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  1. Just handy when you are buttressing up big softwoods and the right hand side of the saw is against the tree.
  2. Is it possible to get outer felling/bumper spikes for the 400?
  3. I would also go with the Dolmar/makita 6100. Good solid old school saw and can't think of a better new saw for the money.
  4. Been using the 400 all day today felling spruce and douglas. Cracking saw and highly recommend it. But why oh why has Stihl given it a smaller tank than a 560! It just seems like it is always coming to the end of a tank.
  5. Stihl HP super ok for a 400 or does it have to be ultra?
  6. My local dealer just got two in, so I may have to get one. They have been told they won't be getting any more saws in until August and waited ages for these. Do they make noticeably more power than the 560?
  7. Looking to replace a very hard working 560 that has just had a light seizure, will fix, but need another saw sharpish, bad pun, sorry😀
  8. I was working with a guy the other week that was using one, I meant to grab a go, but somehow didn't. It sounded like a right screamer and they feel nice in the hand.
  9. Anyone use an ms400 in forestry and rate it as a good saw for the job? Don't need to know that I should be getting a 462 or 572 thanks, just thoughts on the 400 please. Attracted by the light weight and seems to make good power.
  10. Always seems to be the way with politicians, blunder after blunder, double standards and complete fook-ups and then some little hiccup comes along which allows them to slip off into the shadows without having to face any consequences for their actions. Get out of jail free card and I don't suppose he can keep the smirk off of his face.
  11. You're pissed, he is a staffy 😀
  12. Just stuck an ad up in arbtrader 👍

    • FOR SALE
    • USED

    Woodlands mill processor bought new in 2018. Have receipt and handbook etc. Hasn't done much work, just split logs for myself and a few locals, still on it's original chain and there are two other chains with it. Has the extra 6 way splitting knife. Hydraulic oil and filter have been changed and the engine oil has been changed twice plus air filter. Has wear and tear of a used machine, but always stored in the dry. It has had a professional welding repair carried out on the engine mounting bracket as the factory weld started to split (cost £150). Other than that, no issues. Will have a clean just didn't have time before taking pictures. Machine is located in Somerset, Exmoor area.


    - GB

  14. Not suitable for you though I suppose, by the sound of the size of your stump.


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