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  1. Photos might be helpful. I might be interested but the haulage may well kill it.
  2. If you mean dealing with your own waste you may get away with it. If you mean taking other people’s waste and charging then you need to read up on environment agency website or NRW if in Wales. I believe you even need a permit to have a fire to dispose of green waste these days. To do it properly it may well be a minefield.
  3. That’s a bit mean. I would do this for 32” walnut if mixed with pippy oak.
  4. You think that is a risk....look at this one....and this is on the website of one of the Arbtalk advertisers! It may be a fake photo but that is just crazy.... Maybe we should tell them? https://www.realfirewood.co.uk/coal-heating-vs-wood-heating
  5. I can only lend my own experience to this, I bought a new Norwood HD36 (the big one but no hydraulics) in 2015, and I have regretted it almost from day one. It does get a lot of use and it does do the job, but there are many problems: Build quality is poor (paint finish peeling from day one). A nightmare to assemble, and took at least ten times longer than Norwood say. Ceramic blade guides were hopeless and I soon replaced them with the rollers which almost every other bandsaw mill uses. On the plus side it is still going and working about two days a week and is very economical on fuel. Blades are cheap enough but if you re-sharpen there are not many people who do it right!
  6. It might be worth scrapping it and getting a new one. If it is going to cost you say £200 to fix this one up, and possibly you may need to pay a HETAS engineer to check it is safe, why not spend £500 and know it will be good for many years? Installing a woodburner can cost £2500, but much of that cost is flue liner and labour. Come to think about it, the liner may be at the end of its life as well, so again needs checking, or did the sweep do this for you?
  7. Yeah Oil not varnish. And yes it will crack. And will be very difficult to stop going grey. Are you sure it is Ash?
  8. They would sell like hot cakes round my way! I live near Newport South Wales. Shame they wrap them in plastic.
  9. Any chance of a photo? Also if you mention what species it is this will help.
  10. Yeah my mistake Modec not Aixam. You can pick these up on eBay for peanuts but good luck in getting them working again.
  11. I may have got the name wrong of the electric lorry I will check. Speedy hire had a fleet but not for long.
  12. As you say having predictable cash flow is important, but for me it is mainly about risk. What would a full set of batteries cost for a modern electric vehicle? Not a risk I am willing to take, so a full maintenance lease is the only option I would consider. Have you heard about the Aixam lorries? I feel for anyone who invested in one of them ten years ago. It might be different in five or ten years time when they are common but imagine taking a full electric vehicle to a back street garage hoping for a budget repair!
  13. The only problem I have with these is they appear to be wrapped in plastic. I really couldn't buy these in bulk I have found a briquette maker just across the water north of Bristol, who do wrap them in paper. Only problem is the paper bags are highly branded. I would prefer to buy plain packed briquettes so I am still looking.
  14. Yes tax years. Pure electric vehicles will have a benefit in kind tax charge of 0% 2020/21, 1% 2021/2022 and 2% 2022/2023. Only zero for one year but then pretty close to zero. It is worth bearing in mind also that an awful lot of the charging points are currently free. This will not continue indefinitely of course, but for early adopters many are quite literally getting free fuel!


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