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  1. WesD

    In Desperate times...My Silky saves the day!

    What you up to in Wigan Silks? BTW (I’m sure you already know mind) that stem is never fitting in the green bin!
  2. WesD


    Again I’ll say it, not seeing many nests, hearing them and seeing them but not in the usual numbers still only moved one job! I’m conscientious too so I’ll inspect trees/hedges etc on the morning of the job as your never losing money just moving money if you find birds/nests etc seeems a strange start to spring for mine BUT I have thought for a good while now our seasons are slipping/moving.
  3. WesD


    Are people seeing reduced numbers this year? Only have to move a couple of jobs so far, not complaining mind but slightly worrying on a nature front.
  4. WesD

    Why Did I bother!!!

    I’d have clicked the van logo on the top of this page a couple of days before working in a new area and found a local top site.
  5. WesD

    Kit Checks

    Fair play, keep going👍
  6. WesD

    Lanyard Help?

    Buy a positioner.
  7. WesD

    Kit Checks

    Can’t answer for your age ☺️ But if your used to SJ3 and like it why change to something completely alien where you would be spending and re learning that in itself sounds hard work. Do you pair your SJ3 with a rope guide? I think it’s a great combo for size of trees we do.
  8. WesD

    Kit Checks

    SJ3 is awesome, I’m sending mine to HB who are sending it to ART to repair, personally thought about SRT but I don’t do enough large trees to justify the time money and effort converting. My bread and butter are between 30-60ft with the very odd larger one and for me the SJ3 tends that well its pointless.
  9. WesD

    Kit Checks

    Wow, have you side loaded that accidentally?
  10. WesD

    Kit Checks

    Done, thanks.
  11. WesD

    Kit Checks

    Emailed you guys about a replacement last night, if you could be so kind as to reply on whether you can source me a replacement it would be much appreciated. Thanks. Wes
  12. WesD

    Kit Checks

    It’s easy to become complacent and just chuck our kit on and crack on with the task in hand but kit checks are important and only take a few mins. I give my kit a quick once over before donning it but missed this today, spotted it as I was taking the top out at which point I was on strop chogging down anyway. Doesn’t look detrimental but one never knows.
  13. WesD

    Editing invoices

    End of year returns, yes. Vat presume so as you have the option for it but I’ve always been employed and SE until last year so not vat reg’d but the way things are going I will be this year. Hope that helps
  14. WesD

    Editing invoices

    Eggs just download Invoice2go and be done with it! It’s brilliant on iPad, you can do quoting invoicing and reports etc and you can also very easily edit quotes. You mark part payments and resend with remaining balance then record payed and resend marked as paid. Very easy to to use and a great app oh and if your on iPhone it syncs to that too so you can invoice/quote on the spot.


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