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  1. Try and put away £20 a week. Old school saving will be worth it when things are tight. Also as above, there not worth anything second hand so keep it.
  2. To much friction with an elastic mech tether in my opinion. Tape Sling crossed over at your back bf clipped at the front or a Chester is the best I have found
  3. Sorry to hijack this thread mate. Been trying to contact your company today regarding an order. I also sent a WhatsApp like your website suggests. It’s seems that the delivery driver can’t find my house all week and I wanted the delivery number. Again sorry for the hijack
  4. That is good [emoji106] we need to get some of these old contributors out of the wood work! Arbtalk reunion
  5. Your right mate. Out of interest has there been a massive difference in people using the app since Arbtalk was on Facebook?
  6. For me, in this country it was reading and watching guys like Adam Bourne, Ian Flatters and Drew B that got me into SRT. It was pretty exciting to read and look forward to the next instalment from these guys and others on the first Rope wrench. It was like waiting for a CD being released back in the day [emoji23] before we had access to everything instantly. I have been reminiscing about old Arbtalk this week, feeling it has been changed by Facebook. But that’s a different story! [emoji23]
  7. Yep questions- If I was to put a security post in front of my truck. How would you put a small he bottle in it? And would it be totally illegal to do so?
  8. Just wondering what everyone is slapping on their quotes and invoices regarding terms and conditions so your all covered for every possible situation. Re doing mine and it’s getting pretty lengthy [emoji23]
  9. Like everyone else has said., just keep going with it. I ended up leaving my ddrt kit in the truck and forcing myself just to use srt, from small trees to large trees. It all just clicked one day. I wouldn’t say it is faster on most trees but once you learn to redirect it’s certainly easier. I used to remember been knackered with bad wrists, which seems to have gone since moving to srt. Although it took ages for me to settle on a rope/device combo I liked. Ended up with an America Yale rope (no stretch) and a roperunner. Still love the hitchclimber with a knut knot and wrench though.
  10. Would you travel with the cover on? Looks great
  11. What tracker is this? I must have missed it in all the excitement lol


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