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  1. I think I understand what your data shows, but can you comment on it for me in case I am mis-understanding?
  2. Very nice....is the camper all as nice as it looks with native timbers? I know it is a de-rail but I am sure it would be great to see more pics please.
  3. Thank you Saul, yes indeed they are. Actually I must take some photos of Alder we have been milling lately as well. Nothing big, but also spectacular in a different way. Bit like my wife...
  4. Millling London Plane on the Slabber these last few days. Some very pretty timber for sure, and the widest I have cut since buying the mill in the summer. Around 5 feet wide at wide end; and four feet at narrow end. Just got to squirrel them away for a couple of years.
  5. Yeah thanks for that. I did ask about insulated ones and they didn’t seem to be available. I don’t need it for the insulation but it would have been good to avoid condensation. Job done now anyway - put them on today, just got to add trims and gap filling pieces. Hopefully condensation will be minimal.
  6. Well, the problem is I didn't know how far gone it was. When walking on, the OSB boards had gone very soft in places, and there is no access from below. So I decided to strip it off, dry as necessary and re-do with roofing sheets.
  7. I cleaned off the fruiting bodies, and pressure washed the roof. It is full of pinholes. The builder who installed it didn't put enough coats of the resin over the top of the glass matt sheets. Such a waste as now the whole lot will have to come off and be renewed. All it needed when it was applied three years ago was (I guess) a few more coats. Here is what was under the turkey tail, and what was under the fibreglass and OSB. Tegenaria Domestica looked very healthy, and Pipistrelle was very annoyed to be disturbed. I have just finished putting up tin sheets (tile effect), with just a few trims and edging pieces to do at the weekend (if the snow doesn't come that is!).
  8. As has been said this is a very interesting debate. I would love some of the guys at Forestry Commission to give a view or two, but I suspect that Big J's final Euc crop will have matured and been harvested before they complete the red tape to allow them to express an opinion. Maybe some of the private forestry firms might like to comment. I know lots of small estates where native hardwoods are seen as a very valuable crop, but is this because they have been in continuous management for centuries? Of course one major advantage these estates have is that the land is usually inherited, so in effect it is a free resource for them to utilise. Anyone can see that growing Oak (or even Cherry or Sycamore or others) for a financial return in the UK is a challenge. But is it really as bleak as BigJ says?
  9. Crazy growth indeed! So once the harvesting starts how many tons will that be per acre (or hectare if you youngsters prefer)?
  10. It is difficult to take this seriously. A woodburner is alight for four hours, and opening the door for a few seconds over the course of an evening results in harmful levels of particulates being released? And this is against the strong inflow of air when you open the door!
  11. Auto for me too. And I mean proper hydraulic auto with a torque converter etc, not a manual with electric auto clutch like Merc fitted for a few years to sprinters. Used to own one of these - what a pain the enormous delay in changing was. A good auto box coupled with a good gutsy engine is difficult to beat.
  12. Cheers Mark, and you. Just need to get friendly with someone whose ancestors were well in with William the Conqueror - that is when the land was all divided up...
  13. Agreed the ruling classes are not innocent either. Land reform is long overdue, but not likely to happen. My landlord owns hundreds of millions of pounds worth of property and is totally exempt from inheritence tax. But yes I think the unions have a lot to answer for. They forget the companies they consider to be the enemy are actually providing the jobs for their members. So when they finally screw the company into oblivion the people they hurt most are their own members!


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