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  1. Given someone has priced it at 5+k I’d say at £460 per man you’d be the guy who’s under priced it and walk away with the spoils. Again I’ll stress we all price differently and I’m only stating that 5shires seems to be copping a fair bit of flack for his price which to be fair is all based off a picture.
  2. Think your getting a bit of unfair stick here!! We all price differently, we all work differently, pretty sure there’s no right or wrong answer here just what your happy taking away in your pocket. Some under value some over value 🤷🏻‍♂️ If said tree can be done 3 men in 1 day and I stress IF £1400 is good money in anyone’s book surely?!
  3. Johnson’s farm is good it’s on the tip site, we are in the the process of sorting our yard to be accessible to a select few for chip and log to fill bins so I’ll give you a shout when we are ready if you like.
  4. WesD

    Career change

    Is that some kind of hidden humour? Scaffolding an up and down industry🤣🙌🤣
  5. WesD

    The Cooking Thread

    Done Bloody good they where too.
  6. WesD

    The Cooking Thread

    Salt and peppered some pork ribs, started/sealed on the BBQ now transferred to the oven on a low heat for an hour then finish them on the Barby.
  7. WesD

    The Cooking Thread

    Simple but ticks the boxes.
  8. At the min I’m into baby potato's boiled then rough them up a bit in the pan add sea salt butter and coleslaw, great with a bit of rice and marinated chicken
  9. WesD

    Lock Down?

    Prince Andrew is trying everything to get out of that FBI interview🤣
  10. Both ropes are on one harness and on most bread and butter trees both anchors will be close so due to angles the ropes will not be far off side to side near your body and as such if you are cutting chest height or lower if you hit one with a sharp saw you’ll hit both. Good practice negates that but I suppose you could argue most accidents stem from poor practice.
  11. I have a 200 and a 540, don’t mind either I usually use my 200 though due to the 540 pissing me off not knowing if it’s hot or cold and starting it becomes a pain in the arse choke no choke etc etc
  12. If you cut through one rope I’m not sure that having another one alongside it will stop your saw and save your life?! Good positioning and a strop at a different angle however .......... If you fall off one rope due to no stopper the likelihood that your second rope will have a stopper or be any longer is slim indeed. If your climbing and not doing the basics on one system the likelihood of doing the basics on 2 systems is again slim. If your one handing a top handle, you’ll one hand a rear handle, even if that means starting the cut with two hands then releasing one. Good practice is just that, good practice irrelevant of the number of systems you have to use, I agree with most 2 systems will make self rescue a thing of the past, a thing of the future will be more accidents due to mental and physical fatigue and in multi stemmed trees people will definitely take tops out with one system still attached again due to mental fatigue. Rigging will also cause its own problems due to number of ropes etc. It’s a case of watch this space I suppose.


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