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  1. Squaredy

    D.I.Y cat tree help required

    It doesn’t matter what you finish it with, the cats will totally ignore it and scratch your sofa and stair carpet anyway.
  2. Squaredy

    When is a cubic metre not a cubic metre?

    Freshly cut Oak logs take about a week or more at 70 degrees centigrade to really dry, right through to the middle. Even then any oversize logs could still be a bit wet inside. In reality as long as the huge majority of the logs are under 20% it will be fine. After all, a not quite dry Oak log is still mainly quite dry - just the middle portion which may be only a tenth of the log. I agree of course that air drying is best, but you need to have the space to store in well ventilated conditions under cover (in the case of Oak) maybe two or three years worth of logs.
  3. Squaredy

    When is a cubic metre not a cubic metre?

    Sorry for the late reply, but yes generally the logs are good. There is lots of Oak, and if you split a large one of these it is not really dry enough in the middle, but overall I think the claim that average moisture is under 20% is probably correct.
  4. Squaredy

    When is a cubic metre not a cubic metre?

    Just to let anybody know who is interested, this has now been resolved. I finally received from Surefire Logs a correct invoice which I have paid.
  5. Squaredy

    Traditional timber frame

    Bit difficult to comment without pics, but in my experience a 6m span is going to need a 9 inch X 3 inch beam with no big faults, and this is assuming it is taking no real weight - ie just roofing sheets and maybe some snow. If it is a floor taking any weight it will need way more than this. Their will be structural strength tables you can find on t'interweb, but it will be very complex and difficult to follow I guarantee.
  6. Squaredy

    Oak butt paint

    Would leave the end of the board impregnated with oil so yes it may work well but at what cost? Best to not cut Oak in this weather or before the summer.
  7. Squaredy

    When is a cubic metre not a cubic metre?

    No you shouldn't worry. It is definitely a cube.
  8. Squaredy

    When is a cubic metre not a cubic metre?

    Thanks Ash yes I remember, but what you quoted me for was freshly processed. When I received an email out of the blue offering kilned and ready to burn UK grown I thought it would be worth a punt. I will happily give yours a go, but only if it is all UK sourced. I thought I read in one of your posts that you are using imported these days?
  9. Squaredy

    When is a cubic metre not a cubic metre?

    I measured the internal size of the bag - ie the usable size of the bag. The seller may have been measuring the bags including the seams as you suggest. The point is he offered to sell me a certain number of cubic metres of the product. It is up to him to ensure that is what I receive. If the bag he uses will not hold a cubic metre he should either use a larger bag or more bags to make up the agreed volume. It will be interesting to see what happens if I ever buy a walking floor lorry load from the company. Will they measure the outside dimension of the lorry to calculate the volume......?
  10. Squaredy

    When is a cubic metre not a cubic metre?

    No I am talking about loose measure as delivered and then when we measured.
  11. Squaredy

    When is a cubic metre not a cubic metre?

    Well the bags do bulge, and sag and stretch, so the smaller bags on the face of it would only give 0.512 cubic metre, but they are in fact yielding 0.73 or thereabouts. I guess if they were using 1000 X 1000 X 1000 bags they would actually contain about 1.2 cube. I will not lose out on this one as I am only going to pay for the volume they actually delivered. Luckily I did not pay in advance. If they are not happy with that they can take me to court, and I will go to court with all the evidence I need to prove my case. I mainly just wanted to warn other Arbtalkers what to expect as I have no doubt some have been contacted by the firm offering their products.
  12. Not an entirely new subject I know but the answer it seems is when you buy from Surefire Logs. Up to now I have always processed and kilned my own firewood but I thought I would give these guys a go - wholesale log supplier already processed and kilned and even have the ready to burn accreditation. It is a new venture from a company called Bicester Woodchip who also trade as Chip Chip, so they have done woodchip and retail firewood for a while and are now getting into wholesale. The reason I was attracted to them is that the logs are UK sourced and they have a depot not too far from me. I was going to get a walking floor lorry load but this wasn't feasible to begin with for me. So I got a full lorry load of cubic metre bags at a cost of £71.50 per cubic metre delivered plus VAT. 61 bags on a curtainsider. Nightmare to offload but that is a learning curve for me. My real problem is they are not cubic metre bags. I did not necessarily expect them to be 1000mm X 1000mm X 1000mm, but I did expect them to be large enough to give a realistic cubic metre when filled with logs. There were actually two different sizes on the lorry; mainly 800 X 800 X 825 and a few at a slightly larger size of 850 X 850 X 850. We have measured and the actual volume of logs from the smaller bags is around 0.73 cubic metres and from the larger bags 0.9 cubic metres. So my expected 61 cubic metres of logs is actually about 45 cubic metres. I have of course contacted Surefire logs and told them the situation, which they are partly accepting. They are now trying to charge me for 50 cubic metres and I have assured them I will only be paying for the 45 cubic metres they delivered. I am not suggesting they are a bad company to buy from but I would stay clear of the bulk bags. I assume the volume would be much less open to interpretation for a walking floor lorry, so that is what I will try next time. The logs themselves seem pretty good, but I am still testing samples for moisture. Anyone else tried them yet?
  13. Squaredy

    Julian Assange

    Yes of course this is correct. And this highlights why you should probably not join the military unless you really trust the politicians who tell the armed services whom to point their guns at. I suspect some youngsters sign up with very good intentions and then have concerns over what they see.
  14. Squaredy

    Julian Assange

    If I get broken into I would be very relieved if they only steal bits of paper. But then I have very little to hide...
  15. Squaredy

    Julian Assange

    It is hardly surprising the establishment are working tirelessly to silence him. He has released millions of embarrassing bits of information. Trump loved Wikileaks when it was helping him find dirt on Hilary Clinton. Now he has changed his tune. Thankfully for us Wikileaks will continue even without Julian Aussange. A little bit of truth can be very helpful every now and then. Remember how hard our MPs tried to hide the truth of MPs expenses?


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