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  1. woodwizzard

    Makita recall

    Shame, the 365 isn't a patch on the 7900. I won't be bothering sending mine off and I will deal with any issue if and when it happens.
  2. woodwizzard

    Makita recall

    The 7900 is a belting saw, fast, grunty and loves a 24" bar. I packaged mine up and took it to my local dealer a couple of weeks ago. I popped down the other day to see if it was back, they hadn't been out to pick it up! I said "sod it" and brought it back home with me.
  3. Welcome to the South West Big J. You have certainly bought the rain down with you. Machines still up north? Will keep my ears to the ground for any work, but by the sounds of it, nothing too soon.
  4. woodwizzard

    Hardwood roundwood wanted - Devon / Cornwall / Somerset

    Abundant local fuel - 430,000 acres of unmanaged woodland in South East England Love to know where all this is then!
  5. woodwizzard

    Battery chainsaw recomendation

    Western Power use the makita saws and rate them quite highly.
  6. woodwizzard

    Any clues what this is

    Cut it open along the grain for a better look.
  7. woodwizzard

    Any clues what this is

    Agree, what he said 👆
  8. woodwizzard

    Bargain Branch logger?

    Can the speed be controlled, can see this guy ending up with broken ribs!
  9. woodwizzard

    Makita recall

    Just phone the freephone number in the link Bill, there may be an option to send the saw in to makita direct.
  10. woodwizzard

    Sequoiadendron Giganteum

    Very nice. What have you done to get that effect?
  11. woodwizzard

    Jonsered part plea!!

    This bit? https://www.ransomspares.co.uk/parts/brands/jonsered/chainsaws/2083 (1995-05)/gear-wheel/740111.htm
  12. woodwizzard


    Can see them fine if you click on the links.
  13. woodwizzard

    Makita recall

    Bought mine in 2016 and not had an issue, mind you, I'm not fresh out of "click clack school"😉 so not sure if the brake has ever been activated 😜
  14. woodwizzard

    Makita recall

    Anyone know anything about a recall on makita 6100 and 7900 saws? Dealer close to me mentioned he had to send some back, some he had sold and a couple of new ones off the shelf. He couldn't remember exactly what it was for, but thought it was brake related.
  15. woodwizzard

    Scrapheap chipper wanted

    Hi Ken. Any chance of some details of your chipper, might even give you a call/txt today mate.


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