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  1. Aye that's wot i seem to be doing except n lunch bags, wedge bags and every other work related bag I have. I thought about using Tupperware type boxes but seen the price off them and wondered wot others do. I'll have a look at those other things, my tablet or letting me open it the now. Aye ammo boxes a bit too heavy lugging about a forestry site. Ideally I would change everything to run on 3/8s and even change sprockets/bars etc so could run all the same chain no matter wot colour Got a few smaller cc saws for some jobs so handy running Pico or 325 chain, they'd struggle stepping up to 3/8s Got a few mates trying out the new husky X cut chain ( basically 325 Pico) . Really like it say cuts really quick even on up to 60cc saws. Althou bars a bit flimsy only 1.3mm guage I think.
  2. Alright just wondering how u all cope with managing and storing spare chains either in vans or tool boxes lunch bags etc. In the past I only really done commercial forestry so usually only had 2 saws big and med both running 3/8s, althou have to admit 1 Stihl q husky so did have different guages. But u could always tell them apart by the numbers. Why the hell do Stihl and husky not run on the same sized chain????? Now I have a complete mix of saws from different makers running all sorts off chains from 3/8pico, 325 and 3/8s. And bars f all different sizes I always used to carry a spare bar and chain in my piece bag, had a tidy up the other day was like a lucky dip of chains of all shapes and sizes. In the shed they all hang on nails with size/saw etc written above In the past tried those take away curry boxes but break to easy. How do others cope a keep chains ingood nick loose and indefinable Cheers
  3. Or it could equally prove ur either not as good/quick as u think u are Or it could mean ur not as hard a worker as u think. Or both the above It could also mean the boss fcuked up his pricing when he estimated the job. It happens It could mean a whole lot of things other than the boss is a cowboy, althou he may well be. Surely ton rate and piece rate are pretty much the same thing and it would completely depend on wot the tonnage rate was. But I can't imagine the tonnage rate being much different, would it not simply be simply the piece rate multiplied by its average wieght ( if an average piece was 50kg ur ton rate would be about 20x that) can't see how it makes any odds. The harder Moe effeciant u work the more u get paid.
  4. Not being funny but surely it's quite a big jump from asking wot a decent rate is to actually running the company. While not rocket science but if u don't know how many pieces u can cut in an hour/day out of different timber stands how are u going to agree a price on a job just by looking at it?? Loads of forestry companies go bust every year ( as do ARB companies) good bosses make it look easy but it can be harder then u think when u have to price in plant too. Really need to walk a long way first before u start to run.
  5. Aye bit cauld too if in North sea. Good job I'm not Sherlock Holmes my deduction powers are rubbish.
  6. But is that not exactly how most subbies or 2 and 1 brickie squads in building trade get paid? Either by amount of bricks they lay or meter sq, or pipe layers meterage of pipe laid. Really not that unusual in most walks of life. Like others have said rewards the hard workers as long as standards/quality not cut I take it u work on the railways Andy? ( Talking about orange hi viz and sitting in a van on a Sunday night getting paid) have u never had a job and knock night shift?? Essentially piece work paid to complete a job and go home. Occasionally had them on big sites, althou often the coss/main subbies man would bottle it when we knocked it out in double quick time and made us work on. I know when I worked on railways on bosses priced jobs we occasionally got jobs with a bonus if we completed it under the man days boss had quoted
  7. Sorry dumper I never looked at that picture well enough, but aye that's the sort off thing. Dunno if it can be mounted slightly closer in? As seems to stick out a bit but possibly due to Avant design? But u see plenty of hydraulic rescue winches bolted on to tractors etc
  8. I'd just go for some sort of Hydraulic winch and mount it directly on the chasis of ur Avant, somewhere out the way. Must admit not overly familiar with Avant design but I'd also add a couple of old fashioned fold down spades ( like u get on old fashioned Broughton/cooked type winches ) that will dig in when the tension is on. Very simple design and ucould probably attach with pins to removable if in the way for normal every day use.
