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  1. GardenKit

    Drowned engines

    If you can claim them on insurance then crack on. It will be best in the long run. Water will have got in the bearings of the shaft, gearbox and engine. Rust may well have formed which will turn any remaining grease into a grinding paste, shortening life. Water will also have penetrated down any Bowden type throttle cables and these will surely fail prematurely. Otherwise do as others have said, but be prepared for a shortened life. I will never guarantee a repair on a flood damaged machine again, been caught too many times.
  2. Of course I agree totally, except for one thing, and its something that many people overlook in their calculations, as they seem to think their petrol is free. Aspen is at worst only about £12 more than a pump petrol/oil mix. £12? Still a lot of money but it breaks the bank a little less than £20!
  3. I'm kind of guessing it may be sorted by now. 51/2 years should have been plenty of time to fix it🤣
  4. You have to be careful on choice of barrel pumps as many are designed for use with oil and just will not work on thinner fuel. Aspen UK do offer a couple though, that are proven to work. Barrel pumps suitable for use with Aspen
  5. Its not for me to pass comment on your finances and profitability Jack, but even if you used 5 litres a day, every day of a 5 day week your total Aspen bill would be £100, against about £40 for petrol/oil. So in reality you will be worse off by only £60. O.k, I realise £60 is a lot of money, but I can be certain that you will feel better and less tired at the end of each day without breathing petrol fumes and your work rate in the afternoon may well increase. An afternoon of increased output could easily cover the £60 and put some more in your pocket too. Food for thought?
  6. This section of Arbtalk is dedicated to those who have problems with their kit, mostly saws, but also many questions on mowers etc also arise. These questions are answered by anyone with knowledge or experience of the topic and often by members who work within the machinery trade. One such member, known as Lurkalot is a full time horticultural technician who has developed his own Forum dedicated to horticultural machinery. At present member numbers are low, and new members will be very welcome I am sure. This forum is well worth a visit, and, just in case you are wondering, I have cleared this post with Steve. The Garden Machinery Forum - Home THEGARDENMACHINERYFORUM.CO.UK The Garden Machinery Forum
  7. That's what I hear so often from my customers.
  8. Its great to hear such a positive comment. If you don't mind sharing, what was it that made you want to try Aspen in the first place? (e.g. dealer, friend, forum, advertising....etc)
  9. Wow, is it really that long since anybody posted on this thread? For anyone even vaguely interested, I am still lurking around on the forum and still very much a fan of Aspen fuel. Most of you will know that I sell Aspen as part of my garden machinery business, and am pleased to report that sales of this product just keep increasing. For anyone wondering what this stuff is, and if it will benefit them at all, read this thread from page one. You will get positive, and negative comments from both happy users and unhappy users, make your own mind up. Post any questions, praise, or even criticism here, I am sure it will all make good reading.
  10. I am sorry that you have have had this problem with your saw Mr Wakefield a Tree, and can't say I blame you for being a bit annoyed. But these things do happen and it's how they are resolved that is important. The best way to get a positive outcome is speak calmly to the supplier and get them on your side. But I get the impression that you went in all guns blazing on Monday morning determined to do battle, whilst fuelled up with all sorts of advice from virtual bar room lawyers who had only listened to your side. You evidently wound them up a little (o.k, maybe a lot) and I have my suspicions that their 2 month repair time may be as a result of this. I have no connection with the company you dealt with, but know they have a good and longstanding reputation. I also believe that this tirade on a public forum, and naming the company is pretty bad form, and unlikely to help your cause. But I do hope you get a satisfactory outcome.
  11. To be honest guys a good PDI is essential. Saws, just like all machinery need checking over, out of the box, in order to ensure that they are safe to use and correctly tuned. This process inevitably means running the saw to maximium revs and check those revs with a tachometer to ensure that they are correct. On machines with mixture screws it is not unusual to have to adjust them a little to achieve the perfect setup. Prior to this full speed check though, the oiling, chainbrake and tickover/pickup will have been checked. This allows a little warm up and bed in time before the WOT test. In any case, the WOT test will only be for a few seconds and absolutely no harm will come to the piston and bore from this, and will not take life off of the saw. It would be a different story however, if the saw was put straight into work from cold and worked hard, as many operators do.
  12. Hi Steve... I'm still around and look in on Arbtalk quite regularly, but with you covering all the questions so well there is no need for me to comment🤪 Still busy as ever, in fact even busier just at present. Those Stihl coils are not the most reliable as you say, and its always worth checking before pulling carbs off as its such an easy check to make. Failure is usually preceded by some stuttering and popping though, they seldom just pack in instantly in my experience.
  13. My money is on the ignition module (coil, if you prefer). It's quite common on this model. Easily tested with a spark tester. Just to be 100% sure whip the recoil cover off and pull the kill wire off to eliminate a short in the kill circuit. Put recoil cover back on and test the spark.
  14. Devon is a big county Paul , I guess you are nowhere near me?


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