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  1. Grinding wheels and stone don’t really go together, you’ll ruin the teeth, the stone or both🤔. Surely your better off removing the bulk of the tree with a saw and exposing the stonework, remove the stonework( if it’s being repaired anyway)to expose the stump/ roots and remove that with an old axe or adge.
  2. If your quoting between 2-5 jobs a day and getting 70% of them your doing pretty good. That’s 7 - 17 jobs won a week. Are you running several teams? You’ve obviously got someone spending a lot of time quoting and doing something right 👍. I’ve found individual enquires have dropped off and so not so busy but have picked up some bigger jobs. Looking for a bit of time off this time of year anyway🤔
  3. Is Mr Angry from Purley on this forum? Can’t wait to hear what he thinks about it🤔
  4. “Doobin, you have passed on 8 questions and have scored no points”
  5. Thanks for adding this video, much more enlightened as to what can be achieved with this type of machine and of course a capable operator.
  6. What’s the point 🤔as opposed to tracks?
  7. I tried to negotiate an experience in Amsterdam once but she told me to go away cos I didn’t have enough money. I think she said “go away” - it was all double Dutch to me🤔
  8. You’d be loafing about drinking coffee as well if you drank all that wine throughout the day🥳
  9. Just don’t tell immigration/ border control your looking for work because you’ll be on the next plane out😳.
  10. You’ve removed the rotor nose shaft nut. Under that is the washer which should be loose(ish?) butting up against the 1st bearing. That should ease off the thread. There’s a good chance the bearings are goosed and should be replaced anyway and probably the rotor shaft( they’re all relatively cheap to replace so a light tap around the washer/ spacer and it should lift off. Apply some WD 40 or similar to help with any rust or binding. The bearing housing complete with bearings can very often be removed before taking off the cover plate, around the edge of the housing next to the cover plate there are 4 small indents which can be used to pry out the housing. The bearing housing complete with bearings can also come away from the nose shaft as you withdraw the front plate. If your having problems the bearings may be shot and the inner race of the bearings can ware a step on the shaft of the Rotor nose shaft. I’ve said it’s probably all want replacing so a gentle persuasion with a small gummy or an old wood chisel and hammer may be required. The Spectrum Plant site will show you a exploded parts diagram. Be careful on how much leverage you put on the centre area of the cover plate because there’s not a large amount metal because of the cutouts and it’s easy to distort🤔. The second phot shows the bearing cup and bearing put back on the nose shaft after removing Rotor.
  11. That’s funny because before the widespread use of forwarders and forwarding trailers and we extracting large timber with a winch on a county or a matador the rest of the wood was loaded by hand and extracted using a trailer behind a tractor on what was known as a cordwood trailer🤔- Southwest?
  12. Would of thought you’d need to give a bit more notice. Not seen a very big queue of any tree workers looking for work at the local job centre🤔
  13. Why would you want to flush the system of red if your swopping to white diesel anyway? As Mick basically said - it’s the same stuff only different colour. The only thing with some red diesel is it’s been known to contain more bio diesel which can “jell up” the filter system especially sediment bowls.
  14. Can’t blame you for not wanting to pay £100 a bag but if you offer to contribute a little to cover fuel some arbs may be tempted to detour to be able to tip Arb wast. Just a thought?


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