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  1. Wonderful habitat. Awful crop. Not sure it looks very safe either. Is it your stand of Poplar? If it were mine I would be thinking about felling and finding something that suits the situation better as clearly those trees are not doing well.
  2. Not bad at all for something you found in the brambles!
  3. Risk 4: the machine is not handed over when you go to collect.
  4. Take care then. Hopefully there is an equivalent of the HPI car check you can use, otherwise the risk is yours. Risk 1: stolen; risk 2: outstanding finance; risk 3: it is not a good machine.
  5. I assume you are buying it privately not from a dealer? If it is a private deal you get almost no legal protection, as you are probably aware.
  6. Ah I see. Certainly for 29 Poplar trees it might be worth looking for a buyer. You near me (South Wales)?
  7. I sometimes get a small load from a local firewood guy - he fells as well and sometimes gets logs he doesn't really want for firewood. He has a tractor and timber trailer so he can deliver. That won't help you I know but have you made contact with your local firewood guys who might be in a similar position? Otherwise there are plenty of forestry firms out there but generally they want to sell you a full load.
  8. So what is the going rate for logs like that going to biomass if you don't mind my asking?
  9. Well to answer your question, the poplar I started this thread about and milled in 2018 went up for sale a year later and was all gone within a few months, so it went really well. Even the sample board I put a photo of on this thread sold eventually despite it only being a sample as it was simply such a nice board. I bought more pop from a local farmer a bit later and that is also all milled and some of it is waiting for me to use in a building I am putting up in my garden. As a timber it dries well, is pretty stable and straight grained, but does have a lot of movement as it changes moisture level. If you mill some and put it to dry properly it would be good for indoor projects where you do not need great hardness, and where the design allows for a little movement. I personally think the grain is really nice and would love to see it used as kitchen cupboard doors for example. From your point of view I think what you have to think about is how easy it will be to sell the timber - unless you are planning to use it all yourself. I can manage to sell most timbers as I have footfall and if I can get any timber in front of my customers it will sell. If you have to rely on advertising you may find it takes a very long time to sell, as people will want the better known timbers. I have just a few weeks ago bought a full lorry load of poplar from an Arbtalk member which I have started milling to standard thicknesses and this will be up for sale next year. I am a big fan of getting under-used timbers in front of customers as there are so many great timbers out there which get totally overlooked.
  10. Yes I have used that type of kit for about ten years and always found them successful. No idea about whether it is legal but they certainly work. Also saves a lot of time as you can often do a repair in just a few minutes - without even taking the wheel of the vehicle sometimes.
  11. And of course my city (Newport), Cardiff, Swansea, Newcastle, Bristol and a few others. Still about a tenth of the German cities we attacked. Nearly as many Germans killed in Hamburg in one week as in the entire duration of the Blitz on UK cities. We must never forget the Blitz, but all too often we forget the other side of the coin. And we deliberately targeted civilians.
  12. I also love the Lancaster - amazing aircraft. So sad that it was a weapon of what would now be called extensive war crimes. Can you imagine a thousand of them heading towards a single city on a single night each carrying around 5 tons of bombs? Bombing of Hamburg in World War II - Wikipedia EN.WIKIPEDIA.ORG
  13. Are you after a full lorry load?
  14. Teak is possibly the best timber you could use for a garden table - highly durable and stable. BUT you must allow for movement of the timber - it will get baked in the sun (maybe for weeks at a time in a heat wave) and rained on and damp for weeks at a time. If you glue it up like an indoor dining table you will have problems. Either leave gaps, or look at the way teak decks are made for boats - they have gaps with a sealant and caulking material in between.


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