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  1. Coletti

    2 dead Redwoods

    In short...yes, it's worth more than £23 a ton for biomass. The hard part is finding someone that wants it but it still isn't going to be worth £1000's. Probably looking at around £40-£50 a ton. It will obviously be worth a good bit more than that if slabbed up but again, you have the issue of finding a buyer but also the additional expense of getting it milled
  2. Coletti

    Work suddenly went quiet

    Been a quiet year for me so far as new jobs are concerned, by Christmas my diary was full till mid April but since Christmas I've only had around 3 weeks of additional work come in. It seems to be picking up slightly at the moment but not really enough to notice. Just taking the good with the bad now and not getting too stressed over it. I've had a good run for a while, it's actually quite nice to start having a mess around fabricating stuff and making stuff from timber instead of just work all the time
  3. Coletti

    Small saw to compliment 550XP

    Just get a smaller bar and chain for the 550, by far the cheapest option
  4. Coletti

    Today's milling

    I was considering 3" but I'll suggest 4". The client has got a bit sentimental that the tree had to be removed so wants to try and make use of some of it for something other than firewood
  5. Coletti

    Today's milling

    What's horse chestnut like as a milled timber? A client wants me to do some so he can use it for rustic outdoor furniture, I'm just curious as to what it will actually be/last like as I've always seen it as a pretty garbage timber to be honest
  6. Coletti

    1 Tonne Trailers

    I don't think it's a mine field, just a slight misunderstanding is all
  7. Coletti

    1 Tonne Trailers

    Slight mistake there...The towing vehicle would have to be plated to a mam of 900kg to make it legal to tow over 750kg with a 2600kg mam trailer
  8. Coletti

    1 Tonne Trailers

    Id like to add that you can tow 750kg as that comes under the 3500kg+750kg towing category but due to the fact the mam of the towing vehicle is so high, you can't actually legally exceed the 750kg towing capacity
  9. Coletti

    1 Tonne Trailers

    I think you're getting confused between mam and gtw. The mam is the maximum laden weight of the trailer and towing vehicle which can be found on the weight plate and the log book. For arguments sake...My isuzu rodeo weighs around 1900kg but has a mam of 2900kg which means that on a B licence I could only tow a trailer plated for a maximum gross weight of 600kg. I feel your discovery will be similar. The combined mam of your disco and 2.6t trailer is somewhere in the region of 5.5t which puts you 2t over your mam towing on a B licence. hope this makes sense
  10. Coletti

    1 Tonne Trailers

    Think there already is one
  11. Coletti

    1 Tonne Trailers

    I hate to say it but he's right rough hewn. Take a look on the gov website. Towing on a B licence you have to take into account the MAM (maximum authorised mass, that's plated weight not actual loaded weight) of both the towing vehicle and the trailer. For example...the maximum you could possibly tow on a B licence would be 1750kg but to do that the mam of the towing vehicle would have to be 1750kg, it would have to have a towing capacity of at least 1750kg and the trailer would have to be plated for a maximum gross weight of 1750kg meaning the mam of both trailer and towing vehicle combined would be 3500kg. The guy I did my b+e with was an ex traffic cop and explained it all to me
  12. Coletti

    1 Tonne Trailers

    Doesn't towing on a B licence take the plated gross weight into account? Obviously you can't be over 3500kg gross but I think your plates also can't exceed this. It's well worth doing your trailer test though, saves a lot of hassle
  13. Coletti

    Whats the best garage alarm?

    Wireless baby moniter would be a good early warning system for the you're home
  14. Coletti

    ArbDogs? Pics!

    Here's our 2 puppers, the flatcoat is 2 and the bernese is 9 months. Certainly keep me on my toes but wouldnt have it any other way
  15. Coletti

    Best kit bags? Courant?

    Can't beat these from aldi when they have them. Very thick material and only £10 a throw, I've had them for several years now and still going strong


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