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  1. L200

    Well been let down twice. Maybe next year we'll have better luck
  2. L200

    Aye hope so bro. Soon find out lol
  3. L200

    Yep finally. Lol. Now gotta make it pay for its self lol. Have been mailing u bro
  4. L200

    Thank arbbie
  5. L200

    Have got 7 days to get it inspected and it has full history bud. Receipts etc for the latest tyres gearbox etc. Plus ive been waiting 4/5 yrs now lol. Otherthings always came up before hand. No excuses this time. All in now
  6. L200

    If she doesnt know lol plus theyve all got climbing helmets and glasses so shouldnt be a problem. If it is ill have to keep the focus for now.
  7. L200

    Thanks will, i will do since i know nothing about vehs
  8. L200

    Picking the ranger up sunday. New gearbox clutch tyres head gasket etc 👍🏻
  9. L200

    Well after lots of emails ive ****** 'lucy' from Dundee off as it was all sounding dodgy as. So got a guy calling me from Boston
  10. L200

    Rather hear about now bud. Hopefully its just short term to get me running
  11. L200

    Lol im a short ass so my legs are normally like that reaching the pedals
  12. L200

    Cheers mr head 👍🏻 hopefully within a week ill have both
  13. L200

    Ok thanks mr Timber 👍🏻Need a double for now as ive got 3 boys to cart around and our lass wont allow me to ratchet strap them in the bed or trailer lol. Luckily have some mechanic mates that will give it a good going over. Just didnt wanna end up having to shell out alot over wise id find a landrover lol
  14. L200

    So im finally able to look and buy a cheap l200. Is there anything i should put cash aside for. Tyres head gasket cam belts etc have been renewed Would you say this was a goer for a first truck. Ill be pairing it up with a 7'by4' trailer
  15. bowl turning thread

    Some more amazing wood from big j 👍🏻 this burr is the largest at 36" dia


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