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  1. Strange.....I have just discovered I can see them on the email notifications, but not on here😄 Looks like it is my end
  2. Interesting stuff. I think the only reason I make fun of the yanks is because I'm jealous of them😋....and their massive trees....hope nobody takes it personally. For some reason I can't see your pictures....but that bronco sounds like fun😁
  3. You have to remember that the nearest McDonald's might have been an hour's drive away😋 I'm assuming their ppe also lives up to the American stereotype....trainers, baseball cap (with invisible ear defenders) and a pair of shorts....maybe jeans if it is winter🙃
  4. That's a fair point, I try and keep at least one fresh chain in the truck, aswell as whatever i am going to be using that day.....and then only touch the fresh one as a last resort. Definitely useful to be able to grab a chain from a dealer when you are stuck though🙂
  5. Fair enough.👍 You should see an order from me shortly then😁
  6. Sounds promising, will definitely be going for Oregon full skip, just deciding whether to go 30 or 36
  7. Thanks for everyone's replies. @allseasons What size do you usually run? That's good to know, I'll have a look at at a 30". At least if I need anything bigger than that i might find an excuse for an 880😋 Bet a 461 grunts with 42" hanging off it 😳
  8. As title suggests....up until now I have just used a 20" on the 500i. I'm after something for the bigger stumps and logs, what sizes are people running? I am tempted to try a Sugihara pro in 36" and some oregon full skip chain from @RobD . Be glad of peoples thoughts before I go for it. Cheers. H
  9. Sorry to jump in on your thread....but that's made my day....in the current climate, seeing someone offering a gift to a complete stranger is really refreshing ?
  10. Would be interested in the 026s if they haven't already been claimed?
  11. Ok, will have a word when I'm next at the dealers and see what they have?
  12. Ok, thanks for that. Do you know the part number, only one I can see at the minute is the standard black and white one.
  13. Ok thanks ? I did an mtronic reset, and seems to be idling and revving out well now. Hopefully it stays that way.
  14. Cheers Spud! Forgot to mention.....its mtronic ? It's a second hand saw, so I'm hoping it's just had a bad mix in it at some point. Swapping it over to aspen now, so hopefully she'll be okay now?
  15. Been lurking for a while, finally signed up today. Just finished reading this thread, all very interesting....learnt a lot from it. I've just put a new p+c on my ms261, she runs well. I'm now thinking before I use it too much that i should find the original cause of the damage. Any advice on where to start would be greatly appreciated. Cheers Harvey


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