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  1. With my trees there was an area in a young woodland where the young trees had died off, so a bit of a clearing that needed filling. I did learn that there was probably a reason why the other trees died, the soil was probably panned and needed breaking up, but the apple trees have gone mad once established. As for birds you get.them everywhere, I think it's more the lack of disturbance that allows hungry critters to settle and nosh away.
  2. Yes, I tend to think there is a critical mass you need to get to. I've had the same with soft fruit as well, once you get enough plants then you stand a chance of getting something.
  3. Yes, I planted about 25 apple trees in my woodland and there are several more growing about the place. I've found the same, birds such as jays hammered them along with squirrels and even voles. I have managed to pick some ripe apples when the trees produce a decent amount. Controlling the squirrels helps. So I think once your trees reach a decent size and produce a good crop you should get some.
  4. I don't think having a patio so close to the tree helps and I've had a lilac tree did on me. However, is there a chance it's had weed killer sprayed on it or something similar?
  5. Or, to put it more politely, you say you've had problems in the past so I would have contacted them first and discussed the matter before placing the order. Skylands post here and seem one of the more helpful companies you see.
  6. Firelighters are the unnecessary spawn of the devil. Dry kindling, which last year I mostly just collected up when splitting logs, and a couple of screwed up pieces of paper is all you need. I use both bottom up and top down methods depending of what size logs I've got.
  7. If it's a stump puffball then it's growing on dead wood. http://first-nature.com/fungi/lycoperdon-pyriforme.php
  8. They look like old puffballs, possibly stump puffballs, or could be a type of earthball. Hard to tell as they seem very old.
  9. Grow ivy up them. On a more serious note, if the trees are dead and covered in ivy they will eventually fail/fall. Perhaps fairly quickly depending on tree and location.
  10. I see your bat and raise you a common lizard. We get loads of lizards scuttling around the log piles and one made it in to the pile by the fire. First I knew was a lizard wandering around the living room. Popped safely back outside. When I eventually get round to making a permanent log store I'd like some way of adding an area things like hibernating butterflies would prefer as I'd rather not bring them into the house as I doubt they survive when put back out. I'd also like to add somewhere for birds to nest, we had pied wagtails raise a brood in the log pile next to be the garage this year, thankfully they fledged before the stack fell over.
  11. What's the answer though eggs? I could do with a new set myself, I was also wondering the other day if drain rods could be used for drey poking.
  12. I always wonder what they smell like, fresh cherry wood smells different to alder and very different to something pine. Not sure how you describe the smell of fresh cherry, almost a hint of almonds?
  13. My mistake, as you say you don't need a management plan. I think I was expected to do one as the grant for them was just introduced. If you just apply for a felling licence you don't need to pay for it but someone has to still complete it, measure up the trees in the woodland etc? Time is money and all that. I would say a management plan is worth doing. With a felling licence you are likely to have replant and management obligations for 10 years. As for the exemptions, worth studying the docs here: https://www.gov.uk/government/publications/tree-felling-getting-permission you can fell 5 cube a quarter as long as no more than 2 is sold. There are other exemptions as well.
  14. It may not be practical, or affordable, to do little and often. That's what annoys me with the FC not bothering to process my felling licence, yes if I do the work myself I can cope with the 5 cube a quarter limit but if I want to get someone in then they will want to cut far more than that. It's a shame they don't merge the limits into a yearly limit, that would he!p reduce paperwork. I'm also not keen on felling during nesting season. One thing I know some do, not sure of the legality with felling licence licence, but if trees need to be dismantled rather than felled then leave some of the stems for the next quarter.
  15. I keep a decent log, just under knee height. Importantly something level and I use an old tyre on top so I can either split a large log without bits flying everywhere or so I can place several smaller logs and split them one after another.


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