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  1. WesD

    ISO Certification

    Has anyone gone through the process and got it, if so how hard/involved is it?
  2. WesD

    Forum Trolling

    Or broke with arthiritis! 😂
  3. WesD

    TPO Tree v Recently built garage

    I’d send a letter back claiming if the garage damages the tree compensation will be sought.
  4. WesD

    Making the news today....

    Yes that sums it up with tax’s passports not being free etc.
  5. WesD

    Making the news today....

    I have always pondered on tourist tax, with it being in existence does freedom of movement really exist?
  6. WesD

    The BIG C .

    Hope everything works out stubby, here’s to the 40%.
  7. WesD

    Starting out

    Courses are self explanatory but you’d be better working for someone else PT and yourself PT to build up your experience, reputation and workflow. When working for yourself know your limits. Yes you’ll need it most days even if you plan on hedgecutting. It also gives you a package to offer other firms ie tipper chipper and 2 men for £xyz Vehicles are different for everyone but the smaller the chip box the more time is spent tipping off and not on the job I have a 3.5 ton van with 1.2 ton pay load and a small van for quoting and knocking around in, May have to swap that soon for a 4x4. Find what works for you and grow change your kit to suit your needs. Don’t be afraid to do other things I.e subby your services, hedge cutting and maybe a bit of maintenance if you can get it as initially you won’t have the reputation to do picture perfect trees everyday and advertising will only get you so much. Good luck I wish you well.
  8. WesD

    Bar lift in cut

    WTF are you doing talking arb on an arb forum oil boy?! 🤣 Don’t let Mark2 catch you!!!
  9. WesD

    Stockpilling for brexit?

    Euros in German banks so when the EU fails and the DM is back I’ll get a mega exchange rate 👍 I haven’t yet but it’s something I’m thinking on!
  10. WesD

    Timbr App

    Added to that not many want to pay for it and without sentiment firewood makes more £
  11. Surely they are of equal value/cost to your business??
  12. WesD

    Anyone know the best rope for Spiderjack??

    On blue tongue at the moment and really like it.
  13. WesD

    Anchor system

    I have no doubt that the pulleysaver will be as good as a rope guide but I’m a bit of an anorak with ocd so it would do my nut in to have an art positioner SJ3 and a pulleysaver 🤦‍♂️ Hence rope guide 😂 Same for clothing I’m all arbortec at the moment but that’s about to change given its last-ability.
  14. WesD

    Anchor system

    I do as they state you can’t get them stuck, I disagree 😂


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