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  1. Haha ... think i will go for ive quoted it as low as I can. Just don't understand why someone would embarrass themselfs for 50 quid.
  2. Went to price a job a couple of weeks ago, the customer said he was waiting on a few other guys coming. I sent him the quote of £550, he replied at the time saying he will review it. Now 2 weeks later hes messaged to say he wants me to do the job but its slightly over his budget... could i do it for £500? Not bothered about the 50 quid but the fact this guys got at least 3 quotes... i must be the cheapest and hes still got the cheek to ask for something off it. This seems to be happening more often now and was wondering how everyone else responds to people trying to get money off just for the sake of it.
  3. Hi, I have been asked to provide a bird nesting report prior to starting a large job. Is the something most companys do themselfs or is it better sourcing someone externally? Just not sure as to exactly how much detail or information would be in a report other than saying there is a bird in your tree!
  4. Whats everyones opinion on how far you would stump grind roots? Done a job recently where the woman wanted a stump removed and got a call back to say i had missed part of a root... which was about 5 metres long ... went back and got it. Wheres the line?
  5. Will have a look cheers!
  6. Yeah but when im done climbing i help out the groundy and my hands take a beating wearing nothing
  7. Hi... whats the best chainsaw gloves? Keep going through cheap ones so looking for better quality. Any recommendations? Thanks
  8. Managed to get it sorted, it was an electrical issue in the controller. Thanks for the help.
  9. Hi, I know nothing about tippers or hydraulic systems but my tipper is stuck half way up... it wont go up or down. Checked the hydraulic fluid ... seems fine. Any idea what the next most likely cause would be?
  10. Hello, where would I get the best deal on a new forst ST6P? Or will all dealers be about the same? Based in glasgow scotland but willing to travel. Been quoted 16500 plus vat
  11. Was thinking that myself. Any experience with the predator 360?
  12. Toss up between this and a predator 360. Any suggestions? Thanks
  13. Looking at getting a stump grinder about the 5k mark. Currently having to turn away stumps which in turn has lost me tree work. Thinking of going for the predator 360, would this take out large stumps? Or am i better going for something more expensive. Thanks
  14. I have recently done my tickets and started up myself and i want to learn how to identify trees and more or less have a good knowledge about when to cut certain species. Whats the best way to go about it? Any online courses?
  15. Yeah i just thought thought arb was maybe an accredited qualification which had a governing body rather than just having chainsaw tickets without any tree knowledge


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