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  1. I guess no one on here uses these , a shame I would like to know more about them with a view to buying one .
  2. Hello I have often thought about one of the felling heads mounting it on either a roof mount or an excavator but I have never found enough information about doing so. I will watch this thread with interest .
  3. Good choice I have an ancient (1995 I think) jensen A521 and it still comes out and earns a shilling . I have had very few problems with it just fuel lift pump (wore out the camb) starter motor replacement again worn out and heater plugs X2 sets . AND OBVIOUSLY the usual wear and tear blades and rollers re-ground etc But all in a bullet proof machine with an exellent kubota engine I never put anything bigger than 4 inch through it no point stressing it and any thing over 4 inches is loggable. Oh and regular oil changes , important on any engine. GOOD LUCK WITH IT in my opinion a good choice. Nick
  4. Go for a rota broach mag drill exellent bit of kit that will take a battering.
  5. Hello , how are you ? Still got the holder? I'm good ,still working silly hours but it's good to be busy , although I did jack it in at lunch time today, I don't like being soaked through any more. Went home and serviced the saws instead. Good to hear from you . Nick
  6. Hello I have a 9 ton farmi remote winch on a valtra roof mount and I am near Shaftesbury. I do forestry contracting and I haven't come across anything I can't pull with pulley blocking or increasing the height of pull etc. If you need a hand for a day can you send me your number and will ring you because it takes me ages to type messages. Thanks nick.
  7. 461 on a 20 inch bar with a 3/8 eight sprocket eats wood.
  8. You should talk to the coppice workers ,a small low impact outfit like that would be perfect for getting produce rideside without any damage. Like it.
  9. You wait until you have to try to claim for a stolen vehicle, you will be lucky to receive 70% of the value (of you vehicle) you based your policy on even though they openly admit they cannot purchase a similar vehicle for the reduced sum of money they are willing to pay out (even though they accepted your valuation of the vehicle at the beginning of the quote and based their policy upon this value)....left us (a young couple with a 1 yr old child) without a vehicle for 10 months until I could afford to replace it. ...... adrian flux = shits.
  10. My sisters horses have chewed the chestnut posts we put in ,I have creosoted them now and it has solved the problem.
  11. njtimber

    Copper spots

    2nd that coral spot.
  12. It wouldn't have cost him anything to talk to Helen who would have explained what it is that he is likely to be dealing with ,sadly he didn't bother to call her,but then he obviously doesn't believe in an "ology " judging by his post of an "ology" If he wanted a detailed geological report of the site and cause of the ground conditions this would cost him, but only 300 pounds, and it could have been the answer to solving an ongoing problem that others have failed to resolve ,which makes you look good to your client and could lead to more work on neighbouring estates. Never mind we all do things differently. NIck
  13. I thought growing crack was illegal. ....probably quite profitable though.
  14. Firstly a hydrologist is completely different from a hydrogeologist ,and if the problem occurs in several places and is due to pore pressure digging a drain will probably achieve nothing except denting your bank balance and upsetting your client. And as for spotting and guessing ,would you hire in expensive equipment on a guess ? Because you could soon make yourself look a right pratt. As for those old guys are you sure they are spotting and guessing you might find they have done their homework before coming on site,after all no point getting older if you don't get wiser,and a wise man never gives away the secret of his wisdom.


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