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  1. I love a buffalo however I prefer being a tad cool and doing any form of tree work it would be off in minutes!
  2. Check out Rat Race, they have some great events, they do a coast to coast on the bike too, be right up your street! ps it’s kind of your thread so I’m going to take a stab in the dark here and say you can post whatever you want be it to gym or not to gym 😂👍
  3. WesD

    Air Tools

    Great for the nail gun!
  4. A few recent pics of mine in bits of action, it’s lifted grinder over a wall, use compressor for nail gun regular, can park it near splitter and pipe it into hydraulics, it’s just so versatile! Made up with it tbf wish there was a way to use the hiab similar to a cherry picker for high hedges.
  5. Didn’t know that, will have to invest.
  6. I use Milwaukee Kango, does the job but as someone has stated the attachments are short, now the airspade I’m interested in!!
  7. Isn’t this kind of thing better being dealt with in private?
  8. WesD

    S/E Climber

    Looking for a climber around the Wigan area who’s interested in working the odd day and odd Saturday, rates are negotiable based on experience etc.
  9. WesD


    Do you rate it? Pros and cons?
  10. WesD


    Well that's a bit rubbish 🤣 Whats peoples opinions of the size of the new one and how it performs if only going to be used for ddrt?
  11. Selling my lockjack if anyone is interested had around a weeks climbing on it and just can not get on with it. £160 posted
  12. WesD


    Are the Mk3's no longer stocked or for sale? the new ones look a little bulky and I don't climb SRT. Normally climb on SJ3 but sending it to honeybros this week and fancy a change back to ZZ.
  13. Loving the mogs versatility.


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