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  1. I'm selling my Agt835 forestry spec, lesss then 400 hours, have a look on for sale section.
  2. Stolen from my truck in Wiltshire,Husqvarna 372 Xp. Stolen between 11am and 1 pm on the road between sandy lane and Bowden hill near Chippenham.
  3. What about if the customer leaves the wood out in the wet?
  4. Morning all, I'm thinking of getting a winch for my AGT835 and have settled on an Igland 3501 due to the fact it has a hinged butt plate which ,seeing as The tractor only has about 12 inches ground clearance, would be handy. It also has the adjustable pulling point as I prefer to have it higher up. My question is, is it worth paying the extra £900 ish for the hydraulic pack and remote control? Will it justify itself relatively quickly due to less Labour/ walking time? All the best Kevin
  5. What would consider to be the productive limits of using your set up Chris? As in tonnage /m3.Is it productive enough on say a 300 tonne hardwood thinning site with reasonable access if you were selling roadside? Atb
  6. Thanks,This site is pretty flat with good access so I suppose it would be worth a bit more.
  7. Hi all. Can anyone advise me of the current price of standing processor size hardwood, in particular beech, in the Wiltshire area. I've had a look through the forums and can't find any recent posts. Thanks in advance
  8. What about doing something for the love of it? I've got 4 young kids and we do alright. I must admit I really dislike any form of garden based work.
  9. Where are they? My boss has had an ad out for weeks with very little interest.
  10. I've been trying to get into this for ages but found it to be hard to get the break.I am at a disadvantage as I only have cs30 31 which I got in 1996 while at college for gamekeeping.There was no YTS course for keeper in at the college back then so we all did Nvq 2 forestry so while i am qualified i have no proper experience of commercial cutting and hAve no reAl way of learning...plus having 4 kids doesnt make it any easier.Ive only ever done manual work and I can graft but it's getting the opportunity and a good bloke to teach me that's the problem for me
  11. Hi everyone,newbie hand Cutter looking for work doing scrub clearance, coppicing,first thinning ect, hold cs30/31 ( not refreshed)and own insurance & kit. Looking for work within 50 miles radius of Devizes Wiltshire. Thanks for looking All the best Kevin
  12. cheers for the replies..i did my cs30/31 with Dave in 1996,dint think he'd still be going!


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