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  1. The leaves look more cerasus than cerasifera, is there a prunus cerasus nigra?
  2. Any use Steve, all I've got I'm afraid? Higher resolution if I email them I suppose? Regards, Steve.
  3. Anybody got an 8 wheeler of processor size hardwood (preferably Beech) near CF71? Can't turn an artic in the yard so looking for a smaller load. Prices and availability please to Steve on 07734 943570. Regards, Steve.
  4. Trust sounded promising so I filled in their online form for a quote and they've never bothered to come back to me Regards, Steve.
  5. Is there anything particularly special about the tops? I know you have to specify top or inter for the attachments. Regards, Steve.
  6. Thanks for that Shane. Monkey, great info there - many thanks. AUS list Foam filled, Normal and Heavy Duty. F/F are £3 more each and H/D are £5 more each so I'm going for the heavy duty ones. Bottom poles are the same price as inters so I might as well but the top are more, especially the H/D ones. Regards, Steve.
  7. Thanks Mark and everyone for your input. I've had the quote back and their price list, the heavy duty intermediate rods are £5+vat more than the standard so that's a no brainer. Are top and bottom rods necessary or just use all inters? Attachments need to be specified for top or inter fitting, but the h/d top rod is another £15 dearer. Regards, Steve.
  8. Thanks tree, don't do utility and that's exactly what I've asked for a quote for (heavy duty). Regards, Steve.
  9. Thanks John, just sending off for a quote from AUS. Regards, Steve.
  10. Evening all, Looking at getting a set of AUS poles, two questions please. (Tried a search but nothing specific came up.) 1, How many ordinary AUS 1.2m poles is the maximum for Silky cutting? 2, Are the foam filled or heavy duty rods worth the extra? Guessing they'll be more rigid so would work higher. Regards, Steve.
  11. Been let down and need a competent climbér for Mon 15th and Tues 16th for an Oak dismantle with rigging involved. It's over a road (road closure in place) and there's a fibre optic cable that's just been put in. Job is CF71 area near Llansannor, South Wales. Call Steve on 07734 943570.
  12. Adam, I can give you odd days grounding around Vale of Glamorgan/ Cardiff/ Bridgend, just need your PPE. I'm on 07734 943570. Regards, Steve.
  13. HT133 stolen in Rhoose (nr. Cardiff Airport) approx. 1:30 pm today 13/9/17 Serial No. 511063198 Just in case you're offered it. Regards, Steve.
  14. Just found more email settings - hadn't scrolled down the page Regards, Steve.


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