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  1. Thanks everybody for your suggestions, I have managed to source the clutch components (manufactured by sachs, same original part number) and bearings through granit parts, now all I need is the sleeve the release bearing sits on and a ball pivot. So near and yet......
  2. Thankyou for your reply, it seems Lamberhurst no longer offer parts for Holder tractors, so it's time for some good old fashioned improvising!
  3. Hi, does anyone have any help to offer regarding sourcing a new clutch for an A50,? I believe the original specification to be a sachs Mf240 k, I have yet to find anyone who stocks one As always- any help most gratefully recieved!
  4. Looks like a mighty fine piece of kit! As to price I wouldn't like to say! I had a quick look around the Web and there aren't very many "older Holders" about at all, which doesn't help with current prices, but does suggest that they could be in demand when they do come up for sale. Might be worth seeing if renewablejohn (member here) is interested.. Sorely tempted myself! Whereabouts are you?
  5. I have an f2, I would call myself relatively new to milling and find that setting up can be a swift 20 mins if you have bearers for the feet already set level, but always pays to take the time to check and double check that the bed is level
  6. Ty, never thought to go across the borders of eBay! Lots of good gear
  7. Ty, I was a bit worried as to what I was going to see, being so close to April 1st! Good site and it looks like they might have a cab too! I was reading previous posts here regarding A60, my tractor is the 1 discussed being advertised on ebay last january from Cumbria.
  8. I live in hope I've had no luck searching the pages of Google, so if you have an address it could help me along a bit.... Engine is all back together, but only cranked it over by hand so far, discovered the fuel filter in the tank looks like it's been used for digging potatoes.....
  9. Appreciate the offer, but if it wasn't for the radiator growing legs and wandering off somewhere it's pretty much there. You wouldn't know the whereabouts of a radiator? or a cab? ( I expect I'm looking for rocking horse poo- but worth a try)!
  10. Excellent help, thankyou very much
  11. OK, will try that if nothing else comes to light Thankyou
  12. Hi, can't help much with the winch, but Im currently working on an A60, which has a dump modified straight back into the hydraulic tank, a similar mod should help with your problem. You don't by any chance have a workshop manual do you??
  13. Thanks, I have tried Lamberhurst, they have offered little help apart from emptying my pockets I'm waiting to hear back from Holder... Fingers crossed!
  14. Hi, Im trying to get an A60 engine back together, but Im struggling to find any workshop manual/ information relating to torque settings and tappit adjustment etc... Can anyone here help please..... (otherwise I may end up with a number of very expensive novelty paperweights to put on ebay)!


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