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  1. Interesting. Sadly the pieces I have which have confounded my expectations of fast rotting are of an unknown variety. I mean I don’t know the exact species, not that they are new to science.
  2. I have always considered pine timber to be non-durable. I have noticed however a number of instances where it resists rot surprisingly well. I am not talking about pitch pine or oregon pine (Douglas Fir) but the types of pines we get here in the UK - I guess: scots, lodgepole, ponderosa, radiata. Can anyone guide me - are certain ones known to be durable? Or are they all more durable than I imagined? I would have said they are not much better than spruce, but I am thinking they are actually closer to larch. What do you think fellow Arbtalkers?
  3. If leylandii (or indeed any cypress) is quite heavy it is still wet.
  4. And is this a school run by the LEA or is it an academy school? I think it is about time local councils stopped trying to run schools. But I don’t know if academies are any better.
  5. I guess most parents have very little idea of just how bad things have become. No wonder home schooling and independent school numbers have gone up. I would suggest it isn’t even that difficult to solve the problem either. Just give each school the ultimate ability to exclude a pupil if they feel it necessary. It must be soul destroying to kick out an unruly child only to find them re-instated by the local authority the following week.
  6. So the implicit message from the school to the children is that bad behaviour will go unpunished. The children can literally do what they like, and unless the police get involved there are no consequences. All I can say is thank goodness my kids are not in that school.
  7. Well, Trigger Andy has summed it up quite well. By the time you have faffed about understanding the customers needs, explained about what happens if you hit metal and then get your head round how you will actually do the resawing; you often find that is an hour or two gone. The customer sees that the cutting took ten minutes so expects a bill for two and six. Plus, in any case my kit is set up for sawing logs, which are wet and easy to mill. A board or two that a customer has been drying for years and years and is now dry, twisted and super hard is the last thing I want to mill.
  8. Maybe you should say why you want a sawmill with a bandsaw. Are you hoping to buy it? Are you hoping they will do some re-sawing for you? If that latter perhaps put details on here as there may be other ways. Or it might be what you are hoping for is unlikely to happen. I run a small sawmill, but we very rarely take on re-sawing jobs. Not because we don’t get asked but for commercial reasons.
  9. So, just to be clear, this happened on school premises?
  10. Is it just me or is there a massive elephant in this room? Gordano School apologises after pupils hurt in crush WWW.BBC.CO.UK The Health and Safety Executive says it is looking into how the crush developed at the school gates. I mean yes the school should look at their procedures, but are they not going to tell the kids to not push in future? Is it not allowed these days to ever suggest a child behaved badly? My kids don’t go to this school but if they did I would like to think the first thing the school would do is make it clear that pushing and unruly behaviour is unacceptable.
  11. I could be out of date, but prices here are high. My last batch of WRC sawlogs was £160 per ton delivered. That was maybe a bit less than a year ago. Decent logs mind. But, unless you can ship them across the sea does it matter what the price is here in the UK?
  12. Now I have also tried Victordle. This is where you play competitively with someone else, somewhere in the world. It is great for knocking back your confidence if ever you start to feel you are getting good at it! I don't like it much as it takes away the pleasure (for me anyway) if you are under time pressure.
  13. I am pretty sure you can get word processors these days that fit on a small desk. Something like this... No need for any trailer, but it will need a power source I believe.
  14. Been doing it for years, on work days with a cuppa when I get home with my Mrs. We do it as a joint effort. Have you tried Quordle? Four to do simultaneously with nine guesses (total) instead of six. Can be a lot of fun, and not as hard as it sounds. Anybody willing to share their opening words? I always use AUDIO followed by EVERY.
  15. The reason small elms keep popping up (mainly in hedgerows) is that when a tree dies due to Dutch Elm Disease it is only the part above ground which dies off. In fact it is the tree itself which shuts down the top part, so the vast root system survives. It then puts up many new shoots, some of which then survive until eventually the elm bark beetle finds them, and it happens all over again. Sadly this is also the reason they aren't developing immunity. The new trees are literally clones of the original that succumbed to DED. But there are millions of young elm trees in the UKs hedgerows, so every now and then one gets to a decent size. And of course there are still many survivor trees in Scotland and Brighton.


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