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  1. Agreed more pictures would be interesting. But only if John can guarantee that I can view them on the device of my choice between 9am and 2pm on a Monday, Wednesday or Friday please.
  2. It seems the best option in reality is to have an abundance of batteries charged ready to take out with us, although just took delivery of another 500i this morning so there will be something to turn to if we run out of battery juice. Thanks to everyone for their input.
  3. Really want a chicken bhuna now
  4. I don't think it's unreasonable that Skyland won't guarantee the actions of a third party really. My take would be if you didn't receive the order (and were refunded payment) then it's a minor issue for you, more of a problem for them. It'd be for Skyland to consider whether their delivery arrangements were overall fit for purpose. Anyway, if you order somewhere else I wonder if they'll be willing to give you the guarantee.
  5. John, points 1 and 2 don't make sense to me. Did they say they couldn't deliver in business hours, or was it no guarantee of delivering only to people in your department at work?
  6. That's a problem, not unusual to travel an hour or more to site but we'd likely be there all day so no good for charging up through the day. I'm not sure but I imagine the batteries won't last very long once you get stuck into bigger stuff.
  7. That's just what I was thinking. Never bought from them but Mark has seemed very helpful to members here.
  8. Only thing is space is a premium in the Ranger, it carries everything including Diesel drums for the machines. I'm picturing the leisure battery size being much like a small car battery, or could we use something smaller?
  9. At the moment we have a handful of AP200/300 batteries for a small groundsaw, top handles and hedgecutter. The foreman takes any that are low home with him at night to charge up and this works fine for us, but we've some of the new groundsaws (MSA300 i think) on order with appropriate batteries so it seems we'll really need to be able to charge them on site. All good when doing domestic work where you can ask to plug a charger in, but often that's not a viable option. Wondering what others do, anyone charging from a vehicle?
  10. @AHPP might be close enough to you with his wee beastie...
  11. Yes it's worth asking local firms, especially if you will offer something by way of payment. And register yourself as a Tip Site as well https://arbtalk.co.uk/recycling
  12. I've read before that a lot of birds poo just before flight as they relax certain muscles in preparation for take off. There was a theory that it lowers bodyweight a bit to assist. I also recall that when Pigeons or other birds seem to "play chicken" on the road with vehicles it's because their brain doesn't register moving pictures, they see a series of freeze frames that mean it takes them ages to work out the car is getting closer, but is very helpful for finding food. On a different animal, I often notice sheep synchronised pooing/peeing at the point they anticipate running, have wondered if this is an evolutionary preparation for flight?
  13. Someone left the little valtra door open, then tried to reverse the Ranger/tipping trailer alongside ready to chip. Apparently the truck wasn't going backwards well so they put it in 4wd low box and gave it some, resulting in the door being ripped off and the windows shattered onto a stock field. Worse still it was a doorless 90min drive home at the end of the day. Not popular!
  14. I'd keep the tree, It's the biggest asset in the front garden. Sounds lovely when the breeze ruffles through it, shady in a heatwave, birds and bugs will use it, more eye-catching than a shrub, structural when out of leaf.
  15. I remember being in Edinburgh once, subjected to a particularly aggressive "homeless" guy who was trying all sorts to get my money. He left me alone eventually after I started explaining in a patronising way how much better he'd do in the countryside. Could build a shelter in the woods, have fire, plenty of foraging, meat/fish to trap and eat, a burn to wash in. He wasn't at all receptive to my help but it was more effective than telling him to f off had been.
  16. No.10 is Sajiv Javid
  17. Zhe, I'm not discriminating, just struggling to tell which of the brave wimmin are still waiting for the operation.
  18. High standards you have
  19. But what about Sweden, Belgium, Italy? If you've only watched England you've missed many opportunities...
  20. Small dog - squirrel staredown this morning. If it hadn't been for the double glazing...
  21. Been watching women's football for a while now, much more enjoyable than the OTT prima donna mens game imo. I'll be cheering for England in the final, although my favoured player, the midfield boss Lena Oberdorf, is on the wrong team!
  22. Had a site visit today from the happy hounds of the Jedforest pack, out enjoying some exercise


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