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  1. You won't find many like minded science types on here, it's just the climbers that like to come on and bitch and moan😁
  2. This is random testing of the population so that they can try to get information on how widespread covid is iin the general population. Completely random and they've been doing it from fairly near the beginning. Enables them to establish infection rates and trends. Nothing new. That's what we like, random testing to go along with the random death numbers, random control measures, random facts and figures, random lockdowns in random areas, random rule of six and just the whole random randomness of it all. Can't wait for the movie to come out!
  3. But Trump did say something along the lines of "get out there and live your life, don't let it effect you, just be careful", or words to that effect. First bit of sense I have heard coming from a leaders mouth.
  4. Christ, they will be bringing out machines next to fell trees!!
  5. Owners of the 500i, are you priming before every start? Need to have some pressure on the fuel system hot or cold.
  6. I'm sure those pictures weren't there a minute ago! I was right though, looks spot on.
  7. In my imagination that looks spot on 🤪
  8. Read the same article. I found it more worrying that people buy ghost vehicles and send complete strangers large deposits. What Ducati do you have?
  9. But they are tame. Told to respond in whatever manner required to get the desired response at the time.
  10. Lockdown Deaths, Not Covid Deaths | UK Column WWW.UKCOLUMN.ORG The Hydroxy-chloroquine Scandal | UK Column WWW.UKCOLUMN.ORG
  11. When youtube takes down the videos that give a different take on things, they may be found here brandnewtube.com
  12. I see the Biased Broadcasting Company failed to notice the anti-lock down demo in Trafalgar Square today 🙄. Don't suppose being funded by the Bill Gates foundation has anything to do with it 🤔
  13. Go about your daily life and don't worry about it 👍
  14. Of course it's not a hoax, there is a flu like virus out there (maybe even just the flu). But the reaction to it and media hype is off the scale, who knows why, not me, but it just doesn't sit right. Most of the time the politicians are a bit of a laughing stock and a bunch of liars etc etc, now they are all trusted leaders that have mass numbers of the population following random instructions that make little sense. Can't really see any evidence of governments "shitting themselves" either. "It's all in hand, just do as you are told, follow a bunch of ever conflicting guidelines blah blah blah". And as far as whether the non believers have been directly effected and would think differently or not, don't we all know of people that have died or been seriously injured in traffic accidents, had lung cancer, bad diet causing diseases, the list goes on. Doesn't stop us from driving, smoking, eating shite etc. It's just life and death and we can only deal with it with the tools we have been given. Will I have the vaccine, no, nor the flu jab or any other "good for me" potion that makes someone else very rich. What others do and think is up to them and I respect their views. I like to think I know what is best for me (maybe a false illusion, who knows) and if I cock up I can only blame myself.
  15. Flu Symptoms & Complications WWW.CDC.GOV Know the common symptoms of flu and possible complications. It can cause mild to severe illness, and at times can lead to death.


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