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  1. It does seem ridiculous. My feeling is because the PM did his usual mouthing off in advance (it'll be world beating etc), the government threw money at it in the hope of achieving the promise. Meanwhile they tell us things with a smaller cost like kids meals, homelessness, the benefit uplift (£20 per week!) are unaffordable.
  2. Doug Tait

    Mot testing

    Remember as a nipper helping my dad to change a spring. It was placed on the ground on a narrow path between two walls and compressed with a car jack using fence wire to hold it. Have spring compressors these days so much less exciting. The noise in your vid Paddy sounds like a headboard knocking!
  3. Have used chainsawbars and they're very good. Recommended them to a friend who's very pleased with his new bar and chain too
  4. Doug Tait

    Mot testing

    Jack, if it was Halfords then not surprising it's so expensive, a mate went to get headlight bulbs fitted and they wanted almost £60 for 2. Independent place 5min away supplied and fitted for £20.
  5. Doug Tait


    It's a long time since I looked at the prices, but I could travel from Scotland to Roland Heming and do course with accommodation for similar cost to just the course locally. Worth checking it out. PS: be aware that assessment may be an additional day after the training
  6. It's like my water bottle, a capacity of 750ml but it's held hundreds of litres
  7. Doug Tait


    Does the 5 day course include the assessment or is it an additional day? There are training providers that offer a combined price for training, assessment and accommodation. I know Roland Heming does that, and the total price including accommodation is cheaper than the course alone elsewhere
  8. My own helmet and definitely no heads were damaged. I'm often reminded if I look like I'm losing patience, that I'm at risk of another 'chainsaw helmet moment'
  9. Ah, was just a minor event then, thanks for putting my mind at rest Khriss
  10. I hadn't even considered a level beyond handbags, that would be a serious altercation! I did once throw a chainsaw helmet in anger, wonder where that incident would sit on the scale
  11. As an official adjudicator of the Handbag level it'd be helpful if you could reveal the max/min scale. It's like the covid tier's to me, no idea how bad Level 2 is
  12. Had a dusting here in the Borders, a couple of inches so far
  13. Yes, saw the cook pot, and like the hanging from bucket technique very much. But there's tinfoil below it at base of fire? Maybe just yesterday's sandwich wrapper
  14. What's in the tinfoil?


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