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  1. Having a good check over the machine would give a good idea.big cheppets tend to chip quicker.also will depend on what work its doing.
  2. Looked at some takeuchis.seem to hold there money well.
  3. what are folk using pros & cons ,etc mainly in the 1.5t range johny
  4. mainly to be used in arb work, site jobs,feeding tracked chipper etc
  5. I was chasing thst chippet tto put iy on tracks. [emoji6]
  6. Wich are folk using & why.any body used both pro ,cons etc[emoji41]
  7. A tw230 will piss alover a 530.it will break forks the 530 will just scratch on.im sorry to say.the rollers on a 230 are among the the best out there
  8. what search do you use on yr Macs,safari or google ,just trying to get the best out off it, googles a bit nosy
  9. I got some meindls in the end, great boots ,no breaking in wich was good as was yomping around the lakes district
  10. No.never .its not a forst
  11. looking for recommadations for good quality hiking/walking boots with good ankle support cheers
  12. have you put the linkage bk on correctly.
  13. a bit off panel beaating & t-cut will sort that out, any p45 involved
  14. iv got a stray in the yard jet black ,just like a panther, seems to enjoy wild rabbit,
  15. Just got a 560.pretty impressed wi it.wsy better than the stihl 362.
  16. Thanks chaps.working today so builders can crack on 😁
  17. we only have your sayso on this tho
  18. Are you going to show it or not:001_rolleyes:
  19. Are you liaing:001_tongue: Are you going to show us


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