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  1. Definitely start them off with six months probation. Think about who will do payroll, and if they will also keep on top of constantly changing rules etc. Also remember you must give them a pension, and quite possibly paternity pay or maternity pay. Most of all you need to find someone genuinely good that will make it worth your effort.
  2. Almost museum worthy. Ex MOD, wonder what it was made for? Pumping up tyres on Spitfires in the Battle of Britain I would say...
  3. I hope you are managing to keep my sawlogs lovely and clean! The firewood boys won’t mind, but my saws don’t like mud very much….😉
  4. Very nice. Like your sawmill also.
  5. I will see what deal I get offered for the bits I need, thank you guys for the tips.
  6. Ooohh no not heard of them, I have always used Customville. I need a few parts right now so I will try them, as it is going to be a big bill...new springs all round, new fuel tank etc.
  7. Back in the early 2000s I had a grey import Toyota. Great car, utterly reliable. Generally no bother at all getting parts - Toyota actually had a special department for supplying their grey imports. I can imagine some makes may be less organised however. At the time there were a lot of grey import Toyotas coming into the country; not sure if this is still the case. I currently own a 1990 LHD Ford F250 pickup and I wouldn't even dream of contacting a Ford dealer for spares. Luckily their are specialist independent dealers who are generally very helpful.
  8. Very nice. Why more people don't mill Birch and Alder I have no idea. Such a waste.
  9. Well here is the new sprocket. Arrived today as promised - great service from John Deere Forestry. I will update the thread again when it is fitted and working OK, but it looks fine to me. Thank you again everyone who helped me find the part locally and save time and 75% of the price.
  10. WOW if only all website problems were as easy to fix... Nice one Steve! I will take great pleasure each morning when I open Arbtalk, whilst having my cuppa in bed, to look at Today's posts. So glad you didn't put Today's Post's.
  11. Just wondering really. I don't have much to say except the one thing that really annoys everyone.... the lack of an apostrophe "s" in "Today Posts".
  12. Is this a thread for general forum feedback or is this not welcome......?!
  13. Thanks Rob, it looks like I am sorted now however.
  14. I have just spoken to John Deere Forestry in Perth, and thanks to now having the correct JD part number (thanks to @StihlGreen) I have ordered two and they will be arriving tomorrow. Cost for the two of them is less than the cost for one from Peterson NZ. It will arrive tomorrow so I will update here to confirm when I have checked it is correct! Thank you to all you helpful Arbtalkers who have helped me track down this part.
  15. I will check if it is still available tomorrow...


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