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  1. Yep fair point, however it’s currently an unfair field where most are metered and some aren’t, surely it should be “one in, all in” and level it up. Agree re leaks, the water companies should have been given a timeframe to repair/replace the infrastructure following privatisation.. Surely the Gov. could still impose such a requirement or penalise them? Lets face it water is a strategic requirement..
  2. Maybe you’re looking at life through a pair of O&G tinted safety glasses mate. According to Cambridge Dictionary - “belonging to a social group that consists of people who earn less than other groups, often being paid only for the hours or days that they work, and who usually do physical work rather than work for which you need an advanced education”
  3. What an utter load of bollocks! Take out the landed gentry and the rest of us are very much in a society where money and/or privilege very much drives your status. If your telling me that a £124k salary doesn’t put you in a privileged position ur deluded. Pricks like Lynch and his other Marxist chums just love to stir up this “them and us” class war shite, he even hints that its all about bringing down the Tories. These strikes are just what the country needs to help us out of the economic train crash that’s about to hit (excuse the pun), wage-inflation spiral, take us straight back to the 70’s. Train drivers on £60k salaries…working class my arse! So in answer to Mark J question… I don’t like what he says, and I personally think he’s just a militant Marxist Cnut. Rant over!
  4. Yep agree, it’s not a replacement for a mini digger and it’s a heavy lump BUT, it can be removed and gives the option albeit limited of digging/grading etc. Also it was free with the machine👍I guess it will depend on what the OP really needs.
  5. Actually I’m surprised he’s not come up with some sexual schoolboy connotation about “inflation” 😂
  6. How steep is “quite steep”? And is there a decent run-out at the bottom of the slopes? Could u turn at top and bottom on relatively flat area and go up and down the slope?
  7. I’d add to that do you have the skill set to work those machines? Hedge trimming with a tractor aint the easiest job. However, running about on a small tractor with a topper, harrow or roller can be a relatively simple and enjoyable task.
  8. I should have read the whole post!😀 Be interesting to know how you get on with an ASHP over the Dunsley…..
  9. Great stove, can I ask why you’re selling it?
  10. You need to get a better accountant Andy! 🤔
  11. Hope you find what you’re looking for John. All the best for the future 👍
  12. You’d expect most of em (that tell u they cant heat their homes) to be able to keep warm with the extra insulation they have packed round their guts and arses! Actually warm banks is a great idea, I’m sure only the needy will use them and not the same parasites that u see filling their bags at food banks. I doubt the latter could be arsed to walk there anyway.
  13. Starmer knows that most people couldn’t give a stuff for the unions, and if he wants a shot at the title he’s got to distance himself from the Bolsheviks. Surprised he’s kept the ginger bird in a position of power.
  14. IIRC he was a shooting man too? Must have been a good bloke😃
  15. Yep, and for what is really a pittance of a salary!
  16. Fully agree, I think Penny Mordaunt scared the ‘Old Guard’, they just want to keep the gravy train on the same track!
  17. The Makita 750mm battery hedge trimmers are well balanced and lightweight. If u don’t need petrol and have brought into Makita batteries I’d recommend a look.
  18. Thx for the replies, my mate just wants to know that it’s safe to burn👍


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