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  1. Regarding your question, friend is a Bee keeper, pretty sure he gets a lot of calls to come to remove bees from premises and public areas. May be contact a local Bee keeping club for more local advice?
  2. Can I suggest, find out who your police and crime commissioner is (if you have them there) and contact them, explain how it will affect your business, you may get a better response from police through them...don't bother with your mp...
  3. If I had the dosh, would have one of these!!!!! Just listen to that engine!!! https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=-BjtvJe_PjY
  4. Plus a couple of my oldies, a Fantic Caballero (excuse the mirrors) and DT175... still remember collecting the Fantic in 1974......not longer having to pedal my bike uphill....plus was able to ride it to London and Oxford to see friends....those were the days!!
  5. My 2003 KDX220 enduro wheelie machine (barely road legal)......plus have a 1990 Ducati 906...both currently being rebuilt during lockdown...
  6. Local Brooklands world record holding rider, found in Reading Cemetery
  7. Man survives electric shock of 14,000 volts which melted flesh from bones METRO.CO.UK His parents and newly pregnant parter were told he was unlikely to live for the rest of the day. Was informed by a neighbour who worked for SSE power can jump to earth even if you are several metres away....he lost a work colleague who's was carrying a metal tool box near a transformer...
  8. My daughter named him/her but thanks for the heads up!!! ps her new Budgie Sky Sky may be a girl too!!!
  9. Harry/Harryette the Heron....
  10. Kevin the Kite....waits for his breakfast most days in our oak tree....fresh chicken or road kill pheasant are his preferences
  11. If used for firewood, cut up without delay as dries as hard as rock....
  12. Just heard about these today... New Ford Transit Trail AWD van review | Auto Express WWW.AUTOEXPRESS.CO.UK Rugged Trail trim arrives in the Ford Transit range, bringing four-wheel drive and go-anywhere ability


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