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  1. Paul in the woods

    Poole Borough Council case

    Parkstone Golf Club wont be prosecuted for cutting down trees https://www.bournemouthecho.co.uk/news/17658598.parkstone-golf-club-wont-be-prosecuted-for-cutting-down-trees/ “We have sought external legal advice and it is very clear that the felling licence issued by the Forestry Commission outweighs any tree preservation order," he said. "The Forestry Commission appears to have made a serious error in not consulting with the council before granting the licence, which is regrettable, but as the licence has been granted it prevents the council from taking its normal course of action.
  2. Paul in the woods

    Pragmatic approach to dealing with Ash trees

    Well, as a pragmatic woodland owner with ash trees of all ages it's something I'm having to seriously think about. Firstly, yes it would be great to leave all the ash trees to see if any have resistance but at what cost? Will the government help pay to remove large dead trees? Is it wise to leave large areas of mostly ash and then have to start from scratch when they all die and fall over? What about my firewood supply - like many woodlands honey fungus is everywhere so as soon as the ash develop ash dieback the honey fungus will soon make the wood useless. So, last winter I decided to start removing ash that seemed to be affected. They were healthy trees a year or two previously (I have a fair bit of canker and other damage in ash so I know what that looks like). I'm favouring removing ash when thinning mixed areas and will start harvesting a few other ash trees to make room for planting up with alternatives.
  3. Paul in the woods

    I'm an iggly, I'm an iggly, what iggly am I ?

    Sabre Wasp - Rhyssa persuasoria ? If it is it feeds off the larvae of wood boring insects. https://www.buglife.org.uk/bugs-and-habitats/the-sabre-wasp
  4. Paul in the woods

    I’d please

    An idea of location and size would be helpful. If it's a shrub my first thought is a tree peony coming into leaf.
  5. Paul in the woods

    Any ideas?

    Bird Cherry, Prunus padus?
  6. Paul in the woods

    Oak identification

    You just need to wait a few years for them to produce acorns. 😉 You should be able to tell from the leaf stalks, common oak having shorter stalks than sessile. I would go for common oak, Quercus robur, assuming seedlings also have short leaf stalks. https://www.woodlandtrust.org.uk/visiting-woods/trees-woods-and-wildlife/british-trees/a-z-of-uk-native-trees/english-oak/
  7. Paul in the woods

    Willow pests

    I've put some willow cuttings in and have a Roe buck about and get a fair bit of damage. Your pic does look similar but a bit extreme. I found this guide that may help: https://www.bestpracticeguides.org.uk/impacts/damage-recognition/
  8. Paul in the woods

    Willow pests

    It may be a roe buck fraying at this time of year. Any deer prints or droppings near by?
  9. Paul in the woods

    How are the veggies coming along?

    Some. I'm staggering the planting as it's been such an unusual winter. First rows of 1st earlies went in a couple of weeks ago. I'll keep them covered this week as we're likely to have our first real frost since December.
  10. Paul in the woods

    Beware the Blackthorn Winter

    We had warm sun yesterday but the wind was cold. First swallows arrived on Saturday. Some blackthorn still in bud and some almost over.
  11. Paul in the woods

    Beware the Blackthorn Winter

    Here in West Devon the Blackthorn was flowering at the end of Feb. This year I wouldn't say we've had a Blackthorn Winter, yet, but it has returned to a normal temp from the very warm Feb. Looking around there's plenty still to open so if it flowers for a month it's likely to get cold for some of that time.
  12. Paul in the woods


    You need to pick a store to see the bandsaw details. It's £89.99 and here's a link https://www.lidl.co.uk/en/MiddleofLidl.htm?articleId=20844&ar=15 For cutting hard and soft wood, laminate or wood fibreboards Powerful 350W motor with constant cutting speed Quick-locking parallel stop for precise longitudinal cuts Adjustable canting table with quick-tensioning system and angle scale for mitre cuts Adjustable guard for cutting heights up to 80mm Connection for external dust extraction Suitable for all standard 140cm bandsaw blades up to 12mm wide Includes 140cm bandsaw blade, parallel stop, push stick, screwdriver, double open-ended spanner and 3 hex keys Power consumption: 350W Cutting speed: 900m/min Admission height: 80mm Admission width: 200mm Table area: 300 x 300mm Mitre angles: 0 to + 45 Bandsaw length: 140cm Band wheel: Ø20cm 3-year warranty
  13. Paul in the woods

    New barrel and piston for Husky 365

    I'm still a little confused. If I'm milling with a modern 80cc saw that the manual states use a 50:1 mix and I'm using good quality fuel and a good quality synthetic oil such as Stihl HP utra what mix should I use? Stick to 50:1, or use more oil 40:1, 30:1?
  14. Paul in the woods

    Home 'lecky supply 253v

    I would be interested in what package you've been offered as I would like to investigate similar issues. I've checked our voltage and it also ranges a fair bit, it seems to be much higher during the summer when the suns out which I gather is because so much solar energy is fed into the local grid which isn't designed to take it. Anyway, the range is 230v +10%/-7% I think, which gives you 253v. I wonder if you'll exceed 253v on a bright summers day? Your power company can put something in temporarily to record the voltage fluctuations which might be worth requesting, to see if they will help.
  15. Paul in the woods

    New CS352--tuning and muffler mod advise

    It's not a huge amount of fuel as the tank is only .25l. As mentioned, I use Aspen 2, so alkylate fuel premixed with Aspen's 2 stroke oil 50:1.


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