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  1. Thanks Edward, any idea what the definition of a major branch is? Anything over 8cm or is there a simple definition?
  2. Do you have a reference for that as I can't find anything. It would seem logical but I've seen it mentioned branchwood is excluded. To be honest the Forestry Commission doesn't provide a simple couple of page guide. The documents and guides I found online a few years back have all been moved so any useful documents are even harder to find. The link I posted was from the governments guide: https://www.gov.uk/guidance/tree-felling-licence-when-you-need-to-apply#exemptions You could look at the Forest Mensuration Handbook, google FCBK039.pdf , and scan through the 280 odd pages. Page 46 of the pdf (44 of the booklet) discusses single trees. Or you could ask your local woodland officer.
  3. This any help? https://assets.publishing.service.gov.uk/government/uploads/system/uploads/attachment_data/file/826786/TimberVolumeCalculator.pdf
  4. Yes, I read the Wildlife Trust comment "It is ideal prey for owls, weasels and kestrels." We have owls about every night here, a kestrel most days and frequent stoats and weasels so the poor voles get kept in check.
  5. I would guess at the ubiquitous bank vole? There's quite a few similar holes about our slopey woodland, more so than I've noticed in the past. I wonder if they've been forced to dig fresh tunnels due to the recent wet weather?
  6. Interesting, I've been advised to be careful of mammals living in the stools of overstood hazel but I didn't expect them to be so big... Are you removing all the stems in the overstood hazel or leaving any shoots? It has been suggested to me to leave a few young stems if I try and rejuvenate a old stools but I'm not sure it's necessary. This might be something you'll come to later but I'm curious to know your plans when most of the woodland is back into management and you have much less firewood to sell. Do you plan to sell many coppice products for example?
  7. LAs have far more resources than the tree owner. I doubt many people would wish to pay more tax to enable more TPOs and their maintenance which is why I have sympathies with people having trouble with TPOs. (I don't support illegal acts though). I also wonder how many trees are removed in case they get a TPO?
  8. I've never understood why a tree that is TPOed for the benefit of the community isn't paid for by the community, i.e. council. And by that I mean any works required on the tree or remedial works to damaged property.
  9. I would ask for exact dates of when smoke was noticed and keep a note of days when you don't use the burner. I would want to know how the council are sure it is your burner.
  10. I have often wondered about this as some people seem to think they don't have deer when if you know what you're looking after there are signs everywhere. At this time of year I can find footprints, droppings, hair, and quite often a galloping heard of the tree munching critters! Do you often see them about when your working Mr Idiot? I get red deer in the winter months (no idea where they go during the rest of the year) and roe all year round. The red run off but the roe will often stay within 50m or less while I work. We also get roe in our garden fairly frequently. The problem with culling on a small plot is trying to contact neighbours and getting them to agree to let me follow up a deer if it doesn't drop on my patch.
  11. I agree with you Mr Idiot. In the end I've gone ahead without felling licences by using the exemptions. Thankfully the rules seem to have been amended to give me two lots of exemptions for both pieces of woodland I own. As for BAPs I also think some have better PR than others. The thing I'm struggling with at the moment is bats and mature trees. I live on the edge of some ancient woodland and I need to sort out what I do with the mature ash trees that are going to die off with ADB. I'll make that a separate topic.
  12. Have you searched the tip site directory? https://arbtalk.co.uk/recycling/nearby-tipsites/?nearby=20&lat=52.05639799999999&lon=-2.71597399999996&category=0&country=0&state=0&specialization=
  13. With regard to the ride creation do you regard any of it as open space in your plan? I struggled to get my plan approved because the FC thought there was too much open space at about 10%. I had intentionally left an open area next to a track as trees had failed to establish but a vast myriad of wild flowers had grown in their place. As for other organisations not taking account of protected species I expect its similar everywhere to some extent. Often they will have a specific aim, down here it's to remove woodland back to grassland. Now when there's a BAP fungi on the tree what do they do?
  14. Without wanting to take such a good thread off topic it does seem you're in an area where your various bods from Natural England, the FC etc are on the same wavelength as you. This isn't always the case in other areas, just the amount of ride creation you're doing wouldn't be acceptable down here. I do take into account all protected species but I seriously doubt other government organisations or large conservation organisations do down here when they manage their own land or go about their work.
  15. I'm curious about your comment about it being late in the year for oysters. I thought they were a winter fruiting fungi that often come out after being shocked by a frost. However, I can't remember where I read that and having a quick look they seem to be regarded as a fungi that'll fruit all year round.


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