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  1. Yeah maybe that is all they want. OP didn’t say and I assumed product liability. Theft and accidental damage cover should be cheap enough. Proving the value could be tricky if it was pinched.
  2. I could carry out a risk assessment for you for a modest fee....
  3. What is the piece? I am just wondering how risky it is but without knowing if it is a 20m totem pole or a turned life size cherry we are a bit in the dark. I sort of hope it is a life size cherry...
  4. I have just been contacted by a man who is purchasing a property in Kent (ME13) and wants to find a contractor who can clear a ten acre cherry orchard. The area is to be re-planted as a vineyard. It is 400 or more trees around 18 inches diameter so will be a fair chunk of work for a small scale forester. If you are interested please PM me and I will share the owner's contact details. I do not have a lot of information about the job, and I cannot vouch for what is involved but the customer seemed to know what he is up to. Hopefully when the trees are down I might be able to purchase a lorry load for milling - it would be a shame if it all went for biomass. It is a bit far from me, but I have heard that lots of lorries from this area head to Kent with logs for the biomass plant, so maybe one can make a detour and come back with a load!
  5. Yeah Richie Benauld was awesome. And in his day one of the best Aussie players ever.
  6. Indeed, and don’t forget the butterfly with a limp!
  7. I always follow the cricket, but as a sawmiller not an arborist I cannot afford Sky so out comes my long wave radio. Aggers and the others are great anyway, but I do miss Blowers.
  8. Squaredy

    Stem Price

    As a general rule you may be better off buying from forestry contractors. That way you can get a whole timber lorry load delivered for around £70 per cubic metre or maybe a bit more for Oak. I do buy from tree surgeons but usually only if they deliver to me and then I pay around £70 per cubic metre. And make sure you know how to calculate volume otherwise you will get into endless arguments about how many tons you are being sold. I would suggest always paying per by volume not weight.
  9. Yes agreed, that is the easiest way. The surface can still dry but not the inside. And keep them somewhere cool but with air gaps between them so they don’t start going mouldy. Softwoods usually best as they won’t fall apart.
  10. No indeed does not sound nice. However I still think most people would be horrified if they knew how often we in the UK allow raw sewage to flow directly into our rivers and coasts. And I know this is not a unique UK problem of course.
  11. Well I for one would happily pay more for such a basic human necessity as drinking water and waste water treatment. If my bill increased by 35% it would cost an extra 80 pence a day, but across all customers would give Welsh Water many million extra to reduce rainwater getting into sewers. Have you ever walked on a beach covered in sanitary towels????!!!! I have.
  12. Yes, but what is shocking is that this happens surprisingly often. For example Pendine sands (one of the UK's biggest beaches and a major tourist spot) had raw sewage discharged 317 days out of 365 in 2017. Now I know Wales has a reputation for plenty of rain, but even Snowdonia does not have this much! Link here Sewage empties into waterways 30k times WWW.BBC.CO.UK Campaigner wants more to be done to stop storm overflows getting into Welsh rivers and seas. Much of the problem is that so many rainwater gutters and I would imagine street drains discharge into sewers instead of storm drains and soakaways. My house is a good example. It was built in 1925 and like every other house in the street the downpipes from the front of the house go to the strom drain which empties into the local drainage ditch; but the downpipes from the rear of the house goes into the sewer. In this example it is fixable - not cheap - but then neither are the fines which we will end up paying if the Environment Agency ever get round to enforcing the law.
  13. Thanks for that, I am looking into them. Ideally I would rather avoid cotton altogether, but at least it is organic, and they are reasonably priced and plain so ideal for embroidered workwear.
  14. Yes I do agree totally. I decided that when I buy twenty or thirty polo tops for myself and my workers I would make a more environmentally sound selection than polycotton, but it is proving difficult. I am am still researching and hope to find a good choice eventually.
  15. The energy consumption of cotton is high, in fact as far as I can tell wearing cotton clothes has a huge environmental impact. But at least you avoid the problem of tiny bits of plastic ending up in our food because it enters the food chain. As an organic substance at least it simply rots away when discarded. Imagine how much microplastic will be in the world's oceans if we keep washing plastic based clothes as we are now for a century or two.


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