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  1. jamesd

    New 3.5t tipper

    Will do, thanks for the tip!
  2. jamesd

    New 3.5t tipper

    Id have a nissan cabster for the right price over the new grafters purely due to the annoying lack of glove pockets etc in the isuzu. Shame they stopped making them!
  3. I am in the market for a new truck (well new to me!). At the moment i've looked into the Isuzu grafters, nissan cabsters and Ford Transits. I've kind of rulled out the Isuzu grafter due to lack of space to put things in the cab i.e no glove boxes etc. I do however like the cabster which is a pretty similar vehicle but has the extra cubby holes in the cab for bits and Ford transits which I have always had seem pretty similar to what i've had before. Im looking at 15/16 reg vehicles so 5/6 years oldish. Is there anything I should know about the nissans or transits? I know the early 2.0litre transit engines had a few problems so will try get the old 2.2 version if i go that way. Any thoughts would be great! Cheers, James.
  4. Looks like a tidy little machine, shame it wasn't closer!
  5. Good to know, if i ever find a reasonably priced second hand one i might see if i can afford that then
  6. Ah okay thanks for the advice. Been looking at sedgewick 260's they seem like decent machines but a bit out my budget..
  7. Dont worry! these are no where near me. Looks like two decent machines similar to what im after though
  8. Okay thanks, yes please that would be helpful to see what else is about. Gumtree has got nothing on there near me at the moment.
  9. mostly hardwoods to be fair, ash, Oak Beech sycamore etc..
  10. Thanks, any makes/models i should be looking out for?
  11. Ideally 12" Capacity maybe £500/600 mark so not a massive budget unfortunately
  12. Just wondering whether the original poster brought a planer in the end? I'm on the look out for something similar and was just looking for a few opinions!


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