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  1. I've forgotten. Is it a bender? Mine is a similar bender but reverse drive. Still no joy in finding a gearbox.
  2. Is there a problem if your operating as a commercial forest with timber sales that are tax exempt what figure do you use as turnover, Looking at the bank forms there requesting turnover as reported on a self assessment return which for tax exempt sales would be zero which would give you no loan. Am I missing something.
  3. My father had to have his thumb stitched on again using a saw bench similar to that.
  4. I have a rack saw that would easily do that but I would not risk using it as a fixed bench with that size blade as you dont want to be at the sharp end if a blade of that size grabs the timber.
  5. Think where talking a different scale using IBC's to dry logs. My tunnels are minimum 7 mtrs wide and can store 4 IBC's per mtr length of tunnel. Think these tunnels are only 3-4 mtrs wide so probably 2 IBC's per mtr length.
  6. Have used all the Visqueen range of covers from clear to opaque and the opaque which changes wavelength which insects dont like. Even used the green mushroom covers. I found clear best for drying wood but the opaque for growing plants but a tunnel of each type as the wavelength change is ideal for plants that you harvest before coming into flower but useless for anything that requires pollination for which I use the normal opaque tunnel. That said I would no longer recommend any visqueen product as every sheet over the last 5 years has split down the folding lines and despite spending thousands of pounds with them and numerous site visits showing them the problem they have not been prepared to do anything. I used to easily get 5 to 8 years out of a cover but the last few have only lasted between 6 months and 3 years. Needless to say I have kicked Visqueen into touch and looking for a better supplier having at present 3 tunnels that I need to recover.
  7. I would not bother with the corrugated sheet on the polytunnel. Have tried that to replace the plastic sheet and the first real storm it just shattered into small pieces although I am in a windy area.
  8. If you ignore splitting the log in two and then measure the inner surface for 20% moisture the result should give the same burn time. What the question should have been was if you measure the moisture content on the outside of the log and compare an even moisture content throughout the log of 20% for a natural dried log with a kiln flash dried log with 20% on the surface and 30% in the centre then the flash dried log will last longer as its wetter. Thats why its so important to get your customers educated into splitting the logs and testing on the inner surface. Plenty of Kiln dried cowboys about.
  9. Can see them being banned when the new regs come in. Already sorting out my advertising to put the emphasis on the fact that my kiln dried logs are produced without any PM 2.5 emissions. Will probably work quite well as people are already complaining about the smoke from a local biomass kiln.
  10. You can get systems that work above the stove.
  11. Last time I looked about 1200 pounds but they may have gone down since I last looked as they have now been on the market quite a while.
  12. I got it wrong 95% not 96%. that will teach me not to quote from memory. Commercial units have had similar filters for decades.
  13. Well if you start talking PM 2.5 a simple electrostatic filter on the chimney reduces PM 2.5 by 96% according to the manufacturers so if they really wanted to reduce PM 2.5 that would be the simple solution. Think its the Swiss who already have the filters in as part of the chimney approval.


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