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  1. Came across them whilst on holiday in Austria over a decade ago as the PM emissions rules where very strict in Austria. Never needed them on my UK stove as its Defra approved. I am sure they used to have a dealer in Devon but cannot see anything now. Sounds like a good excuse to go and visit the factory in Switzerland.
  2. I dont know since Brexit the best idea is to google and contact them direct.
  3. As per first post Oregon CS 1500 which has a 2400w motor.
  4. Well now a couple of months in using this Oregon mains electric saw as a yard saw and cannot fault it. It has plenty of grunt for anything I have thrown at it. Bit concerned that any tom dick or harry can pick up and use as I would class it more for professional use. Certainly need to keep on top of chain tightness and can understand comments of the chain being thrown made by people not used to using chainsaws. Chain seems to be lasting well and needing very little sharpening as yet.
  5. Will this stop the import of kiln dried wood or will woodsure turn a blind eye.
  6. But the legislation does not say delivery it says supply which could mean contracted to supply 2m3 but delivered in 2 x 1m3 drops maybe a month apart. If the customer has ordered and paid for 2m3 I cannot see why the customer is dictated to having the full 2m3 delivered all at once. Think the lawyers will have a field day with this.
  7. But my customers do buy 2 IBC's at a time typically ordered and paid for in June but delivered between November and January any not used carried over to the following year. Obviously some take far more but the principle is the same of delivery just in time.
  8. I supply my customer when I allocate the 2 IBC containers I have in stock in the solar kiln to a specific customer. I then deliver whatever quantity the customer requests from that stock when they request it and more importantly how much they can handle to keep dry from that stock. As for unit each container is 1.2m3 loose fill if it was stacked it would be far less.
  9. As I said it does not mention delivery of wood.
  10. Where does it say in the legislation anything about delivering 2m3 at a time. The Air Quality (Domestic Solid Fuels Standards) (England) Regulations 2020 WWW.LEGISLATION.GOV.UK These Regulations are made under section 87 of the Environment Act 1995 (c. 25). They make provision...
  11. It is nothing like CORGI. Its just a con by HETAS who own woodsure to extract money out of every log producer in England unfortunately DEFRA have written it into law if you dont pay HETAS there ransom money of 365 quid per year the local authority can fine you for illegal trading.
  12. Well I am really pleased with this Oregon electric saw. Cannot believe the power and was sceptical about the sharpening facility but as I only cut virgin timber chains normally last me a long time between sharpening. Anyway sods law intervened and some idiot had put a nail in the tree trunk and I hit it. Two second pull on the sharpening lever and back to a sharp saw. Cannot believe how good it is.
  13. Hi John, saw some old posts about you making runs of hardwood pellets, is this still something you're involved with?

    1. renewablejohn


      Still have the machine but not cost effective to produce. Easier to import for peanuts.

    2. lovelogs


      What machine is it, and would you ever consider selling it?

    3. renewablejohn


      Sorry missed this message. Its a Conafor machine and no I would not consider selling it as I like to keep my options open.

  14. Might of been a bit harsh on the cheap chain as it cuts really well but sure it will not last as long as the standard chain I have on my husky. Was thinking more of changing complete bar and chain as I have the hedge trimmer attachment on spare bar which I think would work really well on this electric saw.


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