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  1. It's forks on the little valtra's front loader. They come off, turn and slot back into the frame for going on the road. Ratchet strap to stop them bouncing around. A view from the cab may be clearer.
  2. Scots Pine came knocking at the front door, it didn't quite manage to get in but the folk spent the night in their garage for safety. Apparently they've been trying to get permission from the TO to remove it for some time as it had cracks in it but were unsuccessful, until now.
  3. The Audi on the rootplate of the first tree we did Saturday morning, passed it today with time to take a pic. Couple of minor scratches on it...
  4. Was sorry to hear you are stopping tree work Andrew, be a lot of your clients even more sorry I'd think. Hope Mike and the dogs are well, all the best. If anyone is looking for equipment I'd vouch for all Andrew's gear being good quality and very well maintained, and a decent guy to deal with.
  5. That sounds like an interesting week, what storm led to that?
  6. Exactly, no chipping or raking just big saws and machinery. Enjoy yourself tomorrow.
  7. That terrible day for someone was a memorable day for you!
  8. Apart from the complete tragedy of my wheelie bin being blown over I've not been affected myself. 15mins drive and there's villages with no power etc. since 8 on Friday night, Power Network estimates restored by 12pm Sunday.
  9. I've lost count of what we've done now Gary. Feel a bit conflicted about it all because the damage to people's property and the problems they're having to deal with like no power and phone etc, have seen a few in tears today, but... I love it when there's no mucking about, just smash a way through and on to the next one, worry about tidying up next week sometime. Really hard not to look too happy!
  10. Done so many windblown last night and today. Had one property alone with 14 Beech down across their driveway. And an interesting one with a little Audi still partially parked on the rootplate of a Beech that was nearly half over, a lot of damage been done.
  11. Was a beautiful day here in the Borders until about 3pm when it started to threaten. Heavy rain, sleet and wind, lots of wind now. Just back from clearing a road and there'll likely be lots more.
  12. Nice view at the yard earlier
  13. Not as dramatic as I expected, thought you and the pup might have been ragging a banger round an industrial estate!
  14. What was it on Gary?
  15. Treevolution Scotland at Broxburn might be able to help with that.
  16. Britons reach Africans’ annual carbon emissions in just two weeks | Carbon footprints | The Guardian WWW.THEGUARDIAN.COM Research for Oxfam shows inequality between footprints of... Doesn't look like leaving the people of the world that consume the least to die would actually save you Andy. Maybe implement your plan closer to home, hit the real consumers that are doing the damage. Which of your kids should be removed for the greater good, which one should you be allowed to keep? How many hundreds of Africans could be allowed to carry on living their lives if you got a job you could walk or cycle to...
  17. It's something like - his sister had a hairier chest, but Ivan is stronger with a wheelbarrow!
  18. Only a couple of weeks ago I saw a young chap cross cutting an 18" diameter spruce on a banking, right hand on the trigger of a 500i, left hand texting. I stopped him and he thought it was because he was using his phone at work!
  19. Yes, exactly what I was thinking of, reading that hit home to me, still do remember it often. Thanks for finding it Steve.
  20. I remember that article too, it was a sobering read. I think it gave statistics including the time taken for the bar tip to travel through an arc and contact the body (milliseconds) being potentially quicker than the brain registers it happening.
  21. Prunes are good for constipation
  22. Nice, looks a big job. Can't help wonder which pocket you carried your phone in though... Is that a hole in the ground beneath the tree?
  23. I wasn't knocking the can, it'll be good, but you'll probably be buying a new fuel spout for it regularly. I had one (as many others have) and the seals in the spout don't seem to last long. In my experience people get the kits that carry on a belt, then ditch the contents and put into it a trauma dressing, cat tourniquet, maybe clotting granules. By all means have a normal first aid kit with you but consider how ineffective it would be if you have a significant injury.
  24. Hope you don't regret getting the husqvarna combi can! I'd say definitely have first aid kit with you, whether you are in the woods or at home. Not necessarily a first aid "kit" off the shelf, but the advice is to carry some kind of trauma dressing (like an Israeli Bandage), maybe a CAT Tourniquet too.
  25. Shipwright sounds interesting. I didn't know it was difficult to get courses in Ireland. There are arbtalkers based in Ireland who may be able to suggest something, seems a bit much you'd have to travel over here to find a place! I'm sure you'll get some good advice about it on here.


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