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  1. Might be worth asking wot saws have electronic carbs?? They might not be best suited for hobby use and sitting about for long periods.
  2. Cheers Matty, think that's convinced me to go with wot I thought the 462. Mibbee see if I can get a better deal on it. I dunno dobin, I don't think there would be all that much difference between a 254xp and a 550, and the 254 will stil be working hard years later. I still use a 353 that must be years old, althou had an easy life for a long time as a fencers saw, who actually looked after it, unlike most fencers I've worked with. Really not sure about these computeridpsed carbs, seemingly husky still make all the decent 3 series saws just not for the EU market
  3. Very interesting, amazing how it mounts up. Althou with forestry not so much the cost but the practicalities off carrying 2 combi cans into a wood everyday/2nd day. Most forestry companies if ur in front off a harvester ur on by day nowadays, not an awful lot off piece work. We'll atleast locally. So would u get a pay rise over another cutter running a 462 or 572? Also be interesting how much extra timber u do put on deck with it over the course of a day. Let's face it both 462 and 572s are cracking saws and put plenty timber on the deck also. To be honest u could argue rates should be a lot higher when u see some of the gadgets/tools some buy various jack's from 700- 2.5k, wedge jack's plus impact drivers, not cheap. Lot of cash for a SE cutter to be expected to lay out often with no real thanks
  4. Every man and his dog have them locally, so must vary a lot region wide. Most folk seem to have valmets/valtras and them seem to do the job well.
  5. Dunno why but Cannae delete that smiley thing or write after it. U can't take the p*** to much thou, still got to do a half decent shift in. Mibbee doing 7.5 ltr would be a decent ammount. Ur putting some timber on deck if emptying that in a shift.
  6. Cheers folks. Dunno if really helped sort off backs up everything I've heard about the 500, just a beast off a saw. But the lifespan and fuel scares me when ur a long walk into the woods. Bad enough carrying wedges etc and esp a jack if u need 1 without carrying 2 cans everywhere. Still really fancy the 462, was hoping/expecting the 500 to be way dearer so making my decision easier.. Aye to be honest stubby I bought my last 372 after the 572s came out, didn't really need it at time but thought they're wil likely be teething problems with the new saw. I'm quite old fashioned and still like old proper saws with carbs. Heard quite a few bad reports from lads with 5 series huskies, bloody great to run when going well thou. Despite owning mainly huskys I think they've lost there way a wee touch now compared to Stihl. Got offered a 2nd hand 572 recently which had done very little but just too much cash for it being 2 year old. Trying to buy another old immaculate 372 off a lad proper pre ex torq saw so fairly bomb proof Does any company make 7.5 litre combi cans??? Mibbee a market for it, can mind the days finishing a can and home time 😀🤕
  7. That's all anyone says about the 500 that and it drinks some juice in a day. From wot I've heard the 462 is no slouch either. At moment still running husky 372s as felling saw, got 1 off the last ones, still going well but it's mibbee time it became a back up saw now out off warranty. Does anyone think 462 will have s longer lifespan or nicer to work? A local Stihl agent reckons Stihl saws usually have more torque in mid ranges and huskys all top end flat out power. But he reckons the 500 is all flat out power
  8. Alright Just as title suggests wot do folk recommend?? I did search for it but surprisingly nothing came up. It's for a felling saw for forestry so be running a 20"bar occasionally bigger, but manly oversized trees so 3ft+ butts I know everyone seems to rave about the 500. I phoned up a local company thinking was going to price a 462 and got a price for 500 too just for noiseyness, but thought it would be too expensive. Only 100 quid dearer. Never really into new models or gimmicks just want a saw to work as it should but for only 100 quid more am I daft not to get the 500?
  9. Must admit doing more forestry work it's rare I need a bigger bar than 20" In normal circumstances I'll happily fell trees up to 4ft butts ( assuming not funny shaped or steep bankings/dangerous bits so not got access all round) all with a 20 bar, usually not a problem. And as others have said if u toe them off also helps. Sometimes can be a pain taking the 1st log off if very fat/hairy as usually just chip/3m so stem can just be a bit big for a 20 at that hieght After thinking about it I wouldn't just sweep cut the stem if it's 8ft high, be a bit off wieght in that for it to go wrong. Don't have a lot off control just sweep cutting. Just asking to nip a bar or squash a saw if goes sideways Definately safer with a gun, and if in any doubt with a smaller bar bore it. Nothing worse than battering wedges in when u have missed some holding wood in centre off tree.
  10. If it's only 40" across butt like Avent says above althou a 20 might just be tight. Just gub it and bore the gub out to under 18" of hinge each side, surprising how big a tree u can fell with an 18 or 20" bar
  11. Must admit I'm with Pete b , looks a great bit off kit but in practice is 12" not too small a chipper to fully benefit from being crane fed?? Being remote control will help as at a better angle to see wot ur doing. I spent a bit off time on railways years ago working with 18" PTO chippers a cracking took especially when fed with a noted or the like. But at 12" 1 or 2 folk would most likely easy walk the whole tree in Plus a hell off a money when u add in the transport hassle/costs would be better on a bigger machine
  12. I have seen some terrible yappy whining cockers, more so from show/pet lines. Mind my old neighbours bought a pup from there friends up the road it's was terrible as was the mother, it can be genetic with cockers. But some poor breeders which claim to be workers also bred off poor yappy/whining dogs that really shouldn't be bred off atleast for working purposes. With anything it's always better if u can find a litter throu word off mouth/friends of friends then u know the parents and reason for breeding, pup for themselves or to cash in.
  13. I'd just bide ur time unless ur desperate. Sadly I suspect will be a glut off dogs being rehomed in a few months time. U might get some for sale for normal money if folk just wanting a decent home and u miss all the puppy hassle. Althou it does mean u could have issues to fix too. Must admit I wouldn't touch an Irish bred dog, always cheaper over there but I never trust any pedigree from over there unless u know the breeder.
  14. The problem is there getting it. I'd say in normal times 6- 800 quid for a decent bred working cocker with not too much FT breeding. Folk are off there heads paying 2k for any pup, heard off labs going for 3k +. Bonkers. I too would advise a more working pedigree than show lines, in an ideal world a working dog should be more trainable and bark less ( as a fault in shooting) than show lines, althou avoid to much FT completion FTCHs in immediate lines unless u know ur lines. Some can be a real handful while others are great. But some heavily FT bred dogs are also quite inbred now. The problem is too many folk breeding from rubbish bitches even before the money went mental, and many aren't working
  15. To be fair I will be running them both on 2 stroke, both will be used as spare/back up forestry saws so be a bit pricey to run on aspen. As u'll know fairly normal to use a combi can a day or more. I will just make sure to run them dry from now on. Was just wondering if owt else I could put throu them initially other than new fuel Just sitting here thinking are 5 series not 25:1 mix?? I have a few huskies but all 3 series m nursing along, bought a few off the last 1s.


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