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  1. Just wanted to befriend the 1st canuck eh! I was born in Thompson Man. My dad and his brother came from Portugal to work the nickle mines for Inco in early sixties.

  2. Butch do we still have a forum? Pm me a link or e-mail me. fishertreeservice@hotmail.com

  3. squisher

    Best stump grinder to buy

    Universal stumpgrinder works for me.
  4. squisher

    Official "Yank'" Picture Thread

    I ain't no sodding yank but I hang out with them so I guess a Canuck can throw a few pics up in here too. Two seperate firs, both dead.
  5. squisher

    The TreeHouse Is DOWN!!!

    Damn man, that sucks. Hope they sort it soon.
  6. squisher

    Stolen Quad

    Oh man, sorry to read this Andy. Best of luck for the return of your machine and the swift and brutal beating of the perpetrator.
  7. squisher

    Happy Birthday Mr Bullman

    Happy B-day Steve
  8. squisher

    Which Chipper??

    Hmm someone probably caught some hell over that I would hope.
  9. squisher

    Which Chipper??

    Damn sounds like a lousy day, I'll check her out. Cheers.
  10. squisher

    Which Chipper??

    Yup no turning back now. I don't regret it one bit, only option I didn't get was a winch and I am regretting that a bit. Once it's earned it's keep awhile I'll be investing in one. The dealer wanted 5g (Canadian) to add one to this machine. I just couldn't swallow that, gonna source out the parts and put it on myself. 140hp JD, autofeed, lift cylinder, fully adjustable chute all the goodies. I've also got a cool new stumpgrinder coming for my mini:grinning-smiley-003
  11. squisher

    Which Chipper??

    I just got a 250 this year, haven't used any of their big drums though. Upgraded from a CnD, almost enjoyable to chip now.
  12. squisher

    Organic or Synthetic PHC

    Yup organic fertilizers are starting to replace synthetics around here. What ya got up your sleeve?
  13. squisher

    Which Chipper??

    Bandit, and my favorite color is blue.
  14. squisher

    ported chainsaws?

    A Wood's Mod by E.H. Performance means that a saw is 'tweaked' about as far as you can go and still have a good work saw. As in run consistently through tanks without having to much heat build-up. Port timing, compression, exhaust and a bunch of other dark arts are involved in this. E.H. is a guy in Canada who does the work.
  15. squisher

    Bmw X5

    I actually did post it for Steve, to lend him moral support in his coming out.


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