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  1. the body language of Decay, The Delights of D

    Did you manage to make that trip to Hungary?
  2. Making the news today....

    Shut your Stella hole Bolam
  3. If i could go back to just climbing trees for £30-35k + bonus, company vehicle, good holiday and pension, I Would.
  4. Making the news today....

    He probably misheard God.
  5. Making the news today....

    That is his "extreme" personal view which, as he said, would not be the law of the land. I myself like it when politicians feel free to express personal views rather than lying, evading an answer or just constantly bleeting the party policy lines like most politicians do.
  6. He'll probably be back in a year or two after he discovers that the shittiest job in this industry is running a business. I've run my business for 13 years now and that position would still tempt me if I was younger and my joints weren't crumbling.
  7. Not yet, i've still got three of the old style heads that will hopefully carry on for a while as i have little faith in any of Stihl's updates.
  8. I'm replacing my 265's as they die, going back to Stihl. The power units are good but I hate the echo trimmer heads.
  9. Living in Cambridge cycle city, it's difficult enough to not have a bike on your bonnet when you are making a noise. All electric cars would be carnage.
  10. Game of Thrones

    Yeah, read the books before the tv series started. The screen version has been fantastic, very few deviations from the books. The next book, Winds of Winter, will hopefully come out soon but it's now weird - i don't know if George RR Martin has been involved in the writing of series 7 but will the books now follow the screen or be totally different? My fav characters are the dog and the dwarf. Sansa has always annoyed me but I think she may now be developing into a badass.
  11. Sorry to hear that Peter. We had one of our chippers stolen from site on Monday. It had a hitch lock on but they dragged it out and just had someone holding it from the back of their Ford mondeo. Four people saw it in transit and we know which site it went to, the same site most of the stolen gear goes to in Cambridgeshire. Police knew within 10 minutes, and were called by one witness about it's location within the hour. Guess what happened. A patrol car did a recce 24hrs later! As Ted says, if the Police wont do anything, people will start taking the law into their own hands. That might be very soon. Sent from my iPad using Arbtalk
  12. Echo parts.

    http://www.abbeygardensales.co.uk/spare-parts/index.aspx Sent from my iPad using Arbtalk
  13. Lightning strike

    This happened Thursday 6th July. It's blown a column of bark from the trunk as it's traveled down the sapwood, plus a small patch off the opposite side of the tree. Having not had much experience with lightning stuck trees, I was looking for advice from the more knowledgable peeps here as to whether the heart wood tends to get fractured or whether it tends to just be surface damage? Sent from my iPad using Arbtalk
  14. Old saws and axes

    Start a recipe thread. I love Greek food. My wife and I have seriously thought about moving to Kefalonia but Lotto isn't complying. Sent from my iPad using Arbtalk
  15. How do you organise your diary?

    Utter cr@p! It's only the unskilled ones who can do it tomorrow cuz their so useless that they don't have much work on. Understaffed - maybe, but I'd rather keep all my guys on in a secure job instead of my old boss who no one liked working for because he was a hire and fire guy as and when he had work, or not. Sent from my iPhone using Arbtalk


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