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  1. Any climbers or groundies looking to fill a few days in the coming months. Majority of work is Cheltenham area. Message for details.
  2. It’s 20ft, maybe 22, but it’s in a barn with limited space for lifting inside and turning when out in the yard. Needs to move from one site to another. We put it in with a telehandler using poles, but was thinking if it was on wheels it would save a lot of faff. The place it’s going into has just been built and I don’t want to make a mess of the new screed floor.
  3. Anyone got a set of shipping container wheels to sell or hire? Or know of somewhere that does? There’s a few options online, but will only be needed to move a container from one site to another, so if I can avoid buying new would be ideal. Ive used the telegraph pole method but looking for something more manoeuvrable in a tight spot, with minimal ground damage due to a new screed floor.
  4. Hi, Any ideas on this fungus, at the base of a privet. Consistency like jelly.
  5. Don’t think it’s a Rhody, I didn’t see any buds. I did think Cockspur, or some sort of Sorbus, but being evergreen I couldn’t find anything similar
  6. Apologies for the poor photos. They’ve been sent over to me
  7. Hi. Anyone able to give some insight on this one. Looks like some sort of cotoneaster, but very unsure
  8. Hi, Im looking for a green waste site near Walthamstow London, that can take cuttings and brash. I have checked the chip site directory but only one site has it and Im not sure its suitable. Ive been asked to do some work for a mate there, and would like not to have to take the chipper down as its a bit of a trip and not sure on parking/storage. Anyone able to help? might be a van load. cheers
  9. Looking for any subbie climbers for work in Cheltenham area over the next couple of months. Must have relevant tickets, Ppe and own climbing kit. Must also have own transport to get to work site. Message me for a chat.
  10. Hi. Has anyone ever added to their ally planking sides successfully? I built a tipper back a while ago using ally planks from service metals. Really it could have done with being another plank higher. I’m wandering if it’s possible to dismantle/unclip the top plank without damaging it to install another below? Or if there is another way to do it? Maybe slide out? Cheers
  11. It depends on what “plant” insurance you need. If you are looking to insure the kit for the current value or new for old. New for old I know trust are probably one of the only insurers that are still doing this. That’s coming from a Phone call with an arborisk rep on enquiry. Premiums have risen quite substantially from my experience, but trying to split kit and liability with different brokers may be difficult as I feel they rely on one or the other to make their money and sell it as a package.
  12. Need someone local to Bath for tractor and winch for a day or so. Also, possible for forwarding trailer to move timber. Only looking for someone locally.
  13. I’m looking for someone local to Bath to clear some timber on a clearance. Mixed wood and sizes, going for biomass. Ideally to be able to self load, access is narrow farm track.
  14. If you qualify as a sole trader Trust might be worth a call


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