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  1. Usually just go to the door and ask "do you have a lot of poo bags available please, we don't carry them with us and we can't start work until it's all cleaned up". Until now they've always been embarrassed enough to say no, I'll do it now...
  2. Something very pleasing about that top photo J. Those lines of planting down the hill with the harvested stuff neatly stacked at the bottom.
  3. The people paying that up here are all the English that bought a palace here, still awash with cash having sold a bedsit down South!
  4. Any Ifor dealer will help, one near me are knowledgeable and very helpful. Home ALANTUERTRAILERS.CO.UK Ifor Williams Trailers for Sale: View our Full Range of Ifor Williams...
  5. We're told to wear a mask if we're shovelling it by hand, especially in an enclosed space.
  6. Yes, be careful around steaming piles of anything!
  7. The moto at work is use it every single time because there's always something else to get on with while it drops itself.
  8. Doug Tait


    I'm stumped with this, can someone explain please.
  9. Have had a few repairs done by a customer that is retired from theatre costume making. What she has done lasts well. Was mainly seams, pockets and zips. Had old trousers donated by some kind members here for her to salvage 'parts' from, but I'm sure she said a lot was hand stitched so maybe that's stronger than machine stitching.
  10. It's a little finger wheel just next to the pump handle on the front of trailer.
  11. Enjoying what felt like the last chance of summer to have a cooling paddle
  12. In the interest of balance, these leering, farting, spitting, swearing people are really not my experience of tree work (ok, occasionally farting!). I've worked with teams in different locations and none have even been impolite, let alone offensive. Where I work now we're all male, but the boss and foreman set a tone, even the younger guys just don't behave this way. Don't get me wrong, no problem with finding someone attractive but if something was shouted out a work truck you'd be for the high jump. I don't believe people "enjoy" being leered at, it's a long way from paying someone a polite compliment. To the op, Rhyanna, it sounds like you have a good idea of the reality of working in arb so in my book that puts you ahead of many of the dreamers that fancy trying it, best of luck to you.


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