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  1. I never said I knew of cases where someone had been stopped and prosecuted. All I said was that it's illegal and as far as I can tell...you dont need to see evidence for that as you are fully aware of this but happy to suffer the consequences in the event that you are stopped.
  2. I have none but the information is there for all to read. Ag spec can only be used for agriculture and forestry, neither of which are domestic or commercial arboriculture. If you don't believe me then have a quick Google and you'll soon see. There is no grey area. Just because I can't provide proof of prosecution doesn't mean it isn't illegal
  3. Just be aware that using a mog on ag spec (no tax, mot and red diesel) for arboricultural works is illegal and although I know a lot do (in an ideal world I would) if you are stopper for whatever reason you could find your self in more trouble than it's worth
  4. Wouldn't happen to be Paul peacock your talking about is it?
  5. I upgraded as my workload increased, I had a jobeau m500 and although a good machine, being gravitated it had it's limits. From experience those little 130s aren't bad and will chomp up to 6" material, albeit a little steady. Upgrading is something only you can decide on to be honest and as has been said...bigger chipper requires more capacity via either bigger truck or a trailer. For me personaly if I were to upgrade from a 130 I'd be looking at n9 more than a 6" machine but with a bigger engine making it more productive
  6. Coletti

    Petzl Zigzag

    Thank you, I fancy the zz on srt but I've currently got a mk2 that I've had since 2013 and although I trust it in ddrt, I'm aware of the potential for cracked links and don't fancy pushing it on srt and to be honest...I don't really fact the 2019 zz, not keen on the size
  7. Coletti

    Petzl Zigzag

    Do you know if the original is now rated for srt with the addition of the chicane?
  8. Coletti

    Saw size for milling

    Cheers for the input, it's much appreciated. I was wondering about the bend and had considered what you have suggested. Ideally I'd like yo sell if fresh as I'm not sure I have the space to store it for years. I have it booked in for the end of the month so couple of weeks time
  9. Coletti

    Saw size for milling

    Any suggestions as to the thickness of board having seen the stems?
  10. Coletti

    Saw size for milling

    Log sizes are 28-30" on the smaller one and 35-40 on the bigger one. Smaller one has some burr and the larger one has some collars where branches were removed some rears ago
  11. Coletti

    Zigzag woes

    Just have a play around but depressing the sprung loaded top plate completely doesn't make you move anywhere but it will soon stop you if you release it. Having fingers between the links is good advice as it gives you more controll, albeit a little steadier. As had been suggested, thinner rope works well, the sweet spot seems to be around 11.5/11.7mm. Just take it steady bombing out to start with as it releases quick when the lincs are depressed and can be a shock but like I say, there's enough residual friction to keep you steady enough
  12. Coletti

    Saw size for milling

    Maybe, I'll see what I can sort before the end of the month. Think the narrower boards will fit out okay but the bigger ones may need to be put on their side. Arb trolley may work I suppose
  13. Coletti

    Saw size for milling

    Maybe, I'll see what I can sort before the end of the month. Think the narrower boards will fit out okay but the bigger ones may need to be put on their side. Arb trolley may work I suppose
  14. Coletti

    Zigzag woes

    Just a little pointer...when descending, press down and hold down the spring loaded top plate and feather the rest of the links. I always found that it was jerky cause the top plate sprung up engaging the rest of the links on descent. If you have a long descent to do, just press down on the links and run down open, there's enough friction in the rope running through the "opened" links to steady you meaning you can brace the descent with your legs when you reach the floor without much fuss or stress
  15. Coletti

    Saw size for milling

    I'll be investing in a panther mill setup for it so no I don't currently have a bar big enough for it, biggest I have is currently is 28". It will be man power alone to get them out as no access for anything else (they would have to be cut up to remove anyway so figured spending a bit more time to mill it I'd at least have something to sell to pay for the time spent extracting) so I'll gauge it as I do it weight wise but I can lift circa 100kg and the lad I'll have with me isn't a small lad so will see how it goes. Thanks for the heads up 're over heating, I've enough time so just steady away. I'm not sure on thickness of slab, I was thinking 2 1/4" but I'll post some pics up of the stems on monday and see if you think any different


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