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  1. Bespoke Drop sides - Mocho Fabrication WWW.MOCHOFABRICATION.CO.UK Bespoke drop-sides made to suit your vehicle, these can either be made to suit an existing back or added to one of our own, sides can be made any length/height required and... Thought this was interesting.....
  2. https://metro.co.uk/video/cool-customer-thwarts-armed-robbery-without-dropping-shopping-bag-2530299/
  3. On my engine lifting crane I have a hydraulic ram which has airline connection. So can use air from my compressor to raise the ram....just a thought... 20 Ton Hydraulic Air Bottle Jack Pneumatic Lifting Jack 20-180psi Heavy Duty VEVOR.CO.UK 20 Ton Hydraulic Bottle Jack The car jack hydraulic 20 Ton Air and Hydraulic Jack, which can easily handle lift jobs up to 20 tons. Ideal for automotive, heavy duty truck repair, moving...
  4. Some rude words but not out of context....can admin leave it posted?
  5. Nowhere is safe nowadays...although theives caught, tools not recovered... 'Sophisticated' thieves stole £1,800 of tools from van parked outside tool store WWW.READINGCHRONICLE.CO.UK They were caught with five number plates in their car
  6. Theft of fuel reported direct from tanker in High Wycombe!
  7. There is some info here that may help....recommendation is to use super unleaded, as some fuel has zero ethanol content....useful if equipment is not used everyday... The big switch from E5 to E10 fuel | Demon Tweeks Blog BLOG.DEMON-TWEEKS.COM As the rollout continues throughout the summer of 2021 to adopt E10 petrol (with 10% ethanol content) as the standard grade on UK forecourts, it’s a move that could impact hugely...
  8. Some more here..... Fat Truck - Industrial off-road utility vehicles WWW.FATTRUCK.COM
  9. Post is unclear....some clarification needed?
  10. Nice if someone is building a replicar of the Mary Rose!
  11. If you are stuck, these guys are reasonable... Firewood, Kindling & Coal From Mackrory and Sons, Henley, Oxfordshire. WWW.NETTLEBEDSAWMILL.CO.UK Nettlebed Sawmill. Hardwood Logs, Kindling & Coal for Delivery or Collection.


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If you would like to contribute to making this industry more effective and safe then welcome.
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