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  1. I wouldn't run them on a full size 4x4 as I prefer M/Ts, and as I said, they are not an aggressive A/T. As J is looking for 80% road I think they fit the bill. We are talking about a 2wd Berlingo van after all 😜
  2. Same size as my subaru J. I run these https://www.yokohamatire.com/tires/geolandar-a-t-g015 Maybe not as aggressive as some A/Ts, but if you need an aggressive A/T you need muds! Not been stuck yet and impressed enough with them that I stuck a set on the landrover.
  3. I run one of the woodlands mills FP160 thingies. Split enough for myself and a small number of log customers, plus hire out for the odd splitting job. I assume you have a hydraulic supply, so not looking for self-powered?
  4. That will be putting words in my mouth then 🙄 Never said it wasn't real and have been to A&E twice.
  5. Ask the people that have lost businesses built up over many years, the people that have not been able to see dying relatives, the parents of youngsters who have committed suicide, the victims of increased domestic violence and so on and so on about that one.
  6. By your own thinking then you will be alright, as your genuine need and medical emergency will trump all those that are clogging up the hospitals with the first sign of a snivel because they have been convinced they have a deadly virus. I do wonder what we would all be doing at this point in time if there were no news programmes, social media etc etc spreading so much fear. How many people would even know there was a virus out there. I don't deny there is a virus, but when over a third of people won't even know they have had it, a 99% survival rate if you do get it, the past year has been a massive over-reaction.
  7. I'm sure you will follow that up with a 100% understanding of it all!
  8. Is that then not saying that someone else's rights are trumping yours? Go to the pub if you feel safe about it, don't if you don't and apply that to the rest of life. What good is shutting down life, the economy and all the other bits really doing? If all the news is to believed it isn't working, yet people are blindly following all this BS under the belief it is for their own good. Just to add, my take on it is mine, it's what makes sense to me and I fully respect the many other thoughts and feelings others have.
  9. Who knows, but in your heart of hearts, are you 100% comfortable about the new laws and restrictions being put in place that can be turned on and of at will? I know I'm not. The government didn't give us our human rights, so they have no right to take them!
  10. Give Axminster tools a try, think they did the same lathe at some point.
  11. Any bets on how many mutant strains suddenly appear out of the woodwork any time they want to lock us up? But it's just about a virus right!!
  12. This is the only section this twat fits into, what a joke!!
  13. The common sense of it all summed up in one picture,


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