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  1. Would certainly be interested in the Holder but think the cost of shipping from NZ would kill any deal.
  2. Just got an email today to say that Woodsure have been appointed to take over the running of the BSL scheme. Sounds like jobs for the boys.
  3. Far more Holder tractors used in Germany than UK
  4. If your still after a radiator there is one on ebay.de Not cheap but sure you can negotiate
  5. In that case your lucky to have it as I missed it on ebay and I would have bought it. Good luck with your refurbish. Hope you get on with the Dutch site. I gave up with them but you might have more success.
  6. Will be using that amount this week and will cover approx 10m2
  7. No if you read my post your rhodos need ericaecous compost so your composted woodchip is ideal. The ash is as others have said is a method of increasing ph to the right amount. I check all my deep beds with an electronic ph tester before planting and if low add more wood ash to correct.
  8. Its gold dust for converting acidic soil into useable soil.
  9. totally wrong. I use IBC containers chopped in half for deep beds. Filled with 400mm of 2year old composted woodchip with a bucket full of wood ash mixed into the top 50mm of the composted woodchip and you can grow any veg. For spuds miss out the wood ash and lay spuds on the surface and cover with 100mm of hay or straw. I am totally no dig.
  10. Not a problem. I normally compost woodchip in tonne bags, Anything over two years I use as a substitute for bagged ericaceous compost for replacement of normal compost I just add wood ash to the basic composted woodchip mix.
  11. Dont know if people are aware but Karcher bought Holder no so long ago and it looks like there actually getting there act together in respect of parts.
  12. Cab no problem there is a dutch company with plenty of cabs they may even have a radiator for you. Just google but if you get stuck I should be able to find there email address.
  13. If you cant get it back together I would be interested in it for parts.


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