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  1. Stiga multiclip

    Nicely presented, did the dealer clean it up like that, or is how you keep it?
  2. Stiga multiclip

    I do like my Stiga ride on mowers, and so do my customers. These have come in for service since Wednesday, and I am bringing two more in this afternoon. 😊
  3. Stiga multiclip

    To be fair Richard, you may seen a Mountfield Multiclip. The Multiclip is really a Stiga product, but has in the past been produced in Mountfield livery, but not for a few years now.
  4. Stiga multiclip

    Mark, as long as you are willing to cut you grass regularly, maybe, as you say, twice a week in growing season, the Stiga Multiclip will leave a perfect finish. Its only when the grass is a little too long that some residue may start to appear and that can be countered by raising the deck a little to reduce the amount go grass being processed, or by reducing forward speed in the case of a push along model. Read this guide that I have written about mulching. All you need to know about Mulching There is not a mower on the market that will leave a mulched finish as good as as a Stiga. Mountfield do not have any Multiclip models in their range, they only have collectors with mulch plug options which will not mulch as well as a dedicated machine such as the Multiclip. The Multiclip 47 is, as you say, the entry model in the Multiclip range and comes in a choice of 3 formats The Multiclip 47 Blue is powered by a Stiga engine and is hand propelled at £229 offer price. The Multiclip 47 S Blue is also Stiga powered but is self propelled at the offer price of £289. The Multiclip 47 SQB is powered by Briggs & Stratton, is self propelled, and also has a side discharge facility for longer grass. It is priced at £339. I hope this helps.
  5. One reason I use Aspen

    Its really not a problem if the saw is in good order, although some smaller machines may possibly require a slight retune in order to reach peak performance on Aspen.
  6. One reason I use Aspen

    Many of the so called woes associated with Aspen are actually down to problems caused by petrol. Many people try to cure running issues by using Aspen but of course this does not work. They then seem to forget that they had a problem on petrol first and blame the Aspen. Problems must be properly fixed before converting to the use of Aspen.
  7. One reason I use Aspen

  8. One reason I use Aspen

    The chance of a problem with the mix at the Aspen plant is very low indeed, if not impossible. The mixing of oil and fuel is precisely controlled. It is done in batches and every batch is sampled and tested in their lab. If a problem were to be detected the batch would not be allowed to leave the plant. Furthermore, a sample from every batch is stored for future reference if necessary. There is a store with hundreds if not thousands of labelled samples going back for years. If you check the Aspen can you will find the batch number and date printed on the can.
  9. One reason I use Aspen

    I can second this, AAOIL are an incredibly easy company to deal with. There are no minimum quantities for a dealer to buy, but it does make economic sense for a dealer to buy a pallet of 54 cans as it will then be delivered with no carriage charges, and any dealer can sell a pallet in very little time so need not worry that it is too large a qty. As Axel says, we buy a pallet a week in season, with absolutely zero hassle. Although its nice for a dealer to have contact with a rep, it is not necessary for a dealer to place an order with the rep. A dealer normally orders direct from AAOIL either by telephone or by the new dealer online portal, and they then receive the delivery within 2 working days. As long as a dealer pays his bills he will get his goods. As I said before Axel and his team atAAOIL are brilliant to deal with, keep up the good work guys.
  10. One reason I use Aspen

    If I am honest Marcus, many users just like you, find the cost of Aspen tolerable once they have proved the benefits themselves. Many of my 'light commercial' users pass the cost onto the customer and often make a bit out of it too. e.g. add £20 'environmental fuel' to the job and only use half a can.
  11. Husqvarna strimmer

    should look like this
  12. Wood pellets instead of road salt

    I agree with many of the comments, and I too hate the effects of salt on the underside of my car. Potential problems from salt polution? Not so sure, after all its been in use on our roads for the best part of 100 yrs, have there actually been any issues? (Not saying there have not, but I have not heard of any until this) However, I would much sooner hit a dark looking wet patch on a salted road than a patch of black ice on an unsalted road. I have done both, and believe me, the unsalted road causes more damage to my car, and much quicker.
  13. One reason I use Aspen

    Marcus,Aspen does indeed produce 99% less harmful emissions than pump petrol, and petrol really is bad healthwise, have no doubts. The problems associated with petrol have been known for a long time and action has been taken by governments to minimise the hazard. It started with trying to remove petrol pump attendants from the forecourt as they were experiencing a higher than average amount of health issues, and then, to protect the self serving customer the pumps were designed to remove the vapour whilst filling. Then the cars themselves were fitted with catalytic converters to trap and burn of the harmful substances from the exhaust, a job which the cat does very well producing the clean burn that the government want. Without these actions the world would now be a much more polluted place. (Some countries are still pretty bad though) Sure, if we could run all our cars on Aspen then the atmosphere would be super clean and the catalytic converter could be redundant. But the reality is that, as Alkylate Fuel is produced from the left over gases at the top of the distillation tower and cracking plant there is only a small percentage of Alkylate fuel produced in comparison with normal petrol. In simple terms, you have to produce petrol in large volume to produce Alkylate in small volume, and that petrol does have to be used in road transport. And of course, don't forget that the Alkylation process is quite expensive compared with normal production of petrol. So why not have cats on small equipment? Well some engines do have cats and no doubt more will follow. But having clean emissions is only one of the benefits of Aspen. Other benefits are found in the engine before the exhaust, such as the clean burn in the upper cylinder which prevents the build up of carbon on pistons and valves. Spark plugs stay clean and lubricating oil does not become black, extending engine life, this is a fact. And, even before the fuel gets to the engine there are still benfits to be found, such as the lack of solvents which prolong the life of rubber, plastic and soft metals in the fuel system. And not to forget the extended storage life of Aspen over petrol. A win-win situation on every aspect, except the effect on your pocket. Hope this answers your question. Ps, can't help on US prices.
  14. One reason I use Aspen

    The latest figure released by the Anglo American Oil Company (UK distributor of Aspen Alkylate fuel) reveals that the volume of Aspen fuel sold in the UK during 2017 was a staggering 29% up on the 2016. It just goes to show how many more users are converting to this fuel and finding the benefits. Our own sales have increased and 10,000 litres were sold just in the small area of East Devon, giving this area the highest concentration of Aspen users in the UK. Time to get on board guys!
  15. Using aspen in a woodchipper

    There is no doubt that the best thing would be to run it on Aspen, after all the fuel will always be fresh and clean. In addition the upper cylinder and exhaust will stay in perfect condition and free from carbon, and even more advantageous is the fact that the oil will stay clean. The atmosphere you work in when feeding the chipper will be much more pleasant also. In short, a win-win situation, but as said before, these benefits come at a price. Only you can decide if the benefits are worth the cost to you.


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