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  1. If ur meaning or un a planting gang do u not need a gang master or slave trader ticket or something like that? I though t it was brought in to stop folk running big gangs of illegals . To be fair i think it was after the cockle pickers at morecombe bay to try and keep track of gaffers and there gangs, nowadays with needing +F i doubt just as many illegals at it. I dooubt they're will be much any loler unless there meaning to climb trees, most of the gangs i know of doing work like that tend to be more scrub bashing. U'd be as well speaking to a gaffer in 1 of the forestry companies u want to tender for, some of the bigger ask u quite a lot of questions and have heard of it costing thousands to get on there tender lists ( and thats not even the FC) Are FC not all 5 year tenders for planting/beating up etc? Mibbee different in different districts but locally usually a 5 year tender and u then have all the work for the 5 years
  2. I was in a very similar set up to u a few years back the collectning pipes silted up so supply went dry plus a leak and the usual lack of care when a few houses ( 8 on our system) U sort of forget and take it for granted, i was just new at the time. I'm sure at the time we just googfed it and a few options came up, we were looking for now holding tanks thou, ended up just getting new lids for them and a few other things. The neighbours wanted a company in which was fine, althou they have bolted all the lids down so a real pain to open and see wots going on inside. Even if they were hinged and shut securely Personally i think i would of made them easier to open, not even as if all the same fittings some bolted, some tech screwed Is ur tanks/pipes still on FC ground? That might be ur biggest baw ache dealing with them esp if u need diggers/machinery involved, best avoidnig if u can or gets complicated. To be honest u could really use almost any plastic or fibre glass ( potable water safe) container and just bore a tank conector to it. Tomorrows job is doing something similar, putting some new sediment catches in wot i call my 'hilly billy supply' just a ipe that runs of a small ditch/burn that fills some IBCs up the hill above me and i use it for 'outside' water, mainly dog kennels pressure washing etc. Then i don't need to worry about using the communal system, been busy pressure washing the past 2 days and don't ned to worry wot the neighbours think. Not sure yet if going to use paving slabs or concrete as the base and some bricks as sub dividers so should be easy to shovel up the silt. it then flows n to a mineral lick tub with a tank connector
  3. I wouldnae worry too much about the stump police, not like ur doing it to every tree. And the time it saves instead of roping/winching u can just knock the stump down. I often use it on big hairy leaning outsiders so ur stump is never that low by the time u have took the toes of and possibly jacking it anyway Must admit i tend to make it up as i go along so every tree might get a slightly different version/method, but i have bored the front diagional from the front before just nipping away at it until u meet the vertical bore. I think if a few of my failures it has been with the diagonal following the gub line, and when ur doing the back cut like spruce pirate says ur wanting to leave a lot more on the inside but under estimate it because u are going off where the original hinge should be, but u have now undermined it by an 1 or 2". School boy error really but it happens now and again if ur using them enough, and they are usually fairly ugly trees Is there not a felling cut where u quite literally take a box out of the front instead of a triangle gub?
  4. Nice 1👍 His advice about scoring or marking where the back cut should be is good as it does get a bit confusing at times at that far side.esp when u 1st start doing them. Takes a bit of getting ur eye in/head round at 1st The golden rule is well worth remembering too, its all great swinging a tree over a house for a u tube clip when it works but a bloody disaster if it doesn't and sometimes they dont work even when the cuts are spot on. I have to admit i think been doing them wrong, sometimes instead of boring vertically down i follow the line of the gub down, usually to save a bit of time trying to do that cu in a 1er with the gub But its probably the wrong way to do it. As u then have to watch how far u bring ur back cut through as ur hinge is further back on that side. I have had them break of on me but that is operator error or possibly tree just too heavy. Mainly because i mis calculated the hinge width with me coming diagionally down instead of vertically straight down. U also don't want ur back cut to high either. But it does work very well normally After watching ur vid going to always do them straight down in future it does look to work better. Cheers
  5. Now if the OP does cut the tree down is there then a chance of it causing heave? (Apologies if i've got it wrong wrong, susbsidence and heave is not something we tend to get in my neck of the woods, so all new to me)
  6. I was thinking i would have to tie/tape the handle on, aye that should work and definately a bit safer. Been thinking about it and had visons of a slow motion slide down the banking towards the spinning lawnmower blades, Like a really crap james bond baddies tac😃tic
  7. Aye u'd think there would be an easier way, think it will be a suck it and see job. Can just imganie the nightmare of going slightly over the edge, just an extra foot , slipping and knowing ur sliding towards a potentially still spinning lawnmower. There is a wee dwarf wall at bottom so wouldn't fall anywhere just the change of getting something caught up in the flymo has me winching. By rights u should be rigging some sort of dead man cord like on jetskis so if u come off it stops, which would work if u lost the rope, not so much if u slipped towards the lawnmower. Mibbe the post/anchor thing is a god safety feature if u slipped it would/should swing to the side and u should slide straight down. Chers open 👍 Amazing how well made some of those old engines are
  8. Just had a google on line. Would it pull strainer steeples out if driven right into the hilt if u were stripping of a strainer post? The grips look quite pointy but still look like a well driven in steeple miht be hard to grip
  9. Lot of money thou. I'll have to have a good look in the shop next time i'm in. Was all wrapped up in plastic so i couldn't even tell how they worked, and to be honest shocked at te price.
