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  1. Thanks will check them out
  2. Hi Anyone got expericence in using a company to spec a truck and large hiab combination?
  3. Hi guys Anyone ever wear the chainsaw protection sleeves for your forearm? I know one arm use of the top handle is bad but just looking for some extra protection for the lads especially whilst in the MEWP Cheers Joe
  4. We do 8am on site, 10am brew for 10 minutes, 12.30pm lunch for 20 minutes. Back in the yard by 4pm very latest. Usually job and knock.
  5. Hi Guys Need to buy a new chipper and want it to be diesel. Anyone bought the new stage 5 engines in a TW230 or similar? been disappointed compared to the 35hp or does it get the job done just fine? Thanks
  6. What problems did he have with the machine?
  7. Yer dealer back up is my biggest concern with moving away from Timberwolf as I cant fault spectrum plant.
  8. Thanks guys. As long as the pull in power is good I don't mind it being lower. They certainly look well built. Does anyone have any experience with dealer back up?
  9. Hi Guys Anyone use the Schliesing 235 MX? need a new chipper and fancy something with better build quality to Timberwolf and Forst. Any videos I have seen of the chipper in action seem very slow infeed. What do you think? Cheers
  10. Cheers for the advice guys. Will crack on with the Jensen trailer
  11. The machine is 5 years old. To be fair to Jensen they have offered me a reduction on price for the Jensen chassis. Still comes in at the same price as something like the above which has the axle,wheels and lighting all set up ready to go..........
  12. Yer should have mentioned it doesn't really matter if it goes over as we have trailer licence
  13. Hi Guys I have a snapped chassis on my Jensen 530 sub 750. For the cost of a new chassis from Jensen I can get a Knott trailer which is rated higher as per the picture. Has any one done this or should i not bother? Jensen say they have upgraded the chassis now but I am not sure.......


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