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  1. There are a few - which one do you mean?
  2. Mmmmm my baking skills are not at all bad, but maybe I will stick to my famous banana cake and chocolate pate. Plus my new 100% paper cups arrived today - here is a pic of my lovely hot chocolate ready for testing. One used cup is now in my compost. So far so good.
  3. As has been said so often the species pales into insignificance compared to how dry the wood is. Give me dry willow rather than fresh felled ash. Yes even ash needs some drying.
  4. I have been in contact with Rijo42 and it sounds good. They are not PLA lined and claim to be the only fully compostable cup in the UK, only launched a few weeks ago. I have ordered some and I will update how I get on. They said they are not on general sale yet, but I seem to have been able to place an order so we will see.
  5. In the last few years I have read many hundreds of your posts Mr Eggs, and it is fair to say I have not always entirely agreed with all your views. But on this topic I think you are spot on. Apparently we live such busy lives we have no time for this that and the other, yet the average person in the UK watches nearly 4 hours a day. Many people have to have TV on all the time they are at home - in every room. I have no problem with a bit of relaxing TV but I think the amount we watch is unhealthy. In fact there is even evidence TV makes you fat! Apparently you use less calories when watching TV than when sleeping. And I agree with you, switch off the TV and people talk.
  6. Now that is very interesting. I will report back here when I have investigated. If it is as good as it sounds I will also inform the RSPB!
  7. I didn't get to Westonbirt on Thursday, although I went past I didn't have the time. I went to the Forestry Commission hardwood auction at Cirencester but had to race back afterwards. I will try and find out, but I suspect that like the RSPB it is PLA based vegware.
  8. I also have reverted to leaf tea and tea pot, though I believe some tea bags are plastic free.
  9. I see where you are coming from but I just cannot bring myself to keep buying plastic products where there is any sort of choice. Do you know that we are all breathing in plastic in our homes on a daily basis, and we have no real idea of the consequences? Last time I bought cups for the coffee machine I bought 1000 so it is not just the odd one or two. Are you breathing plastic air at home? Here’s how microplastics are polluting our lungs WWW.WEFORUM.ORG Many of the plastic particles found in our bodies come not from drinking bottled water or eating polluted fish – but from the air we breathe, especially indoors. Here’s what to do...
  10. For the most part hopefully they will be binned when used, so you have a fair point, we could incinerate them and as they are plant based I guess this will be no more polluting than burning firewood. So yes this might be an option. In a wider context, I am not totally impressed with PLA products (or Vegware) as the compostible claim is rather misleading. But as long as the waste goes for incineration I guess it is OK. Ironically this may not help us to meet EU targets as it is not recycling, so I don't think it will be encouraged by councils.
  11. Update: I have been in contact with the RSPB who claim on their website to have eliminated plastic cups from their Bempton Cliffs Reserve Cafe. The sad news is there seems to be nothing available at the moment, The RSPB use PLA lined paper cups at Bempton Cliffs and then send them for landfill and incineration. Yes that's right, they may as well have just stuck with plastic. It seems the RSPB are guilty of a bit of greenwashing there. So I hope Topchippyles' mate in Ebbw Vale can create a new product that solves this problem, as it seems it is still unresolved. In fact I would go as far as to say the PLA lined cups could be a backward step if they are advertised as compostable; people may throw them out of their car window thinking they will quickly rot, or put them in their own home composters. If I learn any more I will update this thread. Meanwhile at my work I think we will have to provide china cups and hope they are mainly returned!
  12. Thanks for that Les I missed your post until just now. I will follow your link with great interest.
  13. Well it may come to this but it is a coin operated machine which random customers help themselves to without me or my staff getting involved. Sometimes they get a coffee and then go for a walk in the forest. Also it is in an unheated building and cold china cools drinks quickly.
  14. If you put them in with council recycling they will be removed and sent to landfill or incineration just like traditional paper cups.
  15. I don’t know about where you live but in my area polystyrene cannot be recycled. I know areas which actually won’t recycle any plastic except bottles. Manchester and Pembrokeshire for example.


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