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  1. Dolmar ct

    What make of mill is that?
  2. Saw benches

    The Chinese ones don't compare to the likes of Balfour, but it's horses for courses. I'm on a very limited budget and log on a small scale, so the price and item quality suited me fine. They are such a simple machine and easily worked on. Replace the belts with quality items, change the engine oil regularly and there is no reason it won't keep going. I have just moved onto a small petrol processor to make life even easier, I don't do any more logs, just getting older.
  3. Saw benches

    Mine was £550 from Germany. Run of the mill made in China with a 13hp honda clone engine. Starts first time and have only had to replace the drive belts with better quality ones. It has cut a lot of timber and has paid for itself cutting other peoples log piles.
  4. Saw benches

    I have a similar version to this https://www.ebay.co.uk/itm/700-MM-PETROL-CIRCULAR-LOG-SAW-4-STROKE-9KW-12-2-HP-SCHEPPACH-HS700GE/162866022549?epid=3013243538&hash=item25eb924895:g:SG8AAOSw1GlaZw3T They cut 10" diam logs, or cut and rotate larger ones. They are far quicker and a lot less strenuous to use than a chainsaw.
  5. Excessive chain juddering

    If it's only when cutting 4"+ stuff, then perhaps it's a lack of power in the saw, slowing the chain down enough to stop the smooth cutting of a fast chain.
  6. My recent work

    How much were the snowmen and trees selling for? Some nice turning there.
  7. Power line shutdown

    I thought the home owner could phone up the DNO and tell them their concerns, this would then be classed as a customer request and passed onto their utility cutting teams.
  8. Free will or lack of.......

    What a great thread and very interesting to get peoples take on things. I personally don't think that there can be a right or wrong version, what feels right for me is right for me and so applies to you all. I "believe" that we are spirit, just a ball of energy if you like and our bodies are just a vessel that we borrow for a short time to be able to experience the earth plane. The brain is just the control centre of the body, so plays no part in the "I" or Self. I feel that we are here to learn and grow and are able to choose to experience multiple lifetimes to develop our spiritual selves. There is no being better than someone else, just different states of awareness. We are all teachers and students to one-another, we trigger thoughts ,feelings, emotions, actions and reactions, what you do with these and how you use them for your spiritual growth is the purpose of life to me. As for free will, I think we all have it. You can choose your actions and reactions, control your thoughts and feelings, master your own little bit of the world. What other people do with it is up to them, that is not your concern, that is their learning. Just my little take on it.
  9. Lumag Processors any knowledge?

    So much from China these days, it's just a case of working out what has been produced for an outside company that still oversees the quality control and what is produced down to a price by a Chinese company.
  10. What winter tyres are best for a Navara NP300?

    http://www.ebay.co.uk/itm/245-70-16-115Q-KUMHO-MT51-MUD-TERRAIN-TYRES-X-4-DELIVERED-PRICE/192394532096?epid=2041513900&hash=item2ccb9b9500:g:7Q8AAOSwB09YJucM I run these. I class them as an aggressive all terrain as they seem to perform as a good all-rounder. Never got on with "normal" AT tyres, as to me, they don't perform that well on road and are useless off road. Not a fan of BF ATs, get them off of any vehicle I have bought with them on. Slide around in the wet on the road and turn to slicks in the mud.
  11. Farmi WP36

    They have stayed the same regarding towing, but they now come with an hydraulic in-feed belt and the hydraulic pumps/motors have been upgraded. I will have to wait until January now, when they are back in stock.
  12. Farmi WP36

    Thanks for your input guys, very helpful to me. Think I will go and have a look at a woodlands one to judge the build quality.
  13. Farmi WP36

  14. Farmi WP36

    It claims to handle up to 15" logs, cuts with an 18" bar and splitting force of 12 tons. On paper it would do what I want.
  15. Farmi WP36

    I have a circular saw and another splitter to handle larger logs, I just want to speed up dealing with smaller diameter timber up to 13"-14", hence looking at the woodlands type machines. I'm only a hobby logger for my own use and a small number of customers.


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