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  1. There is a new boot coming to the market soon HAIX PROTECTOR FOREST CLASS 2 Had a look at them early this year and are very nice and they are orange too match the saws
  2. <p>hi dan Earp told me to message you about climbing rope for people attending collage hope you can help me cheers phil</p>

  3. We have 4 Iphone Fives and 1 4S All on unlimited everything £30 a month each, Signal is ok if your near main roads, Out in the sticks for get about it. We are with Three Costumer service can be bad at time as you can not understand them for love nor money
  4. 3-6 months depending on use, A lot sooner if your on it each day.
  5. The final cut gets me. Had me in tears laughing how the hell did he do that!!!
  6. Thats disgusting. I would contact stihl direct or go to another dealer. I have bought saws of Justin and other suppliers and had them repaired by another dealer within the warranty. No questions asked all they did was check the warrantry and got on with the works. I had mine back with 3 days from the carb going a bad to. Back using it.
  7. Bad news that, Will keep an eye out for anything out towards this way..... Hope my avatar cheers you up a bit.
  8. Tom2020

    Guess Who

    Thanks for you input on this rob, I have had 32 orders since i have opened shop on-line and not alot of people seemed to care to much about the spelling of things, They are more about how i conduct my business with them a, Personal phone call saying thank you for trusting and trying a new supplier and i have even hand delivered items to people as Dan will tell you. Tell me one supplier who dose that? I have spent many long nights adding new products to my website. All done and ran by myself, I spend 2 Days a week climbing/Grounding and 2 On the suppliers while the 3rd is emailing and calling the likes of Husqvarna, Stihl, Oregon, Sip,Hiax just to name a few. So there are a few mistakes but at 3AM after a full day's at work bugger me if i don't fancy having to re-check my work for the 4th. I have had a lot of support of friends spell checking the website for me on there own time and making sure its all good. I have over 200 items and its growing each day and get tiring doing it. Like to see many people take a risk these day. Placing alot of there own cash on the line and deal with the stress of it. Some people get a kick out of climbing tree i get the kick out of laying a few K on the line and seeing if it pays back. No one was asked to start this thread either, before some one jumps on the bang wagon. Its down to Dan's kindness and jealousy of not winning I ask no one to go off topic or spam this thread as it some times happens in the world of arbtalk and i respect Steve's wishes on me not posting about my new business till i am a few months down the line at least. Hence me not doing a big post and bragging about my new venture.. Mods please feel free to close this thread if that's ok with Dan.
  9. Tom2020

    Guess Who

    You will if i miss spell your address
  10. This is where the dealer network comes in handy for people. Order from Aspen your fixed to getting 3 5L cans and it work out to be £54.48 Order as little or as much for your local dealer works out much cheaper. You can order the small 1L bottles but your not going to see much difference unless you use a medium quantity in one go. I think people need to take the one time hit of how ever much your local dealer is selling it for and give it a try then comment on it! Simple
  11. Funny man you. Just wait till you need something from me RRP price coming your way To be honest John i don't wear the high viz gear that much but after 3 Outings in it i was slightly disappointed not being able to get it some what cleaner then it was. The only good thing about it i could sweat like a horse and still felt cool in it..So its not all a loss.
  12. Its not a bad t-shirt who not rave too much on it. Only used it a few times and its dirty after being washed a few times. The Sip ones are a little more expensive but seem better and i hate the tread patten on the stien one looks silly being on an angle.
  13. 1 Pallet your looking at 54x5L (270L) cans with prices start at £900 Or save yourself a small fortune and get the drums(200L) with prices starting from £650 The more aspen people buy the lower the price could and will hopefully come down. in the near future
  14. Enjoying the fuel then Dan? How are you finding it to normal stuff not had chance to try it myself. I sold out of the stuff before i got chance to use it myself. Will make sure i keep a can of it for myself next time i get a batch in.


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