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  1. Small tree surgery business looking for extra staff in the Dorset area. Climbers & groundsman. Must be competent, experienced & qualified. Must have own ppe & climbing equipment. Excellent rates of pay & regular work for the right person. PM for more info or if your interested. Many thanks.
  2. Saying that, I have lost three jobs within the last 2 weeks because another company could do it sooner.
  3. Always like to book well in advance. Very occasionally keep a day spare throughout the week to book last minute jobs in but not very often. I always like to know what I'm doing, where I'm doing it and when I'm doing it! Makes life much easier!!
  4. As above... hate it! Really really don't like the fact that your bank / payment details are sent with the quotes.. what's that all about?!
  5. I'm in the process of buying a mini loader so I will sure to be coming to say hello!
  6. After owning second hand used machines, I would strongly recommended you buying new. I've got a Forst ST6, I have very mixed reviews on them. Just being honest. Although at 41 hours, it did snap a shaft but luckily it was under warranty so it didn't cost me. I just thought to myself, yes it's a £20k machine with the vat but all repairs are under warranty for the first 3 years. (So they say anyway). So, if you are spending for instance £10/12k on a second hand use machine, if anything happened you wouldn't be covered so you'd be forking £'s out. I would recommend getting a Forst, Vermeer, TW & GM out on trial and see which one suits you best.
  7. Shogun, Pathfinder, Disco 3/4, Rav 4?
  8. WillTimberlake

    Which Van?

    Have you considered an iveco daily?
  9. Flyers are working exceptionally well for us. Usually get around 100 leads and 55/65 jobs from them which I think is pretty good. Around £3000 profit per 15,000. Tried Adwords, waste of time for us!
  10. I have 15,000 flyers delivered each month. Website costs £6 per month. I've only been running about 2 years so word of mouth started around 6/8 months ago.
  11. Advertising is around £650 per month.
  12. That's including an average of fuel etc too.
  13. That's crazy! You should feel privileged!


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