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  1. Forgot is was mushroom season- you have many 🤩
  2. Your a bit too myopic in your views for me. I am seeing the collapse of an already stressed ecosystem. & in 10,000 years our species will be no more than a bad memory, which for the planet will be a relief I bet.
  3. It is devastating locally- some woodlands are 80% ash with hazel, elm and sycamore and a little oak. They are not looking good ☹️
  4. Now you are saying that many will not post here because of what? Our inability to tolerate bullshit? You are beginning to resemble the fundamental snowflake who can never be wrong.
  5. If you run it rich enough it will smoke - OP said that it was running well.
  6. If it is producing white smoke when running at normal temp, then it is burning something in addition to aspen and 2 Stoke mix. Rinse the tank out, add fresh fuel & try again.
  7. When using plastic wedges, I like other’s use an axe or deadlow hammer, depending on what is to hand. Usually take an axe if in the woods, as it can save some time getting a stuck saw free. If I am using high lift wedges I get something heavy, like a splitting maul or sledge hammer.
  8. The more I see it, the more it looks and performs similar to square ground & looks a thousand times easier to file. For comparison; not perfect as I hand file.
  9. I think the AA risk assessment package has it in - sorry I don’t have a copy. Did they stipulate a qualified banksman?
  10. The new Stihl 400 is impressing a lot of people, as is the slightly bigger 462.
  11. I usually offer to do less for a reduction in price. In reality, it usually depends on how keen the price was initially and if you want or need the job. I price quite keenly & there is seldom any movement on price.
  12. It is not always the case of a job “cannot be done”, more often it is that it will be much herder, slower (read less productive and profitable) and quality of work may suffer. I choose the most appropriate job for the conditions when possible.
  13. VAT - they won’t even get a tip 😄
  14. Agreed - two things are guaranteed in life - death & taxes (or something like that)
  15. We taxed fairly across the spectrum of earners- so, the rich paid some as did multi-nationals. Radical behaviour I know 🙃
  16. It does look super aggressive in comparison to other chains. I wonder how it will cut when it has had the edge taken off it? Square is useless when dulled- full chisel tolerable but only just.
  17. I really need to move over, however the thought of rebuilding all my saws is not appealing, nor is funding my season of hand cutting when 6 or 7l a day is common.
  18. I seem to remember that was after a massive winter storm tore through Scandinavia. The OP is just spamming us with click-bait as usual 🖕🏻
  19. Looks like a new version of square ground chain, which is 20%plus faster than normal round ground. Really interested
  20. Try these guy’s- they make a good range of safes Workbenches - Tool and Equipment Stores - Products : Cleveland Sitesafe, Modular Buildings, Storage Units, Outdoor Stores, Portable Containers & more: Cleveland Sitesafe. CLEVELAND-SITESAFE.CO.UK Workbenches - Tool and Equipment Stores - Products : Cleveland Sitesafe, Modular Buildings, Storage Units...
  21. The good old British Brainwashing Cooperation - the worlds biggest, publicly funded propaganda machine 😬
  22. They will have dual ratings - One for the winch and the other for the bollard. Depends or your intended use to which you choose. If your intending to spend every day slamming and catching big timber as opposed to lifting then don’t discount the Hobbs.


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