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  1. That is where you are going wrong, I find fifteen minutes is ample....
  2. Don't hurley stick makers need the bottom four feet of a trunk only and including any buttresses? I thought they usually ended up pushing the trees over. Market for top quality Ash sawlogs will be big sawmills like Pontrilas I would say. I do buy top quality Ash but I am overloaded with them right now!
  3. Thanks Mark, I will send a PM.
  4. Here is a pic - not a great one sorry. Lovely timber for things like craft work, mirror frames etc. Not everyone's cup of tea, but if I were nearer to you Saul (and had any cash) I would offer to buy the whole tree off you (milled).
  5. Well that looks more burry to me. Either way I think you are in for a treat when you mill it. I have milled small cankered ash - lovely stuff, let me see if I have a pic....
  6. Now that would run one hell of a sawmill, 3000HP! I bet it is great engineering. I want one.
  7. If so I could offer a site to put caravan in a good forestry setting with use of toilet etc.
  8. Minimum wage is now over £1200 per month full time. Not to be sniffed at as a stop gap. But yes I am sure there are plenty of jobs paying more.
  9. There were adverts in my area for Amazon delivery drivers and yes self employed and using own van. The pay was £143 per day plus 17p per mile for fuel. If you already have a van that seems not bad at all. I guess a lot depends on how well the route is planned cause if all your drops are pretty close should be easy enough.
  10. Just wondering if anyone here has a story to share about how they have taken temporary work to tide them over whilst their normal line of work is on hold? I hear that there are going to be 80,000 workers needed in agriculture starting around April fruit picking etc. We all know that us Brits are not too good at this usually, but if needs must may be worth considering. And there is huge demand for drivers and other roles for Tesco, Amazon etc. Much easier than fruit picking I imagine. I did look at driving jobs but I think I will manage without but I will do it if I have to. Worse ways to stay afloat I think than driving for Amazon for a few months.
  11. Ah I think I read your post wrong. I thought you were telling me never to buy from you. You were saying I have never bought from you I think? I have never bought from most local mills - if you had surplus stock to shift at wholesale prices I might well buy from you Les!
  12. It certainly would be a crime for such logs to be chopped for firewood.
  13. Whatever thicknesses you go for someone will want a thickness you don't have. Best sellers will be 25 to 50mm probably, but maybe some large slabs should be thicker. I do sometimes buy from other mills if you are not too far away.
  14. Of course the most money is to be made by selling direct. But you need to take into account the time it will take to deal with customers. A small sale could take an hour or more. You will spend many hours answering enquiries many of which will result in no sales. How will customers view timber? If in a stack they may want the boards near the bottom! So the quickest and most efficient way is to sell wholesale to someone who retails timber. But of course this will yield half the price or less. Or find bulk purchase customers, but that may take years. So yes there is money to be made, but just like a farmer growing carrots, it is usually simplest to sell them wholesale rather than find hundreds of customers.


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