  10. I'll try and mind to take a photo the morn. But basically its the steepness of the steepest motorway bankings ur allowed But my back door opens right on to it and its right round the house so u will see the bit 'going mental' i might be as well to let the whole lot go mental. When i got it sown i did want a wild flower or bumble bee/nectare mix but the lad advised against it 1 he wanted to sow a lot of deep rooted grass spc just to hold it together, which makes sense 2 he says they just look sh#t for most of the year apart from when actually flowering. I have planted some wild flower mixes lsewhere and results tend to vary, having a very poor year this year but that could be 4 years since sown, just looks like a big ple of weeds plus hard to spray any actual weedss without killing the wild flowers
  11. I tell u wot that is cheap, i would be worried too cheap u pay some serious money for more well known brands. Aye originally planned an electric on a rope but i'm worried it might not have the grunt and i'm really wanting a mulching mower so i don't pick up any grass. Job will be bad enough without mower geting heavier and then having to empty it. Plus the banking could do wi getting some mulch on it to form a bit of soil really. They're not dear so dunno to have a punt and if i get a few years out of it and then see wot happens But ur looking around 500 squid for a new 2 stroke hover mower and u still have all the hassle of dangling it off a bit of rope. I can imagine any novelty will wear of pretty quickly. Thinking about the logistics of swinging a lawnmower on a rope for potentially hours at a time, i casn see u having forearms like popeye or just sore arms and a bugered back, i did think about buying a cheap body harness thingy and attach the rope with a prussick to chest loop ( or if i got really fancy a VT system) so harness is hold the pressure and i could just take in or let out rope as i needed. Was just a bit of a hair brained idea dunno if it would actually work or not?
  12. Or more likely tune in to a different prey species, any nesting bird ground or tree, rabbits, chickens, pheasant etc Would cos absolute devastion if they were ever released widely in big numbers, esp numbers big enough to kill enough greys at a landscape/regional/national level. Dunno about the smelling them but as they evolved with them will have a good built in fear of them and know wot that smell means, But seemingly the main factor is greys spend a lot of time on ground ( i think 70% odd) while reds spend very little and the reds being smaller and more agile can escape on to higher smaller branches the PM can't follow
  13. Cheers folks for all replies so far very helpful Been thinking about this bloody banking for years while i dug the stuff out but didnae truely appreciate how steep and slippy it is. Had a wee go with the strimmer there and done the less steep banking easy but that extra few degrees wjll make it a bugger. Must admit dinae even want to think about striming it while i'm tied in, would be a nightmare with climbing harness and strimming harness on. Done felling like that of near vertical faces for railways and laterly for pheasant shoots to open up gully drives for guns Must admit i didn't even know u got 2 stroke flymo's, not something i've ever looked into before. Would an electric 1 struggle then? Never even used an electric flymo before or any flymo before so really havnae got a clue how it will work. I ight nip up and see the greenkeeper 1 morning, he's the only person i've ever seen doing it, mibbee could borrow his just for a trial run. its at the back of my own house so doing it for myself so even if it was an hour or 2 hear and there Grass was only hydro sown last back end, had a pretty good catch but the type it is not too thick yet but still 1st year. Meant to be banking grass species, must admit amazed its grown as well as only sown on sub soil, no top soil at all, but a few bits are struggling a bit with lack of nutrients so getting a bit of fert when weather allows. At moment i'm meaning to leave it another week or so as a lot of the grass is just seeding the now Banking was pretty level, had a couple of runs over the winter but filled them in and keeping on top of the rabbits too! I take it the hover mowers need quite even ground? When u read some of the bumf most claim to be able to cut grass and leave it 1ft long Cheers open i'll drop u a pm 👍 Is there much to go wrong with them? I see a few other brands for sale 2nd hand allen and u still can buy new 1's just not flymo
  14. Alright folks I'm sure plenty on here have came across this problem before. Have any of u came up with a way of cutting grass on proper steep bankings? It is at back of my house so i can run power to it and it is a genuine 45 angle slope.and quite a decent size could be 7-10m up the slope and mibee 50m long The only option i have thought of is an electric hover mower do wot i can from top and bottom and dangle it on a rope for the rest, seen the green keeper doing it a local golfy years ago but not for anything this size. I would be worried about a petrol mower unless it was 2 stroke being at such a step angle for so long having problems with the oil/sump. I have a big petrol strimmer and strim the old banking at the bottom no probs but the steepness of the new banking it just is hard to keep ur footing at all, patching in some grass seed a while back ending up sliding from top to bottom on [email protected] with a bucket of grass seed scattered everywhere, really don't fancy that with an expensive strimmer on my back
  15. Cheers folks Aye just alaskan milling, to be fair i've never got round to buying a ripping chain yet, always mean to but never did and not done an awful lot yet) and the wood is quite dry. sAW FEELS SHARP ENOUGH ALTHOU I THINK RAKERS COULD DO WITH DOWN A TOUCH NORE ( bloody caps lock!!! Grrr) Aye esp on here u read about lads switching to aspen but be an expensive day milling with a 660 on aspen, usually it doesnae bother me at all but must off been standing in a bad spot and no breeze which is unusual u here. So basically a suck it and see. Cheers


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