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  1. The only cunt in that situation, would be you.
  2. Sorry if this is the wrong place. i ran past a place on my run near Ivybridge, South Devon with a nice looking saw mill and a Land Rover marked ‘Devon sawmill’ but it was parked too far away to get his contact details. i am trying to find someone that may know of, or have their contact details as have a few big stems which need recovery and milling. Thanks
  3. Got caught out by a magazine for the fire department a few years ago, they tried to debit my account 7 tines but only achieved it once, strangely though I asked for my money back and they obliged. I got contacted a few years ago by a similar sounding schools publication, and now anyone that contacts me with regards to a magazine or advert gets told where to go, especially yell 👍🏼
  4. deezyboy


    Filling in the air gaps 😅
  5. I have an opico skidster and it’s pretty ancient (comes with cool retro 80’s decals) I ebayed it on a whim locally for 3.5k and it came with a range of attachments which are handy but I must admit that I’ve never used. Post auger, cement mixer, fencing tools, log splitter came with it but I need to replace the ram seals. Being only a metre wide, yeah it’s no avant but it only comes out she shred rarely when we have a large takedown or drag but it saves the day. Bought a log grab from kelfri which works but has broken several times due to cheap metal, and the actual grab itself bent last week after a solid day of grabbing and carrying brash piles stacked with a tree shear to the chipper. I have the long ‘dangling’ grab which is handy as you can manually rotate it depending on what you need and I also have the upclose, ‘fixed’ grab for what I call ‘Vermeer style’ grabbing, which I mainly use for grabbing and ripping out hedge removals etc once cut. the ram seals went on the kelfri grab which is by far the weakest component of the entire machine, the actual machine will lift anything with enough guys stood on the back for ballast, and with a Honda Diesel engine, it’s smokey but does the trick. Also used it to empty out horse stables etc with the buckets (muck grab is on the Christmas list) like someone above said, it’s no avant but it doesn’t cost me a monthly finance bill and when it comes out on a job we are always pretty surprised and the guys are much appreciative of it loading the wood for them.
  6. self employed climber/ groundsman needed in south devon. Ivybridge area but work throughout south devon, plymouth and cornwall. Ideally a climber but happy to chat if you just have groundsman tickets. Can take you on several days a week and can be flexible to suit around you. www.southhamsarborists.co.uk Feel free to give me a call on 07814376119. cheers, Ben.
  7. Nearly a year on from my previous post and things are a lot better. Unfortunately my relationship did break down, due to treating my ex as a crutch to hold myself up during the bad times. This was what kickstarted my counselling sessions once a week which I have always previously dismissed and failed to understand the importance. They have immensely helped me and I recommend them to any person in a similar situation where they are struggling to cope by them self. Taken up running, get some podcasts on the go and out the door to completely switch off from trees and focus on myself. troublesome/stressful subbies I got rid of, any ongoing hidden issues with staff or admin etc were corrected or dealt with. I knew that things had to change in order for me to carry on running this business. I am no longer stressed daily, in fact I am so relaxed that I fail to book work in and organise basic things.... but I am enjoying the arb industry again and looking forward to a busy winter!
  8. Used nothing but Aspen now for about three years and love it, I too hiss when a subbie comes near me with a 2 stroke saw as I now notice the fumes far more then before. When my 26 month 560 blew up they said they’d never seen such a cleanly burning saw before. One thing though, I have a husky 538 strimmer (or something) which I have run on aspen since new and I’ve had to have the fuel lines replaced, and now the fuel primer bubble has cracked and split. I can’t explain why as the saws and trimmers love it but the strimmer runs like a stihl (poorly)
  9. Thank you everyone for your help. i admit that it’s somethint that I naively haven’t even heard of before (or perhaps paid any attention too maybe) so a lesson to be learnt. I agree with above comment regarding bumping the quote up by 20% minimum. still undecided as to whether I should re-invoice to include the separate items, plant hire etc or Whether my cash flow is happy enough to keep the original invoice as it then gives me a larger amount of ‘paper money’ to pay off my tax bill at Christmas time! Cheers
  10. Ok thanks for that. i will re-invoice then as have a fair bit of hired in plant for the job. Cheers gentleman
  11. Ok I will get that sorted. i still find it bizarre (I probably don’t understand enough) as to why they have taxed me? I pay my own taxes etc and haven’t signed up to the scheme. it has taken all the profit out of the job and made it not worth it!
  12. Hi all, quick wiestion, completed a job and sent the invoice to the construction company, they have since sent back the remittance advice, and have deducted £1600 under the CIS tax. how does this work? i am not registered for it myself, and £1600 is a lot to underpay on a quote that was submitted and agreed on for a much higher figure. Is it possible to claim it back?
  13. Just starting to come to terms with this. Its quite unsettling as I am only 25 and been running my business since I was a school leaver. The stress and worry to grow the business and succeed, earn a profit, pay the rent etc all off my own back in an industry where people are undercutting and haggling for scraps of work is unsettling. ive been battling anxiety and depression for about 2 years, pains in my stomach for weeks on end, loss of appetite (no doubt related) constant being wound up, stressed, unmotivated and tired. I used to love work and climbing and now it is for most days a chore, I no longer climb as too busy sending emails and dealing with clients on the ground. my business has grown and for that I am proud of myself, no hand outs or anything, just pumping every penny I earn back into, hopefully what is to be my future. But this has come at the cost of my social life, family relationship, romantic relationships, overall health and well-being. When you do everything that you can to provide for your other half, when they are the reason you get up and pull those 12hr days followed by an hour in front of a laptop at night, and then those relationships fall down due to the stresses that your mild depression over 2 years has caused... it all starts to get a bit much! i am only 25 and consider myself lucky compared to some of the stories shared by the posters on here, but as much as I enjoy running my own ship and the flexibility it brings, I can’t help thinking if it is worth it. I am in talks to starts some counselling sessions, so fingers crossed this is the beginning of the end 👍🏼
  14. Brother in law does a fair bit of milling with his Norwood, in West Devon. Seems to do alright with it. Big firewood supplier but picks the nicer lengths out and keeps them safe 👍🏼


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