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  1. woodwizzard

    husqvarna 562 xp 2014.

    I think it was released here in 2017, not sure about other parts of the world. Wouldn't be hard to make a 560 look like a 562. I would think a husky dealer should be able to confirm from the serial number.
  2. woodwizzard

    Domestic vertical splitter £450 budget?

    I think if you go against your wife you will have yourself "a domestic splitter"😜
  3. woodwizzard

    Makita DCS520

    https://www.sparetoolparts.co.uk/checkout/cart/ Same part number, is it the same thing?
  4. Well, it is called Buzzard Woodland after all 😊
  5. woodwizzard

    ms461 problem

    Call it a bodge, quick fix or whatever, but I had a leak from the gasket on a saw right under the exhaust. I cleaned the area with de-greaser and rubbed over with wet and dry and then used the black heatproof silicone glue that you fix fire rope into wood burner doors with, and ran a short bead over the leak. That was well over a year ago and is still holding fine.
  6. woodwizzard

    Felling Timber with Osborne Axe.

  7. woodwizzard

    Land Cruiser knowledge

    Check out the mot history, says corrosion is setting in to sills and floor.
  8. woodwizzard

    Land Cruiser knowledge

    A mate of mine uses new jeeps for all his towing. He is a plant contractor, and lets say, "old school", regards rules and regs. He has had troopers, disco 2, 3 and 4s and has killed them all in one way or another. The only thing that has stood up to his testing are the jeeps. Might be worth a look. Mercedes engine and box, so good and strong. https://www.ebay.co.uk/itm/2011-61-JEEP-GRAND-CHEROKEE-3-0-V6-CRD-LIMITED-5D-AUTO-237-BHP-DIESEL/202563745494?hash=item2f29bd76d6:g:pCoAAOSw5wFcFbQx:rk:6:pf:0
  9. woodwizzard


    Not far from me, someone is doing 3 year old, dry stored dumpy bags of beech for £40. Almost be worth buying the lot and selling on.
  10. woodwizzard

    Chain Saw for planking mill

    A makita 7900 will breeze through the stuff you want to mill. I have milled with mine on a 28" bar with no problems. If you were closer you could have had a go.
  11. woodwizzard

    Chain Saw for planking mill

    Where are you located Oaf?
  12. woodwizzard

    First saw purchase??

    https://www.radmoretucker.co.uk/shop/garden-machinery/chainsaws-tree-care/petrol-chainsaws/makita-ea6100p45d-petrol-chainsaw-18/ In budget, brand new and tackle most jobs.
  13. woodwizzard

    Husky 560 chain brake problem

    Could drill a hole big enough for a self tapping screw and then pull out with pliers or similar.
  14. Unfortunately, it will also be an opportunity for unscrupulous types to kill off a lot of healthy ash trees claiming that they are dangerous/diseased.
  15. woodwizzard

    Hydraulic ram help

    Is there a way of bleeding the manual side of the pump?


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