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  1. The Mountfield comes with a 3 year warranty for domestic users, It really does not matter what time of year you buy one the warranty still covers 3 seasons, so no warranty is ever wasted. (sorry, just noticed that someone has already said this!)
  2. Hiya bud, you still able to get tanaka spares and how do u find them, kind of lost as to think what they compared to and if or how they handle well? 

  3. I see James Nesbitt got just recognition for his part as Thurlow
  4. I definately got a bit worried when I realised I definately fitted the profile for 'H'.
  5. I would personally not be selling a 10 year old Park Compact 16 4wd for that money without a new deck, unless the original was exceptionally good. There are the odd machine that has only been used in the dry and been cleaned before garaging, but most are not and a 10 year old deck is likely to be very thin from rust. Best check it out thoroughly or you may be needing a £629 95 combi deck quite soon. Job to see from the image quality but it looks a little tatty.
  6. Thanks for the chance to come out and demonstrate the Stiga Park machine Devon Woodlands, it was great to visit your woodland and lawns again after all these years (you will recall that I had serviced machinery for a previous owner) I am sorry you did not feel that mulching was not right for you and I do respect your opinion that it would not leave the finish you desired. Your massive amount of leaves is certainly a problem that many mowers will not cope with. I do feel that a Stiga Estate collector machine would have coped very well with the leaves, but my concern was for the damage that could be caused to the timed deck when mowing the paths which were strewn with exposed roots. It would only be a matter of time before a blade chopped into a root and snapped the timing belt. The untimed decks will not suffer this damage, but I would still be very careful not to catch a root as the decks themselves can distort around the blade bearing housing making the blades cut irregularly. It really was a pleasure meeting you and I look forward to doing some sort of business with you one day soon.
  7. So... some primers have no hole, such as the ones on Briggs Sprint engines. They work by squirting the petrol in the bulb into the manifold when the primer is pushed. It refills when released and sucks fuel up. Some other Briggs engines, and most Chinese engines that have primers as opposed to chokes, use a primer with a hole. These work by pushing extra air pressure into the carb bowl which pushes the fuel down and up through the jets into the carb throat. They only work when your finger is over the hole, the rest of the time the hole vents the bowl. There is no way that these leak fuel unless the carb needle is jammed and the carb is flooding (as Chris said) Some primers with holes are connected to the carb by a pipe, but others transfer air via drillings in the air filter cover.
  8. Pity about not wanting to mulch, it would save you so much time. And the Park is an incredibly well built machine. I have sold hundreds since 1989, many of which are still going strong. Hardly ever had a loose bolt, yet alone had one shake to bits. I would not use anything else. Give me a call, I will be in the shop most of tomorrow, and even on Sunday!
  9. Hi DevonWoodlands, welcome to the forum. And a thank you for the 'shout out' from @harvey b davison. Firstly, to put things into perspective, the Honda HF1211 which has given you such great service was actually produced by Stiga for Honda and fitted with a Honda engine. I have just this evening delivered a new Stiga version, the 2072H. The fact that yours has done so much work is testament to the quality of Stiga machines and as it is one of the cheapest at £1799, and one of the smallest, you can be assured that bigger and more expensive Stiga models will be better still. You are correct that Stiga do not offer the larger and heavier duty Diesel machines such as the Iseki and Kubota, but based on the service your Stiga built Honda has given you something like the Italian built 92cm Stiga Estate 5092HW at £2799 will give you sterling service and with the 290litre collector will go further between emptying than the 170litre box on your Honda. The 92 cm machine has a V belt drive to the blades unlike the 42" and 48" versions which have a timed deck, and with your tree roots I would keep clear of timed decks as you will inevitably have timing belt failure. So if you would prefer to only spend £2799 one of these would do the job fine. Stiga Estate 5092 HW But to be honest I would not contemplate cutting the amount you do with a collection mower. I would go for the super high quality Stiga Park 740PWX with 110 Combi Pro deck. Stiga Park 740 PWX I know its a mulcher, but its a joy to drive and excellent around trees and paths. It leaves an excellent mulch finish although it has to be said that the best finish will be had on more frequent cuts so you may want to do your fine lawns areas a little more regularly in the fastest growing season. Your wooded areas will grow slowly and so will be fine fortnightly. I am confident that with the increase in size and power, and without the need to stop and empty, you could cut your mowing time to about 3 hrs a fortnight allowing you to maybe cut a little more often in high season. Please feel free to give me a call if you wish to discuss further
  10. If you mean your bold statement the I sincerely doubt it. If I see the spec sheets I may change my mind. It's all about the science rather than " i have it on good authority ".
  11. Wow, very bold claims ADW. I would love to see some spec sheets on the Huskie stuff.
  12. There again, it could just be an issue of tuning, even though it has been tuned it may not have been tuned quite right. Just a fraction of a turn on the screw can make all the difference.
  13. Fair point, but as I have said before, some machines will need a slight retune to run well on Aspen. This is well known and well accepted. I have been supplying new machines set up to run on Aspen for a decade with very few issues like the ones reported by the OP, but the few that have initially been a bit temperamental have all been remedied. It has been the machines that have been wrong initially, not the fuel. I have to admit though that I do not sell Huskie and have not set up new Huskies for many years, but will be amazed if they wont run on Aspen.
  14. Interested to know what makes the Husqvarna fuel better ADW. Can you link me in to spec sheets so that I can compare?
  15. Its very unlikely that there could be a bad batch of Aspen. The quality control in the Aspen plant at Hindas is second to none and they are absolute experts in the production of Alkylate fuel. Its what they do, they are fuel specialists. But they don't rest on their laurels (whatever that means) and every batch is carefully labelled (coded cans) and a sample from every batch ever produced is stored so that it could be analysed in the future if required. As you say, a dodgy batch, if there were such a thing would be quickly spotted in the dealer trade and reported.


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