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  1. I actually never drain oil, instead I use a vacuum extractor to suck it out through the dipstick. Don't think you could siphon it though Beau. Best to just remove the petrol tank support. Alternatively tip the machine to the left and drain it from the dipstick tube. Sounds crude, but it will work.
  2. You need to look on the other side. The plug will be in the side of the sump just below where the dipstick fits.
  3. GardenKit

    In Line Check Valves

    I cannot see the need for the valves, just let them fill each other's tanks and equalise the pressures.
  4. GardenKit

    The beauty of the Tax System

    Then a few quid a week to someone paying minimum tax would leave a much bigger hole in their market than the same amount would in yours, yet some, like me, would still be happy to pay. I would still be happy to pay the same amount if I suddenly got rich.
  5. GardenKit

    The beauty of the Tax System

    I am not a high earner, so pay tax at the standard rate. A few more quid a week would not hurt me, or many others, and if we all paid a few more quid a week there would be a lot more in the pot to run the country. The trouble is that most people demand more but want to give less. I am more than happy to pay for the services I use (or may need to one day). OK, some of what we pay may be spent unwisely (such as funding Brussels) and that needs sorting. One of the things we can concentrate on when we are not wasting time and money on the EU.
  6. GardenKit

    The beauty of the Tax System

    I hope that all those who moan about paying tax never moan about the lack of police, deficits in the NHS, education etc etc. I am very happy to pay tax, and would happily pay a little more to improve the services we rely on.
  7. GardenKit

    Aspen 2 oil

    Sometimes you just need a little trust! I cannot understand the "harsh" comment, as in fact Aspen is just the opposite. Aspen is 95 Ron just like petrol yet contains only around 10 chemicals none of which are solvents, as opposed to over 100 in petrol, of which 35% ish are "harsh" aromatics ( solvents). Aspen FRT oil is not over rich in detergency, it has no need to be as it does not have to clean up the products of combustion from the clean burning Aspen. As there are vertually no carbon deposits laid down by Aspen in the combustion chamber, there is nothing to clean up, so no abrasive material being scavenged. Petrol however, is dirty burning and the oils have to counter this, hence high detergency. It is true that carboned saws converted to Aspen will slowly clean up, but this is because Aspen lays down no further carbon and the original carbon is slowly cleaned up during the heat of combustion. The man from Aspen is an infrequent visitor to this site, but he will surely respond in good time, but I doubt you will find a spec sheet on the FRT oil. It's not available on the retail market as a bottle of 2 stroke oil so does not need a spec to print on the bottle. FRT is only found in the mixed Aspen2 fuel.
  8. GardenKit

    Aspen 2 oil

    Fair play, and I respect the opinions of others. But I have to say any good quality 2t oil will leave a coating on the internals of an engine that has been stopped in normal use. JASO FD oils only need to meet 6.5 min VI and that figure is considered sufficient. Each to their own though and as long as it works for you that's great.
  9. GardenKit

    Aspen 2 oil

    The only issues that can possibly occur when switching between fuels may be a requirement to retune. To be honest, this is no more of a problem than in the pre-alkylate days, when switching between various mixes of pump petrol could also cause slight tuning differences. Back in those days I sometimes had to retune a machine I had serviced using my own fuel mix after a customer had taken it back and used satisfactorily until he reverted to his own mix. It is no different now with Alkylates, most operators will not notice any difference though, but some finicky machines may possibly just need a little tweak to achieve perfection. In my opinion its much simpler just to stick to one fuel, its fairly easy to do, just buy Aspen2!
  10. GardenKit

    Aspen 2 oil

    Whilst respecting that many users have a personal preference for one oil or another ( Redline, Ipone, etc) i feel it important to mention that there is really no need to rush out and buy this stuff. There is simply nothing much wrong with most of the main brands. Those branded by, or endorsed by, the manufacturers are perfectly good oils, as is Rock Oil, but I personally would steer clear of the universal two stroke oils sold in garages, DIY stores etc. I feel its also very important to dispel any stories of the Aspen2 FRT oil causing problems, this is certainly far from true, and the FRT oil is certainly very high grade, and as stated by AspenOIl, it does exceed the quality of most other oils. The thing with Aspen FRT is that the oil has been developed by Aspen to provide the very best protection and they can only ensure that, if they exceed the exceptions of all the machine manufacuters. Aspen carry out exhaustive testing in their own labs, not just in test tubes, but by running identical engines on both their own oil and others, before dismantling and inspecting in fine details. The future of Aspen depends on its quality, and they will never compromise that quality. Rest assured that Aspen2 fuel offers the very best in protection for your powered equipment, there is no need to complicate matters with other oils or ratios. It is very easy for any oil to exceed the JASO standards, the bar is set quite low and by no means covers all properties of the oil, some oils can exceed the FD requirements but still be quite poor oils. With regards to the mention of the VI values in a previous post, where oils were being compared on their Viscosity index. This looks good on paper, but the viscosity of a two stoke oil at temperature is not particularly conducive to its performance IN MY OPINION.
  11. GardenKit

    What's on your bench today?

    On the subject of circlips (not e clips) there is a little tip to share. You know those pesky circlips that simply will not stay on the circlip pliers long enough to open them and install over the shaft? Try turning the circlip over, the pliers may grip better. This is because the little holes in the circlip are punched through in manufacture and tend to be a little tapered, so, as your plier tips are a bit tapered too the ciclip just slides off. Turn it over and the reverse taper causes a sharper edge to grip the plier tip. Installing the circlips the right way up eases subsequent removal too.
  12. GardenKit

    Aspen 2 worth using ?

    For me it's the fact that I am an Aspen dealer!
  13. GardenKit

    Aspen 2 worth using ?

    I agree that battery power is becoming a reality now, and as the popularity increases, the sales of Aspen may decrease, or at least the increase in volume will level out. Its amazing how rapidly things are changing these days.
  14. GardenKit

    Aspen 2 worth using ?

    I agree that being able to sell Aspen in 25litre cans in the UK would be an great advantage. But its not fair to accuse Aspen UK of not getting their act together, as they would love to sell it too. All Aspen is packed in Sweden and shipped to the UK in sealed cans (bottles) of 1l, 5l and 200litre. Sadly the standard 25 litre can is made of plastic and fuel is not permitted to be imported and sold (or stored) in the UK in plastic cans exceeding 10 litres under the Petroleum regulations. So, until government legislation changes (not likely) I am afraid that sellers and consumers alike, will have to put up with 5l, or 200l containers.
  15. GardenKit

    Stihl hs81r blades

    If you are good with the grinder the result can be just as good as any other method.


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