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  1. That’s a good wage for someone with a saw 👍🏼 Hopefully someone replies soon mate.
  2. Spent the evening browsing for an allisport full width intercooler for my 300tdi and nobody has one in stock, have allisport stopped trading or do they only make to order? alternatively does anyone have any reviews on the airtec intercoolers? cheers
  3. Yes, I have now rung and set it up with a local accountant, they are going to do my self assessment as well as VAT and they can get me a cheaper subscription to quickbooks etc ??
  4. I know it isn’t the smartest move, but I rightly or wrongly still view myself as a ‘small guy’ so up until now have been trying to streamline costs (I appreciate that they often save you what they cost you, but I’m stubborn) but yes, it is the rolling 12 months which has caught me out. I am currently fine but will go over with the very next invoice that I send. Am am I right in thinking that I don’t have to charge vat until the first day of the second month, ie: if I register in December 2020 then not collect vat until 1st Jan 2021? This way my current jobs pending to be carried out in December and work that I haven’t invoiced for yet, should be unaffected to avoid charging customers extra/forking out the VAT difference from my own pocket.
  5. I will also be getting an accountant tomorrow, as well ?
  6. Agreed, I’m also sat here now working it out. I think ultimately unless i’m Clever I will end up with a bit of a bill to pay. I think I am going to have to contact everyone and see if they would consider paying the extra even though they are not obligated too.
  7. Evening all, im crap at paperwork, and just sat down this evening and worked out that by some miracle I have managed to realise before it happens, that rolling from December 2019- December 2020 I am actually going to cross the VAT threshold. I will register to go VAT registered this week. How does this effect jobs that I priced and won in November and have booked in for January etc? Do I need to contact them all and explain/ apologise that the bill will be increasing (for private customers anyway) its a bit daunting as a fair bit of my work is private residents but I’ve got to take it as a compliment I suppose.... I don’t have any problems paying the other tradesman I use VAT, so I hope my customers don’t either. thanks
  8. +1 for smaller skidsteer, I also have an opico skidster, the old version of a Sherpa. It will drag brash, conifer, timber all day long and is so small and light that you can literally drive it over the customers flowerbed and they wouldn’t notice. And I do that quite often too....
  9. Mornin’ looking into my first mewp, and the biggest issue that I have found is the price difference in a tidy used cabstar mounted 20m and a tidy tracked unit. for considerably less money you can buy a 20m vehicle unit, whilst you are talking at least another 15k for a tidy tracked unit, with possibly only a 17/18m lift. currently stuck pondering whether the bigger reach, less accessible mewp would be better or whether to splash out on a machine that would be able to access a lot more trees, but is substantially more expensive? inappreciate that what ever I buy will be too small, wide etc for every scenario out there and will not be perfect. Currentlt swinging towards the tracked unit though as I already own a cabstar and they are horrific on even wet tarmac for off-road use, garden trees etc. thanks
  10. I found this too, mine broke during lockdown when it was 3 months old.... it then spent the next 3 months in the local machinery place (where I bought it) where they spent weeks and weeks waiting for parts to be shipped for it
  11. Morning all, Rainy day means a day sat behind the laptop again. I have been pondering for a while now (light halfheartedly) with regards to becoming arb approved, the pros and cons, and always assumed it was miles out of my reach, however after a mediocre local company (no names mentioned) passed it recently it shows that quite clearly the practical and quality of work side of the assessment isn't out of my reach, just possibly the paperwork and handing them over my money side! My question, with some companies now not 'bothering' to renew when their approval expires, apart from those who use it to aid commercial tenders etc, how useful is it to have in 2020? A couple of big companies where I am have every council gig tied up nicely on an un-matchable price basis so I don't think that is a future possibility, either. I'm not mocking the AA scheme or trying to undervalue it either, I'm always looking to achieve new goals and purely looking for whether it is a big step worth taking for a small company?
  12. I think thats the main reason a lot of us went to Bicton, wasnt it? I dont think it was for the arb... felling in clinton devon plantations. Climbing 100ft trees around the arboretum. nobby clarke offroading the college ldv minibuses up through the forestry racks etc Nobby ran it when i was there in 2011 and he did the best he could with the management and budget etc etc that he had. Ultimately it wasn't great but i left with a group of mates who still meet up now, my basic tickets and a hatred of cheap cider from the local post office.
  13. Hi Mate, where are you based please? thanks, Ben
  14. Evening Gents, I am on the look out for a self employed climber/groundsman for regular work (4/5 days a week) carrying out arb work in South Devon, Ivybridge + Kingsbridge area predominantly. for asap start. All tickets needed, as well as the usual ppe and basic tools although the rest can be supplied. Ideally someone happy to muck in and climb and ground as well as the odd hedging and general tree related activity. South Hams Arborists if you want to facebook/google/stalk us first. 07814376119, cheers
  15. Ok thanks. So unfortunately it looks like employing is a last resort effectively for a small business, due to the costs etc? As annoying and problematic as it is, a one off cost to pay a subbies invoice as required far outweighs the total bills involved with employing


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