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  1. Oh joy, another level of bureaucratic rules that everyone will need to understand. That is going to go well.... I am currently trying to understand the rules on sewage discharge and how to apply for a permit. It is all well meaning but ends up largely as unintelligible nonsense sadly! Believe it or not when I had completed the forms to send off to NRW I noticed there was nowhere to sign it. I pointed this out to the NRW officer and she had never noticed before, and asked me (and the other three householders who need to sign the form) to sign it wherever I could find the space!
  2. Not sure mattresses can solve much unless your current one is really poor. Have you tried a good osteopath or chiropractor?
  3. Hey Bill, you should have no trouble getting good clean Ash, it tends to grow straight and clean. Don't worry about being quarter sawn though - it will make no difference once it is cut into 50mm square blanks! Might make it easier to find what you need.
  4. And measure it then you can work out volume and therefore value.
  5. I went to the FC hardwood auction in November and can tell you that non Oak hardwood went from around £60 to £90 per cubic metre. Oak went from about £80 to £315 per cube. I would say Oak has gone up a lot in recent years (well top quality Oak anyway) but other hardwoods not really.
  6. This is what the Forestry Commission (well, Natural Resources Wales) and Woodland Trust do near me - enormous stacks, a few signs (usually) and full public access.
  7. I was invited to bid for a large beech that had been felled on an estate near me a couple of years back. Similar size but actually measured six feet diameter at six feet high, and there was a ring of sound wood maybe eight inches round the outside, all the rest was rotten. The estate offered to chop it into eight foot sections in case it was only the base. They did this and it was rotten all the way up the main stem, It would have almost been an entire timber lorry load of rotten log if I had bought it. Needless to say I left it there.
  8. Not an Oak, Beech maybe.
  9. If you scroll down to the last chart in the article it shows London as having the lowest pollution from small particles (pm2.5) out of all the towns listed. Is this really possible??? I also am very suspicious of where these figures come from.
  10. I guess I was working on kilned logs so average more like 15%. That would make our figures about the same.
  11. I worked out a bulk cubic metre of loose logs properly dry as 300kg approx. I don’t think this is far out.
  12. l Although I agree with Andy it looks to me like it is nasty slightly deteriorated wood that is maybe just a bit week and fibrousy. Some woods will just cut like this. As Andy says see what a new band is like - I think it will be the same.
  13. Which would be around £3000 worth if you were buying at retail prices, and the winter is young yet. I do often wonder why people think solid fuel is cheaper than the alternatives. Of course if you are willing to put in the time collecting and drying your own firewood that is different. I no longer sell firewood but when I did most of my customers were affluent people who had a woodburner for the same reason they have a Range Rover; but every now and then someone would pop along thinking they would buy firewood at retail prices and save loads of money. The figures are simple: 1 kw natural gas £0.03 1 kw heating oil £0.05 1 kw bulk LPG £0.05 1 kw well dried logs £0.10 (varies quite a bit of course) 1 kw electricity £0.15
  14. Most timber will last well under water especially if submerged in mud. I think I read that one of New York’s famous old bridges uses huge pine pilings as foundations, and that they are still in perfect condition.
  15. Squaredy


    I mentioned Elm as this was very common for beams years ago and is often mistaken for Oak, and is far more vulnerable to woodworm. And yes the woodworm fluid does not kill them until they emerge. So it is a good protection.
  16. Squaredy


    Kilning will indeed kill woodworm as long as you heat the timber to 65 degrees C right through. It might be easier though to just use woodworm killer fluid. Most of the woodworm (if not all) will be dead I would guess, and probably it looks worse than it is as the worm will mainly like the sapwood. If you were to cross-cut a piece you would probably find the middle free of holes. Just one more thought - are you sure it is not Elm?
  17. It will help if you give more detail such as what stove this is for. Stoves can cost from £200 or so up to a couple of thousand, so this will make a huge difference. Also a pic or two showing the situation ie is it good access single storey or four storey with no access?
  18. Photos might be helpful. I might be interested but the haulage may well kill it.
  19. If you mean dealing with your own waste you may get away with it. If you mean taking other people’s waste and charging then you need to read up on environment agency website or NRW if in Wales. I believe you even need a permit to have a fire to dispose of green waste these days. To do it properly it may well be a minefield.
  20. That’s a bit mean. I would do this for 32” walnut if mixed with pippy oak.
  21. You think that is a risk....look at this one....and this is on the website of one of the Arbtalk advertisers! It may be a fake photo but that is just crazy.... Maybe we should tell them? https://www.realfirewood.co.uk/coal-heating-vs-wood-heating
  22. I can only lend my own experience to this, I bought a new Norwood HD36 (the big one but no hydraulics) in 2015, and I have regretted it almost from day one. It does get a lot of use and it does do the job, but there are many problems: Build quality is poor (paint finish peeling from day one). A nightmare to assemble, and took at least ten times longer than Norwood say. Ceramic blade guides were hopeless and I soon replaced them with the rollers which almost every other bandsaw mill uses. On the plus side it is still going and working about two days a week and is very economical on fuel. Blades are cheap enough but if you re-sharpen there are not many people who do it right!
  23. It might be worth scrapping it and getting a new one. If it is going to cost you say £200 to fix this one up, and possibly you may need to pay a HETAS engineer to check it is safe, why not spend £500 and know it will be good for many years? Installing a woodburner can cost £2500, but much of that cost is flue liner and labour. Come to think about it, the liner may be at the end of its life as well, so again needs checking, or did the sweep do this for you?
  24. Yeah Oil not varnish. And yes it will crack. And will be very difficult to stop going grey. Are you sure it is Ash?


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