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  1. Just as others said a very worthwhile course and make sure u do the nptc version as some other similar qualifications do expire. Also nptc is recognised everywhere, some off the others aren't. A future refresher course or upskill would be worth while in future but even in ARB industry not compulsory really only commercial forestry where they insist on 5 year refreshers.
  2. Got double on my 660 but never sned with it, in fact it rarely comes out to play. Good point thou stubby as do tend to sned big hairy 1s out with the 72, so mibbee not worth it.
  3. Do u know wot u could be on to something there. Never had it out today, ended up smaller timber althou a few on the right limit for my 15" bar, boring gubs etc and was great to have cuts meeting almost effortlessly. Not too much operator error today, for a change. Got 6 or so big 1s to do the Morro thou, so will see how see goes. Cheers will look into an extra spike. Take it no drawbacks to having 2 sets on?
  4. Cheers folks.. I'm on a new bar so will have a go with that battered chain if not I do have a spare new chain. So hopefully tomorrow and really concentrating on my cuts can try to minimise operator error. Nothing worse than putting a new chain on and spending a few days cutting high stumps down, 1 compartment after been mounded. It does seem worse doing back cuts, when u want things square than when converting produce. So possibly handle/AV It is a relatively new 372 so do have an old saw that still runs as back up and some knackered donor saws. Might have to swap handle out. I have to admit never looked that closely at sprocket yet. Didnae really think it would affect it The damage to saw was more rolling back and forward than getting squashed. Cheers again.
  5. Alright Just wondering various causes of saws cutting like a banana!?? Now I realise most are chain bar related ( cutters or rakers unequal, poor bar maitanence etc) S there much else can effect it? I should say this saws never really been right since it got rumbled about about by harvester. I had it behind a tree in a small ditch, knew it was within tree length but had so much gear to shift about and under presure, and not a lot of tree to fell. Thought it would be ok. Tree never hit it full on but the branches must have picked it up and dragged it under it as it was moved back and forward as it was processed. Plastic chain brake, air filter cover, bar side cover and various bits of plastic slightly broken, bent slightly bent. Think aluminium handle slightly bent too. But saw seems to run ok apart from cutting squint. Just put a new bar and chain on but I have to admit that new chains had a battering since ( which is not like me, usually look after them) So it's not helped as much as I hoped and not cured the problem . Just gave the chain a good going over and think got it right now so will see tomorrow. Burt could it be the wrap round handle being slightly bent??
  6. Cutting boots tend to be harder/stiffer leather than u often see in top end high ankle/calf length hunting boots. But 1 thing I'm never sure of is any link between boot height and support. Most expensive hunting boots are high but very soft leather. Yet proper walking boots tend to be normal ankle height, but stiff leather. I do a bit on grouse with mutts, most grouse keepers have the normal high hunting boot wether mendl, altberg, doditto, etc. But some of the Highland moors I've been on, on the highest steepest ground where u expect they'd need extra support go back to normal walking boots. I do like a higher boot but more to avoid going over the top.
  7. Matty no idea but other users, so much crap about it wouldn't surprise me. Typical desk jockey idea with little thought or knowledge of typical forestry sites. How do u think u get on nipping in to ur local building site for the toilet. Must admit the other week was the 1 and only time I've ever wanted and needed a welfare unit in woods. The fact it would off been 1 hr uphill walk away would be a slight problem thou. Cutting on a skyline site for 1st time for decades, scared to dump anywhere as chances are the poor choker man would end up dragging a tree throu it. No one wants that!!!!!! Bloody nightmare and something u never think about until u need it. Never a problem on a normal site.
  8. Touchy subject the now Think Al welfare units are shut down for the time being, because of social distancing and cross contamination.
  9. The hunting boots/cover are definitely a wide fitting, the cutting boots don't feel so wide, infact pretty snug which I think makes them so comfy. Lot stiffer leather than likes of dovre's
  10. Must admit in a similar position ( minus bunion 😀) Bought a pair of Stihl leather boots at start of year ( not sure I like all thisgoretex linings now for feet sweating in summer) but not very comfy, possibly should off had a size smaller but all they had in stock. Still using my Mendel airstreams, bloody brilliant boots, really comfy, just came off a steep skyline job and bar bother with the mendls. dunno how old could be 3 or 4 years of decent use althou been looked after/treated. The 1 problem just to low, it doesn't take much of a puddle, rut, burn or swamp hole to be over the top. But tempted to buy another set and save stihls for wet jobs. This lockdown not ideal for buying boots, personally I'd rather pay slightly more but try them on. Nothing worse than I'll fitting boots as I discovered with my stihls ( night in haste as back to a wet site next day again and sick off wet feet)
  11. For the OP have u thought about putting tacks on ur quad? Meant to be very good and will travel the softest places and handle ditches better. I did look at buying a set, about 4k and u simply take them off and put wheels back on as needed. Be a cheaper option and save buying an extra machine u might not have a lot of work for. Robin where did u see the price of those machines? When I googled them they all looked far bigger heavy duty machines
  12. Was a piston bully auctioned the last year was fairly cheap, problem is u can't road tow them, f that is an issue. I know Tree clear adapted 1, cost a bit to adapt as a lot of vulnerable bits low down like radiators etc, think there 1 is 500hp liked a beast off a machine althou sat broken down the whole time I was on that site. Good to know MM. I knew they were chain driven like Argos but thought the hydraulic drive motors would be a better system than the Argos brake steering setup. Just thought the steel body and tailgate would be handier than Argos storage
  13. Aye must off had a spill or leaky cap combined with the warm weather and van sitting in sun all day. Van was fall of saws and 3 combi cans as new job and hadnae a clue wot I was cutting ( big or small stuff) just knew felling for skyline. Ok morning as usually leave back doors open overnight. Using 5- 7 litres most days the now, rates are tight enough using petrol. The extra cost would soon mount up. Just off to saw shop now to pick some parts up will mibbee price some aspen But being a tight jock think I know he answer
  14. No petrol fumes off either saws or combi cans. As it happens that is the least off my worries with that can. Ended up chauffer driven home on the back off an AA wagon at 1.30am this morning ( left at 5.45) Never mind a spinner is a bloody match it will be getting ( or a new engine) Think turbo died and threw shrapnel into engine/oil pump.
  15. Have u seen these things??! I went do to an auction to buy 1, looked ideal and exactly wot I was after. How wrong was I wot heaps of sh*the ( and not the condition, was tidy enough) absolutely tiny only 18hp so doubt would power much with the PTO. Also the hydraulic hoses where absolutely tiny, ur talking 10mm like micro bore heating pipes. Dunno if an issue but all the writing in bloody Chinese or something, it's a right bloody mission figuring out wot does wot, I got it gong moving and linkage up but that's my limit. They do look ideal for wot u want but makes sure u see it 1st, definitely wasn't wot I was after PS I think some of those tiny tractors the PTO turns oppisate way. I ended up buying an Argo, and while handy esp for getting a few bodies out to soft ackward jobs. As not really legal to sit 2 or more on a quad. A similar option is a Scot track, similar to Argos but metal body and hydraulic driven, have to admit not seen 1 in flesh yet. Thinking I"LL possibly upgrade to 1 in future. Because hydraulics don't have the steering/brake issue and can power other stuff of them.


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