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  1. I'll have to keep making you sad Joe, the aeropress looks like too much drama for a tiny cup for me. I'd break it first time it got rammed behind the tractor seat!
  2. I wouldn't feel right using bleach. It wouldn't make tea taste worse though! Always coffee for me
  3. Mr Cropper, have you hacked eggs account?
  4. No chance of special dispensation taking into account my lazy streak I suppose
  5. Leave it out mate, you're "meddling" with new badge possibilities.
  6. A customer made us coffee the other week, an older "cat lady" type, the kind of place your thinking this won't be good. She said she only had powdered milk but it was lovely, wonder if it's the same stuff... Will try that thanks.
  7. Coffee thanks for asking, milk and one please. What's coffee compliment?
  8. An arbtalk first. New badge in the post then! I do like to just make it in the morning with everything in. Know folk that'll take milk in a separate flask but all I see is an extra flask to clean, really lazy. Have used cheaper flasks in the past that I had to keep milk separate or it just went off but Thermos were always fine if clean.
  9. Must be a lot of flask owners here, care to share your tips for cleaning them? I've got two Thermos, the soup flask which is easy to clean as you can get a scrubber right in to it, but the coffee flask is less accessible. I rinse it thoroughly every night and let it steep at the weekend with bicarbonate soda, but it's not clean. Eventually it builds up a layer of gunk that flakes off in lumps into your coffee, and it seems to let the milk go off quickly. Someone suggested Sterident tablets which I'll try but glad to hear other suggestions.
  10. 48hrs is too long. He should go immediately along with all the trumpets that keep excusing and supporting his behaviour publicly.
  11. You did well with that AJ, good to see 👍
  12. Yes, but to be a member for 8yrs you were first a member for 1yr, the badges have been awarded retrospectively.
  13. Been a member for one year.
  14. To continue the theme, more random ones. Ted and Ginty Santi and Bella The boys at work, chillin in their "yard bed" Santi, The Hound of the Baskervilles


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