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    When I section big stuff if I know it's going to pinch at the top for example, tension/compression I cut a small gob in the top so when I go in underneath I can see the gob closing and my saw never gets trapped. Alternitively if you reach over and cut into the wood vertically then move the saw round so your cutting in on top horizontally then vertically again on your side of the log the wood will behave in a way showing you where the tension and compression is, if that makes sense.
  2. the 'todays job' thread

    Been dropping some big oaks this week, I'll post some more later in the week. IMG_4512.MP4
  3. Tree Surgery Business Sale

    Like I said I offered advise to draw some money in as you want to leave the country my intention was not to p1ss up your back or come across as negative about your business just my tuppence on widening your audience for a return. Your little speech in response to me earned a cheeky one in return I am no where near you geographically have no intentions of moving and am doing very well on my own but thanks for offering. Hope you sell it as you intend to.
  4. Tree Surgery Business Sale

    Which bit is wrong? Selling kit has a greater audience? Potential buyers will more than likely be from your area hence smaller audience? You have built the relationships with your customers it is your reputation they are paying for? Tech savvy world web sites, logos and business cards are ten a penny? Im intrigued to hear which is wrong?! For what it is worth I was offering advice not being negative. If you think hunk this place is full of primadonnas why post it on here? (Strange) MacDonalds pretty sure you mean McDonalds and to be frank only ever eaten there nothing else. You have a turnover of 70k and 40k of that is profit now my math says that leaves 30k operating costs now you say the staff will stay customers know THEM well, implying more than one now what are you paying them as well as fuel, machinery downtime, insurance vehicle and business etc etc etc lets say staff of 2 minimal number on 14k each (McDonalds wage) that leaves 2k to spend on everything else . . . . Doesn't look like a good venture this? Either that or the books are wrong and the profit is less hmmm. Hows that hat for a negative break down?
  5. Clients that make you go hmmmmm.

    I did a job for a neighbour a couple of year ago, went round to price up topping a few conifers and general tidying up of shrubs nothing over the top just a tidy up so I gave them a really cheap day rate said it's more of a favour (they are getting on a bit). Turn up up on the day to be met with professional drawings from her son who is a draughtsman, I politely told them there is more work on the drawings than we talked about (mainly the front garden which definitely wasn't spoke about) so we either talk about adding more £ to the price or I do as was originally spoke about minus the drawings. Initially they wernt best pleased however after an honest chat I said I can leave them to find someone else, be paid more or carry out what we spoke about, they agreed for me to crack on. Multiple times I was asked to do more throughout the job each time I said ok but it will be more £ and each time they said no it's ok. They where made up with the end results but for me it was a long naggy day which taught me a valuable lesson from that day on I'm a mercanary if you want my services you pay my price or you go elsewhere and as it stands it has stood me in good stead. Favours are for family and and close friends everybody else can pay their way.
  6. Art rope guide

    Finally took the plunge @Steve Bullman rope guide, SJ3 and positioner 2. Its took a bit of getting used to going all ART but definitely worth it! Climbing is effortless now and I suppose going all ART one compliments the other but my fave bit of the kit has to be the rope guide so thanks to all who recommended it as it is costly to justify but definitely worth the plunge!
  7. Tip Of The Day

    A bad screw is better than a good nail.
  8. Tree Surgery Business Sale

    I think you would be better selling your kit and getting what you can back money wise that way. Your audience would be greater as people will travel to buy a van chipper saws and cutters etc etc however the business sale has a target audience of your area and frankly the reputation is yours not the businesses the phone numbers and contacts are worthless to someone with no rappor with those customers and logos web sites etc well that ain't worth much in this tech savvy world. Sorry for being blunt but if you are in a rush for some money return, sell the assets and forget the business.
  9. No ones posting.

    Got to be honest I love the new mobile friendly site, I'm always on my phone and I prefer this to the old app now that I have had a few days to get used.
  10. No ones posting.

    Too much clutter, spaced out. Oxymoron springs to mind.
  11. No ones posting.

    Personally having spent a few days on here now think it's great! There are a couple of improvements to be had which I've posted about to Steve but that's to be expected as it's new, I'll give it 3 months for people to be used then that old layout will be forgot about. I used to use the app but having got used to this in mobile view I'll not bother with the app as I think this is fast and easy to navigate once used to it. Got to say I don't mind if I'm in the miority here but I prefer this to the old! With Steve you also know you'll get the teething problems ironed out and suggestions for improvement looked at and carried out if they can be and if they make sense.
  12. No ones posting.

    @eggsarascal this pic is what your looking for then change read status to everything.
  13. No ones posting.

    @eggsarascal when your on the page you want now have a look for the filters button, hit that then in the filters options look for show all threads instead of show unread. Hopefully that hat takes it to how you want it.
  14. No ones posting.

    And on that eggs I'm off to catch some z's, hope I've sort of helped
  15. No ones posting.

    That should give you what you want. I get to that hat on iPhone by just hitting that bent page and unfortunately on iPad it's slightly different maybe @Steve Bullman can set it to auto so when you hit the bent page button it goes to today's activity automatically instead of all activity. Sorry i I don't know the technical terms for the buttons.


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