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  1. This kind of blueprint is the way forward imho Yes 👍😎
  2. I don’t agree on the apprenticeship to qualify, however a single week and you can climb is wrong. Fair enough get a learners ticket and then go out into the world to learn your trade and certify when your at a good standard. Just think about it - a qualified climber with zero day’s experience is expected to carry out an arial rescue in a stressful and new environment. It would not end well I think. The whole industry needs to step back and re-look at training and certification. The problem is that people want it cheap and quick- neither produce well trained, competent and efficient staff. We don’t necessarily need more, however we need far higher standards if we are to cut down on injuries and accidents. More paperwork won’t help, trade associations neither, just good quality training on the relevant courses and on the job. It’s not rocket science
  3. Hemp rope is rough to the hands and knots poorly. It is easy to splice though . Plus at that diameter it was very numb in small trees- after a couple of months I ditched it.
  4. I did it when I first started, but that was over 25 years ago. Only used it since when I had missing kit
  5. Simply what I was told when asked about the felling and cross cutting on the landing. This was in reference to softwoods in the PNW.
  6. The don’t want it - trees tend to be considerably taller too - loosing a couple of foot must be okay by them
  7. The US sawmills will not take timber with any basal flare, hence the high cuts on some trees.
  8. You sound like a demented old man looking for attention…….
  9. I don’t think it makes much difference- plenty of big saws are run on 0.50 3/8
  10. I rate pfanner zermatts - supple enough for pruning and solid enough for all week on spikes. I never understood peoples affinity for airstreams - no heal and super soft midsole so poor on spikes and soft soles so don’t last long dragging brash. Junk lasted me 9 months
  11. Did you request to burn the arisings? If so why? I lived in Kirklees for years and had many fires with zero issues from the TO. Local residents were sometimes less than appreciative and the fire brigade was called a couple of times by them.
  12. I really like these. I have one on my feeling belt and climbing harness. https://treekit.com/silverbull-personal-arb-trauma-kit/
  13. Adding a location would be helpful 👍
  14. Some 4x4’s can be updated - what vehicle is it?
  15. This hits the nail on the head I recon - he is not suffering from years of brutal graft in the industry
  16. You need a forestry contractor not an arborist. All this talk of grapple saws etc is not what you need - you need the trees putting on the floor quickly and efficiently & the timber removed with hopefully zero financial input and if they are big enough maybe a little cash thrown back in your direction.
  17. Performance, balance and power delivery vary massively between brands and models as does reliability and availability of spares - bigger picture thinking is required Carbs need adjustment. When you buy your saw it will be set to run a little rich for the break in period and then needs retuning. As the machine further breaks in and reaches full power it requires more fuel - retune again. Change altitude drastically - retune Saw gets a little worn - need more fuel usually- retune (this is why solenoids on mtronics need changing as the replacement has larger fueling apertures) etc etc etc
  18. Electronic saws have there advantages, as most people are incapable of adjusting a carb correctly.
  19. If someone could do a decent square ground chain, I’d be a regular customer
  20. One thing sure to kill the Stihl hedge cutting attachments is letting the tip hit the floor whilst running.
  21. I know, however the light intensity is less the further north you go too. I nearly moved to Stonehaven in my 20’s but a stay in January through to February put me right off.
  22. North Yorkshire (home for now) or Northumberland are great. I’d love Scotland, however the short winter days up north would not be for me.


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