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  1. I second that Bob, looks a handy machine
  2. Thats the Hydraulic level which is the same as mine. Think thats on the other side of the chipper
  3. Hi guys Just recently bought a Jenson and have no experience with them. What oil and how do I check the level on the photo attached please? Thanks
  4. Thanks for the replies. Yer I was wondering if it would be annoying having to raise the boom up first. Will have to give one ago
  5. Hi Guys Can anyone with or have used the landrover type Mewps with the telescopic boom on them explain to me about the boom swinging wider than the footprint of the machine? or are the new type better? I would like to use one on the road for pruning but thinking they will be no good if the boom sticks out with the possibility of a car hitting it... Picture attached
  6. Buy new!! best thing I did was buy new trucks. Forget the money. Looks smart and nice to drive!
  7. I have had my 12 inch drum bandit a couple months now and its a game changer! good on domestic and commercial jobs. Its built like a tank and doesn't vibrate it self to bits like my Timberwolf does. I dont think you can go wrong with it!
  8. Hi Guys Anyone fancy moving to the Isle of Man for a full time job. Mixture of climbing and Mewp work. Even if you just wanted a year away from the big bad UK. Any interest send me a private message. Its a lovely place to live and work! Thanks Joe
  9. Hi Guys Looking for a mini Skidsteer to buy, Ditchwitch or Vermeer. Anything about? Cheers
  10. Get a Shogun Pinnin. I also have a 1995 rav 4 and cant kill it!
  11. I have the Isuzu n35 150. I tow 3.5t daily on an hilly Island and there is more than enough power. Great truck just a rough ride. I have no experience of the Mitsubishi but when I had a look at them at the APF I couldn't believe how low it was with no weight in
  12. Thanks for your reply's! It seems to be more if the branch end is not straight it bends down towards the anvil and makes contact with it stopping the rollers dead. It looks like the anvil needs to be lower or the power on the rollers needs to be turned up... pretty disappointing to be fair. It is a very reliable chipper tho


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