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  1. Squaredy

    Any clues what this is

    Ooooohhhh I am going to be really unhelpful and say not Yew, but I have no idea what. Sapwood too wide for Yew and bark wrong.
  2. Squaredy

    Large Yew Tree

    In my experience a tree like that you can never tell until it is down how many stems it really is. There will almost certainly be major bark inclusions and the like. Difficult to value until it is down and in sections I would suggest. I am sure there will be some good timber there, but maybe nothing as wide as one would hope.
  3. Squaredy

    How long will douglas fir posts last untreated?

    Yes the bits above ground should last decades, depending on design. Posts sunk in the ground will be rotten in 6 to 10 years. Unless you can work out a clever way to protect them of course. If you can bed them in large chippings (like railway ballast) and keep mud and sawdust away then they will not stay wet at ground level and may last better. If they are embedded in concrete then at and just below ground level they will get wet and stay wet and therefore rot.
  4. Squaredy

    ArbDogs? Pics!

    My little logging girls helped us out on our site today as we felled a large Spruce.
  5. Squaredy

    Milling western red cedar

    Wow that is a lot of error. The Hemlock must have been gutting... Maybe one day you will contract to buy a lorry load of Spruce, and when it turns up it is all Walnut....
  6. Squaredy

    Milling western red cedar

    Isn't it spooky, the original poster mistook a CRW for a WRC and then I mistook a WRC for a CRW.
  7. Squaredy

    Milling western red cedar

    Yeah I have zoomed in on the foliage on the original pic, and it really does look like WRC. Well done for spotting my deliberate error......
  8. Squaredy

    Milling western red cedar

    I do agree the foliage does look very WRC doesn't it! Sorry if I have got that one wrong. In which case that is a very nice Cedar. Next time I am nearby I will go and check.
  9. Squaredy

    Milling western red cedar

    To bring this topic back on track I think Coastal Redwood is one of the best timbers as wide slabs. Shame they so rarely come up. It has the durability and stability of Giant Redwood, but is a stronger, altogether superior timber. It is a shame that so little of it is grown as forest trees in the UK, and the stands of it that I know of have not been managed properly so when milled they will have large dead knots all the way up.
  10. Squaredy

    Milling western red cedar

    Please specify whether it is the tree or my lovely Wife you are reacting to..... PS: she doesn't smile like this all the time. Actually just reading up on the tinternet it seems Coastal Redwood are still the world's tallest tree.
  11. Squaredy

    Milling western red cedar

    Myself and the Mrs in front of a pretty big Coastal Redwood in West Wales. They don't get such massive girth as Giant Redwood, but still very impressive, even babies like this one. Before we cut all the tall ones down they were the world's tallest tree...
  12. Squaredy

    The mythical female chainsaw boots....

    I am not sure that fluffy socks really give Class 1 protection, I think you will have to get some chainsaw boots. Correct me if I am wrong of course.
  13. Squaredy

    Milling western red cedar

    I think you and Big J are right. Coastal Redwood though not Sequoia.
  14. I have to agree with this. I save money because I don't work out the value of the firewood I burn which is all sawmill "waste". I enjoy my woodburner partly because I love a real fire but also because we use it as much as we like without worrying about wood consumption, whereas if we put gas central heating on we would probably only let it come on for a couple of hours each evening. And my house gets really cold in winter so it would be miserable. As a small scale firewood seller I would say the majority of my customers just love their woodburners - very few of them are expecting it to save them money. It is a luxury item like their fancy car.
  15. Squaredy

    Made to last...

    Sounds awesome. I just hope your Garmin GPS is more reliable than my Garmin satnav.....!


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