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  1. Isn’t this kind of thing better being dealt with in private?
  2. WesD

    S/E Climber

    Looking for a climber around the Wigan area who’s interested in working the odd day and odd Saturday, rates are negotiable based on experience etc.
  3. WesD


    Do you rate it? Pros and cons?
  4. WesD


    Well that's a bit rubbish 🤣 Whats peoples opinions of the size of the new one and how it performs if only going to be used for ddrt?
  5. Selling my lockjack if anyone is interested had around a weeks climbing on it and just can not get on with it. £160 posted
  6. WesD


    Are the Mk3's no longer stocked or for sale? the new ones look a little bulky and I don't climb SRT. Normally climb on SJ3 but sending it to honeybros this week and fancy a change back to ZZ.
  7. Loving the mogs versatility.
  8. WesD

    Ecoplug Max... Fakes ??

    They are that colour because they are max I think. That said the ones which don’t say max have the same amount of glyphosate in them, both work well.
  9. WesD


    My lads can wear boots and pants of their preference we supply t-shirts fleeces and jackets from bear valley, 1 because they look smart and 2 gives back to local firms etc not local to me personally but local to our industry.
  10. Had her out today for the log, going to rub down and paint the wheel arches when I get a minute and change the phenolic ply on the bed.
  11. Thats beautiful, is it a 404? 406
  12. A few more pics had her out a few times this week and mega impressed.
  13. It’s an American one called a viper.


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