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  1. B&S classic 35

    If the problem is truly a "misfire" rather that an erratic running then it is likely to be ignition related, and before messing with anything else I would simply replace the plug and see what happens. Failing that, I have had a few issues in the past with the camshaft lobes wearing which can cause timing issues between the valves and the spark. Not so easy to check though. Erratic running and 'hunting' are likely to be carburettor related and require a carb overhaul or new carb.
  2. Tanaka 2390

    Indeed, the very early TBC2390 models were not CE plated to operate with a blade, but this was soon rectified and all current machines are CE plated to use a blade, and although they do not include a blade in the price, they do include the blade fitting kit. This is the lightest brushcutter on the market and is selling really well, particularly with the hedgecutter attachment. I think the key point here is in the wording "old tanaka". As any brushcutter ages, some wear will develop in the shaft bearings which allows the internal drive shaft to whip around causing vibration, so a manufacturer should not be branded by the condition of an old machine, but should be judged by the new machine figures. The new TBC2390 for instance, has figures of 5.2/5.9, far better than the similarly priced Stihl FS55R at 7.2/7.7 or the more expensive KM56 at 8.5/8.7
  3. Tanaka 2390

    The TBC230 was an absolutely incredible machine which exceeded all expectations in terms of reliability and operation. It remained in production for around 12 years and the quality never dropped and they have been virtually trouble free. But the engine did not conform to the new emission regulations and so the TBC240 was introduced. There were a few issues with the first ones when worked hard, but these have all been attended to and the latest ones are fine, although a little heavier than the TBC230. So for those requiring a lighter machine, the TBC2390 has been introduced in the last year. Its too early to comment on its reliability except to say that I have had no problems at all yet with any that I have sold. However, the 2390 is not really aimed at the commercial market so I always try to sell the TCG27EBS (SL) to commercial users. It is a little heavier but is built to a higher standard and is supported by a 2yr PRO user warranty rather than the normal 90days. It accepts the TPH200 hedge cutter attachment. Hope this helps.
  4. trailer possible rust

    Although I agree it does not look right, and I would not be happy with it myself, I find it all a bit strange and look forward to the 'expert' opinion. It just cannot be bad steel, or bad galvanising. These trailers are not galvanised after construction. All the components are galvanised in batches and the various components will not have been done in the same batch. The heavy gauge chassis members for instance would have been dipped for longer than the thin sheet components. So if various parts were showing rust but others not, then it could be poor galvanising of a particular batch. Unless of course its just a crap galvanising company. I have certainly had some poor galvanising done in the past and had to try other companies.
  5. One reason I use Aspen

    Just to clarify, yes, Eddie has indeed resigned from his postition with Aspen. Eddie was the first representative employed by Anglo American Oil specifically to promote Aspen fuels to the dealer network. Eddie brought with him a wealth of knowledge on small engines having owned his own garden machinery repair business for several years, and having worked with various dealers too. He travelled the length and breadth of the country for around 3 years visiting dealers and attending shows and it is mainly due to his efforts that Aspen has become more popular with dealers and users alike. In the early spring of this year Eddie decided to leave his employment to pursue other interests closer to his home and young family. Two new reps have been appointed to cover the country and they started in April, but one of the guys has unfortunately been off work with a back problem for several months leaving some of the country without cover in the short term. Eddie took with him his wealth of technical knowledge which was helpful to both dealers and end users. To ensure continuation of technical help I have been appointed as Dealer Technical Consultant, a service I offer whilst still operating my own business. Should any Arbtalk members require assistance that they cannot get from their dealer please feel free to PM me. If its technical I will do my best to answer, or if its more general then I can confer with Axel to get you an answer.
  6. Tyre sealant - any good?

    Unlike lurkalot, and I am not trying to create an argument, I find OKO brilliant stuff and have used 100's of bottles of it over the years. I reckon on about a 95% success rate and am servicing tractors that I put this in about 15 years ago and no problems with rims or valves.(and no more punctures!) I have had problems with valves on machines where customers have used it themselves and not cleaned the valve stem out before reinserting the core though.
  7. Sit on rough mowers...

    ASMotor also make similar machines to the Etesia, Grillo and Orec well worth a look ASMotor RideOn Brushcutters The Radio Controlled version in action
  8. One reason I use Aspen

    A dealer running out of stock has nothing to do with wether Aspen have a rep or not. We order another pallet by phone as soon as we are down to about 25 cans and it is always delivered in 48 hours. This is pretty well a weekly occurence. We only see a rep once or twice a year. Their time is best spent wooing new dealers.
  9. Best hedge cutter for a really good finish?

    Or try Tanaka. Excellent cut
  10. The Mower Bench

    Its just that most of the spark plug failures that I come across are on Champion plugs. Some manufactures still fit Champion as standard bust the majority use NGK.
  11. Left Handers Suffering Yet Again

    I am right handed, so have a job getting my head around this left handed business, but I cant see why a left handed person uses a long reach on the left side of his body. When I use mine my left arm seems to be doing most of the work with my right just steering and triggering, so I would have thought this machine favours a left handed person? I have a left handed customer who insists he has to use his bike handled brushcutter on his left and then moans about burning himself. I just dont get this, his left hand is still on the left handle and his right is still on the trigger handle. But his left arm is stretched to the left because of the offset. I reckon the 90% of the population who are right handed should have a moan about RH drive cars, how the hell are we expected to change gear and use the handbrake with our left hand. Left handed people must be better drivers and have cheaper insurance.
  12. The Mower Bench

    I would expect one plug to be good for the season. Still worth trying another though. Oh, and only use NGK, never use Champion.
  13. The Mower Bench

    And.........the quality of steel in the Izzy is terrible. They rust through faster than any other mower I have ever serviced. I have had one rust out in only 6 years. It's a pity because they 're actually quite a nice mower when new. Dr
  14. The Mower Bench

    The Honda GC engines as fitted to the Izzy and many other makes of mower are highly thought of by many. I get many customers who will only buy Honda but in reality the GC engine is really no better than the Briggs alternative. In fact the Honda GC is very fussy on spark plugs and carburation, as well as diabolical choke/cable setting on the older manual choke versions. The more expensive GX engines are however brilliant and probably responsible for the great reputation that Honda engines have.
  15. The Mower Bench

    Before you get too carried away just got a new plug. These engines can eat plugs and backfiring is a classic symptom of plug failure.


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