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  1. Guess that no one has experienced these. I would have been able to advise but stupidly I ordered a 440 kit instead of the 441 that I needed but did not realise until two months later when I when to fit it [emoji30]
  2. Wolfie

    Stihl ultra

    I agree, Justin’s saw was getting on but Josh’s wasn’t that old and that went first.
  3. Wolfie

    Stihl ultra

    Yes, always mix at very slightly richer than 50:1. Will be upping the mix a bit more until all the Ultras been used up.
  4. Wolfie

    Stihl ultra

    I’ve just noticed that you can buy XP oil in 10ltr which makes it a bit cheaper than ultra, so will be switching to that. That will also keep my Husqy gimps happy [emoji38]
  5. Wolfie

    Stihl ultra

    About a year ago I switched from using Stihl Super 2 stroke oil to Stihl Ultra (always mixed with premium petrol). In that year I’ve have 2x Ms150t, 346xp, 357xp and a 441 seize. Bad luck? Just seems a big coincidence. Anyone elsi having issues?
  6. My dad had a few of those. I remember riding in it when helping him as a lad. Couldn’t have a conversation whilst driving due to the noise of the engine.
  7. What was the other brand that came out? CE - Cutting Edge, i think. I bought four of those shortly after they came on the market. Within a month both scabbard saw blades had snapped and the folding saws had fallen to pieces.
  8. Yes, I’ve used Samurai for many years. I think that, treated with the respect of one that buys the kit, the saws last just as long as Silky and the secateurs not far off Felco quality but less than half the price. Unfortunately most of the guys I’ve employee over the years seem to be brand bitches though.
  9. So the cracks and annual movement is related to subsidence rather than heave. I’ve never actually witnessed a case of heave, I think it’s a very rare occurrence. From reading up on heave, I gather it can only happen when all these factors come into play: 1. Clay soil 2. Tree(s) have to predate the building 3 building has been constructed upon soil which is already water deficient due to the tree roots. Open to being corrected. Don’t know how old that building is but Leylandii grow pretty quick.
  10. Can’t see any actual selling going on in this tread, so I’ll start: I’m having a corona clear out. These two old engines used on a pedestrian grinder. Both popping & backfiring when they got removed so going for spares - make me an offer. Also got a box of 357 and 372 spares that need to go, probably a few hedgecutters as well. Can post pictures.
  11. I used unmatched cases when i built a 200 from boxes of parts that I had - worked fine.
  12. The problem is that to also put yourself as furloughed as a director, it means that you can do nothing at all for the business which is impossible for most directors.
  13. Do all the other companies change additional retrospective premiums, as Trust do, if you do more turnover than you estimated?


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