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    Echo CS-4310SX

    Makita ea4300 was cheaper but being discontinued
  2. Mirco tree? i'd change the wording on that bit incase they think you only prune bonsai trees?
  3. Being using this mannol scooter oil from ebay as was cheap and high spec ratings : API TC+ and JASO FD etc 7805 Scooter 2-Takt Premium API TC+ SCT.AUTODEVEL.COM No in stock anywhere atm but still have alot left.
  4. How about one of thoose BCS 2 wheel tractor if its just a few acres?
  5. What surprises me is when on some ocassions iv'e mentioned it and some people haven't noticed half the large ash trees are dead/dying down there road etc. Some people aren't very observant or don't pay much attention to the enviroment arounds them I guess....
  6. Yeah have jays atm going "om nom" on an large orchard in a garden setting thats right outside the front of a house but the owner doesn't go into the garden often to disturb them. Jays are very shy birds & always & fly away sqawking when you approach. Have had a plague of blackbirds on the currants & raspberries & home this year alot more than previous yrs.... So im unsure about the crital mass theory as they are totally stripping the lot bare (dozen large red currant bushes plus blackcurrants gooseberries and raspberries) - unless they are netted. Maybe the extra food source is just increasing the blackbird numbers unsure about how there populations & territories work etc? Originally they only used to eat the red currants and leave the other fruit. I think that they have maybe taught the next generations to start eating the other berry types they did not eat previously? Seems to be aprox 15- 20 blackbirds at once. Unlike jays they are brazenly "cheeky" and will carry on eating right in front of you.
  7. Anyone on here have a go with the prototype 4 stroke (or 4-mix?) dolmar 500v? http://www.chainsawcollectors.se/phpbb3/download/file.php?style=34&id=11713&t=1&sid=69c3dc43452058a8cf4d9588bbb514f7 Must be very rare?
  8. If advertised as free firewood on facebook. Bet someone with a B&Q special and a wheelbarrow would turn up and loop a few branches of it, with price of gas etc atm. 😏
  9. Selling eggs. EDIT would make more sense if front of house.....
  10. Yeah its a quality if now old design. Ive had the makita version of the same saw for well over a decade now and must of cross cut 100m3's of wood up for firewood with it over the yrs. Its had a few new sets of carbon brushes as its not a brushless motor, and a few other bits bur still going well. Doubt there any newer corded ones around that are the same quality. Stihl do a range but not for sale in the UK & are expensive for the bigger ones. Only change in design I can see is new ones have thoose tooless covers which i don't like.
  11. Shavey on here might have one think he collects dolmars
  12. BLUETTI AC300 + B300 + PV350 Solar Generator Kit BLUETTIPOWER.CO.UK 100% modular, accepts up to 4xB300. 2400W Unrivaled Solar Input. 3000W Pure Sine Wave Inverter. 5400W Blazing Input... Expensive
  13. A Daily Telegraph reading neigbour means I have an abundance of "free" paper thats burns well. As less people get newspapers theese days others might not have such a supply to hand.
  14. Sounds like you are gonna rent 15 extra and manage 5 acres yourself? The intended use of the 5 (livestock etc?) and what condition the hedges are in now will govern the ongoing management & equipment required / methods & if its better getting some contractors? Have the hedges being left to grow wild for decades atm or have they being managed & trimmed anually?
  15. Not sure about the blue plastic bits in the roof? Lathes are steam bent?
  16. Can anyone explain/expand on that graph data how it translates into the saws performance etc? Cuts cookies alot faster I assume?
  17. If there is a row of stumps its handy as you can winch one off the others but its best to have left them higher for that.
  18. Neo feudalism? The Coming of Neo-Feudalism—A Review QUILLETTE.COM Review of The Coming of Neo-Feudalism: A Warning to the Global Middle Class by Joel Kotkin, Encounter Books (May...
  19. Surely this depends alot on the users height and the adjustment of position you clip the harness on also? Stihl has a row of attachment points looks like husky there is only one clip on point?
  20. Looks like france? Extreme drought atm could be related somehow? Tree not an issue i reckon.
  21. Regnerative farming seems the current buzz word but its sounds just like old fashioned mixed farming.
  22. Don't like the idea of treated wood next to veg beds but it seems to be the norm so maybe its not an issue?
  23. I think thoose fuji robin based makita 2 stroke ones were under £300 each awhile ago? I considered one but went for the 18v the battery makita instead and am happy with it Was thinking of trying the 4 stroke makita long reach also but vibration stats were high put me off it.... Makita EN4950H 4-Stroke 24.5cc Pole Hedge Trimmer (49cm) WWW.EBAY.CO.UK Multi-position engine lubrication system enables the engine to be inclined to any angle even during continuous operation. It...


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