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  1. Post is a bit cuckoo if you ask me🤔
  2. I started in the early 70s with a Stihl 08s without a chain brake Mr Stubby so we may have started around the same time. I don’t abide by all the teaching, rules and regs either as the day would not be so productive. so the OP now as enough experience having read a dozen posts on a forum does he/ she?🤔I think not.
  3. I don’t think you would pass any chainsaw course if you didn’t apply the chain brake first before starting🤔. What you do yourself of course is entirely up to you but telling someone not to use the chain brake when starting when evidently they appear to lack experience is wrong🤔.
  4. Well said that man👍Just been reading another thread about a bogged in MEWP and he’s done the same all the way through that😫. Haven’t seen him contribute anything of any relevance, just trying to be funny and taking the P.
  5. What’s a hungry post brexit Brit🤔. Have you got lots of Brits over there struggling to find money for food?
  6. I’d like to see them try to set up camp on a training session at Exeter Chiefs🤔
  7. Being financed by Ineos. Sorry, can’t do a link Steve but there’s a previous thread from September 2019.
  8. It’s rumoured that Mitsubishi and Nissan pickups won’t be available new in the UK from early next year🤔. That leaves only Ford, Toyota and Isuzu as choices for a new truck. I believe the Ssangyong Musso is also still available but possibly not for much longer?) , also with the possibility of the “French Grenadier” if that ever gets produced. They’re all over priced as it is so will be interesting to see how competitive the prices are with less competition? I think we know where the Grenadier prices will be!
  9. There are several Oak trees in the UK reported to be 800 years or older🤔. With the one on this thread appearing to be 2 - 3 ft diameter the UK ones can be 2 or 3 times that diameter. Obviously the heat in Portugal doesn’t promote vigorous growth.
  10. Colin at CRC Ecology - google
  11. As far as I understand there won’t be Red diesel available to buy anywhere, only what we know as white. The rumours have been doing the rounds for several years so none of this is new. It’s assumed agriculture and forestry will be able to claim the tax back(or most of it🤔) As someone as already mentioned diesel stolen from farm tanks, tractors and big plant as been made more attractive for the thieves. At least with red if by the unlikely chance a transit was pulled by the police and found to have red in the tank it was taken off the road🤔
  12. If you’ve had an MRI scan and diagnosed with bulging disc presume it was on the NHS ? Why was it not followed up by them? Get back to your doctor and get back in the queue and persevere with them as they are probably best placed to eventually sort it(unless you’ve got private health insurance. Because this is likely to take months if not years as others have suggested at the same time you could also find a good(recommended!) Osteopath or Chiropractor (but don’t tell the NHS🤔) and see if they can put their finger on the problem - literally 😳. I had a problem with a lower back pain before Christmas and was recommended an Osteopath. After 40 mins with her going through my aches and pain history she literally put her fingers onto the exact point of the pain. After about 20 mins of her pulling my knees up, bending me in all directions etc😳 she said that was all? Didn’t book a follow up cos said none were needed🤔 went away and within a couple of days it had disappeared. Be careful of those who book a load of appointments as you’ll become part of their gravy train🤔. Generally if you can get an appointment straight away be suspicious? If you have to wait a month to be seen that’s probably recommendation enough🤔unless they’re on holiday in the Caribbean🙄?
  13. Looks like a candidate for”rate my hinge” 🤔
  14. Looking at the spec of this Fog machine it takes 4 minutes to warm up🤔, could be too late by then? That’s the problem with most of these machines.
  15. Grass is beginning to grow but with sunshine today and a ground frost tonight forecast I don’t think it’s a good idea to mow🤔 plus the grass cutting season is already long enough as it is😳


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