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  1. Hi, I've been climbing 12 years and have all relevant tickets including 40 and 41, I'm looking for a few days end of febuary if any one can help Kind Regards Ben
  2. Like doo bin said, don't work for idiots! I've had days where the job couldn't be done through no fault of the company I was working for and said I was happy to go home unpaid but he still paid me, it's all swings and roundabouts in this game
  3. I've done my fair share in this mewp! It's a great piece of kit!
  4. Hi guys, I have a day down in Taplow, Berks next week and need a tip site for possibly 2 loads of chip, can anyone help me out? Regards Ben
  5. I'm a freelance climber in the Midlands with 11 years experience, I've recently only just become freelance but it seems that everybody is content with paying 100 ish a day to half decent climbers! or I'm just a number that rings up and my details get shoved in a pile and forgotten..I have a local base of companies but need more work, any help would be good guys, Cheers Ben Sent from my SM-G900F using Arbtalk mobile app
  6. vduben

    day rate

    Thanks for the replies and feed back guys, a lot of companies around my way seem to be stuck in the past money wise!
  7. vduben

    day rate

    Hey guys, not been on here in a long time, what would you consider a fair price for a climber with a lot of experience and most tickets? I'm going self employed again and im going to charge 140 a day and im in the midlands which I thinks a fair price, I come with all the gear and 3 saws, I was contracting over 4 years ago and charged 120 then! All feed back is welcome! Regards
  8. <p>no just seen on the firms facebook</p>

  9. <p>hello mate, Carnt say matt has worked for me had that many lads over the years name rings a bell, Have i got you on facebook then Dont recognize the username</p>

  10. vduben

    ms201t for sale

    i know but it wont let me register/log in!
  11. vduben

    ms201t for sale

    barely been used,new job means its now redundant, ive got all the recepits for it, looking for £430,or details pm for details, ben
  12. <p>hey mate, my 201 that i bought of you wont run properly, do i just take it to a local dealer to fix with my receipt?</p>

  13. try len, thats as much as i know of him tho! haha good guy, hes from the new forest
  14. vduben

    Sick of Stihl

    husq allll the way, i bought a 201, bad news!!!


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