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  1. Freelance groundie required - Notts

    Hi All I'm in need of some extra hands on the ground, no fixed days but probably 1 or 2 days a week. Based in Nottingham. Simon 07939 141530
  2. Se7enthdevil????

    That's great, thanks
  3. Se7enthdevil????

    If anyone knows Se7enthdevil can you ask him to check his inbox? Have some timber for him!
  4. Any ideas what this is?

    Possibly... will PM you
  5. Any ideas what this is?

    I did consider Almond but the leaves don't seem long enough. They're more rounded like an Apricot, but again just not quite there. May just settle for Prunus!
  6. Any ideas what this is?

    Damson's a good shout but as you say it would have a few thorns. Unless the thorns are higher up... I would have thought the owner would have mentioned being bombarded with fruit if it was a damson too.
  7. Hi All Trying to ID this and can't for the life of me put my finger on it. Some sort of Prunus? No picture of the whole tree I'm afraid, just leaves and bark. It had a slightly weeping form to it. Any help greatly appreciated!
  8. Chainsaw left on site

    Left the key to the chipper wheel clamp at home one day 😳
  9. What do people pay?

    If he has his 38&39 why don't you let him get some experience. Then you'd be paying him a 'climbers' wage for climbing? One way of looking at it... Obviously there are pros and cons to working with close friends, personally for me I think it's worth the extra to have someone with me who I know and trust - even if it does mean they can prob get away with more than an employee I didn't know would.
  10. Indian Bean Tree

    Hi All Anyone know what IBT is like as firewood? I've been told it turns to rock when dry so guessing it'll need splitting green, anyone any experience with it? Cheers
  11. Can anyone help me with an id on this?

    Nothing of any note, just the only tree left in garden so a shame to see it go. Will let nature take its course, it feels pretty solid still so prob got a few years left!
  12. Can anyone help me with an id on this?

    Thanks David, that certainly sounds like the one - in looks and feel! Its taken quite a foothold on the tree in question, do you know if there are any steps that can be taken to protect the tree?
  13. Hi All Found this on an old Apple tree today, can anyone tell me what it is? Thanks
  14. Firewood & A Good book👍

    Got one too! Not read past the intro yet but looks good 👍
  15. TFI Friday

    I've only watched the first episode of this new series and I have to say I thought they recreated the original very well. So many different programs have tried to copy it in some way and Evans and co have shown them all how it's (still) done


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