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  1. Show us your website!

    Just having mine re done. Id be grateful if anyone can have a look over it and let me know what you think. Cheers...hopefully the link will work Firewood in Evesham | Seasoned and Unseasoned Firewood Suppliers | D.Jeanes Tree Care
  2. Looking for self employed climbers and potentially groundsmen. Based in Evesham, Worcs. Own transport and kit essential. Either pm me with rates or text on 07975 795741. Thanks. Dan.
  3. Forst ST6 Hydraulic oil leak

    Didn't they give you a years warranty when you bought the machine? I bought a 2013 machine off them and had a years warranty.
  4. Ibc cages

    There's a guy in Bristol that sells them. He can deliver if that's too far to collect. Don't know if that's any use. His name is Philip. 07907 533832
  5. Arb waste wanted

    We have a large job in wyre piddle coming up. There'll be a lot of chip and a fair amount of willow timber if you're interested.
  6. Arb waste wanted

    Hi Phil. Was it timber or chip you're after?
  7. Logs in ibc cages

    Cheers fellas. Will look at ordering some and see how they compare to the bags
  8. Logs in ibc cages

    I'm storing logs in vented bags at the moment but I'm thinking of trying out ibc cages instead. There's quite a few dotted around the farm already and as I'm not buying bags in big quantities the price isn't massively different between the two ( roughly double I guess) but I figure they'll last a lot longer than the bags. I was just wondering how people get the logs out of the cages without smashing them up. There's a good size merlo at the yard which I have access to. Easy with the bags as they have tipping loops, do you do the same with the cages?
  9. Reductions

    Here's one from a while back. Bit of a horror. Perfectly healthy lime that a customer wanted tonking because he was worried about it falling on the house.....🙄
  10. Balfor or Thor splitter

    😂 I can imagine!
  11. Balfor or Thor splitter

    Had the new Thor magik out on site yesterday. First impressions are very good! Had some horrible knotty plum wood that had been undercover for about 8 months, a load of old hornbeam that had been hanging around for 6 months and a large pear tree to split that we felled on Friday. It coped really well with everything, nothing it wouldn't split and I was impressed with its speed. Table is a good height but the foot pedal seemed quite slow, will have to have a look at that next week. One thing I was worried about was it's weight and how portable it would be. It is a bit of a lump and it definitely needed two to get it onto the plant trailer, I wouldn't fancy trying to wheel it onto the tipping trailer which is why I'm definitely getting a little boat winch to help matters.
  12. Balfor or Thor splitter

    I ordered the table with the foot pedal but didn't bother with the four way head. I figured most of my stuff is notty or big rings so didn't really need it. Will see how it goes though. Looking forward to getting my hands on it.
  13. Balfor or Thor splitter

    Ordered a petrol Thor magic last week. Get it thurs/fri. Will let you know how I get on.
  14. Balfor or Thor splitter

    Cheers for the reply. How do you find the weight of it for moving it about? Do you think two people could wheel onto a tipping trailer?
  15. Pfanner arborist trousers

    I was a medium in hi flex and I'm a small in pfanners. Good comfy trousers.


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