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  1. I just did mine a couple of days ago, did online using passport which they say is the quickest way. Last time I didn't have passport so used the post office and it didn't take long. You can find your nearest participating post office here Drivers Licence Renewal | Identity | Post Office® WWW.POSTOFFICE.CO.UK You can renew your driving licence in a Post Office® branch near...
  2. Doug Tait


    My local Vet practice made this poster for reception, for all the owners struggling with just how to wear a mask properly
  3. Could they have been chased to death but not bitten? Any I've seen have been pretty obviously attacked. Stock worrying happens more and more often around here
  4. Wondering if they could've been worried by dogs and then moved so the farmer wouldn't find them. Any visible injuries apart from the ears?
  5. I can't remember the details of it but I fitted a double end stove for a mate in 2015 and they love it. Opened up the living room fireplace through into the kitchen. It heats whole house easily, they rarely run both ends of it. Edit. Was particularly proud of the "H" shaped slate hearth, it's a single piece cut from a pub pool table bed.
  6. I never imagined spud to have an American accent!
  7. Hi JDon, my boss will be able to help you with the hardwood slab offcuts. What corner of the Borders are you from? We're based near Selkirk and have plenty wood. Can't say much about your tool question though I'm afraid. Will message you privately.
  8. They're excellent photos. The colours are so vivid, and the detail of those wings...
  9. Yes, delivery is extra, cost depends on distance.
  10. Two of those buckets pictured is a loose load of 2.6 cubic metre. That's 269 plus delivery. They're mixed hardwood, seasoned for 2yr then kiln finished. A loose load of mixed softwood would be 175.
  11. As an only child myself I've often wondered if I've missed out not having any siblings, although I don't know many that have a great relationship really. And to be fair it was more a big sister I would have liked, she'd definitely have had very attractive friends!
  12. A cubic metre of loose logs is a lot less than you might imagine, this bucket is 1.3 cubic M. We call two bucket full (2.6 cube) a load.
  13. Helpful Stubby, by saying something on your thread he "bumped" it back up to the top of new posts for you.
  14. Not complaining you understand, but prefer a rear view!
  15. This is the thread by Village Idiot that dumper suggested might interest you.


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