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  1. I have a year old cabstar and it's a great truck. Amazing turning circle and will out pull most transits I have driven
  2. Diyspareparts have been good for parts
  3. A cheap hultafors knife and rubber mallet make quick work of kindling. After a while you get a rhythm going and it's fairly quick, I can normally do a net in about 5mins
  4. 550xp all day long 13/15/18" bar it will fly on all of them
  5. As above, Scott runs a great course, also set in a beautiful part of Kent so I'm sure you wouldn't mind staying down that way for the course.
  6. Just add a tag line below the pulley clipped to your rigging line and keep the tale with you. Easy to pull it back to yourself if the groundys can't whip it
  7. A 550 with a 15 and 18" bar will do most stuff. The best saw I go to is a 562 with a 24" bar and then onto a 3120. But everyday use for me is a 550, light, bags of power and easy to use all day long
  8. James Vann at summerhill woodworks should be able to help
  9. Cheap harness is a sling around your arms with a clip on the front. I cross a sling and wear it like a backpack for advancing my setup
  10. Depending where your coming from the byway near Stonehenge is always full of van campers. But in theory of your van doesn't look like a camper you can park anywhere. My old panel van was converted with no windows and I have spent many nights on high streets, outside pubs and even in central London for 3 weeks
  11. My girlfriend has airstreams in a 5. In the end lister wilder got them sorted for her but if you ring honeys or jones I'm sure they can sort some for you
  12. What angle of attack are you using for the outside? Always cut from the bottom of the bowl towards the rim on the the outside, use the bevel rubbing and start a cut then slowly work round in one pass if you can. On the inside same thing but cut from rim to base.
  13. Lawrence's video the Schultz effect is well worth buying. He has put a serious amount t of work into it
  14. I turn green to finish in one hit but my bowls are not sanded. I give them a final clean cut with a sharp gouge. If you get an even thickness then you shouldn't experience any splitting.


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