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  1. GardenKit


    The Kohler operator book states 100 hrs for oil changes with filters at 200 hrs. I would not exceed the 100 hrs under any circumstances and would change more frequently on engines doing less work. For example, an engine running less than 100hrs a year would get an annual oil change. For the cost of the filter I would personally change it whenever the oil is changed, then it will never be overlooked. Oil and filters are much cheaper than engines so worth the investment. Oil not only lubricates the engine but also carries away the contaminants as well as cooling the engine in the case of an air cooled unit, so make sure the oil is always full to the max mark. It amazes me how many people think the minimum mark is acceptable, it really is not.
  2. GardenKit

    Chainsaws and warm/hot sheds??

    I would have no concerns for the saw itself when subject to these temperatures, so leave it with the tank cap fully closed. It will be fine. But I have definite concerns over the petrol fume laden atmosphere, its an accident just waiting to happen. Don't smoke when entering, and don't fire the saw up. Inhaling the fumes will not do you any good either, long term. Also be aware that your fuel will deteriorate much more rapidly when subject to temperature changes. When the temperature drops the tanks will draw back in from the surrounding air and if that air is damp the moisture will be gobbled up by the ethanol content of the petrol. The first effect will be the formation of water in the bottom of the tanks, and if unused, this water will react with the ethanol to form a gelatinous gunge which will cause engine issues. By far the best place to store your fuel, either in cans or in the saw, will be in the cool, stable atmosphere of the stone built shed.
  3. GardenKit

    Husqvarna fuel, aspen?

    Ed, the new fuel from Huskie is NOT rebranded Aspen. It may be similar, it may be just as good, only time will tell. Aspen have been producing and developing Alkylate fuel blends for over 30 years and their plant and labs are dedicated solely to Aspen fuel, but the Huskie product has been outsourced by Husqvarna. A few years ago Huskie were selling rebranded Aspen but had a struggle getting their dealers interested so withdrew the product. However, over the last 4 or 5 years sales of Aspen have soared in the UK and most dealers, as well as customers, have taken the whole Alkylate fuel thing seriously. Hence Stihl and Huskie now marketing their own versions. Aspen however, is still the original and in my opinion , the best.
  4. GardenKit

    Stiga Estate 3084H

    In all honesty the Stiga and castle garden do come from the same factory, but are handled by different companies in the UK. The 92 cm PGX140 HD Castlegarden machine uses the same chassis as the Stiga 5092H, but with a smaller 13hp engine, different body work, and a smaller grass box. The Stiga machines always tend to carry the higher specs than their cousins.
  5. GardenKit

    Stiga Estate 3084H

    Morning Carlos. I may be a bit biased as a Stiga dealer, but here goes. The 3084H is the smallest of the Stiga tractor shaped ride ons, but is well built and good value for money at a new price of £2199 inc towbar and mulch kit. I have sold many of these over the years with very few problems and the customers are more than happy. If you need a machine of these dimensions then this is the one to go for, but if you can accommodate a slightly longer machine with a little bit more width, then its worth spending the extra £150 on the Estate 5092H which puts you up to the 9kw (18hp) engine, heavier duty chassis and deck, as well as an extra 50litres in the grass box (290l). Also get the 'comfort' seat and LED headlights. This machine is just incredible value at £2349. Stiga is now probably the strongest brand in the UK as Mountfield and Atco are now all incorporated within Stiga Ltd. There are Stiga, Mountfield or Atco dealers all over the UK and Ireland, probably more than any other brand, so spares and service will never be a problem.
  6. GardenKit

    Engine tacho

    Cool. Please pm me a link or number, that beats paying the Briggs price.
  7. GardenKit

    Engine tacho

    The TT20K is standard equipment for Briggs and Stratton dealers and available as a Briggs part from any dealer. We have one at both workstations as we cannot be bothered to share! Not cheap though at around £180 inc vat
  8. GardenKit

    Whats the weather like near you?

    Like a summers day here today. Bright sunshine, really warm, and lots of smiling faces. Honest!
  9. GardenKit

    Whats the weather like near you?

    I have never known such a wet winter, even our sandy soil is waterlogged. Devon was the wettest county in the Uk in March. Brilliant today though, had to cast a clout around lunchtime.
  10. GardenKit

    What brush cutter and head?

    You are soon going to need a new one Stubby, that one has seen some serious work!
  11. GardenKit

    Toro pedestrian mowers.

    Ah, sorry Beau, but following my post, and knowing your dad did have a Stiga I made the wrong assumption!
  12. GardenKit

    Toro pedestrian mowers.

    Did he have a Twinclip Beau, or an older model Stiga. The new Twinclips have an incredibly tough gearbox. Some of the earlier Stiga's did have gearbox issues though.
  13. GardenKit

    Toro pedestrian mowers.

    Not so with the Stiga Twinclip mowers. They are designed to fold and the cables are routed so as not to catch or get damaged. Very good mowers too, with domestic and Pro variants.
  14. GardenKit

    How are you guys coping with GDPR compliance?

    Its a new compliance regulation called General Data Protection Regulation (GDPR). Its very complex but ALL business, however small, have to comply. Basically it is to ensure that information you store about customers is secure, and that the customer is fully aware of how you use the information you store. He also has to give consent for you to keep data on file, and to use it to contact him. Its much more involved than this and presumably has massive impact on big business practices, especially those holding sensitive information about customers, but ANY data held that can lead to identification of a customer counts. For instance, even a clipboard in the front of the van with customer details on the job sheet is not secure. Its truly massive, and we all have to comply or risk very large fines. I really don't understand how it impacts the small business, hence this thread.
  15. GardenKit

    How are you guys coping with GDPR compliance?

    From the way I read it a permission may not be granted via email, but has to be in writing and signed. This hard copy then has to be safely kept on file. So not only will we be keeping data such as names and address, but also the customers signature! But, like I say, I really don't understand what we have to do yet, and time is running out.


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