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  1. I've heard there's a coffee shop in Englandshire that only takes bitcoin. Everyone free on Sunday afternoon? The boss is buying...
  2. Reminds me... Teacher asks the class "can anyone give me a sentence using the word Contagious correctly please" "Yes miss" says Mary. "My mum said I can't go near my brother just now because he has measels and he is contagious" Teacher says "well done Mary, that was excellent. Anyone else?" "Yes miss" says Tommy. "My uncle got ill while he was travelling in Africa and had to spend a month in quarantine because he was contagious" "Again excellent, is there anyone else?" Neil puts his hand up. "My mum asked my auntie at the weekend for a lift to the shop. When auntie said would dad not mind because he was at home anyway, my mum said he was cutting the hedge and it will take the contagious.
  3. Sky worms are the worst kind.
  4. He's looking in good form Alex, good to see.
  5. Morning all. Woke early too Stubby. Think it was the strange dreams about beautiful roses wilting in the presence of a mighty thistle, no idea what that's about. Have a good day folks.
  6. Thought it'd be Mick that picked up on that.
  7. Morning all. Lovely day here too, calm, frosty and lots of sunshine. Rugby day for me. A visit from the auld enemy and the Flower o Scotland really needs to bloom! Have a good day folks.
  8. Morning all. Off today, not much planned, but there's a definite feel it's a full breakfast at the cafe kind of day. Have a good one folks.
  9. Don't want to cause any resentment at all but been in a t-shirt most of the day here in sunny South Scotland!
  10. Does sound bloody painful, but lucky not to break anything (apart from ladders!). I've probably said before but my worst fall was from the 2nd rung of a set of those ladders, foot slipped through the rung and I went backwards landing on my head. Wasn't right for days, my mate still says I've never recovered consciousness. Hope you mend quick Maybe.
  11. Wet morning here, and windy, but turned out nice.
  12. Morning all. Second attempt at clearing a tree from a cauld on Gala Water this morning. Bit too deep and fast flowing to reach it last time, got half way to it but no closer, hopefully today. Have a good day folks.
  13. Leftover stovies are good for that, lovely fried up with eggs.


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