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  1. And I'm not surprised at all that you did it with a chainsaw, that's exactly how it looks!
  2. Didn't mean to dis your baby mower shed Tippin, looks good. Just wondering though, could you not have pushed the handle down an inch to fit it in?
  3. For some reason the check taken out of the frame to allow the mower handle to actually fit in really amuses me, laughing enough now the dog's giving me strange looks
  4. Thanks for that organic guy.
  5. Grand Fir that had slipped into the River Tweed we had to remove. You know it's going to be an interesting day when the kit you take includes chainsaw protective waders and life jackets.
  6. It is. From where I live we used to occasionally see flashes of light on the horizon, I believe from the tanks firing. Haven't seen that for a long time
  7. These things happen David, don't stress about it
  8. An uncle used to farm on the ranges, when Dad took me visiting as a nipper I used to get to drive once we were off the main road. Remember meeting a convoy of tanks on a single track road and Dad was panicking, they just split to either side and I pootled through the middle like Lord muck, felt like a big man that day
  9. Yes the heat isn't helpful with heart problems, though humidity is the worst thing in my experience. Had heart failure myself a few years back and our wee dog Cassie has it now too, we both struggle for oxygen when it's humid. The good thing I find with dogs is they're usually a good judge of their own abilities, unlike me as I expect to be unstoppable all the time! Keep us posted on how Katie does please
  10. That's really good news Big J, pleased for you. I take it she's not joining you in the woods yet? You must miss having her at work with you
  11. Did that years ago when I ate far too much of a blue bratz kids birthday cake, made for a worrying few days!
  12. Not far off there Khriss, Tait is a Reiving family and I think it's still in the DNA. Just last week we were working over the border near Otterburn and I was tempted to lift some beasts, know an Armstrong that would take them!
  13. I've never visited there but when I worked in the area the boss spoke highly about it, said they'd go there for a Christmas meal. Wish I'd gone myself now reading this thread.


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