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  1. PRV fitted, excess to tank, works a treat!
  2. It cuts but I need to be very careful with the control. interesting cutting up larch off cuts from a mill is quite tricky. yesterday I went into a fallen oak tree and chopped that up a treat, probably 4-5 cube in half an hour. I played with some 400 mm ash cut it easy. I would like the saw arm to be more controllable. I see on the website I bought the saw from there is a pressure relief valve as an extra, I have ordered on. the original question was really should I fit relief or flow diverter I will let you know how I get on
  3. Thanks, should I fit a pressure relief valve or diverter valve.
  4. Good question the six way is plumbed off the auxiliary from the loader the loader has 3 spool valve levers. lift/crowd aux 1 - grab/saw blade aux 2 - rotate/blade raise and lower i don’t know the bar rating should be around 150, I have ordered a pressure gauge and fittings to test it.
  5. It’s a cutmaster basic from Germany you mean there are rules! where do I find out about them? Although I would really like a bit of help about getting it working first
  6. This is how I have it plumbed at the moment
  7. Weigh just under 5 tonne, but it doesn’t answer my hydraulic problem
  8. So I have a rotator on a log grapple. Attached to a small jcb. I have fitted a grapple saw, 2 , 6 way hydraulic diverters so the grab works, the rotator works, the saw (cut master basic) 9.4kw motor 64cm sword works the ram that pushes the sword down is too quick I have put two restrictor 1mm holes each side still too fast i have tried a diverter from one side to other with a tap between to divert some of the flow but either doesn’t work or too fast. Does anyone know how to set these up. Thanks
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