example of the little to no aftercare given to newly planted trees. Why is no consideration given to watering and aftercare to these trees? Every house is now occupied and it’s obvious given the state of the trees that the residents don’t care. The landscape contractor has completed their contract, so they don’t care and it’s pretty obvious that the local authority doesn’t care either. Planning permission was applied for and given, as part of that permission ‘X’ number of trees would have been stipulated to be planted on the new development, surely the developer has an obligation to water and maintain these trees for at least two years? I wouldn’t say it breaks my heart but it does make me mad seeing this repeated time and time again all over the country, it seems as long as trees are just stuck in the ground and left to fend for themselves, everyone is happy!?
  11. Apologies if this has been posted before, I think this raises so many questions….
  12. I attended Dave’s funeral today, as you can imagine, it was a very emotional affair, many thanks to Paul Barton for keeping me company and putting up with my singing! Dave’s climbing helmet was placed on his coffin and Three Little Birds by Bob Marley was played as he entered Tewkesbury Abbey, which was full, not a spare seat in the house. Recessional was Let her go, by Passenger. Today was a gloriously hot day, the sun shone, so I cycled to the funeral in full cycling regalia, Dave was an avid cyclist so hopefully he wouldn’t have minded. The Wellingtonia located in the Abbey grounds (which Dave climbed many-a-time) looked splendid in the summer sunshine. A wonderful, emotional and fitting send-off, R.I.P David Shephard.


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