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  1. There are actually several forms of residue left by stale petrol. I have seen very clear jelly, very browny coloured paste, brownish glue, and crystals in various forms. I do see these sugary crystals from time to time, and usually in alloy tanks and larger alloy carburettors, although its not often I have seen them quite as sugery as Mike's. But different brands of petrol do indeed seem to behave in different manners, which is hardly surprising when you think that the average fuel contains well over 100 chemicals, and chemicals, by nature, do react with others. The chemical reactions do vary from fuel to fuel, and are effected by temperature and humidity too. But I am not a chemist, so cannot be precise on the nature of these crystals. But, it has to be said, that as Aspen contains only about 10 chemicals and is technically 'stable' you can be assured that no chemical reactions take place and no deposits will form. Thousands have tried Aspen and will never go back to petrol.
  2. The GGP group no longer exists, as it is now branded Stiga. Atco and Mountfield are now part of Stiga.
  3. But to be fair, you are not going to get the same quality as a Stihl or Husky for half the price! And, as you say it does the job. I have sold several of the red ones from Stiga Mountfield with the Kawasaki engines and the owners are chuffed to bits with them. I agree though, that the harness is not that great for Pro use although adequate for domestic. The Kawaski engine is totally genuine Japanese engineering, although most of their production is now in China. To be frank, there is nothing wrong with having kit built in China these days, just stay clear of Chinese machines, if that makes sense. Stiga have some excellent mowers, especially the Twinclip range, which are their premium range. There are a couple of Pro models at the top of the range with Honda Pro engines and Blade Brake Clutches, coming in less than £1k with a 12 month Pro User Warranty and 5year Domestic warranty. If you are in the west of Dorset you will not be too far from me, why not pop over for a look? I would be a bit wary of the Titan, at under £400 its cheap, but just like your Stiga Brushcutter, cheap is not always best.
  4. Not quite sure where the anti-Stiga thing comes from. Stiga mowers are really good, so good in fact that I have dropped sales of my previous brands of JD, Hayter and Alko mowers to concentrate solely on Stiga product. Although I do sell Tanaka hand held rather than the Stiga.
  5. There are two different takes on mowers for 'professional' use. One is to buy an out and out Pro machine, which will be a super reliable machine, but will be very heavy and cost up to £1500. Based on working it for 300 days a year this will cost £1 per day if it lasts 5 years, but to be fair, it will need servicing and repairs if its going to do 5 years, so you can add another £0.50 per day, making £1.50 per day cost of ownership. Or, that £1.50 per day will buy you a cheaper, lighter £450 machine that you can, as Doobin says, write off in one year. No servicing costs at all, just stick it on e bay at the end of the season and get £100 back. And the added bonus is that you can lift into the van or carry up steps without medical bills. Simply put £1.50 into your budget spreadsheet for mower costs for either option. With that said, I do have a couple of really nice used John Deere mowers here. One is an R54 RKB 21" roller machine, and the other is a 18" R47 V with 4 wheels. Both fully serviced and in excellent order. You could have them both for £800.
  6. I realise that Arb trucks may be a slightly different beast to buy, but I would give new ones serious consideration. I had always been a 'secondhand' buyer, feeling that vehicles depreciated too much to even consider new ones. So never actually checked out new prices until a couple of years ago. We were looking for a good, nearly new car (Subaru Forester XT) but there was little choice and all tidy ones were fetching good money. Almost did a deal on an 18 month old demo model until I just threw the question of new in. This dealers price was high to be fair, but by shopping around I got a new one for less than the price of the demo model, and at the local dealer. So when I wanted to replace my 2012 business Transit Van, I looked around again at all sorts. Having not been too impressed with the Transit I looked at Peugeot Boxers. Used ones, about a year or two old, with high mileage and marked bodies were going for around 13K plus vat, so I bought a new one, H2L2, 130Ps for £14995 plus vat. Less than 2k more than used ones. This deal was also done locally. To be fair, I did not think the Peugeot would be as good quality as the Transit (The best price I could get on the Ford was 6k more than the Boxer), but in all honesty this van is superb!
  7. Tuning broken clutch springs seldom works.
  8. Good choice Yams. You should easily knock about 30% off the time it takes with the Countax, and the quality of the grass will improve. This first cut will be tricky though. Choose a dry day if possible, Remove the mulching baffle and keep the deck high. The deck will very likely still clag up, so be careful where you switch it off as it will deposit a ton of concentrated mulch! Go as slowly as possible and be led by your senses. If you smell rubber, slow down. Their are 3 belts in the Pro train, but the one to watch is the the clutching belt from the engine pulley to the central pulley on the machine pivot. It will be the first to fail when overloaded. Enjoy.
  9. Hi Yama Interesting post, and valid questions that I may be able to provide the answers for. Firstly though, your pricing is a little out, unless someone is offering clearance prices on old spec machines. These are the current prices. Park 416 VPM with Combi 3 EL QF (new Quick Flip) deck, Stiga ST 500 single cylinder engine, 452cc 9.3kw. 3yr warranty. retail price £4098 but sells for £3699 after discount Tornado 6108HW with 108cm deck,Stiga ST 650 2 cylinder engine , 635cc, 12.1kw. 5yr warranty. retail price of £3399, but selling for £2999 after discount. There has never been a claim of one being more heavy duty than the other. They are completely different machines suited to different purposes. You could feel that as the Tornado 6108 has a 5year warranty, as opposed to the the 3 yr on the Park, but in reality the Park has the heavier duty build quality, although a lesser duty engine. The most important thing is to match the machine to the task. If the task is regular cutting of well kept grassland then the Park models will certainly give the best finish, with the best conversion of grass to small clippings. They love irregular areas due to the front deck. But to be honest, although the throat at the back of the deck can be enlarged by removing a baffle, they are not best suited to long grass maintenance. They will work very hard trying to process long grass and result in blockage and belt wear. By long grass I mean areas that are not cut often, with grass to be removed in excess of 100mm or so. For longer grass, cut infrequently, a side discharge deck is best as the grass is cut and forcibly discharged from the side of the deck, where it is spread in an unmulched state, but with little load on the machine allowing faster progress. Sure, the standard mulch plug can be fitted which keeps the material within the deck to be mulched , but once again, just like the Park, this will slow down progress in long grass and overload the drive belts. So in summary, for fast coverage of large areas containing longer grass, the side discharge option is best. For areas of shorter, regularly cut grass, a much plug in the side discharge, or a front mounted mulching deck will both work fine. The very best finish will obtained from the purpose built , front mounted, mulching deck. I hope this helps.
  10. GardenKit

