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  1. Paul in the woods

    How are the veggies coming along?

    Some. I'm staggering the planting as it's been such an unusual winter. First rows of 1st earlies went in a couple of weeks ago. I'll keep them covered this week as we're likely to have our first real frost since December.
  2. Paul in the woods

    Beware the Blackthorn Winter

    We had warm sun yesterday but the wind was cold. First swallows arrived on Saturday. Some blackthorn still in bud and some almost over.
  3. Paul in the woods

    Beware the Blackthorn Winter

    Here in West Devon the Blackthorn was flowering at the end of Feb. This year I wouldn't say we've had a Blackthorn Winter, yet, but it has returned to a normal temp from the very warm Feb. Looking around there's plenty still to open so if it flowers for a month it's likely to get cold for some of that time.
  4. Paul in the woods


    You need to pick a store to see the bandsaw details. It's £89.99 and here's a link https://www.lidl.co.uk/en/MiddleofLidl.htm?articleId=20844&ar=15 For cutting hard and soft wood, laminate or wood fibreboards Powerful 350W motor with constant cutting speed Quick-locking parallel stop for precise longitudinal cuts Adjustable canting table with quick-tensioning system and angle scale for mitre cuts Adjustable guard for cutting heights up to 80mm Connection for external dust extraction Suitable for all standard 140cm bandsaw blades up to 12mm wide Includes 140cm bandsaw blade, parallel stop, push stick, screwdriver, double open-ended spanner and 3 hex keys Power consumption: 350W Cutting speed: 900m/min Admission height: 80mm Admission width: 200mm Table area: 300 x 300mm Mitre angles: 0 to + 45 Bandsaw length: 140cm Band wheel: Ø20cm 3-year warranty
  5. Paul in the woods

    New barrel and piston for Husky 365

    I'm still a little confused. If I'm milling with a modern 80cc saw that the manual states use a 50:1 mix and I'm using good quality fuel and a good quality synthetic oil such as Stihl HP utra what mix should I use? Stick to 50:1, or use more oil 40:1, 30:1?
  6. Paul in the woods

    Home 'lecky supply 253v

    I would be interested in what package you've been offered as I would like to investigate similar issues. I've checked our voltage and it also ranges a fair bit, it seems to be much higher during the summer when the suns out which I gather is because so much solar energy is fed into the local grid which isn't designed to take it. Anyway, the range is 230v +10%/-7% I think, which gives you 253v. I wonder if you'll exceed 253v on a bright summers day? Your power company can put something in temporarily to record the voltage fluctuations which might be worth requesting, to see if they will help.
  7. Paul in the woods

    New CS352--tuning and muffler mod advise

    It's not a huge amount of fuel as the tank is only .25l. As mentioned, I use Aspen 2, so alkylate fuel premixed with Aspen's 2 stroke oil 50:1.
  8. Paul in the woods

    New CS352--tuning and muffler mod advise

    I've had a 352 for about three years now. I'm only a domestic user so can't really say if it's getting hot compared to other saws but there's no damage and the plug looked fine when I removed it. It's run on Aspen 2 and had 80+ tanks through it. I've tached it and when warmed according to Echo's service guide it was 12000 rpm, and when I checked after extended use it was just over 12500. If it's tached after starting then about 11000. The only problems I've had with it was problems caused by a service which were quickly sorted.
  9. Paul in the woods

    Cord Wood Price/Calculation

    This might be useful if you've got time to look through it. It's the Forest Mensuration Handbook, all 280 pages! Things like stacks are covered from page 27 - 35. https://www.forestry.gov.uk/PDF/FCBK039.pdf/$FILE/FCBK039.pdf You'll also find cord to m3 conversion factors on page 198
  10. Paul in the woods

    Single pole technique

    The video says Hoyos de pinares, which is just west of Madrid. I wonder how they get back down?
  11. Paul in the woods

    Small saw recommendations?

    Thank you for the detailed reply wyk, very helpful. I currently have a small Echo 352 and would happily buy another but I don't have a decent Echo dealer nearby. If I did I might be tempted to go for a slightly larger saw and get the Echo 501SX.
  12. Paul in the woods

    Seems That Makita UK/Dolmar Salesman are lying to us!

    Anyone else noticed some chainsaws on the Makita UK site are now showing a 3 year warranty symbol? Such as this: https://www.makitauk.com/product/ea4300f38c.html I wonder if this is a mistake or if they are bringing in a longer warranty?
  13. Paul in the woods

    Small saw recommendations?

    I'm looking at these two saws myself and the online specs say they are the same dry weight at 4.5kg but the MS 241 C-M is more powerful at 2.3kW vs the CS-390ESX 1.9kW. Is that not the case, or was the old 241 heavier?
  14. Paul in the woods

    Growing firewood

    Thanks for the update, it would also be good to see the new growth the euc manages to produce after being cut. How do you rate the euc as a firewood?
  15. Paul in the woods

    Can you identify these tree pests and pathogens?

    The FC link on this page does not seem to work: https://www.trees.org.uk/News-Blog/News/Chalara-dieback-Managing-ash-trees (Appologies, I edited my original post as I missed the Chalara link on your page. Actually, the page does not seem to load correctly in my browser (Firefox on a PC), the right hand menu gets overlaid on the 3rd row of pests. If I shrink the page it loads ok).


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