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    <p>Hi Joe, your inbox is full so here's my reply to your message.</p>

    <p>I come with srt kit and big shot, rigging kit, groundsaw up to 28 inch bar, top handle, backpack blower, rake etc. Tickets CS30, 31, 38, 39 and 41, MEWP, chapter 8 and first aid. Day rate £140.</p>

    <p>I've just had a company I work for cancel a job for Thursday Friday this week so if you could possibly help me out it'd be much appreciated. Happy to work the 2 days at a reduced rate to show you my skills if I can be of use for those days.</p>

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  2. Looking to add some more subbies to my list of contacts for the summer. Work based in Cheltenham and own transport is necessary to meet on site. Work would be ground work, brash dragging and assisting tree surgery operations as well as hedge cutting and grounds maintenance. Chainsaw ticket would be an advantage but not a must. Would suit someone looking to get some experience in this line of work.
  3. Hi, Does anyone have a tailored risk assessment template for young persons work experience? Just looking to save me some time, before I make my own? Cheers
  4. Invoice2go update

    In all fairness, I used to do that. I would take me hours in the evening to write quotes out. This app made it easy to do on the go, and really made everything quick and simple, with less time needed to sit down at a computer every evening. What other cloud based apps are there? I'd want it to be similar so I am able to create quotes and invoices from the same place.
  5. Invoice2go update

    That's one of the many issues I'm having, I don't want my bank details on a quote. Plus the templates are worse than the older ones and makes your quotes look like something a 5 year old could make. Very disappointed. It's cause a lot of disruption
  6. Invoice2go update

    Has anyone who how is using Invoice2go updated to the new design? I was happy with how it was before, and have been for the last 4 years. Now, since the new update, everything has changed. My main issue is with the custom template for invoices and quotes. It's messed me right up. Anyone else having issues?

    <p>your private message inbox is full so in reply to you message: Our price are per kit so it would be a fixed price. (kit limits do apply and are detailed in our terms & conditions but it sounds like you are well within limits)</p>

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    <p>£65/kit for an initial examination and £46/kit for a repeat examination.</p>

    <p> </p>

    <p>I will be in cheltenham collecting kits for loler on monday evening, returning them Tuesday morning so please call 07835029923 asap if you'd like to book us in as i will be working away from home allot in the next few weeks.</p>

    <p> </p>

    <p>many thanks, mike</p>


  8. Another ID please

    Fraxinus angustifolia spp. I recon, leaves look like they are opposite pairs.
  9. Sena Bluetooth for protos

    Got a set from Beechwood trees last year, fit them yourself with a little bit of customisation. I went for the low profile kit where the battery and control panel is separate. I have the battery tucked up on the inside of my climbing helmet with the wires hidden away to save them getting caught on branches. Control panel on the outside on the helmet. Great bits of kit making communication with the ground so much easier. Can also link your phone easily. Have held up well over the year, no issues yet. Battery life still good too. Well worth the investment in my opinion.
  10. Make sure there isn't any crud on the roller boxing. Take the springs off and lift the rollers to give it a good clean out, then cover in grease before lowering the rollers. Keeps everything moving freely. Blades- You should notice a difference in chipping, and definitely need to change if chip becomes stringy. Far more efficient with sharp blades.
  11. Arb show 2017 - splicing

    Yes it's English braid, 20mm
  12. Arb show 2017 - splicing

    No it's all still tight. Fairly recently loler'd.
  13. Arb show 2017 - splicing

    It's actually not as bad as I thought it was, it's just the whipping is becoming loose, will be a matter of time before it gets snagged. If it's doable by someone on Friday at the show that would be ideal.
  14. Arb show 2017 - splicing

    The whipping has become a little frayed and loose and could do replacing. I will get a pic later on


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