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  1. 560 an able replacement

    560, 18" bar all day long
  2. Small pro saw

    So true the 550 is a great saw for nearly all jobs. Even find myself using it over big saws on big trees.
  3. Preferred 18" bar saw for forestry

    560, muff mod and Sugi bar
  4. Small pro saw

    I'll tackle most stuff with a 15" up to 40" but rare that's in the woods round here. Double cut and sweep cuts mean a shorter bar and lighter saw
  5. Where Di you have your chipper blades sharpened ?

    Can you grind curved tw blades on home grinders?
  6. Small pro saw

    550 on 15" all day. Lighter than the 560 and plenty powerful
  7. Inconsiderate Parking

    Had that before getting into woods, tow rope and drag them into the road, drive on I. And leave there motor blocking traffic.
  8. How are your Sugihara bars holding up?

    I have an 18" that's 2 years old going fine and two 15's nearly a year old fine aswell. Not had to dress them which is great but always grease the nose
  9. Timber for sale in Kent

    Need to get around 2 ton of birch/sycamore/alder or similar within the next few weeks. Anyone know if anything?
  10. Sycamore logs Chatham kent

    Depending is size and quantity I could collect them
  11. Chainsaws.

    Same set up here but swap the 395 for a 3130 Gives a great choice of saws for what's needed
  12. Tipper that tow 3.5t

    New cabstar is rated to 3.5
  13. SDS Drill vs standard cordless for drilling wood gateposts

    2 drills would give you better choices. Always go corded if the options there, worth looking at ffx as they have the best prices around
  14. SDS Drill vs standard cordless for drilling wood gateposts

    If it's got to be cordless go for a Hilti drill over an sds. Big torque and power. If you can get cord there then get a hole hawg or similar angle drill. Bit of a wrist snapper though
  15. Husqvarna 372 xp full wrap handle

    I have a half wrap off my 372 I'll swap ya.


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