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  1. yr just splitting hairs now 🤣🤣🤣🤣🤣
  2. Digger weighs in @ 2700kg with extra counter weight & grab rotator trailer weighs 625kg
  3. My hitachi is zero tail swing & you can tell when you have big lump in it , it has 180 kg counter wight iv had another 1 made to off set the grab weight just waiting fir it to arrive
  4. No access no problem gates too narrow & theres loads off steps so over the fence she goes 😁😁😁😁
  5. Yes did my tractor 😁more expense🤣🤣🤣
  6. Just what you need @ the end of a spanking hot day when you get bk to yr yard
  7. Thats a fair sized tree,theres 4 days in that imo, thats its all gone & stump ground out its got some bloating @ the base so may get lucky with with a soft center😉climber & 1 on rigging & preper for drag its a fair drag for 2, would split the drag .1,to the path drop brash 2nd takes to chipper & chips,due to narrow path,4 man job imo, lot off cutting up to do & a shit load of cleaning thats a lot off sawdust to blow under them rodes🤣🤣 😁😁
  8. I had a brand new biggist pile off shite shock its self that much every bit of metal on it cracked
  9. I had jensen 530t & 540t for 15yrs good chippers but out dated now & they wont move on the tw 230 out performs them both wen it come to dealing with forks it gets greased every day, so should be ok for a good few yrs
  10. Am very busy with work supposed to be semi retired but work load pushing it back major down side of it all is not getting for a pint on a friday or wkends away with wife & no kids 😁😁


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