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  1. woodwizzard

    Moving to Liskeard area in Cornwall- looking for work!

    Most utilities cutters in the south-west, that's who!!
  2. woodwizzard

    anyone fancy mountain biking exmoor

    Good luck to you and family Mark, didn't know you had moved on. Exciting times.
  3. woodwizzard


    Would any of you guys that have the cs390, be able to stick up some videos of the saw cutting. I have seen Robs couple, but there isn't much cutting action. Be good to get an idea of how well they cut at max bar length if possible please.
  4. woodwizzard

    L200 4wd issue?

    Never had an l200, how do you put them in 4wd? Is it old school levers or do you push a button for 4wd and then have a lever for high and low box? If the latter, chances are it is vacuum operated and you may have a split vacuum hose in the system.
  5. woodwizzard

    makita 7900

    My makita ea5000 has an S shape configuration on the cap, which puts pressure on two points if using a screwdriver to undo it as opposed to the center of the cap which then breaks them. Are the new ones S shaped?
  6. woodwizzard

    echo es390

    Thanks. Not bought one yet, yours are the best price I have found.
  7. woodwizzard

    makita 7900

    They are a cracking saw. Have 18", 24" and 28" bars on mine. Never had an issue with it apart from the oil cap. Don't use the brake unless it kicks on itself. Don't know why people buy secondhand 441's and 460's when these are £550 new.
  8. woodwizzard

    makita 7900

    Andrew, are you saying that there are new style caps available and if so do you have any?
  9. woodwizzard

    makita 7900

    Anyone else with one of these have a problem with getting the chain oil cap off? I have cracked two caps now. They seem to tighten in use or expand and then crack when I go to loosen them. I have tried a little grease on the seal, not that it should be needed with chain oil around it, and even if I don't fully tighten it, if used and then left, the next time I try it it can be a bugger to get off. Any other style of cap from a different make or model fit?
  10. woodwizzard

    echo es390

    Do you know when the echo cs 390esx will be back in stock please.
  11. woodwizzard


    Hi Ken, hope all is good with you. I had noticed over time you were going the echo way. Think I might go with the 390 as I already have the ea5000. Now to find the best price.
  12. woodwizzard


    Looking at getting a small saw, was thinking either makita ea4300 or echo cs390esx. Anyone used either or had a chance to run both side by side? Makita has 1/2hp more than the echo, but carries a little more weight, 4.9kg compared to 4.5kg.
  13. woodwizzard

    Thissun been posted before, probably?

    Wow, never seen someone run in all different directions at the same time before.
  14. woodwizzard

    Dolmar ct

    What make of mill is that?


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