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  1. Thanks for the info Barney. I’ve had an old cabstar for many years, it’s pretty tired now. I currently run a Timberwolf trailed 230. I should imagine the driving position and gear box are much the same? I’m also looking at the Fuso canter which looks decent with a larger engine. Test driving locally seems to be a problem due to stock, hopefully I’ll manage to soon. thanks
  2. Thanks for the info, thanks good to know. Have you driven/own one? Cheers
  3. I’m looking for a brand new purpose build arb truck and want to ask if anyone has experience using the Isuzu 35 125? Just wondering what it’s like towing and carrying weight being a 1.9 engine. I’d naturally steer toward a bigger engine but the dealer recons it’s almost comparable to the 35 150 yet more efficient. Being in Sheffield we have a fair few hills and I’m concerned the little engine won’t have the grunt although the available torque is over 300nm. I’ve looked into Fuso Canters but the waiting list is pretty long although I’ve heard very good things about it. Any knowledge is welcomed. Thanks, Dom
  4. Nice!! What’s the tractor? Been working with a valtra recently which looks mega. I should imagine anything between 100-150hp should be sufficient? What did the trailer hiab set up cost?
  5. Thanks Khriss. The gripe I have with telehandlers apposed to tractors is there versatility. Great for shifting big lumps of timber and chip, but a tractor can do those things to a degree. Obviously not as well, but I could put a front loader on a tractor and tow substantial weights on the back. what’s the reasons you’d choose the telehandler over a tractor? I’d love both 😂 just don’t have the funds.
  6. Hi All, I own and manage a small Arb Approved contracting business. The company like many have been very busy, and the scope for commercial contracts is growing. Currently around 70% residential, however, I’m now quoting for council contracts, woodland works and Ash Die Back. In order to be competitive I now need to invest in further kit. I’ve been considering tractor with winch and potential tipping trailer, Mewp, and a telehandler for shifting timber and Woodchip. I understand all these machines have specific uses and are very different but I need to start somewhere. Advice is welcome, thanks. cheers, Dom


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