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  1. Had an email from something called arbtalk and a private message.... So thought I may as well read it and just poke my head up. A LOT has changed for me and not touched a saw or anything arb related since the beginning of last year. And I don't intend to for the rest of my life. All things arb have gone. Life moves in very crap ways, and mine moved into one heck of a stinker. My body is ruined, my mind has gone and with everything that happened I gave up. So now working a crappy job with no future in it but living for my family not my work. Anyway. Just popped my head in and unless some weird email pops up saying something about a message again I bid you all good health.
  2. It's going soon. Want a focus or astra. Something like that. The landy has served me well and doesn't owe me a penny. To be honest I'm completely fed up with fixing. Being the go to guy for a lot of people. I still get asked and just reply with a no. After last year I have woken up a bit and now weekends are for me, the partner and my son. If someone wants a tool fixed they are more than welcome to have me in for a day or two working on a day rate On a weekday.
  3. All good. No headaches with broken gear. No worries over How I'm suppose to fill the workshop, just turn up and work now. Just have to fix my landy as the head blew its gasket.
  4. Rich2484


    Been a while so thought I would update this thread. Was an average year last with with 47 shouts in total and most being medi vac jobs from ships. This year we are on a total of 7 jobs so far. 2 have been body recoveries from the bottom of cliffs. Others have been standard recovery of crap floating about in shipping lanes that gets reported. One very interesting job was a trawler that sunk in the channel. Morgenster (morning star) lifeboats from dungeness, Hastings and us got called out after the beam trawler disappeared from coastguard ais (a sort of gps locator for ships that shows where they are) and radar. Spent the entire night out from 7 until 4 the next morning. Then after 3 hours kip the search was resumed with returning at 11pm the next night. Total hours I think was something like 18 hours out. Sadly 2 bodies where recovered by lifeboats and later 1 more was recovered when the wreck was dived. One person is still outstanding from her crew. Those in the South East will have seen the stories on the news think there are still news stories on the web. A sad outcome but that night the weather was terrible with huge seas, freezing temps and darkness. And tired crews from all lifeboats. I spent a hole 24 hours sleeping after it. Lighter notes, been in the papers a lot for shouts and other work we have done. Nothing came from being a div tech as I got ill.
  5. Nothing is on my bench as I don't have one anymore. And I'm glad about it. Just work for other people. Much easier.
  6. Hi. Eddy t messaged me on Facebook. I'm doing ok I guess. Workshops have gone. Can't do that anymore as work just didn't get done as I was just too tired. So I've been back on ground. Had a few Off days and just couldn't work. But starting to get life on track and starting to make some money again. Still having scans and tests and still seeing doc's. Got to the lowest point yet and starting to get out of it.
  7. That's cool. Managed to find manual online from timberwolf with diagrams
  8. Thanks Mark but it's the relays on the side, on the plastic cover.
  9. Urgently need a wiring diagram On coloured wires to safety relay and forward relay. Found a 150 diagram is it the same? Any help greatly appreciated. A photo is even better. Thanks in advance.
  10. What have I missed??? Spud you are still both Barrie and spud.....lol I've been a busy boy. Got another workshop on the go and a worker...
  11. What tractor and what's wrong. Pm me and I will see if I can help
  12. Oh. You must become a stihl dealer first to get there training. This is. A major pita. Look into it and you will find out. There is no training out there for chainsaw mechs just for engine techs.
  13. Remove filter. Take tank Off and clean it out. Blow down pipe and clear tank pickup, also worth cleaning carb.
  14. Rich2484


    Thanks max. It's not a job but a passion. We are on 16 jobs so far this year and sadly 3 have been body recovery. And I have been in the local rag twice.


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