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  1. That looks like Bird-cherry ermine
  2. I imagine he thinks controlling Japanese knotweed is akin to ethnic cleansing 🤦‍♂️
  3. However, within an FA assessment if you are working in remoter sites (which could cover many things not roadside) then you could easily need to keep a casualty alive for a longer period before help arrives. Hence the need for FAW+F if you’re using saws, tree felling etc in such a scenario.
  4. If you do, I’ll get my Soleicitor on to you!
  5. Shifting some more bales in snow and fog
  6. Is that an old mf35 /135 ? No it’s an A series Valtra
  7. Evening fog and snow - shifting bales
  8. Because they’re first consideration is how much it’ll cost and they then employ cowboys
  9. Anyone know whether this is some type of Hypoxylon sp? If so what? It’s on an ash (80cm dbh) growing over an area of missing bark and decay at the base
  10. 361 is an awesome saw, run it with .325 and 9pin and it’s a snedding weapon in softwood. 362 uninspiring ?
  11. With that attitude, my advice is CRACK ON! ???? just please get someone to film it ????
  12. What’s the difference between a pregnant woman and a lightbulb? You can unscrew a lightbulb
  13. Nearing decision time on a new splitter - which will be a tractor mounted vertical. It'll be used out in the forest and at home so PTO is an obvious necessity, however I'm just debating on whether it's worth also getting the electric motor option also. The thinking being quieter when at home, independent from any tractor breakdowns and also future proofed for if diesel use becomes an issue in future years. As the splitter is an expensive purchase and one to last a lifetime, the latter point is probably most important behind the thought but just wondering whether I'm over thinking/worrying about something that might not happen and whether it warrants the extra cost (approx 1k) of the elec option ?‍♂️. Thoughts welcome and also whether anyone has experience of tractor mounted PTO splitters with the elec option and how much they use it? From the data when in elec mode it's considerably slower than when run by the tractor!


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