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  1. Sounds similar to a job that I had producing microfiche. Pile of documents to the left, take one and place on the flatbed under the camera, press a button, put on the pile to the right. Pre minimum wage so was on less than £2 an hour!
  2. I used those ultrasecure alarms a while ago. Don’t think that i paid anywhere near that amount for them though. I think that the reason i gave up on them was that they were so temperamental, especially the fob to switch on and off, plus false alarms which is annoying when it’s at a storage container. A cheap £9 Lidl one saved my tools a few years back. When some scum bust into my garage.
  3. Hi Paul, i know what you say is right. In the domestic sector we often get asked to do lopping and sometime you can’t convince the owner otherwise. Luckily in Cambridgeshire our district councils, generally, are pretty good but i hear horror stories from my son (working for a big firm in London) where the TO’s just want every tree pollarded, no matter what species. What i also hear is about the staff turnover and incompetencies which makes me think that these larger firms tendering for the contracts use a lot of cheap/inexperienced labour to keep their costs down. I’m sure the firm has all their paperwork in place and staff have most of the appropriate tickets but we both know nptc’s no longer(and never have) been proof of competency - another topic. I’ve always been in favour of a compulsory scheme to weed out the really bad ones, but that will never happen. For myself, happy doing domestic work, the scheme doesn’t really boost my business appeal, in 15 years i could count on one hand the amount of times that I’ve been asked if I’m a member of a trade association. I self regulate the standards of work, do my own cpd and constantly aim to improve my business systems.
  4. On a side note, most of these larger companies that do the council contacts are Arb approved, which is why I’ve lost faith in the scheme when i look at local accredited businesses that are supposedly at the top of this industry.
  5. And can be said that it goes back before that. A very respected lecturer once told me that the reason fruit trees have historically been pruned in the dormant period is mainly because thats then farmers had the available time to tend the orchards. I stay well away from the cut throat council contacts, prefering domestic work.
  6. Wood cutter, we’ve waited years since Cod Wood, thank you.
  7. Wolfie

    560 oil tank leak

    I don’t mind stripping Stihls but the only thing i learn when trying to work on huskys is not to bother. I find them so much of a pita that i’m unlikely to buy a new one for a long while. Great saws when they’re working though.
  8. Cheers Wayne [emoji106]
  9. Hi, One of my clients has a property in Sonning near Reading (RG4 6XS). It is too far for me to travel to and I wonder if anyone could recommend an arborist operating in that area. Cheers, Ed
  10. Stockpilling - no, but i might make myself a Lucille for those remoaners who will have a meltdown and will blame a gnat farting on us leaving.
  11. I tend to change my cutting style when using my 660 or 084. I run the chain a little looser than norm and don’t constantly keep it under pressure throughout the cut, i’ll perhaps let it cut for 5 seconds then back off for a second or two to let the dust clear from the chain.
  12. I hear a lot about how good the aftersales service is but want happens when the machines warranty period is up?
  13. Too much to say for a morning break post Swinny, I’ll try and post this evening. For now, I’ll say it’s a ball ache employee people and unless you pay an accountant to deal with payroll & pension, then pay a hr type company to sort contracts.
  14. Wolfie

    Big Oak stick

    Thanks Steve and Kinderscout, i'll know for the future that Turkey = crap.
  15. Hi, i'm currently quoting for the felling of a Turkey Oak. The trunk is the best piece of timber that i've see in a long time- approx 20ft tall, dead straight and 3ft wide - ISH. The owner had initially intended to keep the main trunk on site but has now asked for a re-quote to take all away. It would be a crying shame to ring it up. The trouble is the extraction, it's 100yds into a wooded area with a bendy track that is only just big enough for a transit. On site milling may be an option if it will be worth while for the owner as the noise will disturb the local college and shops. So before I get back to the owner, I need to know if a piece of wood like this would be worth the effort for the miller and the owner, or just to quote to carve it up? Tree is in Cambridge.


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