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  1. Just saw one in the village, you know the type. All lycra, gnarly leg muscles. Pointy Airodynamic hat, snug fitting pointy shades and, no doubt, a hidden budgie. Barreling through the country village and WEARING A FACE MASK. WTF!
  2. Not trying to be funny, but is there really such a thing as McCulloch Alpina? There is McCulloch, then there is Alpina. D ifferent manufacturers. And what is so difficult about the word McCulloch that it need to be made even more difficult by putting a G in it?
  3. Hi i see you  are  a stiga mower man. Hope you  dont mind i was wondering if i can ask a couple of questions first ive got a park president and it turns over really fast but wont fire. Second when i did get it running and drove it forward it seam to try and stop the engine but ok running in neutral.

    1. GardenKit


      Sorry Paul, way too big a subject to discuss remotely.

      Service history? Compression? Ignition? Valves? Fuel?

      Maybe best to take it to someone who knows their stuff, but not yet of course. STAY HOME, SAVE LIVES.



  4. Stiga Mountfield (Stiga own Mountfield) entered the market a few years ago with the Freedom 48 system aimed at domestic users. They then introduced the 80V system, which consisted of heavier duty machines and used a heavy 80V battery. Not strictly classed as Pro user stuff, but pretty good. There is a Pro mulching mower in the range. Next came the lightweight 24v kit, all supplied in a box with a battery and charger, specifically aimed at domestic market. Now we have the 500 series (also 48V), which is the latest technology and will I think slowly replace the older 80V and 48V ranges. The 500 series batteries come in 2.0ah, 4.0ah and 5.0ah varieties. All exactly the same size, but different weights. The 500 series mowers generally use 2 batteries. The 80V saw is big and heavy. It uses a 2.5 ah 80 v battery providing 200w/h of power. The 500 series saw is much more compact, and a topper to boot. Using just one 4.ah battery which provides 172w/h of power.
  5. GardenKit

    Medium size 4x4

    Plus one for the Subaru Forester. Incredibly reliable, and the amazing permanent all wheel drive will take it anywhere. A little thirsty, but not disastrous.
  6. We were contacted on 1st April, as promised, by the local council in respect of the grant to rateable business. It took only a few minutes to fill in the on line application and the money should be on its way to our account. £10k does seem a lot of dosh, but it is a one off grant (gift, as it does not need repaying). It will go along way towards paying the business overheads of rent, insurance, utilities etc for 3 or 4 months. But we are a Ltd Company and there is no provision for company directors in the current aid package, unlike the 80% income that that the self employed have. If I was running as a "sole trader" rather than a Ltd Company I would have the £10k to keep the business afloat AND a wage based on the average of 3 years profits. As it stands we will be living off our savings. One bonus though, living frugally for two weeks has let me lose 1/2 stone!!
  7. Almost right, but not quite. Saw £149 (bare) 4.0a/h battery £129 each. (takes one, but you may want a spare too) Standard charge £34 Fast charger £79 In stock at present (no std chargers though)
  8. 4 to 8 thou clearance on both valves, but TBH they seldom need adjustment. 25thou on the plug. Not much else to say really, pretty bombproof engines.
  9. There are actually several forms of residue left by stale petrol. I have seen very clear jelly, very browny coloured paste, brownish glue, and crystals in various forms. I do see these sugary crystals from time to time, and usually in alloy tanks and larger alloy carburettors, although its not often I have seen them quite as sugery as Mike's. But different brands of petrol do indeed seem to behave in different manners, which is hardly surprising when you think that the average fuel contains well over 100 chemicals, and chemicals, by nature, do react with others. The chemical reactions do vary from fuel to fuel, and are effected by temperature and humidity too. But I am not a chemist, so cannot be precise on the nature of these crystals. But, it has to be said, that as Aspen contains only about 10 chemicals and is technically 'stable' you can be assured that no chemical reactions take place and no deposits will form. Thousands have tried Aspen and will never go back to petrol.
  10. The GGP group no longer exists, as it is now branded Stiga. Atco and Mountfield are now part of Stiga.
  11. But to be fair, you are not going to get the same quality as a Stihl or Husky for half the price! And, as you say it does the job. I have sold several of the red ones from Stiga Mountfield with the Kawasaki engines and the owners are chuffed to bits with them. I agree though, that the harness is not that great for Pro use although adequate for domestic. The Kawaski engine is totally genuine Japanese engineering, although most of their production is now in China. To be frank, there is nothing wrong with having kit built in China these days, just stay clear of Chinese machines, if that makes sense. Stiga have some excellent mowers, especially the Twinclip range, which are their premium range. There are a couple of Pro models at the top of the range with Honda Pro engines and Blade Brake Clutches, coming in less than £1k with a 12 month Pro User Warranty and 5year Domestic warranty. If you are in the west of Dorset you will not be too far from me, why not pop over for a look? I would be a bit wary of the Titan, at under £400 its cheap, but just like your Stiga Brushcutter, cheap is not always best.
  12. Not quite sure where the anti-Stiga thing comes from. Stiga mowers are really good, so good in fact that I have dropped sales of my previous brands of JD, Hayter and Alko mowers to concentrate solely on Stiga product. Although I do sell Tanaka hand held rather than the Stiga.
  13. There are two different takes on mowers for 'professional' use. One is to buy an out and out Pro machine, which will be a super reliable machine, but will be very heavy and cost up to £1500. Based on working it for 300 days a year this will cost £1 per day if it lasts 5 years, but to be fair, it will need servicing and repairs if its going to do 5 years, so you can add another £0.50 per day, making £1.50 per day cost of ownership. Or, that £1.50 per day will buy you a cheaper, lighter £450 machine that you can, as Doobin says, write off in one year. No servicing costs at all, just stick it on e bay at the end of the season and get £100 back. And the added bonus is that you can lift into the van or carry up steps without medical bills. Simply put £1.50 into your budget spreadsheet for mower costs for either option. With that said, I do have a couple of really nice used John Deere mowers here. One is an R54 RKB 21" roller machine, and the other is a 18" R47 V with 4 wheels. Both fully serviced and in excellent order. You could have them both for £800.
  14. I realise that Arb trucks may be a slightly different beast to buy, but I would give new ones serious consideration. I had always been a 'secondhand' buyer, feeling that vehicles depreciated too much to even consider new ones. So never actually checked out new prices until a couple of years ago. We were looking for a good, nearly new car (Subaru Forester XT) but there was little choice and all tidy ones were fetching good money. Almost did a deal on an 18 month old demo model until I just threw the question of new in. This dealers price was high to be fair, but by shopping around I got a new one for less than the price of the demo model, and at the local dealer. So when I wanted to replace my 2012 business Transit Van, I looked around again at all sorts. Having not been too impressed with the Transit I looked at Peugeot Boxers. Used ones, about a year or two old, with high mileage and marked bodies were going for around 13K plus vat, so I bought a new one, H2L2, 130Ps for £14995 plus vat. Less than 2k more than used ones. This deal was also done locally. To be fair, I did not think the Peugeot would be as good quality as the Transit (The best price I could get on the Ford was 6k more than the Boxer), but in all honesty this van is superb!
  15. Tuning broken clutch springs seldom works.


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