    Drowned engines

    If you can claim them on insurance then crack on. It will be best in the long run. Water will have got in the bearings of the shaft, gearbox and engine. Rust may well have formed which will turn any remaining grease into a grinding paste, shortening life. Water will also have penetrated down any Bowden type throttle cables and these will surely fail prematurely. Otherwise do as others have said, but be prepared for a shortened life. I will never guarantee a repair on a flood damaged machine again, been caught too many times.
  11. Of course I agree totally, except for one thing, and its something that many people overlook in their calculations, as they seem to think their petrol is free. Aspen is at worst only about £12 more than a pump petrol/oil mix. £12? Still a lot of money but it breaks the bank a little less than £20!
  12. I'm kind of guessing it may be sorted by now. 51/2 years should have been plenty of time to fix it🤣
  13. You have to be careful on choice of barrel pumps as many are designed for use with oil and just will not work on thinner fuel. Aspen UK do offer a couple though, that are proven to work. Barrel pumps suitable for use with Aspen
  14. Its not for me to pass comment on your finances and profitability Jack, but even if you used 5 litres a day, every day of a 5 day week your total Aspen bill would be £100, against about £40 for petrol/oil. So in reality you will be worse off by only £60. O.k, I realise £60 is a lot of money, but I can be certain that you will feel better and less tired at the end of each day without breathing petrol fumes and your work rate in the afternoon may well increase. An afternoon of increased output could easily cover the £60 and put some more in your pocket too. Food for thought?


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