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  1. I would consider bay (Laurus nobilis), quite common to find decent sized pot grown bays that can be clipped to various shapes.
  2. I know someone who has an they are in the process of making a video of it in action. I would love to see one in use but wonder if it's more aimed at timber production than firewood logging. I've cut up a few cubic meters with a bow saw before and it was doable. You need a good quality blade, and the right one (wet wood blade for fresh wood). I picked up a cheap saw as a backup and it was useless.
  3. From my experience I would say it'll greatly depend on how far gone the tree is. Even trees with fairly dead tops have provided me with decent firewood from the main trunk and branches. And because the tree was still alive it was fairly wet and still needed seasoning. I can't say I've had many problems splitting it but I just do it for my own use so no problem there. It'll not be Hymenoscyphus fraxineus that'll degrade the wood once felled but other fungi. As has been said ash isn't durable outside, you'll get a few years out of it but it'll rot.
  4. 3 foot One Man Crosscut Saw, the pefect saw for crosscutting logs. Made by Thomas Flinn & Co., Sheffield, England WWW.FLINN-GARLICK-SAWS.CO.UK ** Now available as a 4ft version too ** These large saws are used mostly in forestry work and the crosscutting of large...
  5. I have a sort of love/hate relationship with these phrases. Basically it's just a plant that flowers for a month or so when we are likely to have a frost. You don't hear the phrase "goat willow winter" or "celandine winter" etc? Anyway, I note the ash is out before the oak, so we're in for a soak. Good job as it's been dry for a month or so.
  6. I don't think that's a tick and see them about meself without knowing what they are. A quick search suggests Trombicula autumnalis / Harvest Mite / Chigger? As for ticks, even here in the UK they seem to be about all year. Took one of our Lab in January.
  7. Being a rare beast that reads my insurance documents and queries details with my insurance company it seems normal practice for most of the insurance companies staff to not have much of an idea of what they insure. Normally you have to know more than them and ask a specific question, then point out the answer they give is rubbish before it's past onto a dark room where the underwriters live. You may, but only may, then get a decent answer. Looking at the insurance document all I can see is "Keep any trees and shrubs near your home well - trimmed" which would prove my point. What does near mean, what does well trimmed mean?
  8. Is Aspen 4 and Stihl HP Ultra cheaper than ready mixed Motomix? I thought they are about the same. I've gone over to Motomix now as it's easier to get hold of round here (Mole Valley sell it).
  9. First of all ensure you have a working CO monitor. Try plain logs. Do you know where the smell is coming from, the back wall next to my burner can smell a bit if the fire's not been lit for ages. By the sounds of it you suspect the paint of the fire is giving off the smell. Sounds like you need to get a good stove person in to see what they say. Perhaps someone has used an unsuitable paint? If the paint is ok I thought they needed to get suitable hot to cure but your stove person should be able to advise.
  10. Willow, Syc, Ash I think are all reasonable suggestions. I would have expected the buds to be out if goat willow by now, especially as the prunus is flowing in the picture. Even Sycamore buds are opening up now.
  11. I've no idea to be honest. They've come through the winter ok and surely must be able to deal with this sort of weather?
  12. I bit of a guess as I've not seen them but Glanville fritillary? We just get the silver washed around here.
  13. They look like rare plantain munching overwintered caterpillars. Are you on the south coast?


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