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  1. Just to resurrect an old thread. If anyone is after a 6 300 that will handle brash then mine is now on the market on arbtrader.
  2. I knew I would be doing a lot of brash so made sure the Heizohack had pressure assist.
  3. I have two schools where I have provided all the "forestry" products but woodchip is a definite no no. instead I had to provide timber steps for pathways made out of 1 inch thick timber rings.
  4. If the owners house is listed then he needs to check whether the hedge is rooted within the curtiledge of the listed building. If it is then its protected by the listing and will require listed building consent before pruning. In the meantime he needs to get onto English Heritage and see if they will list as an ancient hedgerow.
  5. Depends on the alpine. Holder tractors have a double pivot so are very stable on hillsides.
  6. Not really as the structure has been altered by the lightning from long shards which moisture can travel down to a marble effect where the wood cells are fused together.
  7. Same process as flash kiln drying. Outer cells are scorched leaving wet inner cells which cannot release moisture through the natural drying process. Therefore lightning wood is difficult to burn. Your problem would be your assumption as the outer surface would be under 20% MC but your sealed inner could be 40% MC.
  8. Wonder how many on the BSL register actually comply with these rules. https://www.gov.uk/government/uploads/system/uploads/attachment_data/file/343005/Response_to_Biomass_Consultation.pdf Wonder how much Arb Arising is generated from diseased or wind blown.
  9. Would be interested if it also came with a hydraulic motor as well as electric. Dont fancy carting a generator into the woods just to split a few logs whereas I always have hydraulic couplings on all tractors. Certainly taking onboard what Pike says I would need a V shaped log holder and remote control. Many a time I have been grateful for the metal guard on my Palax as a log has exploded on the splitter.
  10. No the 10,000 tonnes is just for a CHP plant but if need be I can stick 2 fingers upto BSL and use other biomass instead.
  11. Yes that is part of the problem I am registered for 10,000 tonnes. Its actually section 5 which is causing the issue as I am registered for Sawmill waste but my product is 100% from Arb waste. Unfortunately either Confor have badly designed the form or BSL are idiots and cannot interpret the form but the end result should be the same whether its Sawmill waste or Arb waste both are fully exempt. Quite frankly I am disappointed with Confor although I am not a member I did get onto them in respect of the issues I was having with the interpretation by BSL of their form and they have not even had the decency to give me a response. Thankfully it is the APF this year so somebody at Confor will get a real ear bending in my best Anglo Saxon.
  12. Where do I start. I like you have been doing quarterly returns and to date have done 3 quarters all fine until Nov when they said I should have filed a land criteria form in by last Jul. Not even heard of it but duly filled in as all my timber is from Arb Arising so did not think any problem. This is the Land Criteria we are talking about. http://biomass-suppliers-list.service.gov.uk/docs/default-source/default-document-library/bsl-evidence-for-land-criteria7aaad0e54a3366dc893cff0000c4d98c.pdf?sfvrsn=0 Bit of background to my operation. Most of my timber I drag in up to 5mtr lengths multiple species normally hardwood. Anything smaller than 12 inch diameter put straight through processor and converted into logs. Anything larger goes through the rack saw and is planked with outer timber and bark chipped to make G30 wood chip which is the only registration we have on BSL. I registered as Sawmill co product as that is what I believe it is. The idiots at BSL say I now have to deregister and reregister as Arb Waste. Problem with that at the moment I only have to record trees over 12 inch diameter which is probably only 10% of my entire stock if these idiots get there way I would have to record all trees which if you strictly follow the code needs to be detailed enough to identify Source of tree, species of tree, appropriate authorisation for felling, Needless to say I am not very impressed.
  13. Well have just lost my BSL registration as I am not prepared to jump through the hoops and barriers to use Arb waste as my feed stock. If anyone else is thinking of using Arb waste then good luck to you.


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