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  1. One reason I use Aspen

    Strange, I admit. But true. Many Aspen users will never go back to petrol even if means leaving the job. But it also means most make sure they have adequate supplies on hand.
  2. In Desperate times...My Silky saves the day!

    Your posts never bore us Paul. You have been missed.
  3. One reason I use Aspen

    I find a lot of my Aspen customers now charge an extra £20 on their jobs, even it they don't use a full can. Generally their customers have no problem with this. If their customer queries the charge they explain thats its environmentally friendly and better for their health too, and it seems that most have no issues with this. The interesting thing is that they never used to charge the £6.00 for the petrol they used, so effectively they are actually making a little bit of money by charging the £20 as the Aspen is only £12 more than the petrol.
  4. One reason I use Aspen

    I have do admit that the £20.18 is a bit over the top, as the RRP for 2T is £18.98. I do understand why some dealers mark up the price though, its simply because they feel the margin is otherwise too low. I feel its bit short sighted of them though, its difficult enough selling at the RRP. yet alone at £1.20 more, they can however sell less than me and make the same end of year profit. With regards to the fumes. The chemical makeup of Aspen undoubtedly leads to less fumes as any user of Aspen will testify. Its only those who have not tried it that will dismiss the claims. And I do know plenty of users who would stop the job if they ran out of Aspen rather than revert to petrol. They just make sure they keep adequate stocks of Aspen to see them through the job, its not difficult. Maybe one day you will give it a try Granted, it would be great if it were cheaper, but I do not see it happening yet. Even though nationwide sales of Aspen are rising at considerable rate, we are still far short of the volumes needed to reduce costs by any significant amount. But at least the rise in sales has so far enabled price increases to be avoided, the same RRP has been in place for over 3 years. Buy buying a 'bulk' supply of 54 cans you could get the price down to £3.10 inc vat per litre, which is 2.5 times the price of petrol. Or even as low as £2.97 per litre should you buy 2x200l steel drums.
  5. What's on your bench today?

    Looks like maybe someone had had a go at spark plug thread restoration or helicoil fitting and not removed the swarf?
  6. no internet on my phone?

    Guess the signal from your router is not strong enough to reach the phone and there is no mobile date coverage (or mobile data is not switched on)
  7. One reason I use Aspen

    Sorry, I have no doubt that you have the bits on your screen, but I seriously doubt that they come from within the Aspen can. As I have said, I have decanted 100's of gallons of this stuff and never seen any impurities. I have also visited the Swedish plant and seen the blending and bottling process which is virtually clinically clean. But you also know that I am a bit of an Aspen geek, so I am keen to find what your particles are and where they are coming from. Having an opened can back from you is not really going to prove anything as, after all, once opened anything can fall in. And of course, sods law says if you let us have a full can it will be as pure as the one I filtered this morning. Can I suggest that you get a new plastic funnel and line it with a filter paper (coffee filter will do) and pour the contents of a new can through it, just as I did this morning, into another empty can. Do it one go and do it in a clean draught free room. If you catch anything, fold the filter paper and seal it into a resealable food back and post it to me. I will get it to Axel who may be able to send it to the Swedish Lab for evaluation. The labs there are incredibly well equipped with two full time chemists who continually test the product.
  8. One reason I use Aspen

    Very fair, well balanced comments there Bill
  9. One reason I use Aspen

    I have been pondering on this since last evening and decided to check for myself this morning. In the absence of filter paper I used a brand new echo air filter with the centre hole plugged, and squished into a new filter funnel. Took a brand new can of Aspen 2, gave it a good shake and poured slowly through the filter, not allowing it to go over the sides. Before and after pictures show no contamination, just a slight discolouring from the 2t oil. This has put my mind at rest about the purity of Aspen, but does not explain Old Woodchips observations.
  10. One reason I use Aspen

    If you want to take this further let me know. I will have a word with Axel about getting one of your unopened cans collected and replaced with a new one. Yours can then be sent for testing. If anything is found in the fuel Aspen will be very concerned. I have used hundreds of cans, in thousands of machines and never seen any evidence of such contamination.
  11. One reason I use Aspen

    As said, we already have the first class Fillpartner for Aspen cans. Its extremely effective, good quality and long lasting. Aspen FillPartner
  12. One reason I use Aspen

    devon Twig, I think you need to actually use some Aspen to appreciate that the claims made are factual. If you pop over to our shop and introduce yourself I will show you examples of stale petrol, damage caused by such, and I will give you a complementary can of Aspen to use, on condition that you submit a fair and honest appraisal on this thread after you have used it.
  13. One reason I use Aspen

    I don't know what you are finding in your funnel, but I can guarantee that it has not come from the Aspen, its perfectly clean. Of course, what happens after the can is opened..........? But if you feel strongly that the fuel has been contaminated in the factory then send a can back to Anglo American via your dealer. They will send it to Aspen Sweden for testing and comparison against the original. They have kept a sample from every batch ever produced and will be very keen to check this allegation out.
  14. What's on your bench today?

    Me? Cheap? What was i thinking???
  15. One reason I use Aspen

    This was the thinking Mr Sawchip! "Aspen's founder Roland Elmäng was a thoughtful and innovative engineer. And a man of action. One day in the late 1980s, he read an article about the harmful conditions that forestry workers had to work in, surrounded by chainsaw fumes. Roland thought it should be possible to do something that would improve the situation. With many years of experience in the petroleum industry and as fuel expert at Volvo, he was the right man for the task. He had a sudden brainwave about producing a fuel that was adapted for the environment and health. He realised that there were fuel components that would work much better – both for people and machines. Roland recollected that during the second World War, high-octane fuel had been produced from gases created in the oil refining process. This fuel was used by the air force. The technique was called alkylation and provided an improved product which, in contrast to regular petrol, did not contain benzene, lead, sulphur or other hazardous substances. No sooner said than done – and with alkylate as the main component – Roland developed a specialist fuel for chainsaws. It proved to be a stroke of genius. He had created an improved fuel that was not just better for the health of forestry workers, but for the chainsaws too. The cleaner, more efficient fuel led to better performance and reliability for the engines and, on top of that, fewer repairs were required. It also produced much lower emissions and was therefore better for the environment. It was almost too good to be true. Searching for strategic partners to enable further product development, Roland approached Husqvarna. In contrast to the major oil companies, they immediately saw the benefits of Aspen's cleaner fuel. Aspen alkylate petrol was launched at the forestry industry trade fair, “Skogs Elmia” in 1989 and success was secured. In principle, all forestry workers changed over to alkylate petrol overnight. This was the start of an enduring and comprehensive partnership. Aspen handled product development and Husqvarna, with its nationwide network of distributors, became the perfect channel to reach customers. At specialist servicing centres, mechanics were transformed in to entrepreneurs who did more than fix chainsaws.They now stocked petrol and a range of accessories."


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