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  1. budget tipper advice needed.

    [ATTACH]222704[/ATTACH] Has my LDV forever, I bought one with very low miles and it has served me well. It's a tricky one because it never breaks but image is so important these days I'm starting to feel like a ***** surrounded by guys with truck on hp haha
  2. Jensen a540 roller speed won't adjust

    I'll have a look tom, what does the screw actually do behind the dial?
  3. Jensen a540 roller speed won't adjust

    As in the electric box down near the engine? Sorry for sounding so stupid I only know timberwolfs!
  4. Jensen a540 roller speed won't adjust

    Cheers mate, what is it actually for?
  5. Jensen a540 roller speed won't adjust

    Thought it could be the solenoid, it has a red light on it if they means anything? Also what does the little brass nob do next to it? I'm new to Jensens and it all looks a little foreign 😂
  6. As the title says my a540 roller speed adjustment has stopped working, it's just set at one speed which ever way I twist the dial, any ideas anyone? Not had this happen before. Thanks for any help
  7. Groundsman needed for a day in Brigg

    Got a sudden job on in Brigg next Monday, need someone with full PPE and chainsaw tickets. No climbing. chipper ticket would be a bonus. Worth it if your willing to work, future work may be available.
  8. Bobcat vs small loaders

    Not sure about this but I'll share https://www.ebay.co.uk/itm/302370555917
  9. Invoice2go update

    As above and I also hate the expenses but now it doesn't make sense!
  10. Why Topping Hurts Arborists

    Probably log hungry was a bit strong but I honestly believe a lot of it is laziness on the tree surgeons part. Laziness to explain things and laziness in actually climbing around the tree correctly, after all it does require a lot of effort. I'm not saying this is you and I apologise for directing it in this way, it's just seems that the quality in tree work in my area (lincolnshire, Nottinghamshire) is getting really bad again, maybe to do with the increase of young blood setting up on their own with no experience and also gangs who just care about speed more than quality, and partly to do with old guys stuck in their ways from 30 years ago. This thread got me on a bad day as I have spent the week quoting against idiots 😂 apologies for the agro.
  11. Why Topping Hurts Arborists

    Incorrect. People often want their tree down because they are scared it will fall (usually a tree surgeon has told them this who likes logs) once they know it's all good (if it is) then if they still want something doing it might as well be done correctly, after all that is our job. If they still want it out, fine it's coming out. I'm not awesome, I'm not even fast but we might as well do what we are doing properly and stop taking the easy route to money.
  12. Why Topping Hurts Arborists

    I'm sat here reading some of the most ridiculous and un educated bull crap of all time. It's pretty simple - topping is bad unless your doing certain species, basically willows - pollard. In around 12 years experience I have carried out 100s of reductions from 1m to 3m spec depending on species. I would say 90% of customers will let you do it correctly if you spend the time to properly explain it. After all they are already keeping it if they originally wanted it topped. In fact I end up reducing a lot of trees that the homeowner originally wanted felling, or a company I am competing against for the work didn't explain things correctly. Not good money?, one reason for that, your to slow, THIS is the main reason why arborists like topping, it's fast, easy no brain work, then afterwards we get "it's what the customer wanted". That is also the reason why arbs prefer removing the tree."it's what they wanted" no mate that's what YOU wanted. (Climbs down from my pedestal)
  13. Tree reports question

    Yea thought as much. I don't have a problem with using a contractor. Just want one I can trust and not go and do the work the following week 😂
  14. Tree reports question

    So basically I got a phone call from a local primary school today asking for advice on there trees, no problem. But then I got thinking if I recommend leaving a tree for whatever reason am I liable for future health and safety matters (children) I don't have a tree report certificate, would it be recommended to contract that work out to a proper tree report guy who can map it all out and sign it off? Then I just come in afterwards and do the work. I have been doing this for over 10 years so I need to do the course but in the mean time what are your views?
  15. Photo Competition - Win £100

    Alright mate ok if I could check out the new site as well?


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