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  1. You say three screws. Don't forget one of those is the tick over screw, so won't have a factory setting as such. You will probably need to be screwing that in a bit to get it to keep running.
  2. Probably just highlighting the fact that some medical experts don't rate the whole mask thing. I took someone to two separate hospitals on the same day, no distancing or masks required. What's the average Joe supposed to think?
  3. Garages, shops and other "essential" places were already open and functioning before the mask fiasco. It's not about will you won't you wear a mask, it's the multiple layers of miss-information and conflicting advice, BS reporting etc etc. What amazes me is the response you get if you dare look at things from a different angle.
  4. A society walking around with face coverings on can only really enforce the belief that there is a danger out there. Add that with all the mixed messages about face coverings and I can't see how it will entice anyone vulnerable or scared out.
  5. And yet here you are today, you survived those crazy times. I suspect you have commonsense😀
  6. If people think that wearing a covering is going to "get things going again", they are in a dream world. The closed down shops and ruined businesses are gone. Poncing around with your pants on your head won't be helping them!
  7. Christ man!! Keep that to yourself, all have to be out in swimming goggles next🙄
  8. Try to find out what sort of terrain they will put you on before investing in kit. All the clearing I have done has been on sites that were undriveable. Did 5 acres every winter for 7 years in a row on my own because the other bloke pulled out. Certainly wouldn't be my choice for an "easier" way to make a living, I don't think I could physically handle it now, but good luck to you.
  9. So you can still catch it through a face covering, but you can't spread it through one 🤔! And that sums up the pointless need for it.
  10. Drove passed this queue for the shops yesterday😜
  11. That's kind of the whole point. They can be made from anything. So any old bit of material could be used with very open pores that lets just about anything in or out.
  12. Joe public has to cover their face in the shops, but the shop staff don't need to wear a covering 🤔. I checked with my local supermarket this morning and they were happy for me not to cover my face next week.
  13. Why is a different point of view or take on a situation always classed as a conspiracy? It seems to be a word that gets banded about as a way to quickly dismiss different opinions.
  14. I have spares, just in-case the virus sneaks in at night to steal one 🤣


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