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  1. Squaredy

    Does Sat Nav ever work well?

    I am currently sat at home waiting for a builder to arrive. He just rang me to say he will be late - turns out the satnav led him up the garden path and will now result in him being very late. When I speak to people who are wanting to visit my yard I have to tell them to ignore the satnav. If they do follow satnav it will take them down little back lanes quite unsuited to even the smallest car. A couple of years ago I was returning to my site from a place I had never been and I trusted the satnav. I ended up in a farm yard so I asked the nice farmer if the road used to go through. “Yes”, he said “Before they built the dual carriageway in the seventies.” Is the mapping really that inaccurate? Or are they programmed by anarchists who want us all to drive around all day getting no-where? Or is it because I live in Wales.....?
  2. Squaredy

    Vat business split

    Good question and really an accountant needs to answer this. The short answer is this could be very dodgy. If HMRC think you are in effect splitting one business so you can have your cake and eat it they could land you with a big bill for back tax.
  3. Squaredy

    Yew For Turning

    In my experience wood turners will love this. They prefer dry but often will buy green if cheap. You could find out if there is a wood turning club nearby. If there is you could maybe go to one of their meetings.
  4. Squaredy

    Wood chip for biomass

    Yeah it is crazy isn’t it? As another poster has mentioned cost of transport is a lot to do with it. DERV is quite rightly heavily taxed as vehicles using it wreck our planet and health. Aviation fuel and even worse bunker oil (diesel so polluting you cannot use it on land in most of the world) are so cheap it means we merrily import and export thousands of tons of stuff instead of using local resources. I am not against global trade as such but we need to use it more wisely.
  5. Squaredy


    In all seriousness is that a teaspoon or a dessert spoon or a serving spoon?
  6. Squaredy

    School Children getting paid for work experience

    So you learned you don’t like office work.... I seem to remember it was also a week off school. I would have done a week of anything for that!
  7. Squaredy


    That is a good one. Can’t believe anyone makes a spoon nearly as big as that football.
  8. Squaredy

    Chancellor takes action against subbies

    Ah great, no doubt it will make an already complex set of rules even more unfathomable. Just what contractors need.
  9. Squaredy

    School Children getting paid for work experience

    I am not condoning the man as you worked hard and he deceived you. But even this unpleasant experience taught you something you would never have learned in a classroom. So £5 was not the only thing you gained....
  10. Squaredy

    the smell of wood

    My favourite has to be Alder. Not the wet wood, but when it is fully dried and being machined, it has a gorgeous sweet smell - like a sweet shop. Ash is nearly as nice mind. Again when dry.
  11. Squaredy

    Making the news today....

    There was a series of TV documentaries made some years ago. We sent nuclear subs to the area secretly as a precaution. It was meant to be secret to avoid escalating the situation whilst the two sides were still talking. Sadly sending the subs was leaked to the press and the only outcome then was war. The leak was traced directly to number 10. As a matter of fact I am not generally anti Thatcher. Well no more than most of the other politicians that lie to us as a matter of routine.
  12. Squaredy

    Making the news today....

    You have got me curious I must read up more about World War One. Any suggested good books? By the way I think the Falklands war was also very avoidable. Thing is it appears Mrs Thatcher didn’t want to avoid it.
  13. Squaredy

    School Children getting paid for work experience

    I have not yet had work experience kids but I had a an autistic guy help once a fortnight for a year or so. It is easy to underestimate how much time it takes to supervise and train someone new and young. I think £30 a day is quite generous for a kid who works hard; for kids who can't be bothered I would not give them anything except a bad report at the end of it. I did work experience when I was 15 and I certainly got nothing, except a fascinating insight into the world of work. Made me want to leave school and start work even more.... I did talk to the local prison a while back about taking prisoners and giving them work experience and they were very positive about it, but I think they are just so bogged down with red tape they can't arrange anything at the moment. I always think it is good when local businesses try and help out youngsters or others in need, but make no mistake it is not an easy or cheap source of good labour!
  14. Squaredy

    Self employed fears

    Yes I missed out the detail, but this case brought it all to a head a few months ago. Was it effectively disguised employment ? Yes of course it was, and yes Mark I remember IR 35 well. I was a self employed contractor when it first came out, and so I asked my accountant about it. He had never heard of it. He did a bit of homework and then advised me I was indeed in "Disguised employment". A couple of years later I changed accountant and was duly advised that I was most certainly not in "Disguised employment". Frankly it was a mess with very complicated rules that even the professionals argued about (reminds me of the detailed and complicated discussions on Arbtalk about rules on trailer towing). The government need to establish simple rules around employment that give realistic but fair options and clarity for employees and employers. Not everyone wants to be an employee - surely they should be given a simple alternative? Or should they?
  15. Squaredy

    Self employed fears

    Well the problem started when a greedy plumber decided to take his employer to court suing for full employee's rights even though he was a subbie.....and ended when the court agreed with him. Sorry you probably know this anyway.


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