  9. I really don't see a problem as long are rates are set at the right money. I don't know the lad, but he's on about not working for 12ph, the last fencing company I subbed to were paying some of they're SE fencers about 10 an hour which is rubbish, but they were also useless c**rs and it was probably more than they deserved, I was on a good bit more but I do have a lot of experience. When u start a job as ESS says ur not working at full speed and often ineffeciently as I've not picked up the tricks yet so I can't really expect full wage. Cutting piecework will give u that. Plenty of brickies, roofers, tradesmen etc, fencers, sheep shearer's or agri contractors will all work piece work Ps ran out of battery, just to add Just to add most trades will take 4yrs before they get full tradesman rates. I have no idea about the rate offered but if u havent counted ur pieces u dont really know how far off a decent wage u were, or wot rate is need to be on a decent wage. So if an other contractor offers u another job on better rates u still don't know. ( Althou a massive amount will depend on the actual timber, but with exp u could look at a stand and have a good guess wot if cut in a day and so wot the rates Ned to be, without counting all just guess work)
  10. There is a big difference between 20 or 30p a piece. Either 5 or 3 to a quid. If 30p ur only 45 pieces an hour to get ur 15 quid an hour. Really depends if u could cut 1 every min throu the day? It all depends on the site and timber No doubting very hard work but plenty of outside jobs are similar Tree planting rates are around 7 to 8p a tree, great on new plough but very hard work on steep restock sites
  11. Alright. Just wondering from some of the more tech savvy, wots the best apps? for mapping for forestry or fencing? I'm still stuck in stone age but am probably going to have to bite bullet and get a proper smart phone. ( Non I phone) Worked with a few lads over last few months that got emails of either fencing/forestry plans and could check them on phone when onsite. Quite handy really. Was on a new cutting site the other day it would off been really handy to be able to see where we were in relation to the job etc. Another couple of fencing jobs they got the sat maps up and marked the fence we just put up and it measured the fence from phone was usually within a meter or 2 of the wheels distance. So amazingly accurate Wot should I be looking for with buying a new smart phone, u do see them for not a lot of money. Cheers
  12. It is a load of BS, but atleast they have invented a whole load of courses that never existed before, so easy to just "upskill' Must admit never knew it had to be with a fisa qualified instructor, I was told only 3 in whole of Scotland are fisa qualified. I think a lot depends on how good the trainers are, most other skilled workers do renew like digger drivers etc, Mibbee if keeping fisa compliant means u can up ur rates and charge the money cutters deserve then mibbee a good thing. Mind I was on the very 1st fisa course with a load of exp cutters and do remember 1 or 2 learning new cuts. Think a lot off the older cutters hasnae seen the split level cut before. Mind a few boys saying that in the pub too, after moaning about the coarse. These are boys who done a lot of hand thinnings back in 80's so exp cutters.
  13. Dunno how Scotland's doing, but a hell of a new planting gong on the now. Never understand the whole grant thing, but absolutely throwing money at fencing side of it. Got forestry companies putting thousands of m"s of deer fencing up when really very few deer and going to strip down again in 5 yes. Same valley all rabbit netted be lucky to area bloody rabbit up there. Another site only about 50% of fencing is round woods rest round fields not even boundary with a wood and wangled on same grant, and it's 40 odd K meter, so not a small amount of fencing and fancy specs
  14. Are the numbers not massive, 30 mill from government/tories and 60 mill from lib dummies At commercial spacng a ( ie 2m centre's) ur talking 400 hectares per mill trees ( approx 800 acresish) where's all this ground going to come from??? Even with softwood spacing ur talking 30% the size of kielder forest. Not the sort of size ucan just conjour up. Plus if hardwoods acreage will increase massively. There is a massive shortage of softwood trees in the next few decades, but planting squads just can't keep up ( althou still paying them peanuts) same with mounding/ploughing most of the contractors can't find enough bums to put on seats. Also on the ground thing, most likely source will be uplands ( esp if various folk get way and stop grouse shooting) upland heathland is quite rare globally and were always told how important peat is for carbon/global warming. Generally trees aren't very beneficial to peat infact with the draining ploughing and drying effect of trees will ruin the peat. Just more BS from politicians that know bugger all about anything really. Sadly the norm now.
  15. Again spot on to u for doing al that, really interested and intrigued by it, and apologies big J for detail. Be a bit of work to maintain as well. I bet these rewilding clowns/conservationists would see ur beautiful wood and think it happened all by accident and not the massive amount of had work that goes into it every year. Does the aspect of rides change? Ie mainly north to south or east to west or just any direction that suits the trees. Do u undertake any predator control? Sometimes surprising the impact it can have on biodiversity and populations/breeding success. I know I used to be more involved with a nature reserve, fantastic habitat but they refuse to control any predators and now struggle to have any successful nests at all most years. To be honest it's a complete waste of time all ur good work is feeding crows and stoats.


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