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  1. WesD

    2nd referendum

    Like all the experts on hand when brown/Blair spent up and let the banking system crash.
  2. WesD

    2nd referendum

    It’s impartial, if MPs have personal incentives to remain what good is that to normal working folk?
  3. WesD

    2nd referendum

    Everybody, MPs included thought remain would win no problem. They where wrong and added to that people have now seen first hand how the EU have tried to strong arm us throughout the negotiation process, do people think remaining under the establishment will be good for us or will we have to do as we are told and only speak when we are spoken too?! Our outcome if we remain will not be good for our future we will be punished anyhow on our way to the United States of Europe! People are now seeing the EU for what it is and want out which is exactly where we should be you know given that we voted for it twice already. Europe will still want want our business and money, individual countries will make unilateral deals with us if the establishment try to punish us for leaving. Punishing us will punish them and nations will not wear it as Portugal has already shown.
  4. WesD

    2nd referendum

    Haven’t the Government announced 20 billion extra for the NHS?
  5. WesD

    2nd referendum

    Haven’t Poland just broke rank and said the back stop is definitely temporary oh wait after Portugal offered a unilateral agreement to keep trade and tourism flowing, whatever next this all sounds unlike the punishment we where promised, we’ll do great out! Do people really want a United States of Europe?!
  6. WesD

    2nd referendum

    Not sure why use of 2nd is a problem given that the 1st one has happened and both would be concerning our relationship with the EU. Surely you can see that logic? I agree in that it probably won’t happen.
  7. WesD

    Anchor system

    I do as they state you can’t get them stuck, I disagree 😂
  8. WesD

    2nd referendum

    That’s kind of what a referendum is??? referendum /ˌrɛfəˈrɛndəm/ noun a general vote by the electorate on a single political question which has been referred to them for a direct decision. It would be a 2nd referendum based on our relationship with the EU.
  9. WesD

    2nd referendum

    If there was a 2nd referendum remain should not be an option, would people support that?
  10. WesD

    Making the news today....

    The rumour doing the rounds was it was a banking glitch and he’d been paid he just didn’t know it and the money was in his bank on the day he did the deed.
  11. WesD

    Anchor system

    Rope guide or multi saver. Used both and have to say rope guides are just damn sexy.
  12. WesD

    2019 zig zag ?

    Old one all day, new one looks too big and clumsy.
  13. WesD

    Ebay Felling Levers

    What’s your best seller Mark?
  14. WesD

    Ebay Felling Levers

    Ok sooooooo out of the high end felling bars what are people’s preference?
  15. WesD

    Making the news today....

    I call bullshit, no way do you have neighbours?! 😂


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