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  1. And I always thought the forestry cutters worked long hours…. One tree per day doesn’t sound too stressful!
  2. Squaredy

    The post

    As snail mail has dropped drastically in volume, surely it makes sense to cut down on deliveries. The universal service obligation that they have to deliver to every property six days a week seems like a colossal waste of money these days. I think they should drop it to Monday, Wednesday and Friday for all types of mail. Would this cause any actual problems as long as we all know? After all, greetings cards can surely be posted a few days earlier - it is not like the date is unexpected! And if something is urgent don’t use the post! Or have I missed something?
  3. Thank you for sharing your story. I hope things continue to improve for you.
  4. I have known a few people that had LPG conversions done - all ended up only using petrol as they kept getting problems with the gas. I even knew one person who had a factory fitted LPG Mercedes sprinter - also running on petrol as the LPG side never worked.
  5. I bought that same mill new in 2016 or so. My experience was better than yours in that I did get the mill to work, and it functioned ok for five or six years, albeit needing almost constant repair. But I agree the assembly was a nightmare, and design and build quality of my mill was very poor. In the end I gave away the mill, working but needing quite a bit of TLC, and bought a Woodmizer instead. What a contrast. For a few hundred pounds more I now have a quality mill, that has given almost no trouble, and with decent support from the agent. Amazingly spare parts are also reasonable, which you certainly couldn’t say for the Norwood. I will never but a Norwood product again.
  6. It is probably unseasoned timber hence the high rate of movement. If it is a continuing supply I am guessing that the species will vary depending on what logs the mill can buy most cheaply. If it is poplar or willow it is not much use for outdoor work. In fact very few european hardwoods are. As it is clearly not chestnut or oak I would assume it is non-durable.
  7. Mmmmm no not beech. Not alder either. Might be poplar or willow. The one on the right seems the wrong colour for poplar. I have never milled willow, but I know what cricket bats usually look like and it looks right to me. Are you going to give us the story? Hopefully there is a nice juicy scandal such as "Bought these teak beams off ebay" or something similar... Are they UK grown?
  8. They look like beech. But to be sure can you plane or sand one area and then take a very close photo? If it is beech the medullary rays will be unmistakable. Certainly not oak.
  9. A decent close up photo or two would help.
  10. Last night and the one before I lit ours.
  11. I mill it and air dry it and sell it to my random customers along with all the other species I mill. It is not a fast seller by any means, but nevertheless it has its fans. I personally value it as internal cladding where it is of course highly insulative and its very light colour makes it a very modern attractive option.
  12. That makes you a bigger person Steve to admit that! Most of us are pretending we got it easily!
  13. Which area are you in? If you are in or near Brighton it is very different from most parts of the UK.
  14. Not much old timber left in her these days!
  15. Remember, that even assuming you manage to find the landowner, and that they are happy to talk to you; they may not agree that the tree is a problem. I am not an expert but I do know that pinning down the cause of subsidence to a single cause may well be a fool’s errand. Perhaps the oak is a factor, but also the foundations might be a bit shallow. Or some other factors may come into play. My house suffered slight subsidence in the hot summer of 2018, and the insurance company said I should remove an apple tree and 2 metres of hedge. But the main reason is almost certainly the fact that the foundations were only 300mm deep. New builds in my area have 1000mm foundations. These things are very rarely black and white, and often the only winners are solicitors.


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