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  1. This is the thing, in an affluent area with a client that has chosen to have the work done and wants the best service then they'll pay. I know that I've worked for tree guys that charge top prices but they are giving a top service. In this case though, the OP has a half butchered eyesore that belongs to someone else and they just need it gone to get on with their project. They don't need the best guy at top price, someone competent and insured will do fine.
  2. That ended when SB brought the final curtain down on his member status! I'm pretty sure he's too busy with work to be vandalising those trees anyway
  3. Scottish Cleaning has gone rogue, fueled by the toxic folk and all their negativity. Terrorising the canals of England with a jigsaw in each hand and 110mm festool blades as they the thickest and not cheap
  4. Witterings, what a relief you're asking about tree felling. When I read the thread title I thought it was the dog's wotsits in question!
  5. It can have its place but in my experience people have the expectation that it's a silver bullet, a cure to all their issues, and are surprised that surgery hasn't resulted in the perfect dog. This is how I feel life with dogs should be, and it is possible without an operation
  6. Are you sure the mulching blade is fitted correctly? If it isn't centered it'll cause vibrations. I've used an fs100 which is 30cc to do all the work you mention so I doubt engine size matters much. I'd check the blade is balanced first, or see if it vibrates with a different head fitted.
  7. Doug Tait


    Also, if you are asked "what's this muscle at the top of my arm called?", saying just Google bingo wings isn't popular!
  8. I think credit to you ABtrees. If something is in trouble and I can do something I will, be it helping the situation or ending it humanely, I dislike seeing anything in distress. Saved a hedgehog from being throttled by a baseball cap a while ago, it visits the back door every night at the moment for peanuts so I'm glad I did. Probably 20yrs ago I started thinking about an isolated walk I hadn't done for a while. After a week thinking about it I did the walk and found a very young deer had got its head stuck between a gate and post, I suppose mum had jumped gate and the little one tried to go through the gap. Obviously it had suffered a horrible few days dying of hunger. That really bothered me, still think of that regularly and really regret not doing the walk sooner
  9. Had another peek at this nest earlier, it's had some work done to it and 2 more eggs added
  10. It was mentioned I think on the 'what tree is this' post that the owner had pruned it before
  11. Can't comment on the cost of this but if you could give more detail/pics of the situation it'd help others. What is in the area around the base of tree, how close can the equipment get, what is the access like (width of gates/passageways) is the type of thing that may help
  12. That's a bit too warm for me! Where in the world are you Alex?
  13. Gusty wind last night in the Borders with a dusting of snow early this morning. Cold now in the wind but the sun's out
  14. It's really nice that so many were rooting for her. Any idea if it was linked to the last time she was poorly?
  15. I've learnt a lot about winnie the poo in the last ten minutes!


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