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  1. Just had a look at this on John Deere parts catalogue. A decent dealer should be able to help you out. It looks like that part number has been superseded, and is now F700144. If your local dealer can't help, try Ben Burgess (Coates) 01733 840777 - I'm not affiliated with them, but they have helped us out of the mess before. Our local dealer don't have stock, but their list price is £55.96+vat. Hope this helps, and keep us updated how you get on. H.
  2. StihlGreen

    Oh bugger

    If you were worried about any wear, Loctite 620 might be worth a try....probably worth checking with @spudulike for advice though....he is a very knowledgeable chap👍
  3. I can't help you with the size, but I have just started using a husky mesh one (the same as mentioned above) and I much prefer it to the one that comes with the sordins, far better visibility.
  4. I've not used a 572 personally so I can't help you with that side of things...but if you are considering a 462, I'd definitely recommend looking at a 500i. The throttle response on the 500i never fails to impress....see if you can have a play with one before you buy. 👍 Hope this helps. H.
  5. If it is just leaking from the coupler, you should be able to replace it without removing the hose. It should unscrew here. If you find a local hydraulics shop or agri dealer, they will probably have one on the shelf. If you do replace it, it is good practice to replace the dowty washer at the same time. The caps that @eggsarascal suggested wouldn't be a bad idea to keep the dirt out, as hydraulics and dirt don't mix too well! Hopefully this doesn't sound like I'm trying to teach you to suck eggs! EDIT: These are normally called a flat face coupler. Or the male half is a flat face probe, and the female a flat face carrier.
  6. Cheers. I'll add that one to the list👍
  7. Brilliant, thanks for that. I will see if I can find an offcut of that sort of size and that should get me started. Thank you. Will add those books to the list.
  8. So....I'm warming to the idea of climbing in the future....recreational to start with, hopefully progressing to arb work later on. Can anyone reccomend a good book of knots, or names of specific knots that you use regularly. Also a recommendation on a good size or type of rope to practice knots on would be useful. Thanks in advance. H.
  9. Strange.....I have just discovered I can see them on the email notifications, but not on here😄 Looks like it is my end
  10. Interesting stuff. I think the only reason I make fun of the yanks is because I'm jealous of them😋....and their massive trees....hope nobody takes it personally. For some reason I can't see your pictures....but that bronco sounds like fun😁
  11. You have to remember that the nearest McDonald's might have been an hour's drive away😋 I'm assuming their ppe also lives up to the American stereotype....trainers, baseball cap (with invisible ear defenders) and a pair of shorts....maybe jeans if it is winter🙃
  12. That's a fair point, I try and keep at least one fresh chain in the truck, aswell as whatever i am going to be using that day.....and then only touch the fresh one as a last resort. Definitely useful to be able to grab a chain from a dealer when you are stuck though🙂
  13. Fair enough.👍 You should see an order from me shortly then😁
  14. Sounds promising, will definitely be going for Oregon full skip, just deciding whether to go 30 or 36
  15. Thanks for everyone's replies. @allseasons What size do you usually run? That's good to know, I'll have a look at at a 30". At least if I need anything bigger than that i might find an excuse for an 880😋 Bet a 461 grunts with 42" hanging off it 😳


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