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  1. I have been to several funerals recently, some close friends and have noticed the off the shelf coffins are nice and shiney but look cheap if this is the correct word to use......your effort looks so much better...
  2. 4 wheel drive is useless if all 4 wheels are off the ground.... A33: Driver rescued after Land Rover and trailer overturns - Berkshire Live WWW.GETREADING.CO.UK A video shows a helicopter assisting in the emergency services operation
  3. Bad news...that's a lot of kit.......I wonder if you were seen yesterday and followed home??? I have heard, contacting your local Police Commissioner may assist in any investigation....
  4. Actually feel sorry for them, it was only a 2 day job, so were poorly advised about the required quarantine before they left for the island..
  5. Back to my original post, there was a feature on todays Rip off Britain....featured a couple of owners selling their cars who had oil put in their header tanks by Romanians...then asking for a huge discount! one fell for it, the other guy didn't.... Police stated such practices are connected to organised crime, however it was difficult to get evidence to convict individuals, so message is be aware and avoid face book to sell cars...
  6. Five welders are jailed for TWO WEEKS for breaking coronavirus restrictions on the Isle of Man | Daily Mail Online WWW.DAILYMAIL.CO.UK Five men from Doncaster were due to carry out work on the Manx Electric Railway. Instead of heading straight to their accommodation, they went to Tesco where they were...
  7. This is a reply to another posting, my error!
  8. What about speaking to your local stone mason for advice?
  9. Its a red 906 PASO with 10,000 miles from new.... just has those stupid 16 inch tyres....yes, the ghost vehicle article was interesting...
  10. Just read they can also put oil in the water header tank too...ps may be while they are looking at your car you can shove a potato up their exhaust!
  11. I had an issue with some oak slabs I left on my concrete drive...used brick acid and jet wash, not 100% successful!
  12. Note lack of Health and Safety Protection equipment..
  13. Just read this in Practical Sports bike Mag ( I have an 1990 Ducati) that mentions an old trick has resurfaced (popular in Europe) for getting a price down when selling your bike, car or van...the buyer turns up with a friend or two, while you are discussing things at the front of the car, one of his mates squirts something into the exhaust using a squeezy bottle...may be a light oil?? so when the vehicle is started up and gets to temperature the exhaust starts to smoke. Looking like an engine/turbo problem, the buyer asks for a substantial discount... Mind you, most Landrovers produce their own smoke!


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